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Leadership Ranks Announced for TopNetworkersGroup

The Secret is Out.

You can now become a Regional Vice President, or even a Senior Vice President with TopNetworkersGroup.  We’ve created two higher positions as well for the ones that really want to be part of our Movement – who believe in what we believe.

We believe that the 5th Wave of Network Marketing is HERE – and that means the MLM industry has now become accepted by Most Businesses as the perfect model to move products to consumers. This means that more and more MLM companies are being started and more and more “networks” are being pulled apart.

It’s Human Nature to want to be first – Emotional decisions get the best of us all. Most of us make them in just about all areas of our lives. However, in my first MLM Company, I was taught that Customers make emotional decisions.

I Sold telecommunications and electricity services – things most people were already paying for. If I could show people a way to save money on these services, I’d ask them to do ME a Huge Favor, and give my services a Try. This works to this day – with just about everything else I do.

The key is not to sell those customers on the facts. So what if my services were cheaper – the selling point was that they would be doing me a Huge Favor – if they valued me or my relationship to them, then asking them to get their services through me is not that big of a deal. Relationships would end when people made it about the facts, and took it ‘too personal’ when potential customers would say no.

Sure we’d use the language, and lean on the relationship — but it’s a bluff; Like playing Poker. We’re playing on the ’emotions’ … rather than trying to convince them on facts.

Why? —- If you get a customer on facts; you lose them on facts too.

If you knew the Facts about YOUR MLM Company – You’d start to see things our way.

I Thank the perspective provided by Experience.

I had a sponsor that quit on me. I had Uplines that didn’t believe in me and gave no support. I’ve had business partners who stole people out of my downline, and I’ve even had companies go Out of Business on me.

I’ve had several bad experiences in MLM – and I’ve used them all to create a guideline and a roadmap for others to follow; to organize a team that approaches MLM “the right way” – a team that will GROW and LAST for decades to come; and will withstand the winds of change that are ever present – especially within MLM.

You see, when you build your mlm organization around ‘a company’ – what happens when people in your downline see a new company?

The mentality of networkers must change – and that’s our goal with members of our team; to Change their mentality first. We must think more about who we are in business with, than what company we are in. Does your upline understand the importance of doing 3 ways? Do they understand Edification?  Do they Understand how to Give Presentations? Do they Place importance on Training? Are They Concerned with Your Personal Growth and Development? Are they growing themselves?

These are VERY important questions to ask – and yet in spite of having a Team approach, the VISION of TNG was not nearly as clear as it needed to be. How can we know that we’re working with someone who’s TRULY the best – really knows their stuff – Can actually help Lead and Grow a team?

How can we know we’re working with others that will help us make money in several places – not just one.How can we grow a team, and keep that team Together?

We feel that the introduction of our leadership ranks, now gives us the ability to know these things. You can now become a Regional Vice President, with topNetworkersgroup.

Based on our Calculations, an RVP will sit on top of an Organization of approximately 20,000 Team Members – which will include a minimum of 3 Regional Directors, 9 Managing Directors, 27 Executive Directors, and 81 Team Directors – You will have an actual Organization filled with Leaders – and producers who are all thinking like we think.

One correction to the video above. The “Team Member” rank is not an actual “leadership rank” – We now have 2 starting positions with TNG – The first is a Customer; and the second is Team Member.  As a “team member” we’ll officially consider you as part of our team. Otherwise, you’re simply a customer, with the option of officially joining us at any time.

In December 2012, we launched the 1mlmsystem – which allows you to JOIN TNG, and start working with us; getting our training, working with our group, making money in several affiliate programs and mlm companies – Together – Review the Chart – of our NEW leadership ranks.

Approach MLM “The Right Way” – Al King, the Larry Brown of MLM


A 1mlmsystem Walk Through

Let’s break down the 1mlmsystem.

When you Join TopNetworkersGroup, we ask you to register for our Success system for MLM’ers, and all of our business partners.  We want to train you.  You get access to all of our Top Notch Training from the greatest teachers and coaches to ever teach and coach. You also will get the Tools we use to successfully sponsor people into our businesses – and Training on how to Use these Tools to be successful at sponsoring people –

This is the #1 Skill that a person needs to be successful in MLM – and through our 1mlmsystem that’s actually the #1 Skill we want to teach you.

If you begin with our Free Level, you’ll unlock training And position yourself in Free Income Opportunities, and Free Business Social Networks. We’ll teach you how to grow a list, and recruit quality people into your Free Income Opportunities; mostly by teaching you how to effectively Share our 1mlmsystem with others.

As others sign up with you in our 1mlmsystem, together you can move into our $10 level and start participating in Programs that are Affordable and Inexpensive – yet will produce anywhere from additional, to replacement-level Income, for you And your business partners. No success will come for you, without it coming for the people you are partnering up with. As you help others succeed, you succeed by default!

With our 1mlmsystem, you Can use our $10/mo business opportunities to create 3-5 figure per month checks; which will enable you – And your business partners to Upgrade into our $50 Level – and begin creating even more income, with the same business partners you started out with; for FREE.

That is what makes our 1mlmsystem so powerful – you will not have to promote the programs in our system individually unless you chose to. You can focus on promoting the 1mlmsystem; and the System does the rest for you. The people that partner up with you will follow you into programs they may not already be part of; In some cases they may already be a member of a program our 1mlmsystem supports.

That’s ok.

They just fill in the username for that program; and they stay where they are – but benefit from all the training that We Provide, through the 1mlmsystem. Trainings from HUGE Names that I don’t want to say here – but You’ll be Pleasantly Surprised by What You get Access Too, when you become a Member (special leadership audios, videos and e-books for $50 level Members) —-also our Tools, like the Live Office – an idea we rolled out in 2012 that No Other Team In Network Marketing has at their disposal – and we haven’t even unleashed it’s Full Power YET!

Join us Now, and you can be one of the FIRST people to benefit from the FULL POWER of our Live Offices; and all of the awesome Training and Opportunity we’ve rolled into our System for Success in the MLM Industry – the 1mlmsystem truly is the One MLM System to Rule Them all – and you’re invited to become part of our Team today – We create professional network marketers, who make professional money in the MLM industry.

– TopNetworkersGroup

1mlmsystem - The One MLM System To Rule Them All!

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