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Open Letter To: Black Home Business Owners

The following post was too ‘personal’ for Facebook (where it started) and yet, was too important to limit to my private facebook wall. I decided to make this an Open Letter to the Black Home Business Owners of the world – I’ll let you read it – and I have a few more things to say below.

So, I was just told that when members of DSD unlock higher levels of training, one of the programs recommended is Ebates.

Milton Mouzon referred this program to me when we were putting together the One MLM System (in 2012) – it’s been in there since Day One.

I cannot help but find it … interesting, that when We recommended this program to our team – most of them looked at it ‘funny’ …. they rolled their eyes and acted as if the program wasn’t really ‘valuable’ ….

But, now that Roger says it’s a program people should Really consider using; Folks are treating it like it’s Gospel.

…. It’s things like that, that make you really sit back and wonder about how, cultural perceptions influence business decisions that business people make.  Truth is, most business people (those of you who just got into home business after being an EMPLOYEE for decades of your life) are actually NOT making decisions like Business People.

Business Decisions are not the same as “emotional Decisions” —-

Emotional Decisions are very much colored by the ignorant perceptions our Society lumps on us as we are born into it … the game was already in motion before we got on; and already people are telling us who we should like, who we should and should not trust; who we should follow.

I find it interesting that when people of a certain ‘hue’ talk about an idea it gets funny looks; but when a lighter ‘more accepted hue’ says word for word the same thing; it’s gospel – it’s the way.

What really gets me here …. is Black People are the ones doing this nonsense more than anyone I’ve seen; Treating their fellow man as if he is not on the same level, with that Other man.

Like I said; I can understand it when others do it; it’s society; the world still has a long way to go to rid itself of the ugly and ignorant spirit that took the world over several centuries ago; an ugly spirit that has lingered; and yet — I SEE how my own people, absolutely participate in our own Demise; through daily decisions not to Trust and/or Respect One another.

It’s pretty sad.

When I talk about bringing MLM together; making sure we’re all making money; using affordable programs to help people make money so they can get into Higher investment (higher return) opps; Folks act like it’s the most confusing shit in the world; Then a white man comes out with a ‘power lead system’ that is Saying the SAME Thing I just got done saying; and It’s VIRAL….

.. and every brotha and sista under the sun is coming to me with it …

We put Amazon in the System in 2012, and nobody wanted to take the time to learn about how to use Amazon; But “Roger” comes out with DSD … and now everyone is a Amazon Expert; buying books on Amazon; Researching and Studying that ass off….

It’s pretty interesting.

If (when) confronted all will deny.

Yet … it absolutely seems to be the case.

As I said, I understand when others do it – but it’s tough when it comes from your own people.

On the heels of the events of Trayvon Martin’s injustice, and having knowledge of several cases where injustice continues to arrive in the lives of members in the black community, I started “the Black Folder” – This is a folder in the 1mlmsystem that is entirely dedicated to those who are interested in coming together and creating a real financial revolution within the black community. This is a very tough mission to do. This is a mission that has been stopped time, and time again.

It’s the mission for which many say, Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated – Hear Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. discuss The Poor People’s Campaign – Much of what he says is still true to this day. This economic condition black people find themselves in is a real Emergency. The fire in the lives of black men and women has continued to burn. Thousands of black lives have been cut short, burned beyond recognition, and forgotten due to the heat of the blaze. As these fires continue to rage, the clear lack of economic power – is the very water needed to put the fire out.

And yet, Dr. Claud Anderson discusses the very misconception that we, as a community have, about what and where our financial power is. It is not in being a consumer. As a consumer, what we are really doing is making others wealthy, instead of our selves.

The saddest reality I’ve come to accept – is that black men and women are doing the same thing, in the home business industry today.

We are refusing to work with, follow, listen to or show loyalty to our fellow black men and women in business – for fear of not being accepted by non-blacks. The same forces that drive us apart in our society are doing it to us within business as well. Black men and women are divided; battling over who’s company (which we do not own) is better. We are discarding the advice of seasoned black business people, to follow the non-blacks around; who are often saying the same things as those seasoned black leaders.

It’s a very sad, and tough position we find ourselves in – as we all want the same things; but seem to be blind to the obviousness of how to Obtain it.

I remain hopeful, but am ever more realistic – that the imprint of society has so much influence over people that the Mission of the Black Folder – is a long, long ways off from being reached.

That is ok though.

It is, what it is – and it’s … Interesting, like so many things in life are – Coming together is the answer for black people in the network marketing industry. Yet, many will wait for a white person to do what we’ve been doing; and sadly many of those other systems will not be thought out for the benefit of black people; but for those who can ‘afford’ to improve their lives; or those who will miss a car payment, for hope.

The psychological murder of black people is a reality – as Dr. King discusses in the message that many will not take the time to hear. That’s just how bad it is.

Not to be the bearer of bad news – but I am here to be honest, and real.

Those blacks who’ve made it to the top of a company in the MLM industry are much like a Lebron James – controlled by corporate interests. Not wanting to go back to a life without money, they find themselves stuck – and because they do not really Trust their own people to create wealth amongst one another; they remain silent – they remain where they are; Under control – and content about it.

Their eyes have been gouged out – they cannot see that MLM is a model for Freedom; it’s a business model that frees us from corporate control. However, when our MLM ‘network’ is tied to a corporate company; that company controls the entire network; Free, but not free.

Then there is our concept; Our vision – our idea shared with the world first in 2010 – refined by our One MLM System in 2012 – YOU and I must be loyal to one another; and as we build a network based on that loyalty; we create REAL control; and real financial freedom, for ourselves.

But … I guess I need to find a white person to share that Vision – for you to hear it clearly.


*Update – Check out Nolan Richardson in his Hall of Fame Speech talking about Teamwork, and how it absolutely makes the Dream Possible. Without a team, none of us will ever get to our goals. The better the team, the better able we are to reach our dream!

Home Business Education Matters Right Now

There is almost too much information available in the internet driven information age. Home business education matters more now than ever before. You see, the majority of society is taught to be an employee. That is how it’s been set up. We are absolutely born into The Matrix, and need to Free our Minds from the ‘digital prison’ we are in.

This prison fills us with myths, and mental limitations. When people are introduced to network marketing the mental obstacles are the toughest to overcome.

home business education

“I don’t like Selling” is a common rejection you’ll hear in this line of work.

It’s important to be okay with that, and to listen. People always tell you what you need to know. Your job as a network marketer is to listen and learn, to sort not sell. Most people have no home business education and, think they have to talk folks into stuff. That does not work. It only alienates a person and makes them run away from you.

Don’t guilt trip anyone into being your business partner, instead …. (sign up for Training to find out what we recommend!)

Knowing how to turn a NO into a quality YES that’s actually beneficial to you is only going to help you meet your financial goals. It’s also going to show that you value that person, when you respect their No, but instead make them feel like they’re still helping you. That’s one of many ‘skills’ taught to my Team inside of our 1 MLM System.

Let’s say for some reason you don’t want to be in business with me. That’s fine with me. TopNetworkersGroup has always thought about the BIGGER Picture.

So, you can and should also visit our home business education website, where you can be ‘part’ of our Special Business Education Community.

TopnetworkersGroup has always been serious about education. We have written about topics like, Smart Marketers Wanted, and more. Videos from the channel on Having the Right people, are all a frank conversation with you on building your team. You want to surround yourself with intelligent people if you can. The best businesses, are full of the best people. Through the SeekingAHomeBusiness platform you are invited to shine alongside smart business people. You’re saying, to all who visit that you also, believe in home business education.

You’re not a spammer with no skills who’s just going through the numbers are you?

How is that working out?

Have you read these articles from us on why It’s not Good?

Your relationships matter more than anything else in this home business niche . Your business will grow or fail, based on the relationships you build – or fail to build. Visit our platform today – and let us know if you’d like to Sponsor videos, audios, or even suggest Content. Be sure to get yourself a Home Business Owner Listing in our Directory while the prices are still Low!!

Using GDI For Business Building Purposes

If you’re not using gdi for business building purposes but are in the home business industry you’re making a huge mistake!  Regardless of how many social media websites you’re using to promote your business you should always have a website that you own. That is primarily what makes using gdi for business building purposes an intelligent decision.  Global Domains International (or GDI for short) has been in business since 1999. They are essentially a website and domain hosting company. I realize that may not make sense to everyone reading this so, just in case you don’t know what those are let me explain.

A Website Hosting company is where my domain, Topnetworkersgroup.com is ‘hosted’ – we pay them a fee each year for an internet address that I can easily send people to for information about my business(es). The files on my website are also hosted (stored) by a company that I pay to make those files view-able on the internet (The world wide web).  So when we talk about using GDI for building a business, it’s not different from what most business owners are already doing right now. I personally got into the web design world in 2004, and so I have an advantage that most home business owners do not. All of this makes sense to me!

What should make sense to you is that you NEED a website!

However you may not want to put up with all of the complex angles that are involved with having one. That is where using GDI will benefit you – making it simple to set up and run your business. For those of you who are entirely unfamiliar, check out the original video from 1999.

At $10/mo to run a business this is a steal. What I like people to do is not to focus on the MLM/affiliate side of this. Having a domain name, and a website gives you the ability to do so much. Starting with the phpBB that is included with your web hosting.  These are powerful tools for growing a community that loves your product or service. In fact, what IS your product or service? If you already have a product or service that you’re selling via social media, you can start selling it via your own website today.

That’s because like several web hosting companies in the marketplace today, you also can set up a WordPress Blog on your hosting account.

While there are several user-friendly content management systems available today, wordpress is one of the best! It’s popular because of it’s simplicity and flexibility.  You can literally sell anything you’d like using a wordpress blog. They are easy to customize with a wide library of selections in the free wordpress theme store. Also free plug-ins that are easy to install and activate can transform any wordpress blog into a full fledged website! You can even accept visa and mastercard payments and sell literally anything direct to a consumer.

In other words, you don’t have to rely on affiliate commissions.  

Using GDI To Build A Business

Let’s say you make T-shirts. You can sell them directly to consumers using gdi as your business building platform.

The money you can make from referring others to start using gdi as well, is secondary.  However that income can also become very powerful, especially if you’re already part of the network marketing industry and have a team. As you know, any business can go out of business, and relying on an MLM Company just isn’t smart. GDI is not an mlm company. They just use it as a way to get more people to use their hosting company. Again, we can be intelligent here or not.  We can rely on one stream of income or seek out multiple streams – the choice is ours.

If you’re building a business from home now, and you’re not using GDI, I want to invite you to check out even more reasons why you should start, today!

*Also related (update 11/28/18) – TNG Launches The Rich Man’s Plan for the MLM Wealth Builders – take a look

Top Earners In Home Business Do This But Do You?

Do you know what the Top earners in Home business do?

Better question for you may be this. Are you Doing what Top Earners in Home business do?

That’s where  I want to begin. I’ve been around the home based business industry since 1999 and can admit that I did not start out doing what the top earners were doing.  Like most people I felt like I knew what I had to do.  I ignored what they told me in the training. I tried to sell everyone on the idea. Real quickly most of the people I knew would join me didn’t.

Unlike most network marketers I didn’t blame network marketing. I went back to training – I listened to what Top earners were telling me They did to succeed; and slowly over the next 12 months learned how to apply what they were doing to my business building efforts. What I loved so much about my first 5 years in network marketing, is how I learned valuable lessons to carry over when starting a traditional business of my own.

I backed into a seminar on Web Design, and learned that most small businesses were Not Online in 2004;  I saw an Opportunity.

Naturally like anything else there was a learning curve.

But this time I knew that if I wanted to become a top earner in the web design business, I’d have to learn from others who were already doing it.

I’d have to take notes, and apply what worked for others.

5 years of experience in an MLM, learning from top earners gave me an advantage that most ‘new business owners’ are lacking.

More importantly though; because I got involved so early I’ve been around to see both pre-internet and post-internet business building.

Post-Internet meaning, now that the internet is widely available and widely used.  There was a time when it wasn’t either. Now it’s everywhere, and that’s great for those of us in business who know what to do. It’s one of the reasons we’ve seen an increase in people making money from home over the last 5 years.

So, What are Top Earners Doing in Home Business that You’re probably Not Doing?

Click Here to SEE how They’re building a business; Ask yourself Are You Doing This Too??

Top Earners Relax In Places Like these

Besides relaxing in places like these, Top earners in the Home Business arena are exceptional at building their list of contacts.

They are absolutely, TOP Networkers.

They understand the power, and the benefits of knowing the right people.

Do you understand this too? Perhaps…  I personally hope that you do.

That being said, how are you going about doing it? Are you sticking to the OLD school ways of writing down phone numbers in address books?

Have you come into 2016 and you ‘at least’ use your Email Address book to store people’s information?

Are you approaching these leads individually?

Are you using the kinds of Tools we are promoting Here – that Top earners are using for their Home Based Businesses?

Because these ‘kinds of tools’ are actually modeled after the things we were doing in those PRE-Internet days; That’s when we had to write down names on paper and manually follow up with each person we ever spoke to about our business. With the widening use of the internet came better tools to simplify this process.

I first learned about these tools, through internet marketing courses offered by Top earners in the Affiliate Marketing Industry; they were all using ‘systems’ like these – and so I’ve always used these sorts of systems. The only thing is, when it comes to Network Marketing you’re attracting a wider range of people.

PURE Internet Marketing appeals to tech savvy entrepreneurs.

While Network Marketing has and is always been designed to appeal to a wider audience.

Top earners in both, have found ways to make this process ‘simple’ for that wider audience so they benefit from the tech savvy; even if they’re not So savvy.

In other words; We build systems that you can use, without having to create the entire system yourself – and either you’re using them or you’re struggling like 97% of our industry.

Naturally there is more to it – and if you aren’t Working With The Group – You Should be; All our Good Information can be found Here!

Read More articles from TopNetworkersGroup on what Top earners are doing:

Does Race Matter in Business?

Here’s the full text of another one of those ‘facebook rants’ that I’m pretty well known for. I’ve always been this way. I’ve always been willing to speak out on things that others are afraid to speak out on. This is not the first time I’ve spoken out on Racism in Business. The Black Folder is evidence of my commitment to address the issue of racism – through business. To do that, we are all going to have to confront some uncomfortable truths.

Before you read this; I will answer the question that is posed. YES Race Matters. Race has always mattered. After you read the full text of what I said on Facebook; stay tuned for related information on this subject.

MLM is supposed to be better than society; Not just like it.


A couple years ago I posed a question on social media; and got a lot of typical usual ‘safe’ responses. I asked the question “Does Race Matter in Business?” —

I do stuff like this on purpose.

I already know the answer to the question I’m asking.

I just want to see how OTHER people think.

I want to take time to thank all of you who, optimistically said NO race does not matter.

I also want to acknowledge all my non-black Associates on Social Media who often mean well; and have good intentions; but are simply ignoring the truth that is in your face.

Ready for this?

Why is 5linx almost all black?

Why is Paycation almost all black?

Why is TLC (totallifechanges) almost all black?

Why is OrganoGold almost all black?

>>>> Do non-blacks NOT see value in THESE companies?

OR ………… Do they see TOO MANY BLACK PEOPLE in these companies?

I didn’t even MENTION SkinnyBodyCare – or the former Vitel (now out of business) – or SOOOO many similar companies in MLM; that seem to “only” have black faces.

Naturally none of these companies are 100% black;

That never happens ….

Meanwhile; You’ll find black people in just about EVERY Single MLM company there is. Almost as if blacks never say to themselves “too many white people in this MLM” — meanwhile, it would seem that white people; asians; and hispanics; are avoiding companies that have TOO many blacks.

You can tell me this isn’t true all you want to —

you can try to tell me there is some other reason for it if you want to —

I just know that MCA is a solid opportunity; but when too many “urban” people were promoting it; Folks went on to something else. I know that Originally WakeUpNow was mostly non-black; When They Bought out ThatFreeThing – and then when they recruited that same team of “Urban Marketers” from MCA – WUN became VERY black; Is it a Coincidence that not long after that; They shut down MLM operations?

Believe you me; I was already having these thoughts long before it happened.

The way I was treated by their compliance department; and the people who I had seen terminated months before they closed my account; were all black – had me thinking then and there, if WUN was a lil upset to have so many, non-white people promoting their brand.

Oh you think it doesn’t happen?

I still remember when Tommy Hillfiger got mad; and made statements about black people wearing his brand. (he has gone on record to deny those statements) –

——————– because really and truly; Racism is Economic.

Racism is not about who you like; or what you call people.

Racism is about Resources.

Racism is about how a race works together to Gather resources for THEMSELVES; and how they go about keeping Resources From Others; or Controlling Resources so that THEY benefit from selling Resources.

So foe people who Practice Racism; the Idea of doing anything that Financially Empowers people of Other races; is an Idea they cannot support; and do not support.

Those who are not racist; could care less about who they empower; so long as THEY are empowering themselves … and these are the people who are the Hope of the Future. You see, at it’s core – MLM is about change.

MLM is about people working together; regardless of race. Regardless of background; Regardless of mistakes they may have made in the past. MLM is supposed to be an environment of redemption; of change; of betterment … of improvement.

THIS is why Leaders in MLM are failing the industry; THEY DON’T SPEAK OUT on ISSUES that MATTER – that TRULY MATTER – because they’re not “leading” – they’re simply People Pleasing.

Anyone who’s read the Wave 3 & 4 Books knows; that Richard Poe addressed Race in MLM – He talked about how the companies that will LAST are the ones who appeal to SEVERAL races; Not just ONE.

However, the challenge of that – is understanding that people come into MLM with bias – with attitudes towards people of certain races; and while folks try to act like racism isn’t a problem; anyone who is black KNOWS it is. If MLM is going to live up to it’s potential; We are going to need more WHITE leaders; calling out WHITE people; For racism in MLM. (We don’t need you dodging the topic, talking about how blacks are reverse racists; blacks have demonstrated for 100’s of years; the desire to be included in this society; which has treated our people So badly… stop all that nonsensical talk right now please – help us fight the REAL issue) – We know you hear racist ideas expressed to you in private.

We know that many people are dragging ‘society’ into MLM …

That is why MLM is not making the kinda impact it was designed for …

It’s just like everything else………


People who Stand up to the Crowd.

PEOPLE who tell the Crowd “You are Wrong, have a SEAT, and STFU”

Then, REAL leaders, need to step up and SUPPORT Real Leaders; and say “That leader is right; Yall are Wrong; have Several Seats; and STFU”

— Ok, no one ‘likes’ being told to STFU; but … remember when you were a kid?

Remember when your PARENTS told you to STFU when you were being too noisy? Maybe they said it without the F; but they DID tell you to PIPE that down; BE quiet; STOP making so much Noise — You didn’t LIKE It; but You NEEDED to be told – or else you’d grow up and NOT know how to act. We call this “Good Parenting”…

“Good Leadership” – is like Good Parenting.

YOU gotta tell people things they may not WANT to hear; or LIKE hearing;

BUT you’re a Leader.

YOU have the tough job.

Real Leaders won’t speak Against you for Leading.

And it’s up to REAL leaders to point that out.

 (originally posted on Facebook –)

I said a lot – because Race Matters in mlm, when it really shouldn’t matter. Someone needed to say this; and it’s not my first time saying it either. I’m not alone with what I’ve shaerd; Listen to Dr. Claude Anderson speak on the Economics of Racism – Black America is In DEEP Trouble
I personally enjoy most of what Dr. Claude has to say; he’s one of a few black leaders speaking out; speaking up; pointing out the fact that blacks are the only group that does NOT practice ‘group economics’ – in other words; while there is still much Racism in Business – black people must take steps to overcome that obstacle.
Read my Open Letter to Black Business Owners – written almost a year ago; to the day.
Check out Black Economics with RedPill and Mighty Sutek :: as the topic of black people using MLM as a platform for economic empowerment is specifically discussed.
Then listen to this overview – Build And Economy – Jason Black – The Logo – which highlights the grave importance for black people to stop being consumers; and start being Owners. We cannot force others to like us, to treat us with the same respect – but we Can like ourselves; and we Can respect ourselves.
Check out what a White writer from Inc Magazine had to say about this topic – which speaks to the Larger world of Business; and not just MLM – What Adopting Black Children Taught Me About Business  – and also my comments on Bruce Levenson and the news his email made several months back.
This is not an easy topic to discuss – but we cannot run from it. This is all part of our culture. The good… and the bad. We must allow the past to teach us; so that we can build a better future. Perhaps some day, Race will no longer matter – but I believe that in order for this day to arrive, we must stop racism in business first.
As always; Thank you for reading.
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