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Home Business Education Matters Right Now

There is almost too much information available in the internet driven information age. Home business education matters more now than ever before. You see, the majority of society is taught to be an employee. That is how it’s been set up. We are absolutely born into The Matrix, and need to Free our Minds from the ‘digital prison’ we are in.

This prison fills us with myths, and mental limitations. When people are introduced to network marketing the mental obstacles are the toughest to overcome.

home business education

“I don’t like Selling” is a common rejection you’ll hear in this line of work.

It’s important to be okay with that, and to listen. People always tell you what you need to know. Your job as a network marketer is to listen and learn, to sort not sell. Most people have no home business education and, think they have to talk folks into stuff. That does not work. It only alienates a person and makes them run away from you.

Don’t guilt trip anyone into being your business partner, instead …. (sign up for Training to find out what we recommend!)

Knowing how to turn a NO into a quality YES that’s actually beneficial to you is only going to help you meet your financial goals. It’s also going to show that you value that person, when you respect their No, but instead make them feel like they’re still helping you. That’s one of many ‘skills’ taught to my Team inside of our 1 MLM System.

Let’s say for some reason you don’t want to be in business with me. That’s fine with me. TopNetworkersGroup has always thought about the BIGGER Picture.

So, you can and should also visit our home business education website, where you can be ‘part’ of our Special Business Education Community.

TopnetworkersGroup has always been serious about education. We have written about topics like, Smart Marketers Wanted, and more. Videos from the channel on Having the Right people, are all a frank conversation with you on building your team. You want to surround yourself with intelligent people if you can. The best businesses, are full of the best people. Through the SeekingAHomeBusiness platform you are invited to shine alongside smart business people. You’re saying, to all who visit that you also, believe in home business education.

You’re not a spammer with no skills who’s just going through the numbers are you?

How is that working out?

Have you read these articles from us on why It’s not Good?

Your relationships matter more than anything else in this home business niche . Your business will grow or fail, based on the relationships you build – or fail to build. Visit our platform today – and let us know if you’d like to Sponsor videos, audios, or even suggest Content. Be sure to get yourself a Home Business Owner Listing in our Directory while the prices are still Low!!

Facebook Is Dead For Network Marketing

Facebook is Dead for network marketing, and has been for quite some time now.   I first started to recognize this with facebook groups.  I predicted it would happen and it did, when auto-posting software became popular. Sites like Hootesuite and other similar offerings made it possible for marketers to share links without logging into facebook themselves.

Convenience isn’t always a good thing though.

shortcuts ruin network marketers

The result of mlm’ers searching for shortcuts ended up killing facebook groups.  The network marketing discussion group on Facebook is dead.  The group for mlm’ers to share what business they are in on Facebook is dead too.  Oh they’re active and full of new content posted daily but who’s reading the posts?

With so much information the web today the Smart Networkers are looking for better ways to connect, share, and grow relationships.   Here at TopNetworkersGroup we have always advised our team members to be on multiple social networking platforms. In fact, back in January of 2017 I shared a video on Dr. Boyce Watkins being banned from Facebook. Ironically about a month after that recording I too, was banned. In fact my account was entirely disabled.

In this video I mentioned how his being on multiple platforms did not impact his ‘audience’ when he was banned.  How are you positioning your business now? Are you in danger of being deleted some day too, out of the blue, like I was? As a network marketer is this a situation you want to find yourself in?

Several reasons were listed which included one about how we’re not supposed to use facebook for self promotion.

Really and truly while there are several people doing that very thing on facebook, some of us are more controversial than others. The fact that we created The Black Folder and openly discuss the need for black people to form networks and practice group economics was a threat. Messages that speak to the empowerment of black people are always viewed through a negative lens. When we also consider just how political things got, it’s easy to understand why Facebook is dead for marketers.

facebook is dead for network marketers

Our messages are being ignored, because the people using facebook are more than happy with working a 9 to 5. With thousands of people claiming they too can help them leave that job behind, almost everyone is being tuned out.  So for networkers who have not been practicing the lessons we teach (social networking for money) – they are totally limited to one network. They’re not getting any results on that one network and are often frustrated.  If that’s you, when are you going to stop doing this to yourself?

We highly recommend all social networks inside of our system; and also platfroms like twitter, instagram, pinterest, tumbler, google plus; Be on Linked in; Be where the people are!

Comment below, and let us know what platforms you’re using to reach your audience.

Get Started with our 1mlmsystem today – learn how to use social networks and SEO to your advantage.

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GoFundMe is Network Marketing

I know a lot of people using GoFundMe who won’t get involved with Network Marketing. But, GoFundMe Is Network Marketing, which is the crazy part! People often fail to see it this way however.  Usually, there is some heartfelt cause associated with their plea for money.

I’m not here to talk down on the idea of using GoFundMe though.  It is an ingenious way for people to take care of people. It is an example of how society really should function. My only problem, is with how people are. People wait until an emergency, to ask others for help.

People spend, not nearly enough time, getting ready for what ‘might’ happen. When people like myself and others who work with network marketing opportunities; they snub their nose.

Once again, I won’t talk down on GOFundMe. However lots of people using GoFundMe for emergencies, will not hesitate to say something negative about Network Marketing. Ironically, GofundMe is network marketing at it’s core. It is word of mouth marketing. It’s a person reaching out to their friends, and family, and their social network, to ask for a favor!

Using GoFundMe is asking your ‘network’ for support.

At it’s core, that is what network marketing is all about. It is about asking your network to support you, in your business efforts. When we are asking people to Invest in BitCoin, Or Try out a BitCoin Based Opportunity – we’re literally challenging the status quo of the world’s economy. For the most part, our economy functions off the backs of other people It’s a system where big corporations make large amounts of money, while everyone else fights for the scraps.

fighting for scraps

Through Network Marketing, we have a chance to change all of that.

We do it Simply by asking our friends, families and social networks, to try out OUR Daily Fantasy Sports website, rather than the “corporate owned” DFS sites, like DraftKings. When we are doing network marketing right, we’re asking people to try out our site, or tell people about our site so that we can grow that company.

Imagine if all the money flowing into DraftKings, was going through a company where you and your friends or family were positioned to get a piece of it. Imagine getting that piece, every single month.

Then, Imagine working together to grow a network that generates enough money to where you won’t need to use GoFundMe to ask people to help you bury a loved one, fix something around the house, get a surgery, or any of the absolutely serious things that happen to all of us in life.

I do not want to make light of the fact that emergencies happen.

However, it’s literally irresponsible for me not to mention that anyone who’s been following this page, or anyone involved in network marketing, but has chosen to ignore that person – BUT you’re willing to use GoFundMe… you are quite possibly, a network marketing success story waiting to happen.

gofundme is network marketing

For some odd reason, you don’t want to ‘get rich off of other people’ – but you sure don’t mind using people for a few dollars in a crunch. Well, perhaps if we stopped giving all our money to the top 1%, we the people could redirect wealth back into the hands of the people. Perhaps that would make too much sense though….. but as usual, most people are already doing it. GoFundMe is NetworkMarketing, people just aren’t doing it right!

If you asked 10 people to give $10 per month, to this program we promote – they would then be encouraged to do the same thing. When they find 10 people, who also do the same thing, together you all can grow a “network” that produces over $10,000 per month.  If you really work together, you could help 100’s or even 1,000’s of people earn 4 to 5 figures per month. You could literally save lives.

You could act Now, Rather than waiting till it’s too late!

Thanks for stopping by. Get started with the Network Marketing Industry today!

The MLM Posturing MUST END in 2017!

I’ve had too many encounters with MLM Posturing throughout my entire MLM Career.  I believe I have reached my breaking point after a recent conversation.  So ,I’ve been going back and forth on if I want to put this person on blast or not. This is a tough decision.

So let me explain my reasoning for the decision I’ve reached before I begin.

The MLM Posturing Must Come to an END in 2017

If this is what I have to do to end it,  then as a leader in this space I’m going to Take this into my own hands and End it. If I block out this persons name, they may continue to go around carrying on with all the MLM Posturing that they are doing, harming others in our industry rather than helping. My goal here is to HELP!

Sometimes to HELP, I have to go ahead and point out specifically what is harming people in the MLM Space.

For quite some time now, on this blog, and in several videos, I have discussed the rapid amount of BAD LEADERSHIP in our Space today!

Well, in 2017, MLM Posturing has reached a level where it’s so out of control, that people are harming themselves, others, and the industry as a whole. I would go out and say that the entire rant that John Oliver went on (This Is A Pyramid Scheme) was entirely a fall out from the MLM Posturing that takes place.

It Must Stop!!!

For all our sakes – for the future of MLM – THIS most annoying aspect of our industry MUST be addressed and eradicated!

So that is why I am NOT blocking out the Name.

Screw it. This is a real Conversation that Happened. My commentary takes place ‘in between’ each shot.

Let’s use this as a Teachable Moment!

A recent conversation with a network marketer, prompted me to write an article today on why MLM Posturing must stop. In this conversation, in case you have no idea what that even means, you will see a prime example of it. The person doing it is not alone. Unfortunately the majority of network marketers today, especially the ones who ‘view themselves’ as leaders in this space, have NO idea what in the fuck they are doing.  THEY DO know how to POSTURE though!

Posturing is an Old school method WE taught people back in the days, long before the internet, when we focused mostly on Friends and Family. Generally speaking, they KNOW that when you first joined an MLM, you did not KNOW anything about making money. Also, YOU knew this too. So several people, often need to learn how to share their business with confidence. They need to learn how to have a ‘confidence posture’ that shows they didn’t make a bad decision by joining an MLM. They need to show others that they are committed to what they are doing. Even if you are having doubts, it’s important for your posture to come across right to others.

Why? Energy is Transferable.

If you are confident about something you are engaged in doing, other people will have confidence in your ability to do it.  Leaders learn to show confidence in their people, So that their people will have confidence in themselves. The same goes in reverse. When a leader shows lack of confidence in their people, their people doubt themselves AND That leader too!

This is really where MLM Posturing comes from.

MLM’er #1 is in a company they are excited about and comes across another person in MLM. We’ll call that person MLM’er #2, who realizes that #1 is also excited about what they do. Problem is, #1 is desperate! They can’t find people to join them, and so they are seeking business partners to join what they are excited about.    They don’t want to join anything else, but they want others to join them.  Again, I’ve broken this entire thing down in a Training we provide to our team inside the One MLM System – on Networking with Networkers — MOST networkers are horrible at networking!

Why is that? – Because too many networkers are not developing themselves. They come into the industry tuned into WIIFM.  The entire goal of self development, which real leaders in MLM should be engaged in daily, is to broaden your interests. It’s to help you understand that success is NOT about WIIFM.  It’s about learning HOW to help OTHER people, not ‘just yourself’… and this is a difficult lesson for people to learn. It’s very difficult for people in MLM to learn too – because MOST people join for selfish reasons.

We’re not making enough money.

We’re behind on bills, or want to invest and don’t have enough money To invest at the end of each month.

We’d like to create a better financial plan for our future but, there isn’t enough income coming in; and the costs of starting a traditional business are too high.

So we turn to MLM.

We come to the industry selfish.

IF we stick around long enough, we learn that posturing DOES matter.

BUT if we’re lucky, we’ll also learn, there is a time and place for all things – ESPECIALLY posturing!

So to the evidence….. with commentary; thanks for reading the ‘context’ – so you understand why I’m going there today.

MLM Posturing & Bad Networking

So this is where the conversation began really.

She posted something about Training she was offering and I liked her post – (I did that because I show support to other network marketers. I don’t mind giving out likes to other people’s pages as it helps their page look more engaged. Sadly, most network marketers do not appreciate the little things like ‘likes’ from others they add)

She assumed (always bad) that I needed training; and proceeded to Offer me that training – (sadly, MLM’ers get defensive and she’s probably thinking that she did not Assume. She asked. Can’t I see she asked?! — OF course she asked; b/c you are a Marketer; You Planned to ask that question to everyone who liked that post; NOTHING IS WRONG THERE — The problem here is I told Her, “I Don’t Need Training” —–

AKA CLUE #1 – Do Not MLM Posture With People Who Are Not Interested!

Again — SO FAR this seems innocent right?

She’s asking for my website ‘so she can send people in my direction?’ — is she REALLY and GENUINELY Interested in HELPING ME??

Because saying that, makes it “SOUND” like she is – and again, this is another reason I’m not blocking out a name; I need all of you to Quit being Disingenuous; Listen, at the time, I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt, and just answer her question – and PRETEND she had no Ulterior motives … but .. .she does; Just wait for it.


Again – she asked; I answered.

I didn’t give her my MLM website for Topnetworkersgroup; I gave her a site that I started to “re-devlop” over 2 years ago; and am slowly building out, at my own pace. It’s a platform that will help the ENTIRE home business industry, not JUST network marketing. It’s an educational resource.

And most importantly if SHE really wanted to SEND people my way; IT is the SITE I would like HER to send people to.

So rather than a COOL Thanks, I’ll send people your way ….

She does this bullshit here – MLM Posturing at it’s LOWEST! smh

First off, she asks if this is my project. YES it’s my project?! — Did you NOT pay attention to what we were fucking talking about???

Secondly — She keeps apologizing, because SHE KNOWS she’s not reading my Fucking messages; NOR does she give a shit about ME or what I do; OR my Project!

How do I know? She didn’t even LOOK at the fucking site!

She responded “the Next Day” – lying, claiming that she did look (which again is a lie, because she asked if I’m still designing it or if it’s for the future; the site is clearly fully operational – had she LOOKED like she claimed, she would already know!!!) —-  But worse than LYING about not looking; She goes on to OFFER ME ADVICE.

Folks, when did I ever fucking ASK For advice?

If you’re a network marketer, do YOU do that shit too?

Do you understand how Annoying of Offensive that is to people YOU DO NOT FUCKING KNOW?

….. #breathes.

This woman has no idea who I am, what I know, or more importantly, WHAT i’m even doing with this website I Showed her. (I’ll explain in a bit) — Instead of go there, I attempted to simply have a short, brief conversation on my methods; She advised I use less words….

She didn’t ask if I have a method to my madness 🙂

However I explained to her that I feel as leaders we need to encourage MORE reading; rather than LESS!

Since she wants to offer up her unrequested advice – I decided to give her some as well.

And as you can all see, she took offense – and decided to make excuses for all the Lazy people in the world – I have no doubt she is part of that club.

It’s clear that she’s not reading books on leadership.

She’s not really paying attention in training classes.

And all she’s truly learned, is MLM Posturing – which is on full display in this entire conversation.  Again, she’s telling me ‘who my target market is’.

She does not know who my target market is!

read this

First, she tells me THEY are not looking for a long read.

No …. YOU are not looking for a long read. Let’s start there. YOU as a leader, do not like to read, and so you are teaching OTHERS in MLM not to read.

THIS IS BAD for network marketing.

Leaders Are Readers.

Go look that up Ms. Life Coach.

The fuck kind of advice is she (and so many others) giving out???

Speaking of which; as we can all see – THIS Is her entire goal; MLM Posturing.

She’s seeking to POSITION herself as the LEADER in the conversation we were having.


What makes her assume out of the blue that she can teach me shit?

For example – my ‘goal’ with SHB is not to go around marketing the site to people who are LOOKING for a ‘quick read’ … we are offering Videos and Audios; We are offering up ad space for people who want to advertise their business. We are offering a Home business owner Listing Directory – again for more business exposure. She has no Idea how I plan to use SEO and other methods to drive Traffic to this website – or even how much traffic is coming in now.

This broad is assuming I”m trying to sign people up into an MLM.

That’s why she’s advising Keep the Text Short.

Yea, if I’m Marketing a Business and using a LANDING Page, I’ll keep the READING To a minimum; but I don’t need YOUR Random Ass telling me this!

Yet, she’s not alone.

I’ve dealt with SOOOOO Many network marketers who do this shit!

It’s been an issue since 1999 when I started but, The internet has made this problem worse!!

They have no idea who I am; They’ve never watched my videos; never looked at my sites – they don’t have conversations with me.

They’re just looking for another person to buy something they are Re-Selling.

You cats need to understand for a moment, that not everyone in MLM is created equal.

We are not all on the same level – and YOU are not here to TEACH everyone.

Neither am I.

Here is the rest of what I said to her; Honestly I’m not interested in the reply now.


Sorry this part cut off – you get to read it twice; MLM Posturing must END!

She is most likely going to get UPSET that I’m daring to ‘talk back’ – she’ll be even more upset when I show her this blog.

But, who cares.

She didn’t care about me so why should I care about her?

Afterall those are the rules of leadership.

Rule #1 – people don’t care what you know, until they KNOW that you care.

She was in SO MUCH of a RUSH to try and POSTURE and position her self as someone to TEACH me; that she didn’t take the TIME to find out who I am.

Taking TIME to find out who people are, SHOWS them that you care.

BUT selfish people in our industry, thinking only about themselves, do not want to invest TIME into others; That is TIME They could have put into them SELVES – sadly, they are unable to see, how TIME invested into OTHERS is ‘also’ Time invested into them SELVES ….  But, that’s a lesson, for another time.

….and yet, that’s the Lesson I’ve been teaching since 2010 – With Social networking For Money – and all throughout this blog.

The MLM Posturing must end.

If you ask someone ‘do you want training?” and they say no thanks — RESPECT The answer and move on.

Stop trying to TALK people into wanting what you have.

We are Professionals. We Sort, we do not Sell.


Edification is Missing from MLM

Let’s Discuss how Edification is missing from MLM these days. One of those skills in business that a lot of folks take for granted. It’s been proven time after time, that people join people not companies. That’s why it really doesn’t matter what you sell – it’s not about the product, the service, or the company – it’s about the people; always …

So how do you speak about your business partners to others?

Do you really think all the ‘in-fighting’ that happens in MLM is good for MLM?

Do people on the outside look at the industry and think “wow, I cannot wait to join them!”?

When edification is missing it turns people away from MLM

Edification is missing – that understanding that even if you wanna say something bad about someone you shouldn’t, because it harms the industry as a whole. Even if you wanna say your sponsor sucks or doesn’t know anything you shouldn’t.  Because it makes YOU look foolish for following someone who doesn’t know anything.  Simply speaking good about the people you are financially connected to, can go a long, long way for your business. The same applies to your uplines though – Edification is missing there as well; as new leaders, never got trained on how to be leaders, how to be lid lifters, on how to encourage.

Far too often Upline ‘leaders’ are purging their own downlines for talent to move with them, to the next deal.  Far too often, Uplines are looking at their organizations as cash cows instead of real people. They’re not thankful for the investments of time and money people are putting into their Own lives.   Too many have Inflated Egos and think that just because they spend time pouring into others that THEY cannot be poured into.  So they’re missing their opportunity to greatly impact the lives of others – just like edification is.

It’s not a good thing that edification is missing from MLM.

Especially at a time like this, with so much economic uncertainty in the world. People used to know they could turn to MLM as a great environment to be in.  They could go and get encouragement, or begin to believe in their dreams again.  People could see respect that others held for one another, but more importantly they heard it.  My mentors taught me that I needed to become so good at edification that I could edify a glass of water.

This ability to edify one another, eventually turns into an ability to talk good about anything – Especially your company, it’s products or services – and the founders, presidents and leaders within.  These are the things that draw people in, and make them want to be part of it too. They are already in environments that do not lift them up or encourage them. They’re already being told to give up on their dreams. So many people are starving for love, and if they cannot find it in MLM then where can they find it?  If they cannot find genuine respect in MLM, then where will they find that?

We have to bring edification back, and make sure new people are trained on just how important it is.

We need to be reminded that our words paint pictures, and with our words we have the power to build or destroy.  Edification is missing from MLM today, but if we hope for this industry to be an option in the future, the real leaders must step to the plate, and bring edification back!

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