I watched a commercial recently that shared some facts about gold I was unaware of. Naturally it’s that time of the year when most of us are watching the Olympics. Since we do cover Sports and Business here on this blog it only makes sense that I’d share something related to sports during this time of year … and tie that into business. These facts about gold hit me out of no where and I would be lying if I told you I planned on putting this together. But it’s So interesting that I had to share it with you. So I want to thank you for being here.

Let’s dive into some Facts about  Gold in the Human Body

Were you aware of that fact at all? I wasn’t until I saw a commercial … I forget what they were advertising but, it caused me to go looking to see if this was indeed a fact. You know, you can’t always trust marketers at their word. So I actually found out that gold is ‘found naturally’ inside each of us. What’s mind blowing to me about this is that I’ve heard for years that gold is something many of us ‘should’ be ingesting. Apparently, Gold is very useful to our human bodies.  Take a few minutes to check out this video with more facts about Gold in the Human Body.

While this video (and the link I provided from gold-traders) makes it clear that there isn’t a LOT of gold in the body, it is still a mind blowing fact.

You have value inside of you from the very start.

That Value is born in you, naturally. It’s part of you and flows through your bloodstream.  People are studying and trying to figure out just what this substance does ‘for’ the body, but we all know what we can do with it outside of the body. Most of us reading blogs like these are actually looking For gold.

We’re looking for ways to make money, to increase our value monetarily.  We’re looking to find gold, and to strike gold. We’re on the hunt as a species at all times to have more gold than the next person. Reminds me so much of the lessons taught in the book “Who Moved My Cheese” as it describes people who are constantly on the search for new cheese. Meanwhile some people get settled on the cheese they have which, slowly depletes. Ironically this seems to be what’s going on with the gold in the body.

We’re born with it but, over time the amount that’s inside of us depletes.

So just like with so many things in life, it’s important to find a source of gold that you can pour ‘into’ yourself.  You can and ‘should’ be looking for ways to add value to yourself – especially in business. You should be growing your skills, your knowledge, and your portfolio – as a mentor of mine used to say when we grow our selves, our pockets will follow!

There’s also, the whole ‘investing in gold’ conversation that we can absolutely have.

Take Karatbars for example. Here’s a company that allows you and I to get a piece of the Gold market. Not only can we buy gold for ourselves but we can also earn a % of the gold others are buying. They even sell Gold based products, allowing you and I the opportunity to literally make ‘gold’ a part of our lives!

facts about gold

Gold Soap and Lotion from Karatbars International

Imagine telling people that you Bath in gold and that you rub gold into your body ….

They might look at you funny, if they haven’t reviewed any facts about gold to know it’s already part of the human body. They might not know their own worth. You might not know yours. At least perhaps you didn’t before you came here. But now that you Do know your worth, are you really getting what you deserve out of life? Are you making the kind of money you deserve …?

Are you living up to the gold standard that you ‘should’ have set for your life?

If not, I have good news – you can start making those changes today. Just be sure to think long term, and don’t give up along the journey. You were born with gold in your blood!

You and I, are more valuable than we often realize!  Not only do these facts about gold say that YOU have value; but it also says others do too.  We live in a world that beats us all down daily and it’s easy to forget that we’re worth more and deserve more than we’re getting out of our lives.

Let’s change that!!!

Let’s live up to our potential and really capitalize on what we Can be!

Thanks again for stopping by ..

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