That’s where I was, in 1999 – looking for a way to Start a business from home; We had a general idea, wanting to help people with various financial services – and while searching for a way to FUND this idea, I backed into network marketing.

The most common way that MOST people start, in the home business industry – as Robert Kiyosaki points out in this video below… network marketing companies provide a New person who’s Never owned a business with training, to educate and teach them, generally in a hands on environment, HOW to run a business; this is So Vital, as most people who go directly into starting a business from home, Fail – and they fail miserably!

Check out what Robert Kiyosaki has to say about starting a business from Home!


What I also discovered shortly after joining a company is this : The people you will meet are most likely going to become Future Business partners of yours in various businesses; because you’re all like minded individuals who may have different personal goals, but Similar Financial goals – You’ll be working with people to achieve your goals and if you network effectively, within your NEW home business company, you will meet people that you’ll be able to work with effectively; getting results – that help you both get where you want to go!

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