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Edification is Missing from MLM

Let’s Discuss how Edification is missing from MLM these days. One of those skills in business that a lot of folks take for granted. It’s been proven time after time, that people join people not companies. That’s why it really doesn’t matter what you sell – it’s not about the product, the service, or the company – it’s about the people; always …

So how do you speak about your business partners to others?

Do you really think all the ‘in-fighting’ that happens in MLM is good for MLM?

Do people on the outside look at the industry and think “wow, I cannot wait to join them!”?

When edification is missing it turns people away from MLM

Edification is missing – that understanding that even if you wanna say something bad about someone you shouldn’t, because it harms the industry as a whole. Even if you wanna say your sponsor sucks or doesn’t know anything you shouldn’t.  Because it makes YOU look foolish for following someone who doesn’t know anything.  Simply speaking good about the people you are financially connected to, can go a long, long way for your business. The same applies to your uplines though – Edification is missing there as well; as new leaders, never got trained on how to be leaders, how to be lid lifters, on how to encourage.

Far too often Upline ‘leaders’ are purging their own downlines for talent to move with them, to the next deal.  Far too often, Uplines are looking at their organizations as cash cows instead of real people. They’re not thankful for the investments of time and money people are putting into their Own lives.   Too many have Inflated Egos and think that just because they spend time pouring into others that THEY cannot be poured into.  So they’re missing their opportunity to greatly impact the lives of others – just like edification is.

It’s not a good thing that edification is missing from MLM.

Especially at a time like this, with so much economic uncertainty in the world. People used to know they could turn to MLM as a great environment to be in.  They could go and get encouragement, or begin to believe in their dreams again.  People could see respect that others held for one another, but more importantly they heard it.  My mentors taught me that I needed to become so good at edification that I could edify a glass of water.

This ability to edify one another, eventually turns into an ability to talk good about anything – Especially your company, it’s products or services – and the founders, presidents and leaders within.  These are the things that draw people in, and make them want to be part of it too. They are already in environments that do not lift them up or encourage them. They’re already being told to give up on their dreams. So many people are starving for love, and if they cannot find it in MLM then where can they find it?  If they cannot find genuine respect in MLM, then where will they find that?

We have to bring edification back, and make sure new people are trained on just how important it is.

We need to be reminded that our words paint pictures, and with our words we have the power to build or destroy.  Edification is missing from MLM today, but if we hope for this industry to be an option in the future, the real leaders must step to the plate, and bring edification back!

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Huge Pet Peeve about Networkers

Like any networker, I have pet peeves. Things that rub me wrong about the networking industry that I love. I want to take a few moments to share a Huge Pet Peeve about Networkers with you, that drives me up a wall. It’s so frustrating only because it is so common. For “Team Members” of Topnetworkersgroup – they get access to a special restricted Training video that I call “Networking with Networkers” – and In it, I really go into tips and strategies that work.

I was driving home last night in fact and thought about how often people are being Mislead in this industry.

So many people are hearing that Networkers are better leads. This could not be further from the truth. Usually this is because other networkers, have products and services that they are trying to sell. They are looking for partners to help them sell their stuff. They’re typically not looking to Buy anyone else’s stuff.  Which is why this is SUCH a huge pet peeve about networkers for me. So many of them, are trying to PUSH Their stuff on people who do not want their stuff.

That’s the real problem with family and friends ‘as leads’ – it’s not that they are ‘bad leads’ …

The problem is The Networker refuses to work on his or her skills in order to figure out ‘who’ is a good lead and who isn’t.

This is primarily because, Networkers are selfish.

That brings me to my Huge Pet Peeve about Networkers – that we are here to discuss.

Far too often, people have signed up with me in a business, only to turn around and Pitch me on something else.

So I’ll have someone sign up for the 1mlmsystem – do nothing with it – and 2-3 weeks later they are asking me about several programs that aren’t In the system. Many of them quit the system to promote ‘those programs’ – and usually feel that I slighted them in some way. They feel that since They signed up with me in something, I should also sign up with them in ‘those programs’.

Pet Peeve, Not How This Works

That isn’t how this works!

That isn’t how any of this works!!

Let me explain it this way.

Most of the time I actually can’t ‘afford’ to buy from you.

That’s the reason I’m in a business and looking for customers & business partners. So that I can grow my Income.  So that I’ll be ‘able’ to Invest in more things.

After you and I grow an income together, ‘then’ I would be in a better position to buy from you. Afterall, by then I would have made money with you.  Why wouldn’t I invest in you at that point??

Instead, what MOST networkers try to do, is bribe people into investing with them, whether or not they “Really” invest with that person.

Signing up with someone in a program, but then spending absolutely no time whatsoever on Building any Income with that person – does not benefit that person in any way whatsoever.

It also does not benefit YOU as the networker!!

The reason this is such a HUGE Pet Peeve about networkers ‘for me’ – is because all networkers SHOULD know this.

None of us benefit from customers who never refer other customers. We don’t benefit from business partners who don’t get customers; or look for other business partners to get customers with.

So why do we do this to each other?

Why is this so Common?

I don’t have enough fingers to count the amount of times I’ve run into this over the last 6 years.

I believe this all stems from Lack mentality. Selfishness, combined with a fear that there aren’t enough resources, aren’t enough ‘leads’,  aren’t enough people Open to making money from home – all lends itself to this predatory nature within the network marketing industry. Everyone wants to sign up people who are ‘already’ trained so that they can just ‘produce’ and put people in to stuff. None of them have a real, long term plan though.  No one is really and genuinely looking out for the well-being of others – and that makes for an industry that has the kinds of disappointing numbers that it has.

We’ve got to do better as an industry; we need more than just 3-5% of people making real money – if people can make More money working a job than they can joining a network marketing business; why join?  There are SO many leads out there – but we as an industry have to GIVE those leads something they actually WANT. And that’s just not possible, so long as we continue to prey upon one another.

More of my Thoughts in this video below:

And on my channel –

Network Marketing Companies Are All The Same

The overall message you’ll get from TopNetworkersGroup is that Network Marketing Companies are all the same.

All network marketing companies sell a product or a service and use this business model to save money on advertising. Advertising is a huge industry. Billions of dollars are spent each year by traditional companies in hopes of getting consumers to buy what they are selling. With the rapid improvement of technology more and more ways and more and more places to advertise are emerging. The average joe sitting at home wanting to make money and free up his time is unable to compete with traditional companies.

This is why network marketing companies appeal to the average Joes – because the methods taught on how to acquire customers usually has nothing to do with traditional methods. In fact, I’ve made a few videos that speak to this issue which is now a real challenge in the MLM Industry today. Many people who are new to this industry continually make one of two mistakes in how they view MLM. People either feel MLM is not a ‘real business’ – or they think MLM is so much like a real business that the Only way to make money at it is to spend money on advertising.

This accounts for the huge % of people who fail at network marketing – because they spent far more than they made. That is however the price to be paid when an Average Joe has a huge Ego and thinks he can compete against Fortune 500 companies with well trained staff. Many of the people working for these companies specialize in what they do. The average joe works a job, on the 40 hours per week plan; and rarely do they work in the advertising department.

However the moment average Joe’s join network marketing companies they decide that they are now experts – and choose not to listen to their uplines!

Avoid being like average Joe; be like Above Average Joe instead. He makes more money.

Should Network Marketers use Paid Advertising?

There are a lot of people joining network marketing companies who need to understand this reality. We are not traditional business; and so our approach to acquiring customers needs to be different. Most people we approach are not going to look at us, or what we sell, the same way they look at Nike or Apple.

Unless of course you’re working to get sales for Nike or Apple.


Whether you’re marketing for company ABC or XYZ – all network marketing companies are the same. They pay you for the customers you bring to the company. You can get customers yourself, and you can usually assemble a team of business partners who can also make money for getting customers, and you’ll be paid a % of what your partners bring in. Most of these companies are offering products that are of the same or better quality as a Nike or Apple would; for less money than people are spending.

These lower prices are usually possible, because network marketing companies are not spending money on advertising. When companies spend money on advertising they need to raise the prices of their products So they can cover the expense.

Now you know why Nike and Apple products cost so much money.

So, since all network marketing companies are the same – does it really matter what ‘company’ we join? Or does it matter more ‘how’ we go about acquiring customers for products and/or services these companies offer?

Simple yet not so simple right?

Because yes – SOME network marketing companies are really bad. Either the product/service they provide is no good. Or the company ends up with all the wrong people. Team Building Series: The Right People

Here at topnetworkersgroup, we feel that as long as we have the right people, who know how to go about acquiring customers for a product/service – and who know how to find good business partners who’ll do the same; We can sell any product/service for ANY of these network marketing companies.

For us, it’s simply a matter of choosing the right ones for the team.

If you want to learn HOW to approach and acquire customers and business partners; Be sure to sign up for our One MLM System to Rule them All – the official Training and Support system for TopNetworkersGroup

Over the next 3-6 months, We will be beefing up our FREE level in order to provide more and more value to members of our team; and to make the Opportunity of working with us even more appealing. If you’ve got any questions, be sure to leave those below!

What Programs are in our MLM System?

Wanted – 3 NEW Business Partners

I recently put together a ‘post’ on my Facebook, which explains something simple – the requirements to be my New Business Partner – not everyone understands what this means; so I wanna make sure I take a moment to explain it for you.

Recently, I had a car accident – Unfortunate; but thankfully I was not IN the car; However it presents an issue in my life, that more money WOULD help. If i had an extra $600 per month rolling in right now, I could pick up a new car and not worry about what’s going to happen with my Current one. The person that hit my car was most likely an illegal immigrant; because they had a scared look on their face when I asked for a drivers license and proof of insurance; As I started dialing the Police, he started up his Ice Cream Truck – and drove away.

So now, my Insurance company has to track down who owns the company; figure out if they have insurance; and I’m here waiting to find out what the news will be. I may end up having to pay money out of my own pocket to get my car fixed; and it’s a whole bunch of nonsense that I have to deal with, all because I am not making nearly as much money, as I would like to be making.

How many people reading this can relate???

The “good side” of this – is NOW I’m super motivated to HIT the position of Founder3, with WakeUpNow – simply because it WILL add needed additional income to my life; I need this to happen SOON; but do it, I need the right business partners who are As motivated, as I am.

From My Facebook:

The first crop of people That Joined me are not doing what I’d like. SO let me RUn down a LIST of what I NEED from you as a business ‘partner’


1. Weekly Communication – If we’re goinna make money together; we need to talk; I realize you got a wife, a girlfriend – and She’s not too sure about you spending Time on the PHone with other people — BUT do you wanna PROVIDE for her or not?


Then you are gonna have to Grow a Pair and Do what YOU Gotta Do as a MAN For the benefit of your Relationship with your Woman; Spending time ON the Couch with her, watching Reality TV Shows and going Shopping for her, is NOT providing; Making $10,000/mo Residually IS.


So BE MOTIVATED to make MONEY when you contact me;

2. The ability To Be Coached – IF you’re not able to sponsor people; I can help; BUT I can only hep if you “allow” me to help; Do not sign up and tell ME that You’re not gonna do this or that; UNLESS what you do Gets RESULTS; i don’t need you to tell ME how to do network marketing; Don’t tell me how You’re gonna buy leads, and buy ads. Come with your CUP empty, and let ME fill it up for you.


>>>> and that’s it.


If you’ll COMMUNICATE weekly and LET ME Tell you what to do; I’ll help you be successful.


THE MOMENT you tell me what you’re NOT gonna do – is the moment I cannot help you – and I might mess around and Disconnect from you for wasting my time.


WHO is motivated like ME to add an extra $600 per month to your life by the NOVEMBER 20th?


Inbox me RIGHT NOW; and get ready to be a “PARTNER” —-> which means, doing your PART.

We play the game the right way here at TNG; and I honestly feel bad for people I’ve sponsored who CHOSE not to listen to what I Teach them. In the process both of us end up losing in this ‘game’ we are playing; In the MLM Industry, either we get rich TOGETHER; or no one gets rich.

So, as I’ve stated in a few past posts, do not join me if you’re refusing to do things the right way.

If you are, Get signed up asap here –

THEN look for an email from me THIS week – as I’m looking for people I can talk to and work with on a WEEKLY basis; Check out some FREE training from My 1mlmsystem on “TRUST” – because this is all part of what it’ll take for you and ME to create the kind of income WE KNOW is possible for us to make; especially in an opportunity as Lucrative as WakeUpNow is.


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