Making Business Decisions: Investing Time Not Just Money

It’s not about how much money you invest, it’s really about how much ‘time’ you invest. One of the challenges we faceĀ  in network marketing is actually getting people to invest their time wisely.


We want people to use their time doing the things that work; rather than doing the things ‘they want to do’ … because usually what they (you) want to do; is not what works.

We want you to do all of what we teach; to get All of the Results – not ‘some’ of it.

Each person – man and woman – must be willing to invest the time to learn as much as they can about the MLM Industry. How else do you expect to truly be taken seriously by any of the people you’re talking to about working with you in this line of work?

Do you think that if you know more about your profession it will become easier for you to talk to others about it?

Do you think it will be easier to overcome the objections people have to MLM if you’ve taken the time to learn multiple ways to respond to, and overcome objections?

Do you even know what it means to ‘overcome’ an objection? — because most people I talk to do not.

They actually think there is a way to avoid objections. Objections are a major part of what we do; you need to be able to ‘overcome’ the feeling of Not being in the right place at the right time. When prospects lob objections your way, depending on what it is – and how MUCH you really know about your industry; they can persuade you to their side of the fence.

This happens all the time in our industry.

People quit companies because the people they are talking to ‘do not want to do it too’ – the Objections (and obstacles) stop them from Finishing that Journey; they get ‘off the road’ that we call success; the Journey … not the destination.

They don’t reach that destination – that goal.

But when you invest the time; you actually go further and further down the road; when you’re learning what to do and how to do it; when you’re getting better and better at it; you’re simply further and further down the road; and the truth is – the more time you invest in that journey, the less likely you are to quit when an obstacle – or an objection – falls in your path.

Investing Time is a business decision.

The ’emotional decision’ is to do what you ‘feel’ like doing rather than what you should be.

Are you going to take your career seriously and make business decisions?

Invest Your Time in this video; with my thoughts on why THIS matters to your business –

We call our blog All of it for a reason. It’s not good enough to know that we’re in the 5th wave (for example) – a Professional should understand the 4th, and 3rd Waves too…. They should be able to break down this chart with ease to a person with no ‘real understanding’ of our industry; which surprisingly includes a Large portion of people in our industry!

The 5th Wave of Network Marketing by TopNetworkersGroup

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