One of the books most of you will learn about along your journey in MLM is “How To win Friends and Influence Others” by Dale Carnegie.  It’s a classic novel which really does go into depth on how to win people over to your side. One of the major methods is to simply never tell people that they are wrong. People never like to be told that they are wrong, and when we tell them they resent us.  I’ve honestly never been able to get around that one.

I know it’s true, and yet when People join my team who do things wrong – I have to tell them.

If I don’t tell them, they’ll continue doing it wrong and MLM as a whole will continue to suffer. So will the overall vision of TopNetworkersGroup. How can we ever become the kind of team I envision for us, if we all refuse to do things ‘the right way’?

It’s a difficult challenge because Entrepreneurs are so independent in their thinking.

MLM, while a great vehicle goes against the fiber of many of their beings.  They’re not looking to be coached or told what to do. Sadly many don’t even want help with ‘how’ to do things they’re doing now. Rarely do any people look for someone to guide them on doing what they do, better.

So here we are. TNG has a great vision, and tools to help a team accomplish the goal.

But the right people are still not reporting for duty.

Quick Comment from Facebook — a platform I don’t really recommend.  Especially for network marketers who are a bit more outspoken.  Yet, in spite of all our efforts to tell marketers about other social networks many have remained on Facebook. Most aren’t making money there either….   I was right, and they resent me for it.

I was right about MLM too. Still am. I told those ‘who listened’ that people aren’t doing MLM right. The last 3-5 years, I’ve watched so many GOOD and talented people who could have been wildly successful in MLM quit – because the ‘forces in the industry’ are too big, too great, and far too overwhelming for them to ‘hear my message’ ……….. They can’t even grasp the sh*t I’m on in this MLM Space; They’re still putting PROGRAMS over PEOPLE …. They’ll never get what MLM was supposed to do FOR people. So they’ll never get MLM; not on the level they should; which means they cannot PASS on MLM to others; Not the way it should be passed on. Too many “Misrepresentatives” outchere … #TNGForever tho – My ship doesn’t sink; I own the boat.

What else are we Right about?

Who are the “Right People” for our Team and for MLM? – (They are the ones who have read the books listed in TopNetworkersGroup Episode #1: MLM Sucks Right Now) –  frankly we are still sorting to find you. Most of you are just not ready to put your ego aside and allow someone else to tell you what to do.  We’ll tell you what words to use, but you have to use those words and not words of your own. We can give you the websites to use, but you have to use our sites and not sites you make on your own.  Those two tasks alone, disqualify so many people.

But that’s due to a huge misunderstanding of MLM. This is not an individual sport. It’s not an industry for you to showcase your individual talents or ideas off. Your job is not to come here and reinvent the wheel, it is to learn how to make the wheel turn. What you learn, is the wheel turns when you and OTHERS put your hands on the same wheel, and go at a pace that pushes your “Vehicle” down the road…. whatever vehicle it is.  The programs are the vehicles, and they only matter if you know how to DRIVE!