“If no one is following you, you’re just taking a long walk” – John C. Maxwell.

I am thankful for my mentors; who turned me on to the teachings of Dr. John C. Maxwell – He is the best speaker on this topic of leadership, which has thousands of books written about it, and just about everyone has an Idea of what it truly means …

Yet no one has really broken it down, quite like Dr. John C. Maxwell has – Listen to him speaking on the 5 levels of Leadership – We All Start At The Bottom – (*updated link)

We also recommend taking a look at this Chart On John C. Maxwell’s website – Make sure that the right people are following you.

The Road to Success is a Long Walk

When I started Topnetworkersgroup in 2010 it was mostly just an idea; most of the people I was working with laughed at me; though a few said it sounded like a good idea; rather than partner up with me many chose to attempt to do what I’m suggesting on their own; and most of them ended up going back to the traditional unsafe approach to MLM.

Leading people down this NEW road has not been easy; and so I often reach back to see what ‘else’ I need to do as a leader – only to find that I’m either right on target; or indeed just need a minor adjustment to turn a few things around.

Who is Leading you?

The first thing that needed to happen was to make my “Idea” duplicatable. So the process of sharing this idea with others has helped me do just that. I’ve come to find that this only works if ‘leadership’ is established. Not only do I need to make sure I’m leading others down this road; but that they are also able and equipped to lead others.

Who are you leading??

If no one is following you, then you are just taking a long walk.

taking a long walk -

This is also a sign of a need to develop in some area of your leadership.  John Maxwell talks about the 5 levels of Leadership; and how each us should figure out ‘what level’ we are on, with the people we are leading.  However, if no one is following you at all – You are probably still on level one, or level two. Keep working on your ability to connect with the people you’re asking to follow you.  Bare in mind that you’ll only be able to ask others to do what you yourself are willing to do. When they see you doing it, they’ll do it too.  As the leader, you’re the one who goes first!

Where are you leading people?

Most leaders think about themselves;  Sorry – most Positional leaders think mostly about themselves; The kind of leaders that we’re talking about here, are REAL and ACTUAL Leaders; not only do they think about others, but they think mostly about where they are leading others.  (you’d think people would think about this, when embarking on a long walk … the journey of success is not an overnight trip!)

When I look at Network Marketing (mlm companies) – and where it’s all going; I realize that if people continue to cling to a mlm company, they will continue to see a Industry full of confusion and chaos; instead of an industry with order. Establishing the kind of Order that this industry needs, is going to require more than Positional leaders.

I’m seeking to bring Order back to this industry; and we’re going to do it, through having Order – TopNetworkersGroup is a professional network marketing Organization; The keyword being, Organization. That implies that there is Order.

We do have an Order in place – a “way of doing things” – and anyone willing to FOLLOW our lead, will find themselves exactly in the place that THEY have wanted to be in. If you don’t want to make Professional money in our industry, and cannot follow the lead of those who know where the road is going; then this team is simply not a good fit for you; otherwise – get ‘started’ – Put your best email in this box – and let’s take you to the TOP!

Stop taking a Long Walk, and learn how to LEAD people, by following real leaders.  Everything has order ….

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