The other day I was speaking about Azealia Banks on my Facebook …

I was reading more on that Azealia stuff this morning. As I stated the other day I really didn’t read what all she said before she got her twitter shut down. I was reading her responses To being suspended. She was saying she felt that white supremacy is what got her suspended from Twitter; that she had spoken badly about everyone; but when she started to talk badly about white folks, that’s when it was over for her. She has a point there.

You have to pick your battles in War.

While I get what she is saying, the words she chose are really what got her in trouble; and to a degree keep getting her in trouble; even if she does have a point. She mentioned that she’s very angry that her art keeps getting stolen by others; who then hide behind their fan base; and talk down to the people they stole their ideas from.

I started to think about the business world; Music, is def. part of the business world; and Business is cut throat. You think about the Wars between Apple and Microsoft which, started because Bill Gates stole ideas from Steve Jobs.

Stealing Ideas in business, is business.


When Nike signed athletes to market their shoes; Other shoe companies started doing the same thing too.

Real quick, here are my original thoughts on what happened to Azealia – via my FB page.

azealia banks thoughts on fb

In other words, I really do understand where she is coming from.

It’s frustrating to be talented and black in America. It really is. You end up dealing with so much; not only from those who are not black; but also black people who are caught up in seeking the approval of Non-black racial groups.

We are up against a lot, as black men and women in society.

This is especially the case in business; because – Business is part of society.

So many aspects of society cannot help but spill into business; and this is again, why the Network Marketing industry emphasizes Personal growth and Self development.

We really do not work hard to protect the “Group known as Blacks” – as hard as we work to protect other Groups in this nation.

We go all out to fight for women, for gays, for transgenders, for immigrants, and it seems like new groups are emerging each day, with stories of oppression and unfair treatment.  Our society hears their cries, and we tend to their wounds. Our society looks out for these groups – often using the struggle of African Americans known as the Civil Rights Movement,  as a basis for their arguments. All while ignoring the cries within the black community.

I can see why she got frustrated; why she’s seemingly always frustrated – Then again, I’m not ready to say she was Right with all that she said.

What I do know is, we cannot do much about those who hate us; steal from us; talk down on us; but we can do a better job of loving one another.

To me, that’s the main objective we should be striving for.

While I’ve always been open to doing business with people regardless of their ethnic background; I’d be foolish to overlook the people who chose not to do business – because of mine.

This is however, what many black people in business are doing.

We are pretending that people really don’t care about our race – We just have to dress up. We just have to talk proper. We just have to stay away from talking about controversial subjects. We just have to ….. where does it end?  When are we going to just be okay with being ourselves??

While I feel sorry for the likes of Azealia Banks – as she is just one of several black artists who feel their art is not appreciated on the same level as their white counterparts. Ultimately she and others like her need to come to the same realization I came to. It’s more important how we feel about each other, than how others feel about us.

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What are YOUR thoughts on this latest Azealia Banks controversy?  Is stealing just part of being in business?  Can black people improve how black people view themselves and one another? Sound off in the comments below!  Thanks, as always for stopping by!