I know a lot of people using GoFundMe who won’t get involved with Network Marketing. But, GoFundMe Is Network Marketing, which is the crazy part! People often fail to see it this way however.  Usually, there is some heartfelt cause associated with their plea for money.

I’m not here to talk down on the idea of using GoFundMe though.  It is an ingenious way for people to take care of people. It is an example of how society really should function. My only problem, is with how people are. People wait until an emergency, to ask others for help.

People spend, not nearly enough time, getting ready for what ‘might’ happen. When people like myself and others who work with network marketing opportunities; they snub their nose.

Once again, I won’t talk down on GOFundMe. However lots of people using GoFundMe for emergencies, will not hesitate to say something negative about Network Marketing. Ironically, GofundMe is network marketing at it’s core. It is word of mouth marketing. It’s a person reaching out to their friends, and family, and their social network, to ask for a favor!

Using GoFundMe is asking your ‘network’ for support.

At it’s core, that is what network marketing is all about. It is about asking your network to support you, in your business efforts. When we are asking people to Invest in BitCoin, Or Try out a BitCoin Based Opportunity – we’re literally challenging the status quo of the world’s economy. For the most part, our economy functions off the backs of other people It’s a system where big corporations make large amounts of money, while everyone else fights for the scraps.

fighting for scraps

Through Network Marketing, we have a chance to change all of that.

We do it Simply by asking our friends, families and social networks, to try out OUR Daily Fantasy Sports website, rather than the “corporate owned” DFS sites, like DraftKings. When we are doing network marketing right, we’re asking people to try out our site, or tell people about our site so that we can grow that company.

Imagine if all the money flowing into DraftKings, was going through a company where you and your friends or family were positioned to get a piece of it. Imagine getting that piece, every single month.

Then, Imagine working together to grow a network that generates enough money to where you won’t need to use GoFundMe to ask people to help you bury a loved one, fix something around the house, get a surgery, or any of the absolutely serious things that happen to all of us in life.

I do not want to make light of the fact that emergencies happen.

However, it’s literally irresponsible for me not to mention that anyone who’s been following this page, or anyone involved in network marketing, but has chosen to ignore that person – BUT you’re willing to use GoFundMe… you are quite possibly, a network marketing success story waiting to happen.

gofundme is network marketing

For some odd reason, you don’t want to ‘get rich off of other people’ – but you sure don’t mind using people for a few dollars in a crunch. Well, perhaps if we stopped giving all our money to the top 1%, we the people could redirect wealth back into the hands of the people. Perhaps that would make too much sense though….. but as usual, most people are already doing it. GoFundMe is NetworkMarketing, people just aren’t doing it right!

If you asked 10 people to give $10 per month, to this program we promote – they would then be encouraged to do the same thing. When they find 10 people, who also do the same thing, together you all can grow a “network” that produces over $10,000 per month.  If you really work together, you could help 100’s or even 1,000’s of people earn 4 to 5 figures per month. You could literally save lives.

You could act Now, Rather than waiting till it’s too late!

Thanks for stopping by. Get started with the Network Marketing Industry today!