Today I’d like to talk about the 5 reasons People Quit Network Marketing.

I got involved in Network Marketing in 1998, and after 3 months my sponsor and best friend in high school, quit. I hung in there for the next 5 years. My sponsor actually was able to talk the President of the company into letting him have another chance, after a 2 year break, because he had 2 strong legs that were growing.

In network marketing, we usually refer to an organization as a ‘leg’ – in our beautiful industry where you and I can build our organization, within the larger organization – and truthfully this word has a lot of weight. It’s a word that several network marketers overlook, and under-appreciate.

Organization deals with ORDER – being ORGANIZED – and that brings me to the 5 Reasons people Quit Network Marketing.

Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win

Reason People Quit Network Marketing #1 – They were never all the way in.

Most people quit network marketing because they never really joined in the first place.  (Allow me to explain).

Signing up for a company is something that anyone can do. However, to actually JOIN Network Marketing a person needs to immerse themselves into our industry.  Most will stick their toe in, and try it out. They are destined to fail from the beginning. The ones that immerse themselves find an entire world to explore, and become excited about what they are aligned with; they see the bigger picture of it all; while those who are ‘trying it out’ – only see it as a job….. literally.

They won’t ever learn the difference between a job and a business … literally – because they’re not all the way in. They’re only kinda committed, and have you ever heard of only kinda committed before? You’ll hear it plenty in network marketing. People like to Dip their toe in the water rather than dive all the way in! This sets them up to fail out the gate.

Reason People Quit Network Marketing #2 – They’re Not Getting Results.

Naturally because people are not all the way in, they fail to get results. When people fail to get results, they give up on Network Marketing completely OR try out a different company, thinking the grass will be greener on the other side; again they ‘try it out’ – thinking they already know everything; they Skip the trainings, and use their Own approach; and when that does not work, they blame that company, their products, the services – they blame their sponsor, uplines, and the founders – they blame everyone but themselves.

When NOT getting results, a network marketer ‘should’ ask the questions….

“What am I doing wrong? What am I saying wrong? How can I do this Better?”

MOST never ask this question; and that brings me to…

Reason People Quit Network Marketing #3: EGO

Pawn With Ego

Confidence is great to have – but Arrogance is a curse. I’ve defined arrogance as confidence in ignorance. NOT knowing, but being CONFIDENT about what you do NOT know; and acting as if it’s Right; even when it’s NOT. When your Confidence is rooted in Education … that is real power. When you know, that you know – because you really know … nothing can stop that machine from getting to its destination.

EGO = edging God out.

There are so many ‘religious’ people that join network marketing, and it’s funny how so many of them lack real Faith – several will see a presentation and think, “well I need to pray about that” – a great mentor of mine used to tell people like this “YOU should’ve prayed before you got here!” – if you’re a person of faith, and you believe in a Creator that is looking out for you, why would you doubt the people that have been placed in your path, to help you?  People do it all the time, and the answer is, EGO.

They don’t really believe in a creator; OR that the creator would HELP them; instead they think it’s all about themselves; and that they’ll figure it out because of how great they are (Legends in their own minds) – Eventually, this EGO says – this company isn’t what you need, you’re better than this – and those people quit. (leave your Ego at the door)

Although, sometimes EGO can make a person stay with a company or program for far too long, in spite of them not making any money at it.

It’s very possible for a person to do everything right in network marketing and still Not make money; Usually it has to do with the other 2 reasons people quit network marketing. Other times people with Ego feel they don’ thave to work ‘as hard’ to make money. They expect everyone they know to join and are embarrassed when this isn’t the reality. They come in unwilling to be coached or taught anything because they assume they already know.

Don’t let your Ego get in the way.

Reason People Quit Network Marketing #4 – The opportunity Cost Too Much Money

This is a double sided argument – Top earners in companies that cost $500 to join; will often say that people who claim their opportunity costs too much money – are looking at COST rather than VALUE.  Meanwhile, I feel that a person who overlooks a company that costs Nothing to join and $10/mo to operate – is often making the mistake of misunderstanding the Cost/Value ratio.

In other words, they are confused.

In both the $500 business, and the $10/mo business – the COST is not $500, or $10/mo – NOR is that the Value of either business. The real COST is the time a person must put in, to reading books, watching videos, and listening to audios that will train their mind for the mission they’ve signed up for. Most people never pay this Cost; because they never get ‘all the way in’ – but those who DO get all the way in, pay this COST and learn the big picture.

Meanwhile, the Value often cannot even be measured.

The Value of joining, going all the way in, and succeeding in network marketing is worth every single penny, every single hour – and so much more. Then knowing that you’ve created time freedom and financial freedom through HELPING OTHERS do the same – make the value of network marketing so much Bigger than anything we’ve ever seen in our society; where most of the people get wealthy by Taking wealth from others.

When a network marketer really understands the VALUE of success; and what the COST is that must be paid for it; they won’t allow other people to overlook the business they are sharing; because they realize just how much Value it has; regardless of the ‘price’ to get started.  They understand, that we’re part of a larger fight to fix the problems of our world; through Economics. When a network marketer realizes that this is an Educational Industry, focused on helping people become better in all areas of their lives… it becomes difficult to walk away from that.

This, brings me to the final reason for why people quit network marketing….

Reason People Quit Network Marketing #5 – The Wrong Mentality

Because people don’t go ‘all in’ – they don’t get results – because their EGO is too big, they don’t seek help or advice – and because they confuse COST with VALUE – they really do not understand what they have their hands on; or how to share it with others. This can all be summed up with, the Wrong Mentality.  They were never truly seeking what network marketing offers, and that is an equal playing field where several people can create a freedom based lifestyle.

Some people would much rather take money from others; than make money WITH others.

These people have the wrong mentality for network marketing. However, some have managed to become successful – taking advantage of people who have too much EGO, and not enough Education; making sure to be there to offer an opportunity, and a talking point that may be empty – but is ‘organized’ enough to draw them in.

You see, organization is really the key to success in network marketing. Another word you can use to understand organization, is duplication.  When you join a network marketing company you should seek to learn the rules of that opportunity; learn the system of the team you’re part of. Fit in, don’t try to stand out. We live in a society that preaches individualism; but that is a problem in network marketing; while we do not ask that people become robots; we do ask that people do things a certain way IF they want results.

Be willing to do those things – eventually, after you’re getting results, and growing an organization; you’ll figure out where your ‘individual gifts’ will fit in to the whole. You’ll start to see where you can benefit the Overall Organization – while building YOUR organization with in it. But this ‘picture’ is only going to become clear AFTER you do things the right way; AFTER you leave your EGO at the door; Not ‘before’ but AFTER you go all the way in and learn the bigger picture; AFTER you get results from having the RIGHT mentality…

Vince Lombardi once said, Winners never quit and quitters never win. When you have a winning mentality, nothing is going to stand in your way. You’ll change and adjust if you have to. When you have a winning mentality you’ll set your Ego aside if it’s standing in your way. You’ll read books, watch videos, take training calls, and do whatever it takes to win, if you have a Winning mentality. If you do not, you’ll never win and you’ll simply give up. That’s what losers do, they quit. Today, if you’re in network marketing you Must ask yourself what kind of network marketer you are.

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