I was riding around thinking about how NOT to make money in Network Marketing last night, and wanted to share some of those thoughts with you.

I’ve had the honor to be around this industry for quite some time. I’ve seen the industry before the internet, when it was not nearly as accepted as it is now. Even still, it’s not nearly as accepted as it could ‘and should’ be. The reason for this in my observation comes down to the fact that the majority of people in network marketing are not evolving. They are not growing and getting better. They’re not becoming sharper, or wiser with their business decisions. They’re still thinking like employees, and like consumers, rather than learning to Think like a business owner.

They do not teach you business owner mentality in school. They do teach it in network marketing.

So much of the ‘old school’ aka pre-internet networking basics, are business principles that we’ve forgotten.  There have also been several ‘new gurus’ who speak out against all the old methods. Yes, some of their ideas are outdated. Others however are fundamental principles that are the underlying difference between the FEW who are making money in network marketing and all the rest who are barely breaking even.

In fact, the statistics on network marketing are horrid.

As an industry we are not doing a good enough job of representing what we do, at a level that would make them Want to join us. So much of the blame falls on OUR shoulders.

Still, there is good news. Network Marketing is such a flexible business model that it’s a matter of time, until a team of people take Full advantage of it.

The business model itself has the power and potential to truly transform entire communities.  Ripple Effects like these matter. Changing a community improves the chances that individuals from those communities will make an actual ‘impact’ in the society – impacting Other communities; creating chance for more individuals.

These are the ‘future results’ however. Many times these results won’t be experienced – at least not right away. There is work that must be done in the present in order to BRING those realities into our grasp. To, pull them out of our minds and into the flesh – (a quick Game of Thrones ref. 🙂 )- Why People of Color Need To Be In Network Marketing

With all of that being said; let me share a few ways NOT to make money in network marketing.

You can Not make money if you’re building with an Unstable Company –

This includes Pre-launches and companies that are less than 3 to 5 years old.  When building your network you will not make money long term if the company is not going to be around long term. It’s happened so many times, to so many people. Folks get excited about a new company, or a company that’s relatively new and after the company Grows Too Big for its britches it folds up. Time and time again, people lose their hard earned incomes; and are hit with Disillusion.

I thought We Were building Residual Income?

Some of these lessons have been learned through trial and error for me. We tried out several companies that had not been around past 5 years and they folded. Solavei, WakeUpNow, Crazygood – were all staples of our One MLM System; and they folded up on us. Yes, even though it’s true that Any business can go out of business, including a business that’s been around for more than 5 to 10 years, it is still ‘better’ to build around a stable company.   A few more thoughts….

You can Not make money if you’re Changing Sponsors All the Time –

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.  I was looking for some information to ‘back me up’ on that and found an article which, to my surprise turned out to be on the N-word. Great examples used throughout on why it’s not always a good idea to use that word. Just because you can does not mean you, or anyone should.  When reading the description for that article it was talking about how people should not buy a home they cannot really afford. You can buy a house that’s going to be super expensive just because you can. However, does that mean you should? Both, outstanding arguments.

Now let’s make one for network marketing – and why you should NOT change sponsors all the time. Sure, you can. But does that mean it’s a good idea?

What message are you sending to the people that sign up with you?  If loyalty is not going to be a cornerstone of your network marketing organization; then you’re building on quicksand. You might as well be out here marketing those unstable companies because you’re not going to be around long anyways. Neither will your team. You’re all disloyal. You’ve bred an environment of people who think they’re going to get ahead by stepping on the next guy. What’s that sound like to you?

It’s corporate america mentality – employee mentality. It’s not business owner mentality.

The person who sponsors you into an opportunity wants to make money with you. They have similar goals and can be an ally for you, when you come up against odds or negative people. They are someone you can lean on with questions, and usually have a little bit more experience than you. Should you take your time to find ‘the right sponsor’ ….? Sure.

However, once you pick a sponsor it’s a great idea to stick around. You’re going to learn a lot, but you have to do your part to learn. You have to allow that sponsor to challenge some of your ideas.  You have to change. The sponsor is really a guide to help you with that process.  As you change, as you grow, as you get better, so will your Odds at making real money in this industry. Because you will not be ‘alone’ – you’ll be part of something that is special and rare, in a society Full of disloyal people.

If you pick a sponsor that does unethical things like, stealing people out of YOUR downline – then naturally you should move on to someone who won’t do that to you.

Otherwise, just like grass, the Sponsor is not greener on the other side; it’s green where you water it.

Make Money Watering Your Grass

Which brings me to this last point. You can Not make money if You’re Lazy!

Should be a given but it’s not.

Most people who join network marketing are actually lazy. These tend to be the people who do not want to abide by the rules of society. They don’t want to get up early or go to a job and sit for hours at a time. They do not want to spend energy and/or effort at getting better On their jobs. We are in a society that doesn’t really ‘force’ people to work hard. It’s an Option.

People bring that mentality with them into network marketing. You Can not make money with this mentality though.

This should be a given but it’s So common for people to do absolutely nothing; and expect real results.

I recently saw a woman in a Group for TheConversionPros – saying she needed help! She had signed up a full week ago, and didn’t have any leads; After 7 whole days.

Like, for real?

The issue though is how common this is. She’s one of thousands if not higher who do the same thing.  There are also thousands who join that same group, and others like it for Network Marketing Companies to communicate to their entire organization; who ask questions that are already answered in the Backoffice; and in the Files Of those Groups; because too many people want things done for them; rather than have the desire to do things for themselves. In fact – to be more accurate, people do not understand WHEN to do things for themselves, and when things should be done for them.

For example – not everyone should be building their own websites; not everyone should have a blog, or should be making videos. Some of you need to let others do some of those things for you. However, Everyone needs to read books on network marketing, on success, on thinking like successful people. You should do this for your self. You should read through the documents pertaining to your network marketing company, for your self. You should watch any videos that they’ve created already, for your self – and on your own. You shouldn’t need a sponsor to tell you to do this; but especially when your sponsor tells you to do this, you Must.

You can not make money if you Pick and Choose ‘when’ to be Self Motivated.

It’s so much easier to stay motivated when you’re working with people you know, like and trust. This is why developing that relationship with your sponsor matters so that when times get tough, they’ll be there to lift your spirits.  If together you’re pushing companies that might not be around, it’ll be difficult to believe what your Sponsor has to say. But if together you’re both promoting something of value that’s stable – that’s something to get, and stay excited about. That’s something that others will be motivated to participate in. But it’s up to YOU to be motivated enough to create that environment for others to join.

As you can see these are ‘simple’ factors – and the difference between the people making money in MLM and the rest, are not huge differences.

It’s the small things that matter afterall!

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