I’ve been using Listwire.com – the FREE Autoresponder, and am still pretty much impressed with this tool; I recommend it.

Let me however, share a few things with you.

WHEN people subscribe to your list, Listwire will share other ‘lists’ with them. This of course means that when others, using Listwire get subscribers, YOUR ‘ad’ can be shown, and you may get additional sign ups from being part of what they’ve put together.

In other words, listwire will help get You more leads for your list; but also, other members using Listwire will have a crack at your leads; if they choose to sign up for additional lists..

So I hope your marketing is superior – lots of competition out there!

Also Note: any links you include in your follow up emails, will have a ‘small advertisement bar’ linked up below the page;

I recommend signing up, using it – and seeing what this FREE tool will do for your business; as all Follow Up marketing techniques are highly recommended by industry Guru’s.

Building a LIST is the key to success in business.

Your list is the Foundation of your business plan; You need to have people that you can approach as either a customer or a business partner. It’s not JUST a list of names either :: it is important that you ‘build a relationship’ With your list. You do that, through contact and conversation.

SWOM Update :: ┬áThere are lots of places to ‘find people’ that you can add to your “list” — SWOM is one of the new, excitig and emerging website to do just that..

Pay day is coming on June 10th; I’m very close to breaking even and will put some time into meeting my point goal total this weekend — excited about the Twitter feature however; You’ll notice our Twitter feed to the right of the page :: It’s now linked Directly to my SWOM posts; So I can now build my Twitter, just by using SWOM – which will automatically post to … Twitter.

Technology has become so amazing; Use it to your advantage!