How The Black Folder Evolved with TNG (TopNetworkersGroup)

“Anytime you have to rely upon your enemy for a job you’re in bad shape” – Malcom X

In the world of business that exists in the United States of America, it is naive to think that racial discrimination would not find its way into this industry. This is an industry that for the most part is all about personal growth and development; MLM exposes people to self improvement. Often this is a process of confronting the ideas you have gained from years and years of being raised by people, who had no formal training on success.

Often their bad habits rub off on you and I; we are all, like it or not, products of our environment to one degree, one extreme, or the other.

Now Playing at The Black Folder – Malcom X talking about Group Economics; specifically for the black community. These words were spoken several years ago but seem to be applicable to today. Not much has changed. Many of the same conditions black people were in during the 60’s are still present for black people today.

Because everything in this society is geared towards keeping black people in the same position that black people are in. This often includes discouraging black people from going into business – and even from doing business with black owned businesses. There are many negative conversations that do happen quite often, and you’re bound to over hear one yourself, if you talk to enough black people.

This happens because this is the same society, that Malcom X describes in the video that’s now featured at The Black Folder. A folder that has been evolving for quite some time now. It started with a powerful and moving speech from Dr. Claude Anderson, which also speaks about Group Economics. Maybe if enough people speak about the same things, we’ll get the message?

Black people cannot afford to wait for other races to come to ‘our rescue’ – and even though the MLM industry exposes people to the ‘opportunity’ to become better people, this does not mean that people are taking it seriously. Ideas are everything though – and the failure to expose ourselves to ideas that can improve our lives is a huge mistake.

Several ‘marketers’ – especially network marketers, are making this mistake.

Meanwhile, the need to produce more black millionaires and billionaires is Urgent – and events like what happened with Trayvon Martin are what initially launched The Black Folder. Because we are FREE to do what we want here at TopnetworkersGroup – I decided that members of our team should have a ‘tool’ that they could use to expose people to this conversation. This need to practice group economics in the black community. The power of pooling our money together is so clear – and MLM is the perfect vehicle to properly Organize, Educate, and Create a Structure of Real Economic Empowerment.

In fact, this conversation seemed to fit right into the overall vision of TopnetworkersGroup.

We are about Uniting Networkers – and we feel that black network marketers need to come together and create a real Structured Organization – that is earning money in several places; as to have financial security; as we talk about the NEXT phase, beyond network marketing. There are things we talk about inside TopnetworkersGroup – the plans for the future, and everything that we want to do, relates back to what you’ll find in The Black Folder; which has continued to evolve into what you’ll see now.

I added a compilation of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Poor People’s Campaign ‘outline’ – because there too, he talks about the need for our people to come together – to set up black businesses and support those businesses.  There are so many other videos out there that add to this conversation though. I decided to turn The Black Folder into a much more powerful tool. The Black Folder, has evolved!

The new layout is much more of an open platform to foster a conversation about these issues. It’s also a platform to bring people To network marketing. It’s a platform that we will use to challenge people to be better – and to encourage black people to be smarter about how we spend our time and money. This will be a platform to foster the kind of monumental change that we set out to do with the FIRST professional network marketing organization ever formed – the TopNetworkersGroup – and as always you’re invited to participate in our movement; The Black Folder is more evidence of our mission – we’re not just talking about change; we’re in the process of making it real.

This is both a tool for our team members to use to grow their network – and a tool to educate and empower the black community; to heal our nation of past wounds. It’s also a tool that is personalized by the unique TNG id of each team member. These pages are programmed to treat these URL’s as unique; so me and my friends can have a conversation on this platform that you and your friends will not see; If your friends share your page, the traffic will benefit you. The tools we’re providing for our team are tools that make a difference. You’re invited to do that, with our team.

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