We have SEVERAL updates in the works; and things that are coming… 1mlmsystem.com — is Also known as “System One” I’m STILL very excited about what we are about to do — and I’m thankful to be working with a God centered partner in Mr. Milton Mouzon Jr – who keeps me focused on the bigger picture, especially when everyone does not respond the way I’d like them to respond.

When I think of all we’re setting in motion; I realize it’s SOOO different, and SOOO Structured … that WHEN it catches on, we’re going to set MLM on fire.

Some of you still may not have looked everything over – Do not make that mistake.

You do not want to be the person who was signed up, and simply overlooked the real power of what we have put together. This week I plan to speak with a few powerful individuals who like what we’re doing and may opt to join our team; A few weeks ago I spoke about “founder positions” that we have available; where all you have to do is sponsor 10 people. Truth is, finding 10 people with $10 is nothing. And so if the people I will be speaking with are interested in joining our team; I most likely will propose shooting for one of our 3 Founder slots — for these individuals; that will be nothing.

Founders have Input on Programs.

Quick story about Crazygood and their Support; which ties into what I’m saying –

Crazygood was not responding to one of my people; who had questions about his check; I wrote them, they wrote back but did not really answer the question. A few days went by and He reminded me to find out what was going on; asked if they wrote back; I told them they did, but didn’t really answer the question asked, and that I would write them again…. I did, and within hours, they responded, perfect answer, which I relayed to him.

Why does crazygood respond to ME and not others?

Because I Produce. I put 10 people into Crazygood when I joined; I put other leaders who put leaders in; We grew a Team. We have not gotten into the 100’s, or the 1,000’s — but we’ve consistently put people into this business for the past 2 years. So someone like me, has ‘input’ with Crazygood; If I was making more money, had a bigger team, Crazygood would give me even more input.

This is something I noticed in my very First company, ACN … after 5 years in the company, ACN continued to grow larger and larger; They rewarded the TOP producer in the company at the time, Mr. Larry Raskin with a NEW position in the company “VP of Sales” — why not bring in someone else? why hire someone from the field? … why not??

Who better for that job than someone who Produces??

When I share this System with others, SOME do ask “why this program, or why that program” — and the truth is, people asking these questions are not who we are looking for during ‘THIS phase’ …

We’re looking for the people who are paying attention, get what we are seeking to do, and what we’re in the process of doing – who want to be PART of this…. People who will BRING others to this …. and THOSE are the people who will have INPUT as we move forward in rolling out ‘System Two” sometime during 2013.

Here’s my Vision for how this will work out. Someone wants to join TopNetworkersGroup; they are instructed to register for “System One” to get started; to build their team and network; and if they want to, they can Upgrade into System Two – with bigger higher paying programs;

Meanwhile… we May have a SUPER surprise for everyone by the time we launch.

So … if you’re not all the way in the loop, perhaps it’s time you Produce. The more you produce, the more ‘in the loop’ you will be.

THIS friday, 7pm EST drop into MLM Live to catch up, and find out what’s happening – OR drop in for HELP with sponsoring people; and we’ll do it live.