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ICoinPro Has No Business In MLM: Avoid This One

About a month ago I cut a video for all of you about ICoinPro, and so the developments since are not surprising to me. I love MLM but often the people in the industry are literally ruining the industry. ICoinPro is the latest example of an MLM that really should not be garnering support from the Reps in the industry.

However, right now most MLM reps are desperate for money and lack any real business knowledge.

Because unfortunately, most MLM business people are lazy. They do not read books or educate themselves about business. So they would naturally think an ‘educational MLM’ about cryptocurreny is a good idea. Truth is, the $50/mo you’d be spending on an education SHOULD have been INVESTED into the market!!!!!

You wanna learn about this game? GET IN and start playing the game; talk to others playing the game …. you don’t need to “Pay for courses” … that’s bull!

MLM'ers are Ruining it again; IcoinPro remarks

Avoid IcoinPro – and instead Get Started for FREE at CoinBase.com

Through Coinbase you can start buying bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. These are 3 very excitnging Cryptocurrencies that you do want to get a piece of.   I first began investing in Bitcoin in January of 2017. I only put a little bit on Bitoin, and in a few weeks my investment began to grow. Bitcoin had just hit $1,000 then, and fell to $800. I bought during the dip, and made profits almost right away. Then I noticed Ethereum at only $10, and bought several of those. To my delight, since January the Gains in Ethereum have been nothing short of wonderful.  Now, I’m diversifying several profits into more ‘alternative coins’ known as Alt coins….

My portfolio is growing, and yours can too – Just get started! Don’t Pay for an ‘educational course’ that is truly designed to help SOME people make money.

Here is my original review of ICoinPro (and why you should put this money into the market) —

The ‘audio’ is a little low so turn that up. Also, I didn’t shave or cut my hair — but that is a HUGE problem with MLM — too many of you are trying to JUDGE the next man or woman on their outward appearances. It shows a lack of growth within the men and women who ‘represent’ MLM.   This is why so many of you keep getting scammed, because you’re looking at the Outside. Take note to what I shared in this review of IcoinPro.

“Your job in MLM is not to follow everyone else around. Your job is to lead and be a leader. TO be a leader means you don’t always follow the crowd” – Al King, CEO & Founder TopNetworkersGroup

If you’ll invest $40 per month into BitCoin for the next 12 months, you would have put $480 into the market. I promise you, by the end of 12 months you’ll have MORE than $480 in your ‘cryptocurrency portfolio’. Because that is what we’ve seen. There will be days, weeks, and possibly ‘months’ like the one we just experienced, where prices DIP. However, the prices continue to go up.

IF you want to learn more about bitcoin, read …. use google … but don’t pay money to ‘learn’ from people in MLM who barely know anything about any of this themselves.

Also, here are a few channels on YouTube where experts are giving out quality advice all the time.

Starting with Kenn Bosak – who keeps it pretty damn real if you ask me.  Unlike “MLM” there are no motives here when someone talks about crypto.   Here’s Kenn talking about ‘the RETURN of Bitcoin’ — exciting times.

If you’re reading this right now, you’ve gotten this information FOR FREE ….

If you want to make money in this space, feel free to also check out Steemit.com – and see what TopNetworkersGroup is already churning out on their network – there are also a ton of people on this social network who know what’s going on.    You’ll also want to read up on, another social network called OnG.Social – which could be the Next Facebook (or the Next TSU?)

But, don’t fool yourself by following these non-business men and women in the MLM Space who are telling you to pay for IcoinPro. No offense to the people who created that company but, the distributors continue not to live up to ‘their end’ of the deal. As representatives we have to be better. We’re a long way away right now.

On LeveloneNetwork and Why I Left

I don’t think I’ve really talked about Why I left levelonenetwork although it’s possible I have in passing.

However the thought crossed my mind this weekend, especially since I did So Much work to get the word out about the EmpowerNetwork competitor.

LevelOneNetwork was really a breath of fresh air at a time when there was so much HYPE in our industry. Not that the hype has dissipated but at that time, it was ridiculous. So much has happened to both companies since then, including my decision to leave both!

Initially I was going to keep my EmpowerNetwork blog AND my LevelOneNetwork but, then came the Training.

I was not expecting Dan Miller (the creator of LevelOneNetwork) to be so specific, and so good at teaching us HOW to properly go about writing blogs that get traffic.Since I wasn’t learning this over at EN, I closed that down, not long after. I saw more value with levelonenetwork, and was ready to change. (Times Are Changing And You Are the Ostrich)

When it comes to getting web traffic there are only a few ways to do it. You can pass out enough cards and flyers around town with your website on them, and hope that people will visit your site.  This route is expensive and for the most part, people are just going to throw your advertisements in the trash.

There are several other ways to advertise though. Advertising is the most popular and dependable way to get traffic but, it’s also very expensive.  That brings us to Social Media Marketing. If you’re real savvy you can actually drive traffic to your website without spending a dime. It’s going to take a lot of work though. Good ole’ opportunity, always dressed in work clothes.  In my opinion this is the way to go for anyone involved in network marketing. You want to learn skills, and you actually Do want to partner up with other people who also are learning skills. Two people with skills is always better than ONE person with skills.

This is where levelonenetwork appealed to me.

What Dan was teaching us was, Search Engine Optimization. Also a lot of work involved but, there are more people using Search Engines than Social Media. When people want to know about a movie or a tv show, they’re going to Google, not their social media site. Although, it’s always a good idea to have some information ON those sites, for the people who do their research there. The vast majority of traffic is waiting for you and I on search engines though.  Learning how to use SEO to bring organic traffic to your website, means better quality leads; and a higher rate of sales conversions.

That was a lot of business talk so I hope I didn’t lose you.

Why did you leave Levelonenetwork

Let me get down to why I left levelonenetwork.

In spite of all the awesome training that was provided to us, suddenly out of no where it was taken away.

I was marketing an SEO Training program; and when people signed up, there was no Training for them to see.

I was marketing a SEO program with a dynamic way to make sure Everything was properly written (The SEO Scope) – and one day that disappeared too.

I don’t know what happened.

No emails were sent out, and no communication came from Dan Miller.

TO this day I have no idea why he took down the training program; or removed the SEO Scope. I just know that the moment I realized it was gone, we had a real problem. I sent several emails to support, and ended up in a back and forth with a guy named Joel Acosta for months. I kept getting the same response from him.

He’d tell me Dan was working on it.

After 6-8 months of “Dan is working on it” – I sent some very frustrated emails – included with Cussing and all!

Because seriously, what kind of fucking customer service is that?

We fork over $49/mo, and for those of us who paid for the Master Training – we paid almost $500 for it all; and one day it just goes away without explanation?

For all of these reasons, I’ll never work with any company created by Dan Miller, nor will I be excited to hear Joel Acosta attached.

I didn’t appreciate the tone of the emails sent back to me; even after offering to help get things fixed; offering to help them find a programmer, whatever they needed. I believed int he program; I worked hard to refer people. and … they showed no appreciation or desire to make levelonenetwork what it had the potential of being. They pretty much just, let it die.

So what Have I been doing since?

I’m still growing and improving the One MLM system ‘To Rule Them All’ – which ‘used’ to feature this program on our $50 level. It was replaced with DsDomination. Soon we will begin creating and selling our OWN TNG products through the system as well. Now is the time to build with us! The future is bright….

You can also check out my recent TSU Social Network Review – about a social network, that pays us to do what we’ve been doing – without getting paid for it.


Taking A Moment For Attention …

I’ve never been shy about talking about topics that are not always popular. Sometimes as a society we just go along with stuff. Some of the things we go along with in my opinion become harmful to us as a society; and The conversation around attention is one of those areas.  Today it is widely accepted that a condition many Americans are diagnosed with is in fact, a real condition. Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder have taken quite a toll on Americans in the past 2 decades.

I was listening to an interview about a year ago, with an author of a book On this very subject.  In his book, the author suggests that this diagnosis of ‘attention disorder’ is actually just a ploy to make more money for pharmaceutical companies. Anyone who follows this topic might actually see where the author of this book is coming from.  There are many who say that the US knows about cures for cancer but, companies that get Paid Billions of dollars creating medicine for Cancer patients simply do not allow Americans to take these ‘cures’ seriously.

This is where our conversation … Taking A moment for Attention … begins.

I shared some thoughts on my Facebook today; and subsequently on my TSU and Twitter; in regards to Attention.

Funny thing about ‘attention’ …. it’s a choice.

We don’t like to admit it anymore; but we choose what we give attention to. We always have. We decide what we’re going to listen to and what we’re not going to listen to. It’s always a conscious choice. This is why we ask people to ‘eliminate distractions’ when listening to a business call or presentation; We understand that if it’s a choice between paying attention to the information OR the distraction; most people will choose the distraction.

It’s a way of helping people help themselves by asking them to turn off those distractions. However each person STILL has to choose to do it. In the old days we’d be at the hotel meeting and people still had their phones going off even though we suggested turning them off – or putting them on silent. Sometimes the distraction is so sudden that we Involuntarily Choose to tune IN to it; which is why we make that suggestion.

If you’re serious about business; this suggestion is not “just” for suggestion.

Really and truly… Turn off ALL distractions; CHOOSE to pay attention.

You’ll thank me later.

I mean… you DO want this residual don’t you?

I’m Just saying.

Is it a Choice to pay attention or not?

Anyone who’s been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD will adamantly tell you that they have No choice in this matter.  Many, after so many years of using these medicines are so dependent on them that they’ve come to believe they NEED the medicine to survive. Again, there are two schools of thought in society today. One school examines the reality that Pharmaceutical really are making Billions of dollars per year from medicines which often, do not make people better. In fact, several of these medicines cure one ailment but then create another, causing a patient to have to get yet another medicine for the new ailment. This is happening in our faces and there is another school of thought, which ignores these facts entirely.

So, when I made a VIDEO about Attention – based off the Radio Interview I just heard with author of ADHD Does Not Exist, Dr. Richard Saul – talking with Radio Host Lisa Ann Walter (the actual interview was removed from the site when she left the station….) – Lots of people got really upset with what I had to say; and I had to disable comments.

Most people just don’t want to hear that they’ve been duped into buying drugs, and may now be Hooked on drugs – because the system they believe in so much; Lied to them.

Usually, those two schools of thought I referred to earlier – also are divided on this issue as well. Those who believe Big Pharma is leading people on for profits, do not believe it’s far fetched that our System would allow this to happen. Those in this school of thought have seen it happen so many times before. Those in the Other school of thought, refuse to believe anything other than the mainstream media narrative.

The reason for this is simple.

The matrix has them.

Set aside One Hour of your time “With No Distractions” So you can pay full Attention to our Presentation entitled “Free Your Mind” – which talks about The Matrix; and even how network marketing can be used as a ‘red pill’ to wake people up from the dream world they are in…

Just as people are lied to by Big Pharma, so many other Systems of our ‘system’ Lie to the people – to keep the people under control.

If you’ll CHOOSE to pay attention long enough; You’ll fully understand what I mean when I say this.

Watch “Free Your Mind” – Presented by TopNetworkersgroup at 1mlmsystem.com – NOW!

My Controversial Video on ADHD –

A couple of books I referenced ::

There are also tons of videos and articles out in the Universe which speak on this topic as well. Why I chose to speak on it is simple. In today’s day and age, ‘paying attention’ is more important than ever. Especially if you’re a network marketer.  There is So much vying for our attention – and not everything deserves our attention. Coming up in this industry, listening to master Teachers like Brian Tracy speak on topics such as “Time Management” let me know early that ‘attention is a choice’ – we have to CHOOSE to pay attention.

I can remember being in school where I was notoriously a BAD student. After a conversation with a girl I was dating at the time, I came to realize that I was not CHOOSING to focus.  I would allow myself to day dream, to zone out during class. I made no real effort to bring myself ‘back’ to class.  Just something about our conversation one day, made me realize that this was happening; and without giving away how ‘old’ I am; NO one was talking about ADHD then.  So needless to say, I’ve never taken any sort of drugs/medication to pay attention.

You may not agree with me, or Dr. Richard Saul; or several other experts who’ll tell you that you’ve been duped –

But as the old saying goes; Don’t shoot the Messenger.

If you’re working in business; especially in the network marketing industry … you MUST pay attention when a presentation is taking place.

You must eliminate distractions and pay Full attention to the videos; the trainings; the live seminars you’re at, when you’re at them.

You cannot make excuses for your attention span; YOU must ‘grow’ and ‘get better’ and work to ‘improve’ your attention span, ‘if’ it’s not where it should be. You must do things like, eliminate distractions; Turn off televisions, radios, phones, and anything that might Disturb your focus, Do what it takes – because that’s what your competition is doing….

Your competition is soaking it all in; and applying all that they’re learning…. Your competition is getting results, and getting further along – because THEY are paying attention.

Choose wisely!


A Tribute to The Master Teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer

The passing of Dr. Wayne Dyer hit me by surprise last night. I wanted to take a few moments to pay tribute.

I wanna start by  sharing some thoughts I just shared earlier today on my Facebook.

It seemed fitting the way things unfolded last night. That’s where my Tribute to The Master Teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer begins.


I didn’t watch the VMA’s ….I heard Yeezy announced he was running for President in 2020 so I had to see that foolishness for myself immediately – and did – then I heard/saw the news of the passing of the great Master Teacher – and decided it was more important to take a moment; and reflect on that. I found myself amused because of the odd similar nature of what Yeezy said in his ‘speech’ at the VMA’s – and what Dr. Wayne Dyer said about us, not being our bodies; how so much of what we think matters does not; and how we should be constantly seeking to make our lives a Work of Art; a Masterpiece; something that evolves and grows; and is not ‘done’ – and often is not what ‘other people’ feel it is; and often may not even be appreciated until years later; and how we should really be more caught up in our contributions to mankind, than in the competitions of life; of being ‘first’ – of being ‘better’ – oddly and not oddly at all; that’s how my night went last night.

I didn’t even really tune into the beef with Nicki and Miley; missed it; and after some good reflection; took that mental break; and watched 2 Episodes of ‪#‎Narcos‬ on Netflix; Looks like I’ll be through with that series in about a week; it done pulled me in already …. smh

Plus; I know a lot about that game; and how it’s impacted my people; I’ve lost family and friends to that game; where Billions of dollas is floating out of the country and what’s coming in contributes to the struggle; all a game though;

That being said, that was my night. Still didn’t catch the VMA’s.

I Saw someone say they only watch award shows these days to understand the Memes that come out after; that about sums up my feelings too. We all need a break from reality and maybe you get yours through VMA’s; while I get mine through Narcos; Not about who’s ‘break’ is better; I just hope that when you get done with your break; you get back to the work that you’re here to do. Because … as we take our breaks; we see the work that needs to be done; No need in pointing fingers or expecting someone else to do it.

Be the solution.

Because you can.

Now let’s help provide just a bit of Context to what I was talking about there.

Starting with Yeezy for President!

Get More:

You’ll have to read his full Transcript here – Kanye West accepts the Video Vanguard Award at MTV’s VMA’s 2015 — )

A few thoughts though;

“I don’t know what’s gonna happen tonight, I don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow, bro. But all I can say to my artists, to my fellow artists: Just worry how you feel at the time, man.”

Focus on the now; Something Dr. Wayne Dyer spent so much time teaching us throughout his life, his books and his live speeches and seminars. Be in the now. Understand that we are so much more than the outer appearance. That we are something more, and something bigger.  Which oddly enough was also part of this epic VMA speech –

“Look at that. You know how many times MTV ran that footage again? ’Cause it got them more ratings? You know how many times they announced Taylor was going to give me the award ’cause it got them more ratings? Listen to the kids, bro! I still don’t understand awards shows. I don’t understand how they get five people who worked their entire life … sold records, sold concert tickets to come stand on the carpet and for the first time in they life be judged on the chopping block and have the opportunity to be considered a loser! I don’t understand it, bruh!”

Dr. Wayne Dyer always spoke to us about how life is really not a competition. It’s really not about us striving to be first; or to be better than someone else. Instead we should be striving to be the best US; the best of our SELVES – our true selves….

Do you see how the timing of all of this really sorta made me take a moment last night?  Because what I did after finding out the news – is started re-listening to a few of my favorite talks; shared a few on my social networks (fb, twitter, tsu) – and there he was, repeating a message from Kanye West.

Dr West? —

No, not Cornel … some of you will get that later.

The point though; that is how I know a bigger message was being communicated yesterday.

But most people will not take it seriously coming from Kanye West. Even I admitted that it sounded like foolishness. But when I got there – I was pleasantly surprised at how real it was. So real.

When I consider what we are here to do; as TopnetworkersGroup – it’s so much more about being better than ourselves; than worrying about competition because in reality there is none. When I look around the MLM industry amazingly most people still do not understand. ONE stream of income is unstable and focusing on ONE mlm company is career suicide. I’ve been watching ‘leaders’ from wakeupnow attempt to rebuild the magic of what they once had under the New company; but so much of it is the same company that, most people have already moved onto something else.

TLC is pretty hot in the industry right now but; just got word of a hotter program and I believe by this time next year; we will see more MLM Company closures; and more people in more MLM Opportunities; all with the same or similar results. A small % making all the money…. while the vast majority are broke.

And that is why we are here. We had to be here.

We had to launch when we did. People had to come and go like they did.  The system had to be built when it was. The tweaks, changes, and rearrangements have all been necessary.

Everything is on perfect time.

While I sit here getting ready for the future; I take a moment to be thankful for all that has come before.

I take a moment to say thank you, to Master Teachers like Dr. Wayne Dyer – who’s talks are Featured THROUGHOUT the leadership training section of our 1mlmsystem – and who’s Video is one of our Mainstays at SeekingAHomeBusiness.com – because he IS one of my master teachers; He’s someone I’ve followed and because of that, has made an impact on my life.

I can only hope to have a fraction of that kind of impact on others; as I pass through this existence.

Rest well. Godspeed ……..


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June 2015 – TopNetworkersGroup Updates

This is a blog afterall, so it’s time for some TopNetworkersGroup Updates!

This one is going to be much less about making a nice entertaining article for you to read and so much more about telling you where we are at this very moment in time.

To help you Catch Up with a FEW important things …

Read these previously written articles – with valuable updates in much more detail than I plan on going into here –

These are just a few of the blogs written over the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2015. Everything is absolutely on path. When Topnetworkersgroup was created in 2010, I knew it was going to be a journey. That is why I filmed that video … “Welcome to Success!”

Over the course of the last 5 years I’ve set out to create a SYSTEM That will help me build the kind of MLM organization that makes a real difference – not only in our industry; but in society. An mlm that operates without awareness of the conditions in society, is as harmful as a corporate organization which does the same.

Let me state that another way.

MLM is not corporate America – an industry that has caused great destruction to society – and continues to do so all the way up to this very day. Corporations do what they want, when they want, at the expense of others. They do it for a dollar.  They ignore morals and doing ‘the right thing’ in order to do what makes them happy.

If you and I are going to help remove the negative stigma that is present in our industry, we must make every attempt to distinguish ourselves from Corporate America.

However, Corporate America has a huge advantage over us.

They have leverage over people that we do not have in our industry – these corporate organizations offer to ‘pay people for their time’ – people are surprisingly more than willing to exchange their free time, for that money.

They’ll do just about any ‘job’ for money – regardless of the harm that organization may be doing to society.

Through MLM we have an opportunity to create an economy that is fair and balanced. Especially in today’s world that has high speed internet and streaming video. So long as you and I know ‘how’ to go about sharing information with others, we can actually bring more people to our cause and show people ‘the right way’ to do things.

That is what is taught to all members of our organization – the right way to network; the right way to approach people about working together in this industry – and even the right way to align ourselves with one another in an industry with companies that may, or may not be around 10 years from now.

The real question becomes, will YOU be here 10 years from now?

Will WE still be earning money together 10 years from now?

Or – will YOU quit?

Check out these Videos at The Black Folder – of the 1mlmsystem

The Black Folder is a tool – if you are a professional network marketer then you already know ‘how’ to use a tool like this one. A professional who uses ‘internet marketing’ knows how to use a tool like this one. Because professionals know how to do Two things very well. They know how to gather leads; and they know what to share with those leads as well as When to share it – a blog like this one, is a perfect example of ‘where/when’ to share information.

What you’ll notice about clues is often they’re hiding in plain sight.


Watch our special presentation “Free Your Mind”

TopNetworkersGroup Updates on our YouTube Channel ::

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