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Vemma Shut Down By the FTC And We Were Right Again

We were Right Again – one of our loudest messages here at TopNetworkersGroup is Any Business Can Go out of Business. This morning the news broke, that Vemma has been Shut Down by the FTC.

What’s worse is the reasons behind why they were shut down; Read more here – FTC: Vemma Temporarily Shut Down for Operating an Illegal Pyramid Scheme

MLM has a bad enough stigma as it is. So this news is not something to celebrate. Anytime a company shuts down in the MLM industry it actually looks bad for the entire industry. It lends to the ongoing narrative that this industry is unstable, and is NOT the path to freedom that so many of us say it is.

This is why Topnetworkersgroup exists in the first place. We noticed that most people in our industry did not fully understand the industry they were part of. I would venture to say that the majority of people in Vemma did not understand either. Promising money is always a no-no. There are no guarantees in this business. There are too many variables involved to know for sure who will make what.

There are a lot of dynamics – a lot of moving parts.

Network marketing is Not Sales; it’s a beast of it’s own kind. But many people in this industry never learn that lesson. it sounds like that is the mistake Vemma distributors made as well. Promising people that they would earn $50,000 per month on a $600 investment is all because zealous distributors wanted to make their company sound better than the others. In an effort to make their company sound better (in spite of the fact that Network Marketing Compnaies are all the Same) they messed around and got shut down by the FTC.


Earlier in the week on facebook I Disconnected from 2 people who have this same mentality. They want to talk about how one company is better than the other one. They want to compete against other Network Marketers. They have no real desire to listen to anybody else, or learn about anyone else. They are laser focused on themselves. They have a mentor or two that they follow, listen to and learn from. They view every single person in MLM as a number rather than as a person. These kinds of people are polluted throughout the industry today.

And that is why Topnetworkersgroup exists.

We are here to educate the uneducated. We are here to teach skills to people who lack them. We are here to create professionals, who will make professional money once they learn what they MUST learn; and do what they MUST do.

We are in the 5th Wave of Network Marketing – The Cheese has moved; your approach to making money in this industry MUST change; because the cheese has moved!

While we certainly feel sorry for people involved with Vemma, we also hope that they do not become disillusioned with the industry. The industry didn’t tell you to go out and make promises to people. The industry didn’t tell you to go out and require all your distributors to be on autoship. People decided to do that. People decided to approach this like an amateur instead of like a professional. They set a bad example.

But don’t let that stop you from seeking out a Good example.

The good examples do exist. The good leaders do exist. The good teams do exist. Help us build and shape ours into the kind of team it can and should be. Help us Help the industry.

Join Our System – Partner up with The Group Today!

Learn how to avoid being a catastrophe of the NEXT Vemma Shut Down – the same thing that happens in our industry all the time is bound to happen again. Any business CAN go out of business. That’s business! The Vemma Shut Down sucks for the industry but, it does not mean that our industry is not Better than working for someone else!

WakeUpNow is Done and We Are Right Once Again

WakeUpNow is Done.

Going out of business. I didn’t realize it until moments ago.

I saw a lot of disheartening posts on my fb wall last night; and really just though everyone was Leaving WakeUpNow due to their inability to pay commissions. I was not aware until moments ago that they were closing down the company. People are going from #WUNAndDone – to WakeUpNow IS Done – And once again; We Are right!

I really hope people do not misconstrue my statements on my social media as “Celebrating” – that’s the furthest thing from what is happening here.

This moment does remind me a bit of when ZeekRewards was found to be an actual Scam; and Closed down; How so many people in MLM who considered themselves to be leaders, made another bad decision immediately following the first bad decision, of being closed minded about anything not named ZeekRewards.

Many of them decided to Quit MLM all together; Others decided to take that Closed Minded Mentality into Vitel; which also closed down a few months later; It’s the Closed Mentality that I am So adamantly Against in network Marketing; The mind is like a parachute; It ONLY works when it’s open.

When you join an MLM company, you are signing up to market/promote products and/or services that you do not own; or control. To decide that you are only going to promote those products and services – and nothing else – is Foolish.

Please listen.

You do not OWN or CONTROL the company.

I understand that the Guy or Girl at the TOP of the Compensation Plan is earning money in that company; and YOU are thinking that, to have their success, you must do the same things they did – the problem is; MOST of them are lying to you.

They are not telling you everything they did.

What most of them are telling you is; “FOCUS ON THIS MLM COMPANY” — “DO NOT DO (market/promote) ANYTHING OTHER THAN THIS MLM” — and YOU need to Wake up and realize WHY They are Saying that To you.

It is not because they want YOU to be successful.

It is because They Want To Keep Making Money.

If More of the Top Earners in MLM Cared about you; They would be working with Me and TopNetworkersGroup; Because WE Care about the Industry.

It’s not just Lip Service here.

However it is difficult to overcome the negative perceptions so many of you have.

If you Do not like Black People; You’ll tune Me out –

If you Do not Like Outspoken Black People; You’ll Tune Me Out –

If You Prefer Your Negroes Docile and willing to Overlook Social Injustices – you’ll Tune Out What I am Saying about MLM too –

Classic case of judging the Messenger; instead of the Message;

I love the MLM Industry or else I would not have returned To it when I did; But please Listen; I have 15 years of Experience; That Means Something.

I am qualified to help others.

I am Experienced enough to Help others.

Not Everyone can say that. Not everyone has seen what I’ve seen.

They have not read the books I have read.

That does not make me ‘better’ as a person; but it does make me ‘Better At MLM’ — and unfortunately; I’ve been through things that OTHERS have not been through.

USE My experiences to save you the trouble —

Listen to What I’m Saying Here – ANY COMPANY CAN GO OUT OF BUSINESS.

This is a rule in business; It’s common knowledge that only 5% of businesses make it past their first 5 years; SO ………. Any MLM that’s new in 2015; Might NOT make it to 2020.

You need to Understand that; Out of the 5% that make it to year 5; only 5% of THOSE businesses make it to Year 10; So that Brand New Company in 2015 – It’s a SLIM Chance of it making it to 2025 — THIS is why; if you’re in MLM; You SHOW RESPECT to the companies that have been around for 10 years; 15 years; 20 years; 50 years. Those Companies are doing something right!

The Question You Need To Be Asking Yourself is … What are they doing Right?

The answer … is they are Training Better than other companies train.

The Training they offer is simple and easy to duplicate.

They have Leaders who are Loyal to the Company – who work together to train more loyal leaders – and as long as those companies remain in business; They (the top money earners) will continue to make money.

They have simple compensation plans that do not put the company in danger of going out of business; just to pay the field.  They have a culture that everyone buys into and follows. Which can be a very good thing – but in Today’s MLM world – that part is risky.

Because any company can go out of business.

It used to be safe 10 years ago. If you found a GOOD company then, you didn’t need to worry about them being around for 10 More years. But, things began to change just 10 years ago – making the ‘focus on one company’ strategy – an Unstable strategy to pursue.

10 years ago; YouTube JUST became popular; after being around for 1 year.

10 Years Ago; people were JUST starting to get faster internet; so the ability to share information with people long distances away; became simple.

10 years Ago; There were not nearly as many MLM companies – as there are today.

10 years Ago; it was MUCH Harder for a person to JOIN an MLM company than it is now; as people were Still getting used to the idea of E-commerce; and Buying anything Over the Internet.

All of that, Means Something.

It means we MUST adjust our approach to making money in MLM; Some things we need to keep – some things we need to throw away. The idea of putting all your MLM eggs into One company basket; is an outdated idea.

Multiple Streams of Income Is the Solution; and I am glad to be at the helm of the ship leading the way into the 5th Wave of Network Marketing; I am glad to say we are the First 5th Wave Network Marketing Organization.

I am proud to say, we are the home so many will be looking for – now that WakeUpNow has closed it’s doors. Going to a different MLM company and doing the same thing you just did, would be insanity.

You should be learning from the mistakes of the past; Not repeating them.

The people who need to be listening more than anyone; are Top earners in MLM.

Otherwise – they will not be the Top earners in the Future.

Only those of you who build your organization the way we are teaching it; will last.

 Watch Our One MLM System Presentation Now

following a leader is not the same as following the crowd

Please stop allowing 4th Wave Mentality to Keep you BROKE in MLM.

Do not let the bad news of WakeUpNow going out of business, cause you to lose your faith in MLM. You just need to find someone with experience, who can show you a better approach; an approach that actually lives up to the idea of our industry. The idea of making money by helping Others make money. Too much selfishness and greed is going around these days. People in WakeUpNow mostly thought about themselves, and what they would make. They overlooked the $1200 per year Expense that WakeUpNow required FOR them to make money.

We continued to build the way we were building. Advising that people join our System; for FREE; and then use our FREE Level to generate $50/mo – So they could reinvest $10/mo in our Programs on our $10 level; SO they could Generate an extra $100-$500/mo ::: and THEN They could take $50/mo – Invest that on our $50 Level; Generate another $500 to $1,000/mo – and THEN …. join WakeUpNow.

Most people didn’t have the patience.

Most people had Doubt.

Most were listening to ‘leaders’ in WakeUpNow who told them to “focus on WakeUpNow” – Be WUN and DONE – well folks; now WakeUpNow is Done.

And if you were not Wise Enough to Listen to what We were saying here – Your income is done along with it.

Don’t quit MLM; Just humble yourself and come work with our team. Come with your student hat on, and get ready to learn. Don’t bring your baggage into this relationship with us. Come with a open mind, and a willing spirit to roll up your sleeves and work. If you do, We will get you to the top. We’ll show you how to bring others to the top with you.

*Back in September 2014, when we ‘thought’ the company was going to pull through some reported troubles, I wrote an article about how I “Still” believe that you and I should ensure our teams stay together. We never know what might happen – and unfortunately, This article had to be written. It’s an article that shows, Once Again, that we are telling you the right way to approach MLM. It’s up to you to listen – it’s your decision to follow our path or not. Check out “What’s WakeUpNow Done Lately”

(update 3/9/2015 – ) Also check out some of my thoughts on WakeUpnow back in January of 2014; I made a video where I talked about having a Plan for Success. At the time I was giving people step by step instructions on how to ‘afford’ the $100 monthly investment. I was also making sure people were approaching business logically rather than emotionally. I want my business partners to be logical. A logical partner is a loyal partner. They’re going to make business decisions, not emotional ones.

The choice that so many ‘leaders’ made to tell their people to “Focus On One Company” – harmed so many people in the end. By not truly looking out for the best interest of your people; you’re actually not looking out for your OWN best interest.

Team Building Series: The Right People

Welcome to the Team Building Series.

Anyone who knows the story of TopNetworkersGroup understands that it’s a story ‘in progress’. This is a story that is not yet fully written. It is unfolding day by day and you are either watching it happen, or you are part of the story. Many characters have come and gone, but as of this date, heading into the 2nd month of 2015, we are still searching for the core leaders who will lead this team.

*update 8/31/16 – Read our Latest Entry on This ‘theme’ – Intelligent Marketers Wanted

(Original article below!)

In this Team Building Series, we are going to discuss several important team building topics. Starting with The Right People – this installment, the introduction, which will first show you how we’ve been addressing this topic; up to this current point in time.

Next up in the Team Building Series is the importance of Trust.

When you have the right people, trust flows. We’re going to speak on that in detail in that installment of this leadership and business training series of articles. After that, we will bring you How A Team works. Once again you’ll notice us drawing from and referencing previous articles – much of what needs to be said in this series, has already been said. But we want to help you put it all together, so that you can actually be an effective part of this movement.

First of all, you must understand our goal is to help more people in the network marketing industry make professional money. We define that as $60,000 per year – Or $5,000 per month. Everyone we know wants to make four figures per month; and not a single person we talk to is against 5,000 of residual income. But not many people in network marketing make this kind of money.

This is why, the first part of our team building mission, has been to find and identify The Right People. Oddly enough, One year ago I addressed this same topic. So things will be done much differently in 2015 – since we find ourselves in the same position as we were in a year ago.  Watch Having The Right People on YouTube

I’m goingt to be more specific than ever before. I need people to do 3way calls with. When I broke away from the people I came into the industry with to create TopNetworkersGroup, I was doing so without other people. Going it alone is always difficult in network marketing. We all could use a little help, from our … business partners.

Sadly the business partners I had (before I left to form TNG) cared more about their own well being than the well being of the team.

This was always the case for me, even with my first Network Marketing company. While other uplines were constantly “crossing the stage” to receive production awards and recognition; OUR upline was no where to be seen; He even disappeared during the training events. Then he’d show up on the final day (of a 3 day event) and would speak to the team about how WE needed to do different things to help HIM get on that stage.

We have a saying in MLM which talks about the Right Way to approach Team Building; it’s “from event to event” –

So if your company is having 4 Major events during a year; you and your business partners can (and should) create mini-events in between – in order to build momentum for the BIG event coming up.

This is a simple idea but, 90% of the industry is NOT doing it.

We Must Apply

A simple concept, business partners getting together to throw an ‘event’ – a meeting – an opportunity to share information on the business they are building together with others who are being invited to join; and help them build. But most people aren’t doing it. This idea of building a team, from one event to the next, is what spawned other formats; the home meeting, the coffee shop meeting; where two or more business partners would get together to promote and build.

Team building at its finest happens when two more more leaders know what to do; and do it. If a bunch of business partners get together, but do not know What to do – then it does not matter if they throw a bunch of events; I can honestly say that I’ve worked with business partners who didn’t know what to do; but agreed to participate in events. Their, not knowing what to do, made the entire events ineffective.

Knowing what to do is a Big Deal.

We spend So much time talking about Training, not only here at TNG, but throughout the MLM industry. Open your eyes and look around. There is an over abundance of information on ‘what to do in mlm’ – on the internet today. It wasn’t like that when I got into MLM in 1999, and we didn’t get YouTube till 2005; so this EXPLOSION Of information has happened in really just the past 10 years.

Imagine how much MORE information is coming to us in the NEXT 10 years.

What always accompanies information however, is Misinformation.


This is always the case; Even back when I was coming up in the industry (My First 5 Years in MLM) – there was plenty of misinformation floating around then too. BUT, the information that worked, obviously worked – and there was no point in debating it.

We all knew what worked and what did not. Most people were too lazy to go and get the information because, you always had to go and get the information. None of us could sit and home and stream information to ourselves from the couch back then. You had to sacrifice to get the information.

We all had to go search out top earners, and learn directly from them, with no fast forward button.

However over the last 10 years – not only has a lot of information hit the internet; a lot of misinformation has come out as well.

In other words, the vast majority of business partners I’ve had team up with me in TopNetworkersGroup were operating on misinformation, ‘thinking’ they knew what to do; and not realizing how difficult they’ve made network marketing. They don’t realize that a lot of the people giving out misinformation can make money from SELLING them false information.

In other words, when the information was PURE; they only made money if YOU made money. So the information they gave you, back in those early days, was always accurate. The information I’m talking about, is that Old School Information. That’s why it’s the truth. We Have that Correct Information.

Today, people SELL You a funnel, or a system, or a sales package of dvd’s; and they make their money off the front end. Whether the information they gave you is accurate or not, no longer matters. it matters to you; but not to the person selling it!

So when I talk of ‘Having the right People’ in this important Team Building Series – I am specifically talking about having people who have the Right Information. This brings me to the One MLM System. It’s main purpose was to provide people with the accurate information. Over the past 2 years, the vast majority of people who came through the system either chose not to watch the video training, or watched it and chose not to apply.

I say this, because I did not perform one single 3way call during all of 2014.

If we’re going to talk about this topic, it cannot be done without talking about 3way calls. We created a page that is Part of the 1mlmsystem Tour – a Free MLM Business Training page where several videos can be seen directly talking about the importance of 3way calls.Several training videos inside of our System; and inside our Leadership Training Section all speak on how vital 3way calls are to team building – and Yet, in spite of so much training on the topic, none of the people who joined our team, felt they were important.

I understand why this is the case.

Most of the people who’ve worked with TNG have literally no MLM experience; and the information they’ve gathered is mostly misinformation. There are actually plenty of people who train against the usage of 3way calls. They are telling distributors that they can do this without the help of others.

All you need is a lead capture system.

All you need is to Brand Yourself.

You are the leader, and you are the one everyone will follow;

Even if you don’t have the information.

Because you have branded yourself.

And you have a lead capture system.

You’ve got emails to send out.

That’s all you need.

You don’t need a partner.

This is a huge mistake that so many people make.

These ideas are poisonous to network marketers.

I came across a video today from Randy Gage which helps bring home some of what I’m attempting to say here. Randy Gage is one of the all time top money earners in the history of network marketer. He is a teacher of teachers and a trainer of trainers. So when he is speaking on a topic, it’s not ‘misinformation’ – Please listen, and then be sure to finish reading what is being shared in this Team Building Series.

This video is nothing short of powerful when it comes to team building.

It talks about distributors who seek to always be ‘first’ – when a new mlm company comes out. They believe in the Saturation Myth; and believe that the grass is greener on the other side. I didn’t set TNG up because I thought the grass was greener. I knew this would take work; that we would need some gardeners. It was going to require some people who understood what Randy Gage is talking about here.

To build a network marketing organization – a team – you Must involve an upline expert. Just as we’ve spoken about on this blog, it takes a REAL Business Partnership – a Leader and a follower. Two Leaders cannot Build a Team. There has to be someone leading and someone who is following. We are yet to find the people, who are willing to follow.

This first crop of Followers, will be the first Leaders of TopNetworkersGroup.

They will be our first Directors; Our first Vice Presidents.


None of that happens until we find a few who are willing to do the right things, the right way – let me speak more directly, while referencing some of the points by Randy Gage.

You cannot successfully bring people into TopNetworkersGroup without them talking to me. I’m the guy with the vision and I am the guy who’s guiding the ship. Skipping steps in the process actually harms you more than helps.  Attempting to build a team without me (your upline) isn’t a wise move. You can try to copy this system and you can attempt to build by leading with a program, rather than the system; you can even brand yourself and use lead capture pages, and email auto responders to send out messages; but you cannot be successful without me (your upline).

That comes off sounding like I am full of myself when that is not the case. The case is, that’s just how network marketing works!

We All need that Support ‘line’ that we call an Upline in this line of business —

Top money earner Randy Gage just got done talking about it. He would never think of building a team without an upline. Yet, without naming names, 100% of the people I’ve personally brought into TNG, have decided to ‘attempt’ to build without theirs.

They have chosen not to set appointments over the phone; nor through our live office – they have chosen not to use our Production Worksheets, which help them take an organized approach to team building. This isn’t because they are bad people, they just do not realize how important it is…

However ….

The good news is, our system has everything you are looking for – and if you are willing to be part of our movement, you will inherit what others took for granted. You will get instant access to the RIGHT information to build a team. But, to build that team, you must apply the information. I look forward to working with the next wave of people who come through our system. I also look forward to giving you the next parts of this Team Building Series.

Thank you for reading this –

Al King, CEO & Founder of TopNetworkersGroup.com
Chief Educational Officer for 1mlmsystem.com

More articles in our Team Building Series:

Also these NEW updates from TNG in the 4th Quarter of 2016: 

Part 2 Not A Fan of MLM People Right Now

This is part 2 … and no, still not a ‘hype title’, which also happens way too much in MLM these days – Not a Fan of MLM People right now who are making videos or blog posts thta say Stay Away From Company BCD – Just to tell you all the reasons to sign up for BCD; or just the opposite; some person in a competitor bashing your company because they’re jealous; from marking an inferior product, which ends up going out of business….

This is happening too often right now in MLM today.

I’m just not a fan of it. Now, I made some comments in part 1, that I felt like saying a little more on, but didn’t feel like ‘updating’ the first version… I just wanted to be clear about a few things I said – Starting, again, with Edification.

I didn’t really get into how a poor business partnership, with a lack of edification, stunts the ability of the organization to grow from that partnership. Business Partners must have a level of respect for one another, that causes them to treat the other partner with the same respect they want in return.

If they email someone, especially their upline – they want that upline to respond.

When the upline emails the downline – they should show the same respect in return. THis often does not happen. Just the other day I was tolda bout one company, which threw out the term ‘downline’ and replaced it with, lifeline. I guess the term ‘down’ made people feel like they were not as important as the “Up” ….

This is what’s entirely wrong with our industry today; way Too Much Ego….

There is always a Senior Partner in any Business Partnership.

Out of respect …. the Senior Partner is shown Respect.

Just because.

Primarily though, because of their Experience – which tends to be a little bit ‘longer’ than the Junior Partner – and this is Often the case with most business relationships, especially in MLM…. Even in the cases where the “upline … sponsor … senior partner” is just 3-7 days Newer, they still have 3-7 More Days On the Job, than the Other person does.

Some day, can the Junior Partner, or Downline …. surpass the Senior partner in Knowledge? – yes, Perhaps so – but in Experience? Never…. at least, not really.

Because the Senior Partner will essentially be ‘part of’ all experiences the Junior Partner will experience; in some way or form…. and will have the experience of having that Partner – as a Junior Partner – BUT ………. with today’s MLM’er having so much ego all of this, sounds like a bad thing.

I remember a ‘fallout’ I had with a guy I signed up in a program a couple years ago; I told the guy he was not on my level – and he took extraordinary offense to this statement.

Let me explain why I even said it in the first place.  While out of town, on vacation a new guy on my team panicked — he had been given two places to go for support, and one of those was a Skype Room, set up by myself, and a leader on the (the guy I signed up) team…

Through this Skype Room, this leader and I were helping most of his downline; while I had my own support site for my other directly sponsored people; I plugged my team into the Skype Room as well; force of habit really; it used to be a good idea to pull teams together and let people meet others – to see that several other people just like them, are going after their goals, and they’re using YOUR opportunity, to do it.

It locks folks in, even to this day – and yet, this “leader” I was working with, wasn’t a huge fan really, and just kinda went with it because so many people from his team were using it; And it was a great tool we used to help put even more people in, while providing training, and quick responses and training  for new members;

In fact, this leader literally had no team when he came to me – and in spite of all the help I provided him in helping to build his team – this leader pretty much refused to plug into anything I was doing, using, or teaching – because he learned MLM from Mr. J. Budd.

(Back to my Guy that Panicked)

So… My guy Panics …. and I’m out of town on Vacation – He runs to our Site Support but, no one is there; I’m on Vacation.

So – he turns to Skype – and starts asking questions about things My team is doing; but …. The Leader I was working with had no knowledge of what My team was doing; however, Mr. J. Budd didn’t teach him that when you don’t know the answer to a question, The Answer you give is “I don’t know”….

Here was the question – My person thought He had a sign up; but he did not see the sign up in His backoffice; “What happened to my sign up?” …. He used some of my tools to sign the guy up and So he ran to the rooms to find out where his new guy was.

The Leader I was working with, who’s team I helped build – tells my guy in the skype room that Maybe Al King signed him up. Maybe he went direct to Al …..

Instead of saying “I don’t plug into Al’s team or tools but I know he has quality stuff – I’m sure if you sent your guy to the site and you don’t see him, your guy didn’t sign up – but really I would not know. Al will be back from Vacation in a few days; try to be patient, He’ll help you get through this.”

Naturally this caused my person to panic even more; he called me several times while I was on vacation and really upset me that he wouldn’t respect that I was out of town and not trying to handle business. Only to come home and find out I was accused of stealing his person, by my own business partner – who naturally took no responsibility for his actions; and acted like it was no big deal.

But in fact, it was a very big deal – it was the culmination of months of not plugging into anything his upline, and his sponsor was doing. It was after Several Failed Events that were not promoted properly, in which we had very low turn outs – or no turn out at all; Money Wasted – and in spite of it all, he had a team growing – mostly because of my help; But, instead of having any real respect for me … his own partner, he had respect for J. Budd.

There was an event here in L.A. that I asked him to attend, to help promote our business – instead he had to attend a J. Budd event in San Diego; These are the kinds of people that liter the MLM world today.

After months of dealing with this … amateur nonsense, this guy BLOWS IT by giving one of my people some Misinformation. His person lied about joining and never signed up. But he and I ended up not being able to work together, because he kept calling me while I was on vacation; because my J. Budd trained business partner, gave him the wrong information….  After months of this nonsense, and after confronting this guy about his mess up, which he denied being a big deal – I told him he wasn’t on my level and should show some respect.

He took offense to that….

But, it was the truth – the truth that apparently, J. Budd didn’t teach him.

No disrespect to J. Budd – he teaches some awesome information – but there are just way too many people that join MLM’s, have a sponsor, an upline – a company with training and support to plug into; and they feel that what J. Budd has to teach and share, is more important; more accurate; and more worthy of respecting, than anything their sponsor, upline – or company has to say.

Like take The Ila vs RippLn Debate … which really isn’t a debate in MOST of the MLM world today; If you talk to a lot of people in MLM, RippLn is the next greatest thing since Sliced Bread with Butter!

Almost NO ONE is talking about how Ila (Inspired Living Application) is a Much BETTER app for anyone in the MLM Industry. I mean, hello…. what happened to MLM being about personal growth, self development – and getting PAID to become a better person?

ONE app has names like Briane Beane, John Aseraf, Simon Simpson, and many people might first think ‘who’? …. but then you look their stuff up on YouTube and find out these are some top notch people, with some real good information… which “could” be delivered to your downline each Week via an App that’s ONLY $9.95/mo …. but nope ….

These “leaders” would rather promote Guessing Games.

Worse these people are paying $100 To Promote a Guessing Game App (oh .. and some day more apps will follow that people are going to just LOVE – I mean people are all over facebook talking about how they cannot wait to be invited to guess photos on an app …)

It’s like what kind of Industry am I apart of Right now?

What the F$#@ are These People Promoting Right now??

Oh My bad, did I cuss? Because you look at Empower Network and the CEO’s are Saying MUCH WORSE; but they’re making BIG MONEY while they do it; and that train doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon; at least, it doesn’t seem that way – nor does the clanish follow the guru style EN stuff I’ve seen – where a huge team jumps into Xplocial and swears off anything else …. but Empower of course; then in a few months the same exact people have ALL decided they also want to promote a Training Product that is the best thing ever made; but … please don’t talk to them about anything else; because they still have Xplocial and Empower is the best thing ever to hit the universe… and then a few more weeks go by these SAME people offer you some MORE stuff they found; but please don’t show them anything; Empower rocks their bad ass off ….

and 95% of the industry is still broke.

This really shouldn’t be happening.

There are so many better ways; and so many better ‘opportunities’ that are being missed right now; if the Right GURU isn’t in them; (especially today!)

Here’s the thing — people are just following the money; which I Totally Get!

You’re new to the world of MLM – OR you’ve never made money and THIS TIME you wanna be sure to work with a TOP leader in a company; someone who you KNOW for sure gets that big money; because THEY can show you the things NO one else can!


That’s how most people FEEL – and I get it, I really do – Not trying to be sarcastic even if it sounds that way. But 95% of the people joining these NEW GURUS, that they see flashing cash — are Broke. Still ….  they’re loyal as hell some of them, not making a dime, and have decided the company is good…. no not the actual company; I mean – the ‘people’ they get to hang out with, that’s what they’re paying for.

It’s as if MLM’s are turning into Social Clubs, rather than BUSINESSES!

Where people care about TITLES and how they “FEEL” when another business partner tells them what they ‘should’ be doing…. Ya know, the same partner that makes money “IF” they do these things…. oh, and the advice they’re given, would help THEM Make money too (most importantly) — but …

….”who are YOU To tell ME what to do with “MY” business!?!? – What you Mean I need to approach things differently???  So what If I joined 4 different companies in the past 3 weeks and quit each of them on the way out, talking badly about each — That does not mean nothing!”

… and this is the infestation in MLM today…

These BIG EGO’s, and small paychecks.

It starts, so simple.

If someone sponsored you into a business, they probably know more than you do about that business. Show some respect. Communicate with them. Be Coachable. It’s not up to them to find you it’s up to you to find them. It’s not your job to teach them, it’s your job to learn.  If they email you, email back. If they send you a video, watch it. If the video has instructions – apply the instructions. Get results from applying the instructions – Get new business partners from applying the instructions – Get Checks. Teach your new business partners to show respect to YOUR partner; They SEE the respect; They follow Your Example; They watch the Videos you and YOUR partner say they should watch; They apply the instructions; They get the results; They get Checks; and suddenly …..

An organization grows.

It’s really not that hard.

But… these PEOPLE joining MLM’s today – have decided it has to be harder!


Not a fan right now ….

If you’re going to Pay $100 to Join a business – join a real one that pays real money – Especially with all the new Updates making them even better than before.

If you’re going to pay $30/mo for an autoship – why not pay for one that comes with auto benefits; that’s been in business for 80+ Years – I mean that seems to make more sense than promoting a guessing game app.

If you’re going to promote an App that Pays – Promote one that provides personal growth, motivation – inspiration & education – like Vitamins for the body; the nutrition YOUR TEAM NEEDS To grow up STRONG and BIG; you do want that right?

If you’re going to promote writing BLOGS to promote ‘anything’ – then don’t JUST use your BLOG to promote YOUR BLOG Company. Don’t Piss on SEO Education while Cussing up a Storm; and acting like that’s Professional – there’s a time and place for all things; including Adult language. There’s a time and place for SEO – and it pays to KNOW what you’re doing yourself – so why not join a  blog-company that TEACHES it?

If you’re going to use your Cell phone to conduct business; and need to Pay a monthly bill anyways – it makes sense to SWITCH your phone to a real provider that will pay YOU and your business partners to use THEIR service, instead of the Monopolies that currently are NOT PUTTING any MONEY into our communities; especially if you come from communities that are in need. Solavei paid out over $14 Million to its members in their first year and Solavei will only continue to Pay its members; It makes sense that WE should all be in that pay out as it grows, during their 2nd year in business (which just began Sep 21, 2013) …

The things i just named off – all Make Sense.

When it makes Sense (cents) it makes Dollars….

If what I just wrote made sense to you …. and you’ve decided you’re finally ready to be coached .. go ahead and visit our home page – Enroll for the Email List; take a look at the FULL package – and ‘get started’ — then, be ready to take action with me; and apply some instruction. It’s going to make you money, so be warned now….

Not A Fan of MLM People Right Now

No this is not a tricky headline … when I joined LevelOneNetwork I shared privately with a handful of people that I’ve really grown tired of people in MLM – it’s true.

Most people who are in MLM today started getting on my nerves a long time ago.

I’ll explain. I know MLM so well that I can diagnose my own challenges today – Over the past 3 years I’ve sponsored several people in what seems to be a revolving door, all because of a few simple things that would keep them in place, but just have not been in place.

Starting with Edification.

Without proper edification an upline cannot do their job – of helping a prospect get in front of the information about our business And make a decision on joining up.

Without Edification a prospect will look at someone and think… “Who is this person? and Why should I listen to them?” – that’s what GOOD edification does; it answers those two important questions for a prospect before they get into a conversation with this expert.

Without the edification, it’s just another dude.

So that explains where TopnetworkersGroup is – there aren’t 100’s of people edifying what we’re doing over here; So when people see it, they leave for something else that has more ‘edification’ …….. I can understand that.

However, at what point are these people going to stop falling for that?

When you and I were prospects, sure the edification trick works wonders but, once we’ve been in for a while, we should have a different way to define who we ‘show respect’ to – in fact, if we’ve been around, why not show respect to just about everyone?

What a novel idea.

But respect is MISSING in MLM Today.

I get 10 NEW people adding me on social media sites each week that want to Teach me how to do MLM. They joined 6 months to a year ago – I joined in 1998 – but they want to teach ME something.

Worse yet, you have leaders that show no respect for other leaders. They want to sign other leaders up into ‘their business’ – but don’t wanna sign up with those leaders in what they’re already doing.

They wanna make money OFF of other leaders, but don’t really wanna make money WITH other leaders; the people making all the money in MLM are the same ones who always made money in MLM; the ones who ‘team up’ – but people in MLM seem to be too stupid to realize that.

While I am thankful for the people I’ve sponsored who stuck around; most are not really working on the businesses WE are together in; and the rest are jumping from one thing to another. They see me getting checks for the things WE came together for.

They continue to struggle jumping around – One guy is doing pretty well right now; truth is he made good money before he came into MLM; he found a company he likes – shared it with a guy that went ‘thousandaire’ – guess the dude gave up on all that talk about helping more people benefit from opportunities; and decided to kick back and enjoy overriding a producer.

That’s people in MLM – most of them talk one way and do something else.

They say yea we should all team up; but when you put things together so everyone can, they go find some other team to team up with instead.

The truth is, I set up TNG to help other people in MLM out; but the more I deal with people in MLM, the less I want to help any of them.

Most of them are too idiotic to help – the truth is, if I make videos throwing Money up and Rent a BMW and pretend it’s mine, I’d sign up DROVES of people – and would make a ton of money off of them – whether I teach them anything or not; MOST will quit, but droves more will join me, b/c they’re making ’emotional decisions’ – not business decisions.

Most will say I’m a scam artist, and I can call them losers who need to take responsibility for their own business; and others will come to my defense; all because I threw up money and pretended to have a BMW – or a Bentley –

These people call themselves professionals – no wonder our industry gets a bad reputation; look at the folks joining – and look at how they treat one another within it.

All of these ‘reasons’ are why I created the 1mlmsystem – to teach people ‘the right way’ to play this game; but to be honest with everyone reading this – I’m at a point where I’ll only be working with a very ‘limited’ number of people over the next few months; and if they don’t pan out; hey that’s just how it goes.

It’s that time – gonna start ignoring a lot of emails and letting a lot of people drown – because these people in MLM Today, wanna question what kinda life vest you’re giving them, while the water is rising all around them – then, they wanna teach me on what life vest I should have given them, and how I need to get one myself – even though I’m not the one drowning….

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