Here’s the full text of another one of those ‘facebook rants’ that I’m pretty well known for. I’ve always been this way. I’ve always been willing to speak out on things that others are afraid to speak out on. This is not the first time I’ve spoken out on Racism in Business. The Black Folder is evidence of my commitment to address the issue of racism – through business. To do that, we are all going to have to confront some uncomfortable truths.

Before you read this; I will answer the question that is posed. YES Race Matters. Race has always mattered. After you read the full text of what I said on Facebook; stay tuned for related information on this subject.

MLM is supposed to be better than society; Not just like it.


A couple years ago I posed a question on social media; and got a lot of typical usual ‘safe’ responses. I asked the question “Does Race Matter in Business?” —

I do stuff like this on purpose.

I already know the answer to the question I’m asking.

I just want to see how OTHER people think.

I want to take time to thank all of you who, optimistically said NO race does not matter.

I also want to acknowledge all my non-black Associates on Social Media who often mean well; and have good intentions; but are simply ignoring the truth that is in your face.

Ready for this?

Why is 5linx almost all black?

Why is Paycation almost all black?

Why is TLC (totallifechanges) almost all black?

Why is OrganoGold almost all black?

>>>> Do non-blacks NOT see value in THESE companies?

OR ………… Do they see TOO MANY BLACK PEOPLE in these companies?

I didn’t even MENTION SkinnyBodyCare – or the former Vitel (now out of business) – or SOOOO many similar companies in MLM; that seem to “only” have black faces.

Naturally none of these companies are 100% black;

That never happens ….

Meanwhile; You’ll find black people in just about EVERY Single MLM company there is. Almost as if blacks never say to themselves “too many white people in this MLM” — meanwhile, it would seem that white people; asians; and hispanics; are avoiding companies that have TOO many blacks.

You can tell me this isn’t true all you want to —

you can try to tell me there is some other reason for it if you want to —

I just know that MCA is a solid opportunity; but when too many “urban” people were promoting it; Folks went on to something else. I know that Originally WakeUpNow was mostly non-black; When They Bought out ThatFreeThing – and then when they recruited that same team of “Urban Marketers” from MCA – WUN became VERY black; Is it a Coincidence that not long after that; They shut down MLM operations?

Believe you me; I was already having these thoughts long before it happened.

The way I was treated by their compliance department; and the people who I had seen terminated months before they closed my account; were all black – had me thinking then and there, if WUN was a lil upset to have so many, non-white people promoting their brand.

Oh you think it doesn’t happen?

I still remember when Tommy Hillfiger got mad; and made statements about black people wearing his brand. (he has gone on record to deny those statements) –

——————– because really and truly; Racism is Economic.

Racism is not about who you like; or what you call people.

Racism is about Resources.

Racism is about how a race works together to Gather resources for THEMSELVES; and how they go about keeping Resources From Others; or Controlling Resources so that THEY benefit from selling Resources.

So foe people who Practice Racism; the Idea of doing anything that Financially Empowers people of Other races; is an Idea they cannot support; and do not support.

Those who are not racist; could care less about who they empower; so long as THEY are empowering themselves … and these are the people who are the Hope of the Future. You see, at it’s core – MLM is about change.

MLM is about people working together; regardless of race. Regardless of background; Regardless of mistakes they may have made in the past. MLM is supposed to be an environment of redemption; of change; of betterment … of improvement.

THIS is why Leaders in MLM are failing the industry; THEY DON’T SPEAK OUT on ISSUES that MATTER – that TRULY MATTER – because they’re not “leading” – they’re simply People Pleasing.

Anyone who’s read the Wave 3 & 4 Books knows; that Richard Poe addressed Race in MLM – He talked about how the companies that will LAST are the ones who appeal to SEVERAL races; Not just ONE.

However, the challenge of that – is understanding that people come into MLM with bias – with attitudes towards people of certain races; and while folks try to act like racism isn’t a problem; anyone who is black KNOWS it is. If MLM is going to live up to it’s potential; We are going to need more WHITE leaders; calling out WHITE people; For racism in MLM. (We don’t need you dodging the topic, talking about how blacks are reverse racists; blacks have demonstrated for 100’s of years; the desire to be included in this society; which has treated our people So badly… stop all that nonsensical talk right now please – help us fight the REAL issue) – We know you hear racist ideas expressed to you in private.

We know that many people are dragging ‘society’ into MLM …

That is why MLM is not making the kinda impact it was designed for …

It’s just like everything else………


People who Stand up to the Crowd.

PEOPLE who tell the Crowd “You are Wrong, have a SEAT, and STFU”

Then, REAL leaders, need to step up and SUPPORT Real Leaders; and say “That leader is right; Yall are Wrong; have Several Seats; and STFU”

— Ok, no one ‘likes’ being told to STFU; but … remember when you were a kid?

Remember when your PARENTS told you to STFU when you were being too noisy? Maybe they said it without the F; but they DID tell you to PIPE that down; BE quiet; STOP making so much Noise — You didn’t LIKE It; but You NEEDED to be told – or else you’d grow up and NOT know how to act. We call this “Good Parenting”…

“Good Leadership” – is like Good Parenting.

YOU gotta tell people things they may not WANT to hear; or LIKE hearing;

BUT you’re a Leader.

YOU have the tough job.

Real Leaders won’t speak Against you for Leading.

And it’s up to REAL leaders to point that out.

 (originally posted on Facebook –)

I said a lot – because Race Matters in mlm, when it really shouldn’t matter. Someone needed to say this; and it’s not my first time saying it either. I’m not alone with what I’ve shaerd; Listen to Dr. Claude Anderson speak on the Economics of Racism – Black America is In DEEP Trouble
I personally enjoy most of what Dr. Claude has to say; he’s one of a few black leaders speaking out; speaking up; pointing out the fact that blacks are the only group that does NOT practice ‘group economics’ – in other words; while there is still much Racism in Business – black people must take steps to overcome that obstacle.
Read my Open Letter to Black Business Owners – written almost a year ago; to the day.
Check out Black Economics with RedPill and Mighty Sutek :: as the topic of black people using MLM as a platform for economic empowerment is specifically discussed.
Then listen to this overview – Build And Economy – Jason Black – The Logo – which highlights the grave importance for black people to stop being consumers; and start being Owners. We cannot force others to like us, to treat us with the same respect – but we Can like ourselves; and we Can respect ourselves.
Check out what a White writer from Inc Magazine had to say about this topic – which speaks to the Larger world of Business; and not just MLM – What Adopting Black Children Taught Me About Business  – and also my comments on Bruce Levenson and the news his email made several months back.
This is not an easy topic to discuss – but we cannot run from it. This is all part of our culture. The good… and the bad. We must allow the past to teach us; so that we can build a better future. Perhaps some day, Race will no longer matter – but I believe that in order for this day to arrive, we must stop racism in business first.
As always; Thank you for reading.