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The Frustration Fighter with Bishop TD Jakes

So … right after I got done expressing myself in my Open Letter to Black Home Business Owners, I come across “The Fight with Frustration” From Bishop T.D. Jakes.

It was, literally right on time…..

So here we have it – the real frustration fighter – prayer. Speaking to ‘the rock’ – Going inside and simply, letting it work itself out. Really? I can absolutely see how this would relieve the stress that is easy to arise; due to how frustration works; because … of the Investment, that Bishop Jakes speaks on on the first part, of the message. … about Speaking to the Rock; while Feeding the People.

The Frustration fighter, is to VENT it to Jesus; not to the person we are upset with.

Simply, to “go to the Rock” …. here’s Part 2, which really brings it home.

(quick note, some of this WAS in part 1; hey it’s how they cut these videos right? Taped live from TV to you via YouTube – Listen)

Regardless of what your spiritual beliefs are you have to admit the ‘timing’ is incredible. Right as I finish sharing my frustration with my own people – and our inability to work together, using a model that would create real freedom financially for all involved – I see this. A sermon on … patience. A message about dealing with ignorant people, who murmur and doubt, and question.

Funny right?

See, I’m not here to ‘push’ my ideas on you but I will comment on the remarkable timing of this message; Quick Screen shot evidence too …

quick FB-proof

This blog is set up to post on my wall when I publish new content; So you see the Open Letter to Black Home Business owners there (2 hours) – and you see, almost immediately (as I just said) – I shared a link from TD Jakes; which was right there on my Timeline.

“When you are frustrated with people you love, the conflict is overwhelming” – Bishop T.D. Jakes

Please listen to that Video above to UNDERSTAND The context of that quote – as he speaks loudly about how people Don’t know anything about Leadership; the Reality is, God will use anyone – ANYONE – Even someone you may not ‘think’ would be called to lead; and because the people have such a hard time recognizing who’s ‘called to lead’ … they murmur …

“Long as the manna was falling He was cool – When people get frustrated with the leader, they murmur against him. ”

Interesting too how this message seems to …. Speak to why even “I” had to express myself; because, “Frustration Has to Express itself” —– I love how in this sermon he talks about how God commands Moses to speak to the rock; but instead – with Frustration; speaks to the people.

See …

Gotta love the Message. I love how just as I get done expressing my frustration, to the people, about the people, about my own people – a Timely message floats my way;

Shout out to Robert Fraser too – Up and coming Leader in the MLM Industry; Check out his channel on YouTube Here.

Back to this message though from Bishop Jakes…  about he real frustration fighter, clearly this message was For me; and as Bishop explains … “I had a right to be frustrated, I have invested in it ….. If the Stock market crashes and You have no investment, Do you care? No you do not – but when you INVEST you now have Expectation…. and when people do not Deliver on what you expect; Frustration is natural”

… Perhaps, I should’ve spoke to the Rock 🙂

Perhaps some of you, reading this now, perhaps you relate to another spiritual energy – some other supernatural force; a creator – a master teacher – whomever you believe in; even if it’s just the ‘law of attraction’ that you feel is real – Look at it, in action …

Perhaps if you too are frustrated – Perhaps this message is for you too! Perhaps that’s what ‘drew’ you to it ….  Perhaps like those who practice yoga, or those who meditate, have had it right all along – the answer is to go to that ‘still quiet place’ – To go “inside” – to get silent and just ‘allow’ things to work themselves out –

Listen to a strong message from Mr. Robert Fraser as he speaks about that in this video –

Click here to register for the One MLM System to rule them all with Rob Fraser – follow this leader to the ‘promised land’ –

Sometimes we Absolutely do need to just “let go and Let God” —- Or simply LET things happen on their own; ignore the ‘situations’ (which may include People!!) that frustrate us. Perhaps if we simply, UNPLUG and go drink a ‘spoofy drink on the beach‘ – Things will unfold, while we’re on that break.

Then go back at it … As Mr. Fraser says – I remembered watching this video (and commenting on it) a month or so ago; and funny how it just came back to me; funny how it fits in – But, that is usually how it works.

If you’re FIGHTING with Frustration; My hope is that these messages – fit together right on time, for you – wherever you are – whenever you read this. Together, let’s speak to the rock; (instead of the people), even though we have the right to be frustrated due to all the time, love, money, and care we have invested … – unplug and let these situations work themselves out; knowing they will – because, they already have.

We are simply working to arrive at that moment.

Here’s to the Journey ….

To Success!

Open Letter To: Black Home Business Owners

The following post was too ‘personal’ for Facebook (where it started) and yet, was too important to limit to my private facebook wall. I decided to make this an Open Letter to the Black Home Business Owners of the world – I’ll let you read it – and I have a few more things to say below.

So, I was just told that when members of DSD unlock higher levels of training, one of the programs recommended is Ebates.

Milton Mouzon referred this program to me when we were putting together the One MLM System (in 2012) – it’s been in there since Day One.

I cannot help but find it … interesting, that when We recommended this program to our team – most of them looked at it ‘funny’ …. they rolled their eyes and acted as if the program wasn’t really ‘valuable’ ….

But, now that Roger says it’s a program people should Really consider using; Folks are treating it like it’s Gospel.

…. It’s things like that, that make you really sit back and wonder about how, cultural perceptions influence business decisions that business people make.  Truth is, most business people (those of you who just got into home business after being an EMPLOYEE for decades of your life) are actually NOT making decisions like Business People.

Business Decisions are not the same as “emotional Decisions” —-

Emotional Decisions are very much colored by the ignorant perceptions our Society lumps on us as we are born into it … the game was already in motion before we got on; and already people are telling us who we should like, who we should and should not trust; who we should follow.

I find it interesting that when people of a certain ‘hue’ talk about an idea it gets funny looks; but when a lighter ‘more accepted hue’ says word for word the same thing; it’s gospel – it’s the way.

What really gets me here …. is Black People are the ones doing this nonsense more than anyone I’ve seen; Treating their fellow man as if he is not on the same level, with that Other man.

Like I said; I can understand it when others do it; it’s society; the world still has a long way to go to rid itself of the ugly and ignorant spirit that took the world over several centuries ago; an ugly spirit that has lingered; and yet — I SEE how my own people, absolutely participate in our own Demise; through daily decisions not to Trust and/or Respect One another.

It’s pretty sad.

When I talk about bringing MLM together; making sure we’re all making money; using affordable programs to help people make money so they can get into Higher investment (higher return) opps; Folks act like it’s the most confusing shit in the world; Then a white man comes out with a ‘power lead system’ that is Saying the SAME Thing I just got done saying; and It’s VIRAL….

.. and every brotha and sista under the sun is coming to me with it …

We put Amazon in the System in 2012, and nobody wanted to take the time to learn about how to use Amazon; But “Roger” comes out with DSD … and now everyone is a Amazon Expert; buying books on Amazon; Researching and Studying that ass off….

It’s pretty interesting.

If (when) confronted all will deny.

Yet … it absolutely seems to be the case.

As I said, I understand when others do it – but it’s tough when it comes from your own people.

On the heels of the events of Trayvon Martin’s injustice, and having knowledge of several cases where injustice continues to arrive in the lives of members in the black community, I started “the Black Folder” – This is a folder in the 1mlmsystem that is entirely dedicated to those who are interested in coming together and creating a real financial revolution within the black community. This is a very tough mission to do. This is a mission that has been stopped time, and time again.

It’s the mission for which many say, Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated – Hear Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. discuss The Poor People’s Campaign – Much of what he says is still true to this day. This economic condition black people find themselves in is a real Emergency. The fire in the lives of black men and women has continued to burn. Thousands of black lives have been cut short, burned beyond recognition, and forgotten due to the heat of the blaze. As these fires continue to rage, the clear lack of economic power – is the very water needed to put the fire out.

And yet, Dr. Claud Anderson discusses the very misconception that we, as a community have, about what and where our financial power is. It is not in being a consumer. As a consumer, what we are really doing is making others wealthy, instead of our selves.

The saddest reality I’ve come to accept – is that black men and women are doing the same thing, in the home business industry today.

We are refusing to work with, follow, listen to or show loyalty to our fellow black men and women in business – for fear of not being accepted by non-blacks. The same forces that drive us apart in our society are doing it to us within business as well. Black men and women are divided; battling over who’s company (which we do not own) is better. We are discarding the advice of seasoned black business people, to follow the non-blacks around; who are often saying the same things as those seasoned black leaders.

It’s a very sad, and tough position we find ourselves in – as we all want the same things; but seem to be blind to the obviousness of how to Obtain it.

I remain hopeful, but am ever more realistic – that the imprint of society has so much influence over people that the Mission of the Black Folder – is a long, long ways off from being reached.

That is ok though.

It is, what it is – and it’s … Interesting, like so many things in life are – Coming together is the answer for black people in the network marketing industry. Yet, many will wait for a white person to do what we’ve been doing; and sadly many of those other systems will not be thought out for the benefit of black people; but for those who can ‘afford’ to improve their lives; or those who will miss a car payment, for hope.

The psychological murder of black people is a reality – as Dr. King discusses in the message that many will not take the time to hear. That’s just how bad it is.

Not to be the bearer of bad news – but I am here to be honest, and real.

Those blacks who’ve made it to the top of a company in the MLM industry are much like a Lebron James – controlled by corporate interests. Not wanting to go back to a life without money, they find themselves stuck – and because they do not really Trust their own people to create wealth amongst one another; they remain silent – they remain where they are; Under control – and content about it.

Their eyes have been gouged out – they cannot see that MLM is a model for Freedom; it’s a business model that frees us from corporate control. However, when our MLM ‘network’ is tied to a corporate company; that company controls the entire network; Free, but not free.

Then there is our concept; Our vision – our idea shared with the world first in 2010 – refined by our One MLM System in 2012 – YOU and I must be loyal to one another; and as we build a network based on that loyalty; we create REAL control; and real financial freedom, for ourselves.

But … I guess I need to find a white person to share that Vision – for you to hear it clearly.


*Update – Check out Nolan Richardson in his Hall of Fame Speech talking about Teamwork, and how it absolutely makes the Dream Possible. Without a team, none of us will ever get to our goals. The better the team, the better able we are to reach our dream!