Oh the Excitement continues to build with Escape International. I have been excited about this company since I first joined them in June of Last year…. the first company that I latched onto after returning to Network Marketing in March of 2009.

For those who know my story, I started out in this industry in 1999, with a $500 opportunity, ACN. Great company, awesome training, everything I know about growing a business came from the years I spent with ACN. It was just way too hard to make money. I felt I did not know the right people.

So I left, to ‘create a new network’ via web design – for small companies; I figured this would allow me to get my name out there with Business owners, for whom $500 to start a business would be cheap; I used my skills that I learned in ACN to find customers for my websites; to drive traffic to my websites – and all was well.

But I missed the ‘leverage’ that network marketing offers and began wondering what i could do, with my new found skillset of web design – and just like that I got a phonecall from Robert Brown :: asking me if i was Open to coming back to Network Marketing.

The company he had, was another $500 opportunity in the Health and Wellness industry – and the compensation for it was amazing; Way more than what ACN was paying; and since I had been away, this looked like an attractive deal.

However once again the ghosts of old resurfaced; people loved the concept, loved the product, loved the idea – but could not find $500 to get started. It was this reality, that drove some of my business partners, like Brandon Ivey, whom I had worked with in ACN for years, and Melvin Bradley, our upline with the new $500 Opportunity, to look into and find Escape International.

When they Presented this company to me, it was based on their free, online shopping mall, Aisle19. It didn’t really impress me at first glance.

<h3I signed up because it was free.

It wasn’t until Brandon put me on the phone with Melvin Bradley, and he shared more about Escape International, the company that owned Aisle19; he explained that they offer everything other companies offer; without paying $500 to join.

I was then excited – because I understood right away what this meant. It means, anyone in ACN could use a company like this to share with prospects who Liked the idea of making money with the network marketing structure – but didn’t want to risk $500 to do it. They could build a business with Escape, and when those partners were earning enough money, they could later join ACN.

I then realized this would work, for ANY company out there; and that perhaps instead of joining Those other companies, people could find a home with Escape.

Some things were missing; like training videos to explain the compensation plan; which took me about 2 weeks to figure out; But, when I did, I realized it is the most lucrative compensation plan in our industry.

Some companies beat Escape out with upfront bonus money; but in the end, when the dust settles, when we are talking about your Residual Check, No Company can compete – and I mean that — unlike a lot of marketers who tell you their company is the BEST EVER, marketers who have had Tunnel Vision and never even looked at another companies compensation plan … I look at everything.

I was trained in the Byron Nelson school of networking, and so I say these things not to impress you or anyone reading this; just to impress upon you that I have been trained by the very best this industry has ever seen: and my goal, was in line with Melvin Bradley’s goal, to create an economic explosion throughout the industry; to create millionaires; to duplicate greatness — and so I linked up with is vision of CEO’s Unlimited, and began pushing forward with Escape.

We did pretty well; the first few months in my partner Brandon Ivey and his team brought in over 1,000 distributors in just 3 months; My team built to just over 400 distributors within that 3 month span.

Lots of people passed on the opportunity – because it was FREE to join – yet, we were showing people how to generate serious income in our opportunity, simply by Using the Products we sell. Then, during the past few months, we have begun teaching people how to get CUSTOMERS for our products, either by asking for their help – Or simply giving the products to them to Try.

Today, I’m even more excited – as MORE great news has been unleashed from Troy Dooley, who doesn’t sugar coat anything, is skeptical of everything, and rarely endorses any network marketing company.

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