Yesterday I found out that the are Customer Service Morons Working at eBay.

So here’s the Story;

…I opened up an eBay account on the 21st of December (I like that date for some odd reason) – The same night; eBay puts my account on Restriction; sending me to a page telling me the same thing the email told me; That my account was on restriction — And I needed to contact them using the Link (which I used to bring me to this page) — OR by responding to the message in my eBay Inbox.

The Link seemed to be useless – since it kept taking me to the same page; with the same message; Seemed my Only option was – to respond via the inbox on eBay.

I responded; got no Response back – 48 hours passes – they threatened to suspend me in 48 hours if I didn’t contact them; and in spite of me contacting them within that frame; They Suspended my Account.

I Got on the phone yesterday to find out what happened; why did they suspend me before I even got a chance to use the account — at this point; I found out that the people working for eBay are morons.

The person on the other end could not understand that their “restriction page” had no wording about Calling eBay; I was instead, expected to have known that I needed to call eBay —- and Track Down a Number for eBay because no Number was provided on the page — and since I didn’t call within 48 hours; there was nothing that could be done.

Seems pretty stupid right? They Restrict you and Threaten you if you do not contact them; but Do not Specifically tell you to Call; Nor do they provide a Number; and if you do not magically Think to find their number and call — within 48 hours — account suspended; No appeal.

Seems pretty stupid.

And yet …………… I know that TONS of people are making big bucks selling on ebay —- On the road to success, we call this “an Obstacle” — Most people would say that eBay is too hard; it’s too complicated; it’s ‘too much to go through’ — and that’s why most people are broke; depending on the gov’t – and hoping not to get laid off from their good job; They’re not willing to overcome – the Obstacles.

To me, I realize Obstacles are what the Devil throws in the Path to distract God’s Warriors from claiming the Victory – When I see Obstacles – I realize Something REALLY BIG is about to BLESS a WHOLE LOT of people; so long as “I” do not let the Obstacle keep me from it ……….

I am a winner.

I Do what winners do.

I’ll be creating a new eBay account In the Morning – the morons in Customer Service won’t keep me from the Prize(s) that await me.

I won’t allow obstacles or roadblocks to keep me from having the success Other People are having. Will you let anything stop you? If not, you’re the kind of Person I’m looking for. Get started with DsDomination and learn to Sell items on eBay – without having to recruit!

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