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The following article on the GoPro Camera was written back in 2014. The company referenced, ‘WakeUpNow’ is no longer in business. Please ignore all links on this page, and within the body of this article as almost none of them work. In fact, as of this update, many will be disabled – This article formerly contained links to a blog (LevelOneNetwork) which were removed because our account with that company is closed. Both opportunities failed to live up to their promises.  This happens in business. This is why we created the One MLM System (To Rule them all) – so that our income is no longer dependent upon the Whims of Corporate CEO’s in offices that we’re often not invited to. DO visit our link to the One MLM System; as well as the following Related Articles on the “Fall” of WakeupNow and the Decline of LevelOneNetwork

Original GoPro article below

I really want a GoPro Camera … I went to a meeting last night for WakeUpNow – the President of the company was in town. The meeting really made me wish I had a GoPro instead of the Everio JVC (gz-ex515) I have, even though it’s pretty awesome. I was set up in the back, and had to do it the old school way, with a “Camera Stand” and I was totally in the way. AND I had to stand in the back; because there’s no way to tape from the aisle at an Event like the one I attended. The GoPro would’ve been perfect!

goproCamIn fact, I saw a couple people using one to record the events that unfolded last night here in Los Angeles – If you’re looking for the RIGHT TEAM To work with in WakeUPNow here in Los Angeles, make sure to Join through Me Right Now – You do NOT want to work with another team in this opportunity because you may “not” get the proper Training you need to succeed with WakeUpNow – and MLM in general.  (We will teach you HOW To take full advantage of WakeUpNow – NO other teams are teaching the secret method WE are teaching to our Team Leaders and up – JOIN TopNetworkersGroup at the end of this article if you’re ready to end your financial worries (more on that later) …

Here are a couple of Video Clips from last nights WakeUpNow event (below), featuring the President of the company, Mr. Jason Elrod, who was a Millionaire by his mid 20’s. He and his business partners who were venture capitalists before starting an MLM Company, absolutely have a Vision that is laser focused on becoming an Iconic Company – and that’s exactly why I wanted to be in the building.

Whenever the President of your MLM Company is in town, you MUST be in the building – or else you’re not very serious about your desire to make money. Here are those clips I promised you – I have longer Clips I need to upload and will share those later –

Check out one more —

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Yet another reason that WakeUpNow rules them all – Literally one of the best mlm companies of 2013 and as we look into the future of where they are GOING – they’re clearly ahead of the possible competition in the industry. Primarily because the founders are “fixing” what they feel is WRONG with Network Marketing – Starting with how much Distributors Earn – but extending to the Value it’s customers get from using the products, and services they provide. The Marketplace from WakeUpNow is powerful.

Check out this Deal on a GoPro for less than $300 – that is available through WakeUpNow Marketplace –


Check out a quick video on the GoPro Hero (in case you are not aware of what these are) —

I’ve been seeing several videos shot with a GoPro camera and have been inproessed ever since they originally launched. The PRICE however has been steep and yet, like most things that debut at a high price – eventually the price comes down. Finding more deals on the GoPro Camera is possible as well.

Truth is, as of now I have not looked that thoroughly yet – but I plan on doing that… If I can find a GoPro for less than $300, why not?

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