(Quick Update at the Top: From June 8th, 2018. If you’re interesting in Getting Paid On CBD products or Trying CBD products Go here Right now to Browse Quality Products recommended by TopNetworkersGroup! –  Below, a flash back to one of the ‘first CBD companies to emerge, which I simply wasn’t feeling. Too much hype involved with what they were pitching. Below is the ‘story’ of how it all went; My CBD Research  – The Video That Shut Them Up!)

I’ll keep this one short. This is my CBD Research. This is the video, that ‘shut them up’ –

I won’t worry about Traffic at all – I won’t worry about how much content goes in this blog post because you have a Video to watch!

In the first review I made on this Kannaway Scam – the comment section really ripped into me. They all told me to do my research – as if I hadn’t already. So far, the comment section remains silent.

Thanks for watching Me, “doing my research” on CBD’s and whether or not the Kannaway opportunity will be able to live up to their claims – OR if they’re just about to make a whole lot of money off of people who’ll actually be pushing a product, that has no real value.


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Ripping Into The RippLn Scam (which, I am still waiting for Troy Dooley or some Big ‘Name” person to come out and do a video, and publicly acknowledge that guys ‘like me’ were right – ILA had a much more solid plan; it was the original; we all would’ve made much more money by MOVING together into a super affordable opportunity; that actually had a real product.

Oh, how it repeats itself…. with this Kannaway.

If you really want to sell Hemp; read the article above that talks about OTHER ways; where you can actually make money selling hemp; or selling coffee; or selling value rich products like tax-bot (and so much more) – with a company like WakeUpNow; headed by Visionary Leadership (which is always what (who) I align myself with, and think you should too)


*My CBD Research Update as of February 24, 2015

There is a lot that needs to be ‘added’ to this entry; Including why I went in so Hard to begin with. I never name names, and won’t do it this time – because If I did I would send this guy more traffic than he’s able to garner on his own. But what really happened is – a Guy I met through the LevelOneNetwork Opportunity signed up for Kannaway during pre-launch, and really went hard with his promoting. He inboxed me on Facebook and literally insulted my business acumen. So, I decided to put together real content, not only explaining why I had no real interest in this opportunity with Kannaway; but also I did something else.

Whenever people type in My CBD Research this article comes up as the first one they see.

The LevelOneNetwork is/was a SEO Training Program. The guy arguing with me about Kannaway and My Business Acumen, is a guy who quit LevelOneNetwork, maybe 60-90 days after it came out. Naturally he also quit Kannaway, along with a whole lot of people; but it had nothing to do with my article – or my videos – or my opinion. Simply put, a lot of people saw the same things I saw.

Which brings me to another update. The part about ‘what I saw’ – what I see – and a link to aligning myself with Visionary leaders; such as the ones in WakeUpNow. Sadly people misconstrued this article to think I was suggesting that WakeupNow was better than Kannaway. The truth is, I Don’t subscribe to that sort of rhetoric.

The “my company is better than your company” debate is for amateurs. We are professionals here. The opinion I expressed was … and still is my professional opinion. I do not believe an all CBD Product appeals to a large enough target market, to ever be a ‘real’ profitable and sustainable business. The main reason why I feel that way, and felt that way, is because of how FICKLE the people in MLM are. They quit everything – no matter what it is. At the end of the day, we’re talking about a business – that is a dime a dozen.

Sadly, SOO Many people in Kannaway took a negative Response to this article – and it’s related content.

They didn’t know I was Snubbing My nose in the Face of a ‘fellow marketer’ Who spent most of his time arguing with me on Facebook (Until I decided to remove the dude; and move forward with life) – and They didn’t realize that I was not attempting to suggest that any company is ‘better’ than this CBD product based opportunity. Sadly, while the videos and even this article have gotten a TON of traffic, too many of the people who came through here, were already upset that I wasn’t part of their movement, and could care less about what our message has been, since 2010.

Any Business can go Out of Business; That’s what happened to WakeUpNow, since I first published this article, about the Video that Shut Up The People Hating On Me; suggesting I had no business acumen; all because they were ‘temporarily excited’ – about this CBD opportunity. My hats off to those of you who are STILL with the company; as of Feb 24, 2015, as I write this UPDATED portion; as I already know you’re spending so much of your time, trying to convince people that they NEED your product.

While working with WakeUpNow – most of the leadership spent all of their time, preaching to the field about why we NEEDED their products and services; How we needed to use them; how they’d make our lives easier – how we could make money while saving money; when all along, we knew we were attempting to sell people on creating new habits.

Meanwhile, Topnetworkersgroup – was preaching to the MLM Industry – that we must come together and show respect for one another. That we must stop allowing all these ‘new companies’ to break up our networks.

The gentleman who inspired me to say So much about this company – ‘should’ – have been someone who teamed up with me and followed my lead. He would be making money in this industry today if he had. Instead, he chose to allow ‘a company’ to come between us; like so many people in MLM do. The hate filled responses from people in Kannaway; to this very day in fact, prompt me to warn those of you in the company; of associating with non-professionals.

If you listen to my video – If you actually read what I’m saying – then you understand why this extremely well funded company cannot last forever. It will last for as long as it can; and while it is not really a scam; while many people in their company have been trained to respond to absolutely any and every objection with “do your research” … the reality is, when it comes to medical cannabis, the market is the THC/CBD market; that’s the one that’s generating all the revenue; and has a built in customer base; and if you really and truly want to make money selling hemp there are better ways to do it.

In fact; we’re saying this about every single company IN the mlm industry; NOT just Kannaway; while there are some really good companies with really good products and/or services; anything can happen to these companies. The people in wakeupnow chose not to listen. Those networks are now breaking apart, falling into different companies, and some are even badmouthing one another, questioning who knew what, and when did they know it. It happened to me in Escape International; and the fallout caused me to start TNG.

I’m not some guy hoping to hurt anyone’s feelings – if you’re doing your CBD Research then I hope you’ll review more than just my content. But, I do hope you’ll listen to what I’m saying, and not the comments of people who are trained, to say stuff that in my opinion, comes off very unprofessional.

I clearly know, and fully understand the world of business.

I’m a leader in this field (MLM).

I am here to HELP other people; and that’s the most important thing here – I’ve seen far too many people get hurt in this industry; which is supposed to be about Personal Growth and Development; Us becoming better people who respect one another; not call each other names because we hold differing opinions about the prospect of a businesses future.

We are supposed to be building a better world together; not tearing each other down.

That however, is the overall response I have seen on my (cbd research) videos; and even in the comments below on this very article. With WUN going out of business; our overall message rings clear,  and louder now than ever before. We must be about One another; and not some company NONE of us own. Make sure you’re taking it all in, and not getting swept up in the hype. Study Your Profession. Know your Craft.

Respect others who do.

*Updates 3/26/18 – Original articles had links removed since the sites they were on are no longer active.  Also check out a few TNG articles related CBD research