Saturday was good … awesome LevelOneNetwork brainstorm – where I’m going to offer you $300 on every single Masters Course you sell – Make up to $900 without having to buy it yourself; simply by working with me.

Why am I doing this?

I really want a few partners to get Ranked “with” – I mentioned this when I first got involved.  My feelings have not changed.

However Let me Be Real — Since 1998 the Majority of people I have sponsored into MLM opportunities just do not take the Training seriously.

People’s EGO’s are way too big for their own good.

If you believe God sent you to an Opportunity; why do you Have Doubt that God would also send you People to show you how to be successful in it?

Simple answer – your EGO is too big; and you actually don’t trust God like you say you do.  Yea, I said it – and it’s a shame no one else told you by now…. but it’s true; Does not matter what the business is, MOST People think they know it all from day One.

I watched/listened to a Hangout; where a lady joined a company that’s been around for 2 years now, and in her first month Hit the #1 spot on the board; How?  ….. In spite of her Success in other companies; She was still Willing to be Coached by someone else.

So when I pump up this Masters Course; Yea, it’s the truth – BUT if you’re too lazy to watch the videos; or Find reasons for why you cannot block out an hour of time with a pen and pad ready to take notes; You’re just not as serious about this as you SAY you are; You don’t really want to be coached and taught how to do things MOST networkers are just not doing.

REAL Marketing.

Anyone can throw money at it.

Anyone can buy ads and hope for hits and conversions.

REAL marketers throw Skills at it though.

They use techniques they’ve “learned” from reading books and studying this game.  They use ideas that other people who Make Money have used, to Make money. They take the time to learn what SEO means and how it can help their bottom line.

Everyone else wastes their money on automated software and hopes it will do all the work, ‘For them’ – the truth is if you’ll take the time to learn, you will earn.

Naturally we are teaching it for those who wanna learn it.

And so is Dan.

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