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Lebron James Goes Back To Cleveland : Sports and Business

The news is everywhere today and there is nonstop discussion on all social media; over The Decision part II – Lebron James Goes Back to Cleveland, truly shocking the world!

It was a Class Act from Miami Heat Owner Mickey Arison – tweeting out the following:

Shock but, appreciation and understanding for the decision that was made. As Lebron James goes back to Cleveland he is doing so in spite of the disrespectful letters and statements made by Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert. Also, let us not forget about all those fans burning Lebron James Jersey’s. However today, all of those fans are rejoicing.

The King has come back home!

Should he have chosen to go back to a team, owned by a guy who literally bashed him for all the world to hear? Should he return to a city who’s fans talked about him as if they owned his very life? I don’t mean to defend Lebron but, how many of us grew up in a city, and went ‘away’ for 4 years to college and got to experience what it is like to be away from home; only to discover how much you really wanted to be in the city where you were born?


Today, Lebron James goes back to Cleveland with a totally different mindset and mentality. He has experienced things; Won Championships. Lost in the Finals. Without a doubt, his return to Cleveland makes them instantly better. As his story continues to unfold, we will all continue to Witness. Primarily because he is in the spotlight, and that is what we do in this society. We watch other people pursue and live out their dreams.

While you and I watch Lebron make Millions of dollars; while we witness his Million Dollar life-changing Decisions; what lessons are we learning about our own lives?

Here at TopNetworkersGroup we are having an ongoing discussion under the theme of Sports and Business. Sports is a microcosm of life, and especially business. Even more especially sports relates to much, to the network marketing industry, which is a Team Sport. What lessons are we picking up here once again as we see examples of business decisions, over emotional ones?

We hear so often about how Sports is a Business. Professional teams have traded players for years, regardless of how much of a contribution they made to the team; or how much the fan base liked or loved them. While several people were outspoken about their displeasure of his original decision to leave the Cavaliers; few people examined it from a Business Decision point of view.

Not only is playing in Miami more profitable – Winning Championships ensures a long term career around the game of basketball. Lebron will always be talked about for the rest of his life and will make several paid appearances. He will be paid more too, because he’s a 2-time champion; and if he happens to tack on an extra ring or a few more – all of it ultimately is good for business.

Lebron James is one of our modern day athletes who’s had the benefit of watching several others make poor business decisions; It’s similar to what we talk about here at TopNetworkersGroup, when it comes to learning from the mistakes others are making; and then avoid making those mistakes. I recently heard that, a smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again; but a Wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether!

Do you want to be smart, or wise?

Silly question I suppose.

perhaps when it’s all said and done we’ll look back on Lebron’s “decisions” as smart moves; and Wise players will follow that path; and restore a bit of order to the NBA; who honestly, does have far too many owners, with ‘plantation mentality’. Rather than viewing their players as, ‘business partners’, and taking a real concern in the best for each player; often NBA teams simply use money as a Carrot of Performance; caring not what they do off the court; so long as they show up to games and perform …. OR ELSE!

… because there are plenty more where you came from …

This is sorta how Dan Gilbert talked about Lebron James.

This is how, reportedly, Donald Sterling addressed his own players; for Years.

Pieces of property; rather than, People.

Honestly this is how I’ve begun to see the MLM Industry as well. At the same time I understand the unique position companies find themselves in. If you have a top earner making $100,000 per year; you want to do all you can, to keep that top earner from endorsing ‘competition’ —

Honestly, I feel too many networkers are Unwise, in that they are not learning from the mistakes of others who’ve been doing the same mistake over and over for years now.

They’re building their network based on a company; instead of basing it around the team. Then again, how would they know any better when, most of the people ‘new people’ are meeting, are following the advice of others who are stuck; unable to promote anything but a company; which may or may not be in business 2-5 years from that point in time.

Anything can happen in our business – and especially with so many companies coming and going; we never truly know what the future holds. This is why the decision to build your network – is going to be a lightbulb business decision moment for you. Just like the decision part 2, as Lebron James goes back to Cleveland to finish out his career.

He says something similar about his decision to return home; sounds like he’d want his children to have the same experiences he had, growing up as a kid in Ohio. It sounds like he wants to live in the community he is from; and contribute to it directly; having a real pulse for what’s happening there by being there.

It’s a decision, sorta like his decision to leave; that is unlike what most people have done before; and probably goes against the grain of what most people feel he should have done. Even I questioned going back, to play for an owner that said those kinds of things; and yet, He says all is forgiven; that the two of them talked, and got over it – putting the past behind them to pursue a greater future. I think that people will always question the decisions you make, but you have to make the decision that is right for you.

What’s right for you may not be right for someone else; but if it’s right for you; then stick with your decision. He signed a contract with Miami with an option to re-evaluate the relationship in 4 years; that’s what he did. Yet another lesson; Lebron didn’t go back to Cleveland after they lost the first championship to the Mavericks; and I don’t think he is going back just because of the recent loss to the Spurs.

He gave it 4 years.

How many of you can give a business 4 years?

How many of you can go through some Losses, especially in the championship – and then come back focused with your head down, committed to the team .. in order to win TWO times – back to back?  Most of you quit in fa few days, or a few weeks; very few of you make it to the end of the year. Those are all very poor business decisions.

Too bad many of you can’t see how its turning out. However … perhaps even you can think hard about coming back home; to where you belong – With the Team…


Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork in All Areas of Life, Sports and Business

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Teams Win Championships (Does Lebron Have enough Team to Overcome The Hawks?)

Teamwork Makes The Dream work In All Areas of Life, Sports and Business

Teamwork Makes The Dream work In All Areas of Life, especially Sports and Business –

The first lesson in sales that all of us learn is everyone is tuned in to WIIFM;

What’s In it For Me?


Our Challenge is finding the people who can see What’s In it for WE …

We live in a society that promotes ‘the individual’ and individuality is the root of Ego. It’s about Me, Me, Me – it’s the “no I in Team, but I in Win” mentality.

But this is Fantasy!

The reality; what wins Championships – in all areas of life, especially sports and business – is Tenacious D!! Team Defense!

It’s One Unit Mentality that achieves success.

It’s teamwork.

This is what I love about the network marketing industry; because the blueprint to success has already been laid out by so many people who have built teams and accomplished incredible financial fortunes along the way. In this industry you are either Building the team or you are building your team ‘within a team’. I think it’s easy to forget that most people who come into this industry and even several of the people who sign up, come from ‘a matrix for their minds’. Most people come from a society that promotes the individual; meanwhile what we ignore is the reality.

No man is an Island.

There is no such thing as the ‘self made man or woman’.

These are myths that people tell themselves; often to feed their ego…. because the ego NEEDS to be fed.

But; the reality – the truth that shall set you free is this; Teamwork makes the dream work. What dream do you have? What team do you have?

Back in January I put together a video where I talked about the importance of “having the right people” on your team. In this video I discuss the reality of star players like Kobe Bryant and Lebron James, who need team mates to help them win. As great and as dynamic as these players are, none of them, not even the great Michael Jordan himself, were able to win without getting help from others. However, “the others” didn’t all have to be superstars.

Yes, Kobe had Shaq, and later needed Pau.

Yes, Lebron needed Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

Yes, Michael Jordan needed Scottie Pippin.

But the other ‘role players’ were just as important as the superstar role players. Because in all of these situations, someone is playing a role. Even between the superstars, there is a leader and a follower. That’s what makes a successful business parntership; that is what makes a successful sports teamwork partnership – because Two Leaders Cannot Lead Each Other. This is what broke up the Kobe/Shaq Lakers. This is what would’ve doomed the Lebron, Dwanye Wade Heat – but Dwayne doesn’t have the same kind of alpha male personality as a Lebron James; or even a Kobe Bryant.

This speaks volumes to the importance of chemistry.

Sometimes its just not in the cards for two people to work together within the same space – or the same team.

You see with Kobe and Shaq, you had two alpha males and honestly, I feel Kobe was willing to follow Shaq, however Kobe constantly challenged that leadership in ways that annoyed Shaq’s Ego. So for example, Kobe would take the ball to the rack or shoot a jumper rather than run the offense and allow the ball to go into Shaquille. However what you could tell is, Kobe just wanted to get a win, for the team. Perhaps people did not understand this within the moments that it unfolded, but now that we look back over his career and see times when Kobe could’ve left the Lakers; you see a person who really and truly wanted (and seemingly still wants) to bring championships to the Franchise.

With Shaquille – we see a man who was mostly about himself.

He cared more about ‘being the man’, than about ‘being a champion’ – He wanted to give orders; and demand the ball but, refused to work on his free throws so that IF/when teams fouled him after getting the ball, it wouldn’t turn into a wasted possession. The casual fan in the stands is not thinking of this because the casual fan is also, poisoned with the message of ‘be an individual’.

So they bark of his dominance while ignoring how much MORE dominant he would’ve been as a 70% freethrow shooter, instead of what he was over the course of his career.

That’s all Phil Jackson tried to do with Shaq; get him to be more than he was settling for.

I think that’s all Kobe was trying to do as well.

But, Kobe was doing it for the team. He was set on blossoming and being more.

He wanted to grow and expand his game.

He wanted to lead a team to victory and eventually He got that opportunity.

When we look at a Dwayne Wade; he’s a great player, but has never been to a championship without another dominant alpha male type personality.

This is a major aspect of what it means, for teamwork to make the dream work.

Often we are like pieces to a puzzle; often we are incomplete. Often those of us in business can look to sports to see all the answers to what is going on in our own organizations. We can see that we may need more, or less alpha males. We can see that we need more or less role players. We see the lack of chemistry or begin to notice how chemistry is playing a major role in the production – because that is the reality.

Teamwork makes the dream work in business;  just like in sports.

When Lebron first came to Miami, out of respect for Dwayne Wade he didn’t wanna just take over right away. But, the two of them had a conversation after that first trip to the finals. Wade pretty much gave the reigns to Lebron; told him to do what he does best. That conversation took them to the finals 3 more years in a row; winning 2 of them.

Road to Success

When I first saw this image of ‘what most people think success looks like vs what successful people know the road to success IS like” – I thought of everything I just shared with you. This is that road to success and all those “Fail” spots are the times when we went off on our own; and tried to accomplish big things alone.  We start to get closer to the end of that road, once we finally connect with the right people.

Along the way, together, there will still be a few more ‘spots’ where we find out that not ALL of the people on the team; were meant to stay on the team forever; You’ll lose a few key role players perhaps; and you’ll stall out while you look to replace them – but so long as the core keeps moving together toward the goal; You will reach that goal.

The desire alone, is not enough.

The circumstances absolutely must come together.

A team must be built – OR you must attach yourself to a team that is being built, and play a position – a position which COULD be worth millions to you, simply by doing your part.

You may not be the star of the team – but everyone on the team gets a Ring.

Everyone on the Team gets to call themselves, A Champion!

Teamwork makes the dream work – in all areas of life – whatever you are seeking to achieve; as soon as you have the right people – who all want the same things; That Goal WILL be accomplished.

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Really and Truly, TopNetworkersGroup will be what it’s meant to be, when we have the right people who want the same things that we want. We don’t want to build our network over and over again. We don’t want money to stop anyone from partnering up with us. We don’t want anyone to be broke if we can help it. We want all of our people to be making money and so we’ve devised several levels to earn money together; We don’t want any excuses to stop us. Our system is designed to perfectly SPIT people out who do not belong with our team. The One MLM System to rule Them All; One Team to Show them!

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There is almost too much information available in the internet driven information age. Home business education matters more now than ever before. You see, the majority of society is taught to be an employee. That is how it’s been set up. We are absolutely born into The Matrix, and need to Free our Minds from the ‘digital prison’ we are in.

This prison fills us with myths, and mental limitations. When people are introduced to network marketing the mental obstacles are the toughest to overcome.

home business education

“I don’t like Selling” is a common rejection you’ll hear in this line of work.

It’s important to be okay with that, and to listen. People always tell you what you need to know. Your job as a network marketer is to listen and learn, to sort not sell. Most people have no home business education and, think they have to talk folks into stuff. That does not work. It only alienates a person and makes them run away from you.

Don’t guilt trip anyone into being your business partner, instead …. (sign up for Training to find out what we recommend!)

Knowing how to turn a NO into a quality YES that’s actually beneficial to you is only going to help you meet your financial goals. It’s also going to show that you value that person, when you respect their No, but instead make them feel like they’re still helping you. That’s one of many ‘skills’ taught to my Team inside of our 1 MLM System.

Let’s say for some reason you don’t want to be in business with me. That’s fine with me. TopNetworkersGroup has always thought about the BIGGER Picture.

So, you can and should also visit our home business education website, where you can be ‘part’ of our Special Business Education Community.

TopnetworkersGroup has always been serious about education. We have written about topics like, Smart Marketers Wanted, and more. Videos from the channel on Having the Right people, are all a frank conversation with you on building your team. You want to surround yourself with intelligent people if you can. The best businesses, are full of the best people. Through the SeekingAHomeBusiness platform you are invited to shine alongside smart business people. You’re saying, to all who visit that you also, believe in home business education.

You’re not a spammer with no skills who’s just going through the numbers are you?

How is that working out?

Have you read these articles from us on why It’s not Good?

Your relationships matter more than anything else in this home business niche . Your business will grow or fail, based on the relationships you build – or fail to build. Visit our platform today – and let us know if you’d like to Sponsor videos, audios, or even suggest Content. Be sure to get yourself a Home Business Owner Listing in our Directory while the prices are still Low!!

Multiple Streams Matter: Daily Fantasy Sports Report

Multiple Streams Matter.

That’s the message from the TOP!

Welcome to TopNetworkersGroup – our official blog ‘It’s All of It” which is dedicated to the ongoing development of professionals.

Professionals are the ones seeking to earn professional money.

To do that it means being able to operate At a professional level. Most people in the home business industry are Amateurs.

Just being honest.

Multiple Streams Matter – and Real business people understand that.

You and I really and truly never know when SHIT is going to happen.  When a stream is about to run dry, it’s possible for us not to even notice!  So is it smart in business to only have one stream? Of course not. Yet, how many of you are being told, over and over to ‘focus on one company’ … ?

Well, as you GROW in your knowledge of business you’ll come to realize that many of these people mean well, but are most likely looking out for their own pockets instead of yours.  For example – The Daily Fantasy Sports industry is a huge, growing industry. It’s a place where money is going to be generated. However you’ll meet leaders who’ll tell you to ONLY Play on one site; which is mind boggling because as I type this, several people have ‘players accounts’ on several DFS websites.

It would be foolish for us, in MLM to fix our mouths to do that and yet, that’s what you see.

That’s why I’m glad this happened. Gonna share the video and then Want to share a few more things with you that are all related to how Multiple Streams Matter!

WARNING: The video is 20 minutes BUT I promise you it’s worth watching!

In this video I talk about two industries that are ‘growing’ and generating money that you and I need to be tapped into. We need to position ourselves, so that we can position others. We also do not need to limit ourselves to making money in just ONE of these growing industries, ‘if’ we can figure out a real way to get paid from Both!

Don’t you agree?

With our team, with our ‘system‘ you tap into the INDUSTRIES not just the Companies within those Industries.

But let’s talk about Why you’d want to do that –

Not only because Multiple Streams Matters sounds like a good catchphrase but, because it’s the truth. If something happens to one of those companies, then What happens to your DFS income when the ONE company in the DFS industry goes down? Another thing to consider is this, What happens to your Online Shopping money when the Online Shopping website you’ve chosen to ‘focus on’ goes down for maintenance? Would you really put all your ‘eggs’ into one online basket?

Does that make good business sense to you?

Of course it doesn’t.  (I hope it doesn’t) …

With our system we put you in ‘both‘ of these companies and our system allows you to leverage your teams into these companies as well. If one goes down, you’re still going to be able to play daily fantasy sports together on the one that is working. You’re still going to earn a % of the money that’s on the table. By working together to grow our teams, and refer players to these sites, we grow the size of the pot! Here are the TWO images of FantasyDraft and DraftFury that are referenced in the Video.


multiple streams matter fantasydraft

Multiple Streams Matter – when one DFS site goes down, our team still has a way to make money on Daily Fantasy Sports competition; we still have a ‘system’ that would allow us to add additional programs to help us as a team ‘tap into’ the Industry – which is so much MORE important than an individual company within this huge, growing Industry.

multiple streams matter draftfury

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Get the FREE Report on The Daily Fantasy sports Industry from TopNetworkersGroup – which will discuss the Size of the industry and how large experts predict it will grow to, by 2021.

5 years from today you can either be saying “I wish I got involved early with Daily Fantasy Sports” – or you could be saying ” I am So Glad I got involved with the Daily Fantasy Sports Industry” – MORE importantly, you would also be pleased with yourself for choosing to work with a team of professionals who positioned you, to position others to make money in the INDUSTRY; not just ‘a company’ in the industry.   If we wanted to sell Tea; we wouldn’t just sell Tea for ‘a company’ – we’d offer a selection of teas because that’s smarter business.  At the very least, that would be our ultimate goal, even if we started with One brand; to eventually sell several. Because that’s smart business.

Because in Business; Multiple Streams Matter

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Why Business People Should Watch Sports

I’ve been making the case today for Why business people should watch sports over on my social media. It’s not a new topic for me since sports and business includes several entries detailing how I feel about this topic.  Business people can learn a great deal from watching sports.  I’d venture to say that many would have benefited even more from playing sports.  For some of you reading this, it’s too late – but you can still learn a tremendous amount from sports.

Tomorrow is the 2016 Super Bowl – and a lot of Mis-leaders in the MLM sector are telling their teams not to watch that game. They tell you that you should be making phone calls and looking for the next person to sign up – or out getting customers, passing out business cards and flyers. There’s a ton of business people who understand that Hard Work is required to be successful – and so I understand where these leaders are coming from. They want to express how important it is to put the work in, and to not be so quick to follow the crowd.

I get that.

I agree with that.

But, watching sports from the perspective of a student – seeking knowledge on how YOU can work harder; how you can reach your goals – is not following the crowd at all. The crowd is only concerned with their team winning the game. The crowd just wants to have a good time while the game is on – and while I certainly DO encourage business people to watch sports, I am not suggesting you watch ‘from the same perspective’ as others.

Perspective is everything.

For example, in the video below, do you see Obama congratulating the Golden State Warriors on their 2015 Championship (like.. is that all you see here?), or do you see Obama pointing out that the Golden State Warriors would not have won a championship, if each person on the team as well as the people running the organization, didn’t all play a significant role in this accomplishment?

Business People Can learn So Much from watching sports –

Here’s what I had to say over on Facebook just a few minutes earlier…

Should business people watch the Super bowl?

Shout outs to all my ‘leaders’ in the Home business (MLM) Sector telling their teams NOT To watch the Superbowl – that Those millionaires are already living out their dreams; that we should be Working because we want to reach that level too! (Misleaders) –

I’m a Different leader though; I encourage business people to watch the Superbowl to gain a better understanding of what it means to Work ‘As A Team’ To Accomplish Goals; None of the millionaires (and thousandaires) on the field tomorrow got there “by themselves” – They all worked with and functioned as part of a Team; as Awesome as Cam Newton is – He still needs that O-line – He still needs those receivers to Catch His Passes – He still Needs his Coaches and his Teammates to fill him in on the things He may not see – so that the right plays can be called And executed –

The other part You overlook is that Cam Newton didn’t ‘just start’ playing football; he’s been at it – “for Years” —— Too many of you MLM folks don’t want to put in the ‘Time’ To reach this Millionaire Level – that we are going to see In the Superbowl Tomorrow – AND – That is why you’ll NEVER Reach their level; It’s not because you Did or Did Not watch the game – It’s because you Failed to understand anything about HOW This Game Is Played –

You’re all invited to come work with the best – but I put people through tests first – If you don’t want to jump through a few loops, then great; you helped me weed out another lazy person who’s never gonna do what it takes to Win in Business – if you DO make it through all the hoops; I know I’ve got someone ‘with some potential’ — You still have to Show up for Practice (Training) and you Have to Execute Plays; You have to Play a Role On the Team – You can’t just be all about YOU —

‪#‎TeamOverCompany‬ = if the team is doing it, I’m doing it too.

‪#‎SortingProcess‬ = The process you take people through where people sort themselves (in and out) of business with you.

‪#‎DuplicationMatters‬ = Systems can be duplicated, people cannot

Business People Should Watch Sports

No one else on this team, has to try to be Cam Newton. That would be impossible. Instead, each person needs to learn the system – and how to play their role in the system.  When people get stuffy, or get upset that they are being asked to ‘play a role’ – they usually never reach their goals. Anyone who grew up playing sports knows what it’s like to have bad team mates.

What I left out of my facebook post is the fact that neither of the two teams facing off tomorrow, get there without Strong Defenses.

What if the defense for the Broncos was more interested in playing Quarterback – and being Peyton Manning instead of being a Strong Defense like their team needs?

Too many business people are doing this in their mlm business.

They aren’t playing ‘for the team’…

They just want to ‘pad their stats’ …

They will never reach the White House – they’ll Never be Champions.

If you want to be a champion; Your journey starts here

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*Update from August 22, 2016 – We just saw the conclusion of the 2016 Rio Olympics and here are a few Observations!

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