Let’s discuss the Ego, and the Door, and why it’s important to Get out of your own way when it comes to business….. Especially, when it comes to business.

You’ve heard the saying before, “Leave your Ego At the Door” – right?

OF course you have.

It’s a term that is used in just about all professions. The first time I heard it was in Network Marketing. I will never forget it because for me, it was so profound. I had never heard it before, at any time in my life.

But it made so much Sense.

Dora Chambers, RVP (regional vice president) with the first network marketing company I got into – she had already been massively successful. 2 people in the company that were in the Top 10, and top 20 respectively, were in her Downline.

So naturally, she had my respect – I wanted that lifestyle that came with having 2 RVP’s (or more) in my Downline.  So when she shared this bit of knowledge with me I never forgot it.

GET Out of Your Own Way.

When people join a network marketing company, she said … they bring their EGO with them. Then she said, EGO stands for Edging God Out. Now, regardless of what your spiritual beliefs are, I am sorry but I’m yet to see a top income earner in a MLM Company that does not have some sort of Faith. Most of the successful people interviewed by Napolean Hill for his best seller, “Think and Grow Rich” points this out too – Most top achievers are people of Faith.

So, if you are a person of faith – why do you bring your EGO into business?

Why do you insist on having things YOUR way?

Why is it that you are so UNWILLING to do things, the way THE Company you have joined says, things need to be done?

Why don’t you Trust that they’ve already tried most of the things you are going to try; they’ve found out those things do not work; and they’ve found the things that DO WORK; which they’re now teaching to you.

BUT your EGO is so big, that you decide YOU have a better way ….


IF that’s you, YOU really need to GET out of your OWN Way;

MOST people stand in the way of their own success; because of EGO. Dora Chambers taught us then, that when it comes to network marketing – If you want to be successful, you Must Leave Your Ego At The Door.

Again, EGO means, Edging God Out – Not allowing God to work through other people; not allowing other people to tell you what to do, what to say, or how to say it – as if God does not know what He (or She) is doing…. as if YOU know more than God.

I’ll tell you this, some people do NOT believe this; But God really did send me into Network Marketing; It was a late night evening, I was outside, having a bad time in life; lost and did not know where I was going; I looked to the sky, and prayed for God to send me an “opportunity” – later that week a good friend from high school invited me, to a meeting.

To me, that’s how God works.

We pray, and then God works through other people to answer those prayers.

But the problem MOST of us have, is our EGO.

I want to share a FEW videos about why YOU need to Leave Your Ego at the Door;

This one is about fitness and weight lifting; See, EGO gets you INJURED! Same thing happens in business – don’t get HURT because your EGO is in the way.

Ego Gets Your Injured

This one shows how EGO can cause you to FAIL in Business.

People do this in MLM All the time; they come from ONE mlm company; and assume the NEXT one is exactly the same; They do not come in willing to learn; or seeking to get informed; they come in with an attitude, and an EGO; they shoot themselves in the foot; Want even more evidence? Another video – Same Topic (YOUR EGO is a problem, GET out of your own way!)

I like this one mostly because while it’s talking about RUnning, it’s also talking about how you and I have to allow things in our lives to help MOVE us to where we say we want to go.

See if we Really had Faith, we would not see Obstacles.

We would only see Stepping Stones.

get out of your own way


If you really had Faith, you’d TRUST that the people telling you what to do in your network marketing company, really do have YOUR success in mind; not just their own. The only person who really has a Financial Incentive To tell you the TRUTH is your Sponsor and Upline. People these days are listening to everyone BUT their sponsor and upline.

Even Albert Einstein said it. You wanna argue with one of the most intelligent people to ever live?

Go for it.

I won’t argue with people that are that smart. The more Ego you have, the less Knowledge you actually have. The LESS Ego you have, the more Knowledge you’ll gain. It’s true – when I set my EGO aside, I began to see Results in my business. Results = Checks.

If you don’t get CHECKS in your business; CHECK YOUR EGO (at the door), FIND a good Coach and/or Mentor – and Get Out of YOUR Own way!


Read More Business Training Articles from TopNetworkersGroup – On How Your Ego Hurts you, and does not Help you in business, and other related topics – that require you leaving your Ego at the door to reach the kind of results you want, in business. Get out of your own way. Let others teach you a few things. You’ll be surprised with how much this helps you achieve your goals!