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The Famous Al King Facebook Rants on Business Partnership

The Famous Al King Facebook Rants – something I get inboxes about – because from time to time I WILL get one off; on my social media wall 🙂 — Tonight, I let one rip on the topic of “Business Partnership” – and shared quite a bit of my own ‘personal story’ – as well as some of what I’ve dealt with over the past few years, while making our Idea – and our Concept something that others can Easily Duplicate — I saw a Clip from an internview featuring Lebron James – We’ve discussed how closely Sports and Business relate – well one of the BIGGEST lessons I can ever teach you, is contained in my latest, famous facebook rant —

But First – CHECK Out the CLIP! – Lebron James All Star Interview – NBA TV

Lebron James and Dwyane Wade

See…… Here COMES that RANT ……

I’m watching NBA TV right — and you know I LOVE my Basketball; you KNOW I love my SPORTS — You know my MESSAGE — ‪#‎itsabouttheteamnotthecompany‬ — and I’m watching a ‘preview’ of an Interview with LeBron James — coming up on NBA TV this weekend — and in the short Clip, He’s talking about “That MOMENT” — when Him and D-wade Figured it out.

SEE ………… THIS IS WHAT I’m SAYING THOUGH!!!! (is what I think after he says it…. and I knew it was coming) — Steve Smith asked LeBron about it; He said “How did you two work it out, with TWO Leaders” …?

when was that moment that The Heat finally got it going; He said … they were 8-9 — and Him and D-Wade looked at one another and were like “Did we make the right choice??”

—- Lebron said…. D-Wade came to him and said “In order for us to win, YOU have to be that guy — I’ll take a step back, and you have to shine” (paraphrased) — and THIS IS What I KEEP TRYING TO SAY!!!! (I say to myself) — THIS Is what I’ve been telling my “leaders” for the past year.

For those who do not know; the ‘short version’ of a very LONG story is; I’m a Veteran of this here MLM Industry; Struggled in my first company for 5 long years; came up with a TON of experience; but not much ‘money’ — but I’ve been doing “internet network marketing: since 1999 (and that’s why I get so annoyed with so many people ‘in the game today’ because they don’t know who they are talking to when they talk) — Started a Web Design Company — in 2004; started Building sites with lead Capture Pages; Started Studying the teachings of Stephen Pierce and Mat Bacak in 2005 — and was making decent money from various projects I put together — when I got that ‘itch’ …. and came back to MLM in 2009.

I linked up with some Well Trained Leaders – cats I worked with initially in MLM – me and one of those leaders put 1,000 people into a company in 4 months; 400 of them were through my leg; over the next few months our team grew; Mine to around 700; his total team to almost 2,000 — and then our company went out of business; lots of stuff happened; everyone went their seperate ways; due to conflicts in philosophy over HOW to grow a team that makes money in multiple places —- not just one; Started TopNetworkersGroup in 2010 — and have been “perfecting this Idea/Concept” ever since — meanwhile, most of the people I’ve worked with, are Not Well Trained “leaders” —

No offense; it’s just what it is – and yet, I’ve been trying, VERY Hard to Teach many of them leadership; Over the past couple years; Most of my “main Leaders” decided they knew more about it than I did; Most of them decided to do thingstheir own way – and not my way; and so that’s fine; Just means I needed to continue to build “ME” and continue to look for others who can Follow My Lead — because a “Business Partnership consists of ONE leader and ONE follower” — You cannot have TWO LEADERS in a business partnership.”

THIS is a REALIZATION that came to me, after WORKING with several hard headed leaders from 2009 to 2011 — and then from working with several leaders throughout 2012 — When we launched the ONE MLM System, we still had a “leadership issue” — where I signed up several LEADERS — who wanted to LEAD me; and wanted to TEACH me; and Hey, I’d be more than willing to take a back seat; it’s just that these “leaders” are not anywhere near as experienced; nor were they as Committed to the long term Vision; and that’s where it dawned on me —

I mostly look for Leaders; but unless a leader is willing to take a back seat (at least for a minute) — and actually LISTEN to what I’m talking about — it’s just not possible for them to co-exist (and vice versa) — and to me, that’s not a Partnership; A partnership – is what everyone in business NEEDS to be successful in business; but that is one of the most difficult things to find; especially in MLM – because everyone thinks they are a FREE Agent; They’d rather be an Allen Iverson and score a bunch of Points but win NO Championships — than be a Lebron James and take their Talents to a TEAM that already has something in Place….

While I heard people bash Cedric Harris for his decision to join OrganoGold; I respected his reason; of teaming up to LEARN From and be MENTORED by the #1 earner in the entire industry — to ‘take a backseat’ and learn from someone even better.

BUT how DIFFICULT is that to do for “leaders” ??

It’s VERY Difficult — because Leaders have THE BIGGEST EGOS!!!

This is is why I could ‘never’ take a backseat to someone who isn’t more skilled than I am; and frankly – When D-Wade thought about it; yea it was his team; BUT — LeBron was BETTER – STRONGER – YOUNGER – FASTER — and VERY much his equal or better; That’s why they put together the kinda run they put together. THIS IS also why the Lakers could NOT win the 8 Championships Shaq/Kobe should have Won.

Shaq couldn’t take a Backseat.

As Kobe’s talent grew; as he Emerged more and more as a Star and Leader – that was the moment for Shaq to share the Throne; Shaq was stubborn; and when he got TRADED – he woke up and did the right thing, supporting D-wade’s Leadership; to get the Heat their first Championship.

DID I hit anyone YET?

SOME OF YALL are LEADERS but your SKILL is NOT at that LEVEL and you’d make MORE MONEY if you’d take a ‘backseat’ —–

(I told yall this was one of those……….. so you were warned)

“A Business Partnership is ONE Leader and ONE Follower” – Al King, 1mlmsystem training –

This is really touching a nerve for me; Sometimes I have to ask God if I made the right decision when I do things that I “know’ may not come off as P.C. and may not make others happy; Like a ‘new leader’ who found my system on YouTube; called me up because he had the ‘same idea’ — but like Soooo many other ‘leaders’ – he wanted to suggest programs …

It’s about the TEAM not the company —

He wanted to fly me out to Detroit to look at Epic (new company —)

It’s about the TEAM not the company I tell him ….

He says “Al, I know that, I just want you to look at this and tell me what you think” —– “I think you need to FINISH filling out your 1mlmsystem profile before you PITCH me on anything” — Al I’m not pitching, just want you to look!!!

“Look at what? All MLM’s do the SAME THING?? The company does not Matter!” — I tell this dude; finally he goes; checks it out; it’s $900; he realizes the people there are Paid to promote it; and are CHaSING a Lifestyle they had; before theire last MLM went out of business on them (and they lost all their money ) — and I’m like SEE —– it’s about the TEAM … not the company….

So the NEW guy gets home; calls me up and says “Al you were right; I wanna put you on the phone with some guys I want to bring into the system” —- and I’m like …….. ” I need you to fill out your PROFILE before you put me on the phone with anybody!!!”

and he’s like “Yea Al, I get what you’re trying to do; and I’m gonna do that; but you really gotta talk with these guys; they got a $15 program you might wanna add to the system you have…. Oh and I’m setting up a system too with the programs i want to have in it…” …

I shake my head.

“It’s about the TEAM not the COMPANIES!!” ….

Seriously ….. when I found out MLM is the people business, I had doubts; I never really been a fan of people (admission – most of you bother me on so many levels – I try to smile and look for the good anyways – because I REALLY wanna help people! …. but people are SOOOO hard to help!)

So this new ‘leader’ — has gotten on my nerves; he keeps wanting me to LOOK at this or that; and says he ‘gets’ what I’m saying; and yet, he’s not Acting like it; SUPER disrespectful; So I tell the guy — ” i respect that you’re a Pastor, and I’m not gonna come to your Church and Tell you how to Preach to your Congregation, but you are on My Ship; and if you’re gonna be on my ship, you need to follow the command, or get OFF the ship! I do not need to be SHOWN anything but you filling yout that profile.”

This Ignant cat STILL wanted to talk to me about looking at the $15 — so I politely excused him from participation. What mostly bothered me, is I gave him my definition of a business partnership; to which he wanted to argue. He wanted to tell me that a Husband needs to listen to his Wife…..

at which point in time, I reminded this Pastor That he’s not Biblical; because the BIBLE says “wives, Submit to your Husbands” – it does not say Husbands Submit to your WIVES — and frankly … ok I already ranted on that — (no longer working with any Man who has to ask his Wife for permission to make money!) —- DIGRESSING — the point is; Even the BIBLE states – a “good partnership’ has ONE Leader; and ONE Follower.

TWO Leaders aint no Partnership;

TWO Leaders trying to Lead Each OTHER will NEVER win Championships!

WHO Wants to WIN in 2014???

INBOX me — but if you’re not BETTER than me; if your SKILLS are not on MY LEVEL — Do not come at me with WHO you’re listening to; and what you KNOW; and what you THINK;

COME to my Ship, play by MY RULES; PRODUCE –and “then” we can discuss what you know, what you think, and what you feel ….

PRODUCE — FOLLOW my Lead — OR get your ass off my Boat.

– Real Leaders, are followers FIRST; you must follow, to learn HOW to lead –



And here’s a BONUS — More my Leadership Thoughts – from youTube

Is MCA Worth Buying Or Is it A Scam

Throughout 2013 I had to call upon the services of MCA – and yet many people on the outside looking in are left wondering is MCA worth buying. If you already have Triple A then you’re getting very good Roadside Assistance. The only downside is that you’re not getting the additional benefits that help make MCA worth buying.

When you make a comparison to other benefits businesses you’ll find that none of them offer an affiliate side to bring in customers to this 82 year old company. That gives them an edge, and for members of TopNetworkersGroup this becomes an exciting opportunity. Just $40 to join, and only $20/mo to maintain, with all the awesome perks included,  MCA is worth buying even if you’re already with the other company (A More Popular Roadside Assistance Company) .

Our focus is on building up our team. As we build our team we already have programs inside of our system that will benefit all of our members. Not all of the people we sign up for these services will want to be part of our team – many will simply see the value offered by MCA – many may not even have any kind of coverage for just in case – Some team members will have more desire and hunger than others, and will really promote it.

Is MCA Worth Buying or is it just a Scam?

It’s a real service. When I call, real operators pick up the phone and send out real tow trucks with real drivers who know what they’re doing; Quite a few times I got the same tow truck companies that Triple A would send out. MCA tows further and has an awesome compensation plan that really rewards Organizations like ours, that put the focus on building the team. As we build and grow our team – Members of our team will get memberships through MCA worth buying specifically for the income that MCA provides to its members. Our members won’t be the average members though.

Our entire goal for our members – is to use MCA to generate an additional $3,000 per month that they can use for other money making ventures. Primarily enabling them to help their teams. With our multiple stream structure in place, members of our team who have Organizations large enough for them to earn $3,000 per month, will most likely be earning up to $4,000 (or higher) with our other ventures.

People will stop asking is MCA worth buying, or is it a scam, and they’ll start wondering why they did not get positioned in it sooner. Members of MCA will find themselves flocking to our team, as they’re usually not getting real support where they are now. This gives members of our team the ability to earn money WITH others who know that MCA is worth buying and yet, even they need to diversify their income more as well.

Stay TUNED for live events that we plan to broadcase from our MLM System, MCA LIVE offices – and get signed up to start Marketing and Benefiting from MCA – while you work with our team.

After you’re generating a consistent $100 to $200 per month, and have a few business partners doing the same, we have additional income opportunities lined up for you to invest in and make money from. We’ve put all of these income opportunities into one mlm system – under one roof – all bringing more and more value to Our Team. Our team is our focus and you are invited to join us today. If you’d like to have input on what programs we’re directing others to, Leadership Ranks are already in place – as you achieve ranks within our team, your ideas will be recognized.

Read more about MCA and decide for yourself, Is MCA Worth Buying or not?

Both 1mlmsystem URL’s Now Working

Recently updated our Home Page for 1mlmsystem.com – our One MLM System to Rule them all, presented to you by TopNetworkersGroup. The new url that members of our team can now use to promote our system, and invite others to “work with the group” – is much shorter than the original affiliate url.

It’s gone from http://1mlmsystem.com/?tngusername=topnetworkeral (for example)

… To a much shorter http://1mlmsystem.com/?id=topnetworkeral

The shorter and ‘cleaner’ url presented a minor challenge for those of us who’ve already been doing some serious Marketing; and have placed links in certain places on the web, where we cannot even remember how to go back and change them, or edit them; and so to make sure the OLD URL will still work, some special ‘coding’ had to be done by your CEO and Founder of TNG; Co-founder of the 1mlmsystem.

Our system is our Sure Fire approach to creating what Truly Matters in Network Marketing – A Network. You and I can start building our organization today, for FREE – it does not cost money to build a network; it takes commitment; to each other – not to a company. Committing to a company is nothing less than short-sighted – it’s truly lacking Vision, both of where the industry has been, what it’s gone through – and where the industry is heading.

OH …. but you don’t place Value on FREE?

… smh at the blind, following the blind.


This 1mlmsystem we’ve put together, is the TRUTH … and that’s all we’ll give you.

you see…

The things that REALLY matter in network marketing have nothing to do with Solo Ads, Facebook Marketing, learning how to use Twitter or instagram – None of that really or truly matters. Having a capture page, a website, a paypal – or not .. has nothing to do with making money In Network marketing; NOR does it matter what company you promote; how much it costs to join – whether or not you have to be on Autoship – or how much that is; none of that has anything to do with Making money.

None of that is where the ‘real value’ is – it’s Free for you and I to decide that we want to work together and build a structure that can withstand TIME – just like the great pyramids of Egypt which are still standing today after many thousands of years.

JUST like those Corporations which rule our daily lives … and in some cases supply us with a place to earn a ‘living’ while a few of us work part time in addition to having a J.O.B. to create a life. Those few of us in the network marketing industry realize, that being on the BOTTOM of the Corporate Pyramid is a situation where we’ll most likely never rise to the top. But in network marketing – WE are the CEO of our pyramid.realpyramid

Yea … We embrace the MLM Industry here.

I had someone tell me that the WORD mlm in the url of our site scares people away, because some people do not like MLM; the problem with people who are afraid to use the term MLM is, they are scaring people away – the word doesn’t scare anyone away who isn’t supposed to be working IN This industry.

The Concept of MLM Makes sense; it is a business model as we’ve explained in our FREE MLM Training Video on this same topic – MLM Companies vs. Affiliate Programs – It’s important to note that the ‘concept’ of building an MLM ‘distribution network’ that will be able to promote Multiple products and/or services is an OLD idea, that several companies have pushed for decades now.

So it’s nothing “new” really, for us to talk about having multiple streams of income, in the 1mlmsystem – It seemed to be the most sensible way to grow a team, that makes money in several places, without being ‘all over the place’ – and something that still fits with Old School Fundamentals; It’s not a ‘new’ idea…

When I first joined MLM In 1998, my telecommunications company was ‘also’ selling gas and electricity – in SOME states, but not all. They’d tell us all the time, “Build your network now in the areas where we do not offer Power, so that when we DO get to those states, you’ll already have a network of Thousands who can turn on Customers overnight!”

It’s called, Preparation.

MOST OF YOU are just not Prepared…

That’s why we put our MLM System together, the one mlm system to rule them All!

Get signed up for the 1mlmsystem today; work with the group – check out the new presentation, and see what we’ve added to our 1mlmsystem to make it even better than it already was. See you inside, thank you for stopping by!

Finding Unlocked Cell Phones

Wanna find the best deals on Unlocked Cell Phones?

Of course you do – that’s why you are here. Now this is probably a blog post that is more appropriate for our Solavei blog – BUT in a way it also fits here, through TopnetworkersGroup – our special blog here, called ‘It’s All of It” speaks to the truth so many people in MLM run from.

Success in MLM is not about one or two things; It comes from a LOT Of things; and often; it’s all of those things, working together that produce the success most of us want.  Often we will have to do things we have never done, to get what we’ve never had…


So even, a topic like finding unlocked cell phones, especially IF You’re a member of Solavei becomes an important thing to know; and it can give you an edge over others in Solavei who do not know how to find unlocked cell phones; which will help you get more sales than the next person gets.

ALL OF that being said – We’re showing you a powerful, simple way to Find unlocked cell phones, WHILE working with our team; We put it ‘somewhere’ in this video; Watch It now.

HOpe you enjoyed that awesome tip on finding unlocked cell phones; which absolutely works; Also we’re about to include additional information that’s more specific to this topic through our System – the ONE Mlm system ‘to rule them all’ – as it really does rule over everything else you’ll find in our industry today.

THE companies ‘mentioned’ in this video have now been added to the 1mlm system; which allows us to grow our income in several programs, while focusing on growing ONE team. We DO encourage you to sign up for the program mentioned in THIS video and start searching for unlocked cell phones once you’re inside the members area.

Solavei is a huge part of our system, as it enables us to benefit from what is GOING To happen with, or without us; this company is for real and they continue to GROW and DELIVER; every promise they’ve made, they’ve come through on; Including (but not limited to) Solavei Marketplace.

This (Solavei Marketplace) gives you and I the option of making purchases for anything, including unlocked cell phones (if we need more than we have now) with our Solavei pay cards; So while we speak to you about “all of it” working together; we really do mean it; Imagine paying for an Unlocked Cell phone through the Marketplace on WakeUpNow’s Hub, while using your Solavei Pay Card to get double cash back…..

(Taking Cash Back Shopping to a whole ‘nother Level….)

They’ve even launched New Rate Plans over at Solavei making them more flexible for customers who are interested in participating in the ‘social revolution’ – which … like most revolutions, will not Be televised. Go ahead – Join our Team today – Work with the Group

More “Cash Back Shopping” related articles from TNG – Get it ALL Through the System 😉

When Skeptics and Network Marketing Clash.

When Skeptics and Network Marketing Clash

In my early days of Network Marketing, I turned to the Internet – primarily because I stuttered, and when I ran out of my “Warm Market” (people I know) – the idea of approaching total strangers and sparking up a conversation about making money, was a little overwhelming.

So very early on, in 1999 I started approaching random people in Chat rooms Online- which was so much Easier than approaching random people at a Gas Station, or a grocery store.

The Network Marketing company I was in at that time, was my first; ACN – through ACN my life changed and I was put on a path that I didn’t foresee – a path to financial freedom; and a path to help others along the way. ACN Taught me so much – and exposed me to so many Mentors; but it also helped me to understand and be prepared for Skeptics.


I’m a black man, and in the early internet days, several of the people I’d approach about Network Marketing in chat rooms, would accuse me of being a Scam Artist or a Con Artist.

(this is where I ‘was’ going to ramble on about “Racism Online” in the early days, which really puts what most of us see on YouTube, and Yahoo Comment areas to shame; that is … the Former YouTube comments … who knows what will happen now that it’s linked to Google+ – anyways, back to our story…)

Another person’s skepticism merely unfolds their Ignorance to you and let’s you know how little education they have. Wayne Dyer said it best :: “The Highest Form of Ignorance is to Judge Something You Know nothing about” – and People do this with Network Marketing all the time. People also do this with other people.

I do not talk about race and business often; however it is a reality, that when a black man describes himself as a businessman, the first ‘assumption’ people make is that his business is illegal.

Why this is such a common reaction in our society, has much to do with the Historical Context of our nation; a nation founded on racism, and a nation that has pushed and is promoting racism in several areas of its society. I faced this often early on.

I had to learn to not advertise that I was looking to help people make money in the Open Chat rooms, because when I did, the skeptics would chime in and Start to attack my credibility; This used to anger me early on because, the people who COULD Use an opportunity were being discouraged from even talking to me about one, by people who knew nothing.

These “Know-Nothing” people are literally everywhere in our society; These people who hold onto Old, outdated Racist views of black men in business, unfortunately are everywhere in our society as well; and some of those people with those views, come in every racial makeup you can think of; Including other black people.

This is the end result of an effort to Dumb Down our society; THINKING almost never happens; In just about every Profession today, the vast majority of people IN those professions, are not Thinkers; they’re just Doers.

They go through their entire lives, and careers, DOING what they are told; never stopping to THINK about why they are doing it. Even if what they are doing is not WORKING; or is not bringing them the results they’re after – They will be skeptical of other alternatives…

Not because they “KNOW” to be skeptical; but often because someone else influenced them to be that way; Its the blind leading the blind – and it happens too often.

So how do we fight this?

Naturally the answer to a world full of ignorant people is to Educate them; BUT we can only educate those who WANT the education; Sadly, if a person has become so cynical in life and lacks the faith to believe that Positive people are still in this world; there is not much we can do; We can only give people the Opportunity to change themselves… we cannot however, make anyone, do anything.

When Skeptics and Network Marketing Clash, opinions which often are uninformed will fly from every direction; Just keep in mind, uninformed people know nothing. We as professional network marketers must continue to TREAT their opinions with the Value it deserves; They know nothing; the value of their opinion is nothing.

I met a very ignorant person just a week ago – assumed I had ulterior and sinister motives with my Money-Making Opportunities.

It almost took me back to my early days of Network Marketing; being accused of being a Drug Dealer, (by the random skeptics in chat rooms and message boards, seeking to damage the credibility of people they’d never met) when I never dealt drugs; I don’t even hang out with people in gangs, or people who deal drugs; BUT I’m black.

So there’s no way a business I’m running could be LEGAL …. right!?!?!

After all … I’m black!

Sadly, the black man has come to be portrayed in our National Media as a Criminal – and every aspect of the Media is used to carry this message to everyone in our society; Through Music, News Reports, Movies and Television – black people are constantly being portrayed as thugs. While there are several GOOD black people in the black community, all forms of Media tend to ignore those stories; not reporting them at all.

This gives others in our society an Unfair, Uneven, and Imbalanced view of black people; So, I can only forgive that man for his Ignorance; and for being a victim of this system which most likely Trained him to view All blacks in a sinister manner. 

Also, I can feel sorry for that man, who remarked to me that he isn’t making the kind of money he’d like to be making. Sadly, I’m the one man who probably could’ve helped him out – but He judged me to be a criminal; rather than investigate the Opportunities I have.

As professional Network Marketers, we simply need to Understand Skeptics – and do as Jesus would do; forgive them; for they know nothing.

Let us also learn from the skeptics; As professional network marketers it’s easy to be skeptical of the people we meet; The recruits we talk to – They tell us they’re going to sign up and don’t join right away. It’s easy to become skeptical of prospects. It’s easy to lose faith that your business will work out for the best. But all of this is ignorance – pure ignorance. We do not know what will happen when we talk to that NEXT person.

The rules of the game, that I learned from ACN Still apply to this day; SW, SW, SW, NEXT – Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, NEXT … someone else is Waiting…

Someone is looking for an opportunity; and someone is waiting for YOU To share that opportunity with them; If they show themselves to be a skeptic, then you know that’s not the person you were looking for; however if YOU are skeptical – you may never meet the people that you ARE looking for.

Do not allow this evil and harmful ideology to steal your future. Do not allow the Skeptics to feel their opinions matter, because they don’t. Do not be skeptical of others. Because if you are, your opinion will not matter to them.


Al King is the CEO and Founder of TopNetworkersGroup – who’s theme is “Creating Professional Network Marketers, who Earn Professional Money” –

In 2012 the One MLM System to Rule them all was launched, combining Several (Multiple) streams of Income through Proven and Tested Opportunities into ONE system; for ONE team, with ONE focus – To become the best Trained team MLM has ever seen. Watch the FREE MLM Training Now – and Join our Team today!

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