I apologize for the sudden vacation; I tend to do that with blogging; I like to blog, but also I like to network – so when I get heavy into networking, there is not much time to share my ‘thoughts’ on things.

But I’ve had plenty of thoughts I’ve wanted to share over the past few weeks… and do intend, to share even more.

I want this blog to HELP others; even though I share opportunities i’m involved in, in addition to telling people about these, I want to be sure to tell people HOW to take advantage of these.

Network Marketing is truly the backbone of all business. It really is. The process has been broken down in such a way that it applies to all forms of business.

It’s SO important that people Learn that Process; the business model helps; the product helps; but if you do not know how to expose others TO the product, or the business, no matter what it is, you will not make money.

So I want to encourage all of you, to spend time in Training; Spend time learning the process; then, spend time DOING the process, whether you are comfortable with it, or not – especially if you’re not – you MUST view it in it’s proper context; If it’s not comfortable, it’s simply because you are not use to it; the more you do it, the more use to it you’ll get – the more comfortable it becomes.

That too, is a process.

Embrace it!

MORE for you coming soon!!!