In an Interesting ‘Turn of Events’ – WakeupNow is Done (and we are Right Once Again) – though it’s a regretful thing; an awful thing, whenever a company in MLM goes out of business. Thing is …. this all happens about a week or so, after WakeUpNow Compliance Terminated Me – For THIS blog Post – along with a few others. They didn’t like my language – and wanted language added – and long story short, I did not act fast enough! So, like a crazed Boss, they ‘fired’ me – as if I was an employee. Perhaps that lack of respect for the networker should have been the Red Flags we look for, when it comes to this industry. With Rumors that Kirby Cochran took the money and ‘ran’ – and commissions not being paid out – top earners Taking Pay Cuts; while Not Telling the Field; in fact … while Telling the Field everything would be okay …. (misleading) We should’ve seen it coming!

You can pretty much disregard the rest of this information – as so much has changed since August of 2014. Please heed our Warning; Please Listen to what We Keep Telling you over and over. The days of putting all your eggs in one basket are long gone. You MUST diversify your incomes; and you must build the way we are telling you to build. We are looking for the founding Leaders to build with. The System Sorts To Find out who is worthy; who is qualified; and who is just a tire kicker and a silly rabbit who’s falling for tricks. This is a wilderness. and you need to follow people who know the way. But you must make this decision for your self!

(—- Updated February 24, 2015 —— )

Below this line is the original post; from August of 2014.


Check out the most recent WakeUpNow Presentation, by Master Distributor Brandon Boyd. He really starts off talking about some things that are very important. Your mentality going into this business has everything to do with the level of success you will have. Your attitude determines your altitude in life, and in business!

*** Video was Removed – Brandon Boyd Immediately moved into a New Opportunity called “Wealth Generators” – This story is still developing – 2/24/15 ***

Pay Close Attention – Find out How you should think; and how you should approach making money with WakeUpNowGet Started after the video concludes Here. (redirected to TopNetworkersGroup)

Do you want a business that is built on people coming back month after month Or, do you want a business with a lot of attrition? Easy question to answer right?

You and I want to build long term businesses that will last for a long time. If you follow what we’ve been talking about through TopNetworkersGroup, since 2010, it’s a reality that any company (any business) can go out of business. This is an undisputed FACT!

Because of this reason we advocate that you and I think more about you and I; that we build a network; an organization that uses the MLM business model to Form our Business Partnership; and GROW our distribution network; enabling ourselves and those who help build this network, to benefit from all the opportunities that are available to us, today.

WakeupNow has a very consistent and congruent message with ours.

Wakeupnow has a system, that combines several products and services you and I can get separately; but instead for one price – you get them all with One membership.

The Platinum IBO package at $99.95 is what we promote as the best membership package that you can get With WakeUpNow; until just a few weeks ago when the new Explorer Package was introduced. More upgrades and improvements are sure to come to WakeUpNow – and you can see how this is congruent with our own message.

As the networkers build the distribution network; the people running WakeUpNow focus on what products and services can be distributed; and how these products and services can be distributed. WakeUpNow has introduced up to 7 Apps at this time; which are available for download on the Google Play store; and on apple’s Itunes.

This gives distributors an exciting way to share WakeUpNow and it’s benefits of membership with other people; using the latest smart devices. All of these facts and more are explained in the most recent WakeUpNow Presentation; Take the time to watch it.

Get started today – To work with The #1 Team in WakeUpNow


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