iLA enhanced their compensation plan this week.

Here’s a Video from CEO, John Rodgers –

I worked with this kind of compensation plan before…

In fact, I’ve worked with several kinds of compensation plans …

Infinity Coded Bonuses are fantastic!

This really does Enhance the iLA Compensation Plan

The key here is to share this business with 3 people as soon as possible… That way you will qualify to earn Infinity Coding Bonuses on anyone ELSE you sponsor, after those first 3.

I like a compensation plan that puts “Incentive to Work” into the plan…

The sad fact of Forced Matrix Comp Plans is the vast majority of people who join are Lazy.

For example …

I got into iLA the very first week all the news came out; I could tell from the concept alone, and the price point that this would be a winner.

So I got positioned and quickly positioned others.

I’ve gotten myself to the Executive Associate Rank – and we are still in Pre-Launch.

Needless to say, I was excited to hear about these compensation plan updates; because I have positioned myself to Maximize the compensation plan!

HOWEVER … most of the people who signed up with me, are waiting for spillover.

The enhancements they’ve added, are a way to kick people in the butts; If you do not go to work in iLA you will have to watch other people make money… you MUST sponsor, at least 3 people.

Opportunities like these show you who have Skills, and who does not.

When you’re asking people to spend $500 on a business, vs. $10 on a business – naturally the $500 business would be more difficult.

Finding 3 people with $10 is Easy… especially for iLA

Get To Work and I”ll add you to the TeamBuild we have for OUR team; The ONLY way to get in our rotation is to sponsor 3 people personally; that way, IF someone randomly lands in YOUR team; we’ll know you’re a leader; and not just a lazy loser who is hoping for spillover…

If you’d like to see the explanation of the NEW Infinity Coding Bonuses – watch this video now!

JOIN through any of the members on our TeamBuild page – I’m looking to WORK with winners….

iLA Coded Bonus Training (Video)
Click HERE to Watch the Video on YouTube


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