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Why People Say No To Network Marketing

I don’t want to beat around the bush. I’m going to tell you Why people say no to network marketing. Are you ready …. ? The answer is … Conditioning.   It’s that simple, and that is why you are never going to get ‘through’ to some people.  In network marketing, if you are in a company with professional training, you will be taught to Sort. Too many people in network marketing however, are not in good MLM Companies, and do not work with well trained teams.  So unfortunately they are being taught to ‘sell’… which does not work, with the MLM business model.

That’s where people start talking about being scammed by network marketing.  They’re ‘sold a dream’ instead of reality, and ‘sold’ into buying tools to build a house of cards.  It’s because someone, decided to sell rather than sort.  When you are sorting, you are going into the ‘process of recruiting’ without getting emotional over who says yes, or no.  You’ll find people who are ‘looking for’ what you are offering to them.  You aren’t in the convincing business, and aren’t getting your feelings hurt by rejection.  This is a mental level that people have to work to reach.  It does not come natural to most people. (See our 1mlmsystem Training Information now)

Especially for anyone who’s like me, and has competitive fire burning inside.  When someone says no, or makes ‘fun’ of your income opportunity the instinct is to ‘win’ that encounter.  You won’t ‘overcome’ conditioning…

why people say no to network marketing

That too, is why people say No to Network Marketing. The people who are making fun of your opportunity are ‘also’ trying to win that encounter. Instead of recruiting, you’ve gotten yourself into a contest. Unfortunately because of the conditioning I mentioned earlier, nothing you ‘say’ is going to ‘win’ them over.  Let me give you an even more insightful understanding of what I mean by conditioning.

I’ll summarize this : The other day I shared a ‘well known example’ on my facebook…. which I put in quotes in case it isn’t well known, to you.

4 monkeys in a cage:a Ladder with a Banana at the Top;

Every time the Monkeys climb the ladder they get a Tremendous SHOCK!

After all 4 have been SHOCKED several times, they learn to stop climbing the ladder.

1 monkey is replaced with a New monkey who’s never been shocked; but when ever he attempts to climb the ladder the other 3 stop him!

Eventually that monkey stops trying, and another monkey is replaced – once again the New monkey attempts to climb, and all 3 monkeys (even the one who’s never been SHOCKED) stop him until, the new monkey no longer tries to climb.

After a while, all 4 monkeys have been replaced.

None of them attempting to climb the ladder.

None of them know why.

related: The Parable of the Symphony

As it turns out there were five monkeys, but you’ll get the drift.

This is why people say No to network marketing. They’ve been conditioned to look for a job, and not to own the job. SO many people throughout our society have been trained to associate ‘pain’ with recruiting. Even the idea of being rejected, is something people have ‘learned’ to identify as a bad experience. Truth is, rejection is a great experience.  It helps you identify who you can make money with, and who is just a distraction.

When people say No to your network marketing opportunity, let them go.

Your ‘job’ is to sort for the people who want what you have. In order to find those people, you don’t have time for contests.  When people have been conditioned to say no to strangers, they’ll say no to a business opportunity as well. It does not matter how great the opportunity ‘sounds’ to you. To them, the banana looks a lot different, and it’s just not worth it.  They’ve been conditioned to avoid the pain.  Work With TopNetworkersGroup – Get started by Joining our Email List and signing up for our Team building “System” – the One MLM System to Rule Them All. 

What Forming Voltron Has To Do With Network Marketing

Once again, I am about to share some information that will be copied by all of network marketing. Truth is I’ve shared this information before on Forming Voltron – about the importance of working together as a team. Not too long ago I put together a video, and even wrote about forming voltron briefly on Steemit.com. We are at a crucial time in network marketing where people are perhaps more than ever before turned off by the idea of having to recruit people to make money.

This core misunderstanding comes from greedy leaders who think they can be Voltron all by themselves.

The problem is (as usual with these kinds of things) that isn’t how it works. Voltron is made up of several people not just one. While it is the most powerful ‘machine’ in the universe (according to the storyline) it requires ‘Pilots’. When the 1mlmsystem was put together, there was a part of our Programs Page (sales Letter) that spoke directly to this idea. This concept is very much a part of TopNetworkersGroup.

I’ll admit, it may sound a bit ‘silly’ to an adult to use a Cartoon to get a message like this across. There are really few examples that are better than this.

What does Forming Voltron have to do with Network Marketing, other than everything?

The most successful network marketing companies I’ve ever seen, have 4-5 people working together at the very top.  Everything flows from their union. Whenever I see a company flounder it is usually due to discord at the top.  Recently wrote about the David Wood Meltdown, and so much of Empire Network’s story Involves the founders not seeing eye to eye. More than likely they could not decide which one would be ‘the head’. That’s usually the challenge that Voltron faces even in the Cartoon.

Currently there is a  Voltron remake running over on Netflix and I just started to watch it from season 1. This was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, but it resonates even more now when I’m talking about network marketing in this 5th Wave. With literally 1,000’s of mlm companies that you can join, why would you join any of them? Why would you stick to Only one or, Only join companies someone else is in…. when you can, be independent and do as you please?

You don’t work for anyone, you are your own boss … right?

my own boss mentality vs team voltron mentality

Being a network marketer is about being part of a team; not being your ‘own boss’ but working WITH other bosses towards a common goal

Well, what are you the Boss of, if you have No organization?  What are you the boss of if there is no sales team, no ‘multiple levels of marketers’ below you?  How are you a boss, if you’ve got 20 customers instead of 20,000 that you’re getting paid on every single month??

You’re in network marketing, but network marketing isn’t in you. If it was, you’d understand that this isn’t that kinda business. You’re a boss, but you’re not a boss ‘by yourself’. You’re in a ‘boss partnership’ with other bosses. The only way all of you bosses are going to get anything done, is if you ‘organize’ and decide on a structure where, some of you will play a Lesser Role; for the greater good of the whole.

That’s, forming voltron.  Yea you probably could pilot the Black Lion but ‘right now’, we need you to pilot the Blue one. In fact, what you may come to find out is you ‘thought’ you were ready for the black lion but, the blue lion is giving you fits; In network marketing you need to learn how to pilot all of the lions, before you can ever ‘truly’ pilot the black one – the Head.

Just don’t make the mistake of lessening the importance of each role. Voltron, ain’t voltron without the arms and legs.

So if you’re considering partnership with TopNetworkersGroup what role are you wiling to play?  Are you coming to the team to tell us what programs should be in our system?  That is what so many people do and have done, since we rolled our system out in 2012. The same people who make this ‘about the programs’ are gone as soon as that program they liked goes out of business.  If our partnership is contingent on programs, we do not have a partnership.  That isn’t voltron.

The reason most people aren’t making money in MLM is they’re not looking to Form Voltron. Look at your ‘team’ right now, or the team you belong to and ‘how’ you go about playing your role on it. Do you show up for the meetings, and are you on time, enthusiastic and ready to grow?  Are you writing blogs, and edifying your team Leaders, your team system, your team Training?  Most of you aren’t, if you’ll be honest about it. Perhaps you’ve joined a team where most of those ‘roles’ appear to be filled already.

Which begs to question are you helping to ensure other members on that team are Following the example that’s been set? Or are you joining in the pity parties with Negative Nancy and the failure of losers I pointed out in the Cyber Bullies on Twitter ‘drama’?

So often, your success comes down to what YOU are doing to HELP or harm the ‘team’; the ‘unit’ …..  The Voltron.

If you’re not looking to help BUILD the organization; and be ‘part’ of the organization as it moves against the challenges it faces – then this team and this ‘group’ just is not for you. Otherwise, get started here by signing up for the email list – start responding to the emails that come your way.

More on ‘teamwork’ in MLM from TopNetworkersGroup.com:

Cyber Bullies Taste Karma After Running Me Off Twitter

In typical white supremacist fashion, the same bullies I called out last week are now pretending it’s “Unfair” when it happens to them.  That’s right, the same bullies who ran me off Twitter by Mass Flagging my tweets, and triggering the Twitter False Flags Flaw algorithm, got a taste of Karma!

how Karma taste?

Apparently ‘one of their’ lead Troll Bullies was suspended or banned off Facebook.

LOOK at the irony of the Same people who MASS reported me last week, saying it’s unfair that these sites do this. It was all good when these losers did it to me …. suddenly it’s not ok. Just like our current white supremacist president. He insults people on twitter all day long, but the moment Jemelle Hill insults him, he wants her to be fired. These kinds of people, as I pointed out last time, are indecent human beings. We live among them and tolerate them. Sadly they are allowed to vote in our elections, and they can use social media as well.

These vile human beings (If that is what they are) are the main reason we do not have peace on earth. Because not one of them realizes that what happened to their guy, is what they go around doing to other people. Then again perhaps they do realize it. They just wanna pretend it’s only okay when THEY are the ones doing it….

The following rant is priceless. When this person talks of ‘support given to others’ what they mean is, they’ve gone around and Trolled people together. They’ve mass reported people and got folks booted off social media sites…. but now it’s unfair when it happens to one of hteir own.

Remember this soulless animal who helped troll me?

White supremacists say Donald Trump doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. Even though he selected an entirely white cabinet, and several had ties to white supremacist organizations. Same exact kinda people folks. That is why they don’t make money in MLM. It’s not because MLM’s are bad, these people are bad. (A running theme I’ve been talking about for several years.) – Sadly the quality of people joining MLM has been going downhill for some time.

Social media gives these people who decided not to develop themselves, a platform to yell and whine and pull other people into their misery. Afterall, misery loves company.

Here’s the gem …

Yep, they know all about those flaws. They use them to target others. Huge shout outs to all our readers and followers who helped One of these social media outlets ‘get it right’ this time. @Timelessvie and @ElleBeauBlog, and the entire Troll Gang they have – are NOT good people. They are using social media to harm others, and not to help. It’s good to see someone putting a stop to what they are doing, finally.

Twitter False Flags Flaw Allows Bullying

Twitter False Flags: The ‘improvements’ to Twitter only make it easier for Cyber bullies to false flag profiles they don’t like and get them punished! This really empowers bullies and does not help any of the challenges Twitter’s change in ‘community guidelines’ are supposed to fix. It doesn’t stop trolls, or cyberbullies, but instead makes it easier for them to silence any one who might ‘make a fool’ out of them. Bullying requires ‘numbers’. One person cannot ‘bully’ another.  A Bully in the traditional sense is ‘bigger and stronger’ than the person they like to pick on.  In today’s world, bullies are ‘groups’ of people online – usually groups of white people with mob mentality.  They are very aggressive, angry and problematic  – and make discussions nearly impossible. The only point of view that matters is ‘theirs’ and they use ‘numbers’ to get their points across. Or, to simply false flag people they don’t like, so there can be no (or little) opposition to their point of view.

These bullies just want to get their way. Twitter False Flags flaw allows bullying to happen…..

twitter false flags flaw strikes

Yes, My twitter is currently suspended ….

My account was false flagged by a group of MLM Twitter Bully Trolls. Apparently I accidentally got into it with the wrong person, but that wasn’t my intent. I was scrolling the #MLM hashtag on twitter and came across a tweet. The tweet was asking for ‘stories’ from people who’ve been ‘duped’ by MLM companies.

I asked this person to elaborate on how they were scammed … and instead of simply elaborate, they decided to attack.


As you see, the first thing She did was Tag Three other people who all Hate MLM.  (Setting me up for twitter false flags algorithms to strike)

Who are they and why did she tag them?  Next thing she did was attempt to misdirect the conversation with semantics. She used the word ‘duped’ and I used the word ‘scammed’.  So rather than, elaborate on how she was scam/duped, she wanted to make it about ‘the words’.

Apparently (as I found out after) that is this person’s entire mission. Them and their ‘gang of I hate MLM trolls’ are all just using twitter to harm other people using false flagging.  She must have known that she would not be able to actually explain how she was scammed, or duped.  So instead, she called for back up.

Naturally she worded it differently here after I asked her why she was tagging people I wasn’t talking to, instead of elaborating on how she was Scammed by MLM.

Twitter False Flags work just like the ‘flaw’ in YouTube – (why they allow it)

These ‘people of interest’ were people that I’ve never spoken to in my entire life. There was no reason to include them in our conversation other than to start a fight.  Naturally she denied it, because that is the kinda person she is. That is what’s wrong with most people that hate MLM’s this much, to create entire twitter accounts Just to attack the industry.


This is one of several ways that twitter false flags are a flaw twitter needs to fix, but probably won’t. Just like with YouTube, they are the ‘king of their space’ and are making too much money to change their ways.


At this point, this Twitter bully knows her ‘plan’ is working. Start a fight, frustrate, tag friends and let them report all your responses. IF enough reports come in it automatically triggers a Suspension.

Twitter’s “robot” algorithm is thinking – “This many people can’t be reporting this tweet if it’s not in violation…. so it must be in violation”. It doesn’t see, “Oh, this account is taunting them, and has tagged others to go around false flagging other users”.

But naturally she never ‘put her experiences into 144 characters; nor did she add a link. Instead of saying ‘check out this link where I did elaborate’, she decided to play semantics, and tag her Bully Tribe. Twitter False Flags, do your thing!

In a nutshell, this twitter troll called me unintelligent for insulting them. Nevermind the fact they’ve already insulted me by dragging this out as far as it went. Of course, any insult to a person who is insulting you is not translated by twitters automated robot algorithms.  The false flag flaw, that is all too common with these huge social network platforms, allows for bullies to silence anyone in a ‘minority’.

One person asking for someone to elaborate on how they were scammed, cannot out flag a person who’s got a troll army that can’t wait to silence anyone challenging their ‘position’.  I’m the guy who wrote about the ‘valid criticism’ levied against the MLM industry in #ThisIsAPyramidScheme (John Oliver rips network marketing).

I Just got done speaking about how MLM Sucks right now – and got detailed as to why that is.

This ‘back and forth’, is actually a prime example The People joining the industry are the Problem. Too many Unprofessional Types align themselves with MLM. The Model isn’t the issue.

Look at this troll person who continues to taunt, because they already know it’s a matter of time until the Twitter False Flag flaw kicks in.

Manhun? Twitter’s algorithm isn’t ready to read this as an Insult, when it is. Meanwhile this person who’s been disrespectful (insulting) throughout continues to talk as if they are the actual victim – while being dishonest about not being asked Clear, straight questions.

In this tweet she reveals that she was, indeed ‘afraid’ that she’d have to actually Prove she was scammed, or duped. Rather than do that, she proactively tagged other people who would attack me She had no intention to prove she was scammed, and that is important

For people who think MLM’s are scams, or pyramid schemes, please mind the messenger.  Yes, I called this person a few names, they called me a few names too. So what. None of that has anything to do with ‘business’. Business is about Transactions. It’s about delivering on promises, and doing what you say you’re going to do.

Calling someone a dumb bitch, for being rude and disrespectful is human nature.

But, it’s also natural for people to lie – apparently.  It’s natural for people to link up in cyber gangs on the internet and flag profiles on twitter that are not in violation of community guidelines. It’s natural, because we’ve ‘seen’ it done for centuries.  The same ‘mentality’ was present when White mob’s, angry at black success attacked and burned down Black wall Street.

This is why Dr. Boyce Watkins Facebook was banned, and other outspoken black people.  The ‘experience of the minority’ is what I’m getting at here. Because even if I were a white man, I would have been suspended in this situation. I would be outnumbered, and that’s the key. Twitter false flags are possible, because of numbers. It’s possible to get people’s pages on platforms ‘we don’t own’ suspended, because the numbers trolls have are greater.

Notice the ‘sympathy’ from her fans – that lends itself to evidence of the Twitter False Flag flaw in play

Naturally it’s okay for her ‘celebrity-worhip-i-hate-mlm-heror’ to insult people and call them Manhuns. She can insult people’s intelligence and dodge answering questions. But her argument isn’t weak. Only the person that calls her a name for employing those tactics. This is how people think, in our society right now. Especially those who often lend themselves to ‘mob mentality’.

This was a lie. She did not happily want to have a convo with me. Instead she wanted to tag other people to bully me, report my page, dodge my straight questions, and play ‘victim’. These are not decent people…..

Corporate America rewards you for your time.  You can be a shitty person, but if you clock in for a certain amount of hours, you’ll be paid for that time. MLM does not reward you for your time. So shitty people have a tough time making money. They resort to bashing the industry.

That’s so much easier to do.

Plenty of shitty people who’ve failed at MLM and don’t want to admit the problem is them, not the industry are ready to show them support. A person like Elle, they’ll justify, is a good person just like they are. MLM has to be the bad guy, not their work ethic. It isn’t their sheer lack of respect for other people that stands in their way of making money. It’s gotta be something else!

This isn’t ironic. A person who, apparently as I found out after I got suspended, created it’s account to start fights with people in MLM, is getting support from a person who accuses ‘others’ of wanting that. I wanted her to tell me how she was duped .. or scammed.   She wanted to debate over whether or not she said the word scam; whether I was intelligent, or whether or not she was attempting to bully me by tagging several people I wasn’t talking to.

This Twitter false flags flaw is a problem, like so many sites. Facebook has it, YouTube has it  It’ll only be fixed when the masses demand networks that aren’t moderated by snowflake algorithms.  We can use alternative social networks, like Steemit although it’s clearly not ready to compete with Twitter. There are rumors of a steem-based twitter site on the horizon however.  The question however, is will it be ‘mass appealing’ or not?

*Update from 9/10/17 – I wrote this last night and already you’ll see Twitter Trolls from her Army of Shitty people in the Comments below. They are all proving my entire point. This woman is a troll and has an army of trolls ready to falsely report anyone who disagrees with their Hate for MLM. None of them are rational or intelligent people. They most likely rejected any pleas from uplines to read books (as many had trouble Reading this blog post; and don’t realize I got suspended, hence the reason my tweets are missing) – It speaks volumes to proving everything I said about them. None of them are smart enough to realize they’re making my case for me. Always mind your messenger – People like this fail at everything they attempt to do in life. Most of them are barely qualified to hold down a job. That’s who mostly levies criticism against MLM.  This problem with people, lends itself to the Twitter False Flags flaw; that you’ll find in many social media outlets. Mob Mentality can be used for good or evil. As always the choice is yours.

P.S. – for all you haters in My comment section; Please know I Own This platform. You cannot suspend me from here. You cannot silence what I have to say; Wait till I make a video about all of you 🙂

Again, this one thinks I “Left my tweets out” — because she isn’t intelligent enough to know My account was Suspended, over the false flagging her troll army conducted. You’ll see other morons with the same point of view in the comment section. Low intelligent people Come together – (hence how we elected who we elected in November 2016.)

That moron, thinks I don’t know the ‘meaning of false flags’ — Racist white people are quick to assume black people are not Educated. I’m well aware of the ‘traditional meaning’ of false flags (war) – where a nation like the USA will hit a country like Cuba while waiving Cuban flags; So that people ‘think’ the attack was from Cuba – when it was under the USA using a ‘false flag’ — and this is what also makes MLM difficult; People bring their racist bullshit into this way of doing business. So they constantly ‘doubt’ that black people know the meaning of words.  False Flagging ‘also’ refers to how TROLLS use social media sites to FLAG(report) people who are NOT in violation (False Flagging) — and yet again this is more evidence of the ‘kinda people’ that agree with the “I hate MLM” crowd.

Funny how they make assumptions right?

The idea of “White Victimhood” has been around for some time. I’m not the only black man who notices it. Just the other day Tariq Nasheed was covering an interview with Tabitha Soren (below). She defamed the memory of Tupac in that interview, and acted as if she was a ‘victim’ of black sexual advances. White people are always doing this – always starting shit and playing victim.  So I didn’t have to assume her ethnicity over stock photos. I can tell what she is from how she acts, and who comes around her. Only one race of people behave in that manner with Mob Mentality.

P.P.S — notice all these Trolls with Elle are Hiding Their Real Identity. They are not showing their faces as they bash MLM, and anyone not on ‘their side’. It speaks volumes to how right I am about them. They are so mad they’re Trolling my blog now. They’re frustrated they cannot stop me from talking. I’m exposing how little credibility they have. They’re now all on Elle’s page lying about the things they ‘would have done’.  We all see what she ACTUALLY Did though. None of them are Credible sources – While they hide like cowards behind Anonymity.

When I first asked her to tell me how she was scammed; she should have Linked me to her Blog; As it was explained I had NO idea she already wrote one when I asked her the question. She ‘could’ have respectfully told me she had already expounded in a blog; and gave me a link which I would have read. She did not do that. Instead she got rude, and tagged others to start a fight.  She never wanted to have a discussion. I did.

They’re not bullies; they are ‘Collaborators’ — We’ll see if Twitter acts once they see this updated account showing evidence of what I told them. I wasn’t the one in violation of community guidelines; This cyber-bully gang is though.  They have the same mentality as Kek-army, and other white supremacists – the only ones who have time to Mob Mentality together on the internet.

These are not GOOD people. These are dishonest, cowards who hide their faces. They’ll say they are not bullies, but yet you can see they are a gang from reading their interactions. They’ve got facebook groups where they keep in touch and troll-bully others together. They gang up on people and pretend it is Others who are unprofessional. This is why none of them made money in MLM.

MLM does not reward shitty people with money like a job does.

** Final Appendage **

She posted this a few moments ago. Clearly another lie as I’ll prove in a second….

Not here to target Individuals? Yet this post – Targeting an Individual – “Me” – is still up on her twitter account.

and this one (same photo) is yet another Individual Target – left up with a ‘one sided’ view; so her followers can have something/someone to troll and bully.

Twitter needs to fix this flaw in their platform; but again, probably won’t, as they don’t have to. People like this, with agendas, who are clearly dishonest with ill intentions, should not be allowed to ‘gang up’ on people by simply reporting tweets they don’t like, en-mass. It should require more than that, to trigger suspensions. (even on accounts without the blue check!) – Twitter False Flags are Possible because of Lazy Moderation.

Notice, she grabbed this tweet from My profile (the first tweet is not @ her), edited out her comment, then showed my reply (notice it now includes @ her) to “Elle’s” lies about me with a link to the ‘full context’ of the conversation. She felt Threatened by the truth; so her and her Troll army had to Twitter False Flag me – to “silence” me on that platform.  Again, mind the messenger – Know that the people in the comments are all ‘proving my point’ – Trolls run in Groups, in Mobs, and all repeat themselves. They are like demons. Literally – you must be real careful, about who you listen to.

Gary Vee Cusses. Tony Robbins cusses. Let a black man Say a cuss word and he’s not a professional.

These people are doing everything BUT admitting that if Elle would have simply let me know she had a blog, rather than “Tag her troll army to start a fight and cyber bully me on Twitter” – that I would not be writing this blog, exposing them for what they do.  (again, typical blueprint white victimhood; start shit then play victim. Link was already provided above to several articles written by several outlets about this Huge problem in society. However check out this one, from VerySmartBrotha’s – which addresses the white racist trolls in the comments who come with the typical, blueprint “why you gotta bring Race into it?” war strategy to deflect attention away from what they are doing; b/c White Power is White Victimhood and It’s Everywhere –  Especially on platforms like Twitter where, ‘simple questions’ turn into full blown arguments for NO real reason, other than the obvious; a lack of respect for a person who is not White, like they are…..)  – They all talk with their “I’m white and I say so” approach to things. Ignoring what I said …. my side, this blog does not matter …. even though I’m saying I was scrolling through a #MLM thread-search they assume I had time or interest in looking at each person’s page before asking them a question…… like I can’t ask Elle a question, even.

These people think they are superior. They’re frustrated that they are not. They can only ‘win’ on Twitter, using their numbers against Individuals.  They are weak, cowards.

More related articles to Twitter false Flags Flaw that several Social Media Outlets have & Mob-Troll-Bulliess Exploit;:

*Update 9/11/2017 :: Twitter False Flags Flaw Exposes MLM Bullies: Troll Leader calls off her Bullies; Tries to continue to pretend she’s Not who I said she is; but realizes this Blog totally proves it; So do the comments.

Because she is the troll Leader, Elle posted more tweets today.


The truth is our views may ‘not’ differ all that much but we never got a chance to discuss our views. Elle made no attempt to have a conversation with me. As demonstrated, the first thing she did was tag her troll army. These cyber bullies are not decent people, and are therefore not good sources to listen to when it comes to making Business decisions.  They have exposed themselves by trying to suggest professionalism has to do with whether or not you Cuss out people who are attacking you. They want to make it about me calling Elle a Dumb Bitch, when by definition that’s what she is. She was rude (which is the definition of bitch) from the first Response she typed to me. And I’ll prove that she’s also Dumb. All this fuss she is making about how MLM’s are evil, how they are scamming others and what not, look at what she also wrote to one of her Troll Followers.


Too naive and trusting she calls it. As I stated, she’s dumb. She’s not a business woman who makes business (Logical) Decisions before joining companies. She is nothing more than a bully with a platform, and Twitter has given her power. So have other white people like her, who are also souless trolls that are looking for anyone to blame other than themselves.  They are just, ‘too trusting and naive” ….. So she’s willing to admit she’s stupid ‘on her terms’ but not on mine I guess.

Her ‘calling off her troll army’ is just more evidence that she has the “Influence” to have directed a Troll army to Falsely Report My Tweets and get my account suspended; to which she gleefully bragged about – because she and her ilk, are shitty individuals.

(again notice all of them hide their faces….  cowards) If you follow people like this, you’re probably a coward with no real intelligence or an ability to read a business plan either. You’re just another loser, like these people are, and this is your “Losers Anonymous Support Group”.  They’ll welcome you in with open arms, so long as you promise to go around Trolling Twitter like they do. They are not good people at all folks. The comments they left, the tweets they’ve put out in public all expose the truth.

It’s obvious, in plain sight, but unfortunately Twitter false flags flaws won’t catch it because algorithms aren’t written that way.

…. Scam and Dupe, actually Do mean the same thing. This, again is why I called her a Dumb Bitch. That’s what she is. Below is even More Evidence that @ElleBeauBlog is a Total Moron ….

Scam and Dupe Mean the same thing

Proving that @ElleBeauBlog is a dumb bitch; along with all her followers – scam and dupe mean the same thing


Thing about it is, that’s how all of this started. She was called a Dumb bitch, NOT because I am Unprofessional.

Profession has zero to do with anything when a person asks you ‘why do you say you were scammed?”.   Her decision, again was to DENY that she said she had been Scammed (because she used the word Duped) — I know this is complicated for the Stupid people roaming our planet right now, but read it a few times if you need.  SHE wanted to ARGUE with me over whether or not SCAM and DUPE mean the same thing.

Only a (uneducated) DUMB (rude) Bitch does that folks. As you can see in her tweets, she’s gleefully bragging like she knows more than the black guy! She swears the two words are not the same. Better not inform her of what ‘synonym’ means. Her Troll army will just blindly follow anyways, which is the sad part. That’s why so few people make money in MLM. Most people in the industry are idiots (I’m on record saying this for years now).  I’ve written about how I’m “not a fan of people in MLM right now” years ago. It even had a part 2 – and again this post, mostly about how cowards team up on individuals to silence Resistance to their lies proves it.

*Update September 18, 2017 – In what I am sure WILL Be my “final appendage” to this post – The FUNNIEST thing ever happened. The same group of TROLLS who mass reported me and got me kicked off Twitter, are now complaining that Facebook Shut down one of Their own. Apparently Someone gave them a taste of their own medicine; and if you read their tweets – it proves everything I said about them here. These are foul creatures. It’s all good when they mass report others, but if it happens to one of THEM, then the system is flawed. LOL – Read about it all here @ Cyber Bullies Taste Karma After Running Me Off Twitter

TopNetworkersGroup Episode #1: MLM Sucks Right Now

MLM sucks right now.  There is no ‘nice’ way to put that. One of the main problems that is causing this situation is that Celebrity Worship has made its way into MLM.  Far too many network marketers are looking for a top earner to sponsor them, which hurts the industry overall. These people just do not understand the mlm model, and that is causing this scenario.

MLM Sucks right now – Because you’re not Getting better, or growing as a person or a business owner.

Are you a real leader, or a ‘so called leader’? – Leaders push the Right ideas.

They’re not just trying to make themselves wealthy, or ‘get along’. Leaders are more concerned with doing what is right. Having Integrity goes a long way, and used to seperate the MLM Industry from Corporate America. Is that the case now?  Are we, in our industry truly focused on growing?  The better the team is, the more money the entire team will make.  When you’re in a great MLM Company but you’re on a team that ‘sucks’, your results show.

Teams work together. They edify one another, do 3-way calls and hop on weekly conference calls, webinars and build through meetings.  Unfortunately too many people are in a rush to make money and feel like these ‘meetings’ take up their time. OH how wrong they are – most of them are spinning their wheels doing everything other than what actually works.  In this video I share a story of yet, another person who’s come to me for help that doesn’t know how to generate leads.

I told him to start talking to people.  I guess he was expecting more.

He thought he needed to write a great article, or an ad that would go viral. Like so many, he’s trying to hit a home-run, rather than going base by base.  This is why MLM Sucks. We have too many people in this industry in a ‘rush’ to make money, who aren’t learning the basics.  Network Marketers have literally ruined Facebook Groups, with too much reliance on Automation. I had a real conversation with another marketer the other day, about this very thing.

People can See Through You – You’re amateur status is showing!

Why MLM Sucks Right Now - See Through Marketers

Just like this ‘house’ people can look at you and see what you’re all about. They know your motives, your ‘why’ and can tell it’s pure selfishness. People can tell most of the ‘leaders’ do not care. As John Maxwell said, about Leadership and why people ‘follow people’ — People do not care what you know, until they know that you care.

Pushing high-entry level opportunities on people so you can make a quick bonus, and not putting an emphasis on Training & reading books is why MLM Sucks right now. It’s producing too many people who are willing to back stab, and scam their way into a few dollars.  People know that you’ll tell anyone a product is ‘life changing’ if you can make a few bucks.

But, it’s never worth it in the end. All of you are Hurting the MLM industry.

Help me make MLM better. I’m looking for people to help me build up TopNetworkersGroup.  You must be willing to grow, stretch and become better than you are right now. The Leadership Team must have a copy of the following books: “Multiple Streams of Income”, “Wave 4: Network Marketing in the 21st Century”, and “Cashflow Quadrant” – all of which are Available for purchase at our Bookstore – via the 1mlmsystem.

*Update 2/8/2018 – Since writing this my original Twitter was Suspended due to False Flagging: another Automation Issue that causes social media to suck. I was ironically attacked by a bunch of people who failed to get MLM to work for them – mostly because they Suck as people. They now go around the internet ‘trolling’ and mass reporting Pro-MLM accounts. Nothing good can come of that, and this is the world we have inhabited. MLM can only be ‘so much better’ than the society it is part of.  Change really does begin with you and me.

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