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I recently made a Business Move.

I recently made a Business Move.

I am not talking about this one on Facebook “yet” — because I want to continue to talk to my current FB “list” about the opportunities I have been talking to them about.

However, I made a business move.

SkinnyBodyCare is actually not going well.

This is NOT being talked about. It would appear it’s going well because there are still a handful of people seeing results; however – many people do not realize just how difficult it is to build. The primary issue has always been the $65/mo —

This is not a lot of money but, if you are not Making Money; THIS is a lot of money.

IF a person is going to pay $65/mo for a product, THEY better be using it; and frankly most people in SBC are NOT using the product; most are on autoship and are out seeking to sign others up on autoship; again this becomes a huge issue.

This does work in many “health and wellness” companies though – because most people are joining to pay for products they were going to pay for anyway, to get a result that their product gets ‘for them’ — and IF They are also looking for customers, most of them who are successful – are using their Personal Story to get those customers.

The same ‘could’ be said for members of SBC who are having success.

That the ones having success ARE the ones losing weight, from using the product…. and using their personal story to sponsor other people.

However if losing weight is the goal, most people will be more interested in a more Affordable weight loss product.

This is what makes SBC so difficult to build – These are not excuses – These are realities that several people face – because frankly, it’s Too much money for people who do not have a real genuine interest in losing weight.

There are other, more affordable options; and when it comes to a Consumer – Consumers always look for the more affordable option.

Over the Past Year with SBC, I have watched my Residual Income check Drop, month by month, as more and more people quit, gave up, and moved on.

While attrition is part of our industry – people leaving is not the real problem; the problem is no NEW people are joining.

So all the Logical Factors pointed to making a move.

I’ve had my eye on a company for a few months now; as I’ve been really wanting to get BACK Involved with Health and Wellness; but I know that MOST of them are SO expensive; MOST health and wellness companies, will run you between $70-$200 Per MONTH — and that really cuts a LOT of potential people OUT of that business model.

THIS one was different.

Very soon you’ll see the ‘marketing engines’ turn on for this one and Members of my team will be the first ones to benefit; however Those members will need to have Desire, Vision, and Hunger.

THIS IS the Health and Wellness opportunity I have aligned myself with and I am inviting a handful of others to join me.

I only have 4 SLOTS open for this one; if you’d like to work together

Take Action – GET signed up – and then Email me to let me know you’re inside.

Removing all excuses

What we’ve done, in a nutshell, with our 1mlmsystem.com “System” is removed all the excuses that people have made, for why they struggle to earn a consistent, residual check, In Network Marketing.

When TopNetworkersGroup was first put together, it was created out of the ‘struggles’ that myself and several others have experienced in this industry.

We wanted to approach this industry ‘better’ and ‘more professionally’ than I felt most were approaching it. See, MLM was ‘never’ about the company…. and all the top money earners in our industry do not recruit others based solely on how awesome their company is.

The TOP People, recruit people into partnership with THEM.

If my vision for others, is for them to become TOP NETWORKERS – they must have this understanding of how to sponsor others.

Often, “the money” becomes an issue – some times people will avoid joining a business because the ‘cost’ to get started, stops them in their tracks.

The MONEY however, is never what MLM is about. Really, it’s the commitment. Will You put in the ‘time’ to learn what you need to learn, so that you can be Excellent at getting results in this industry? If not, keep your money…

We do Not want your Money!

However, with so many ‘opportunities’ in our industry today, lots of people could care less about other people; they JUST want their money. They JUST want to make a fast start bonus from them. They want them on autoship whether they are producing or not, so that they can make money….. and to us, that’s not right.

We want committed business partners to work with.

We want people who WANT to be on our team, working with us.

We did not want to make ‘money’ an issue at all; We wanted to make sure ‘company’ was not the main focus of others; we wanted to get BACK to the BASICS of network marketing and create a team who would approach MLM, ‘the right way’…

No crossline recruiting.

No Leadership team joining a new company ever 3-4 months, taking all the ‘leaders’ in their downline with them, regardless of who’s downline they are taking them out of.

No half-ass training telling people to just post links, and keep getting on calls, till they get results.

We wanted a real, PERSONAL GROWTH PLAN – that challenges each team member to become Better than they are today, so they can attract better people into their lives, and especially into their businesses; and as we grow our network, as we increase our income, as we gain MORE knowledge about what works vs what doesn’t, WE become a ‘group’ of Top Networkers.

NOW others can finally and officially join our team, and our movement…. to make The Industry of MLM, what the PEOPLE really and truly need. A place where anyone – literally – can turn FREE money into Residual Money; and create a life for themselves, that will bless others for decades, and perhaps centuries to come.

To work with our team, you Must join our System – 1mlmsystem.com

ACN vs. TBA :: Let’s Talk Money

This is the first version of a video presentation I have wanted to put together for some time now.

The reason this video was put together is simple. I came from ACN, and it was my first company.  I met some of the most wonderful people during my time in that company, and after 4 1/2 years,  my Renewal was more than my Residual.

So, I walked away from the company … but I never lost ‘faith’ in the Industry of Network Marketing.  ACN is still the standard for all network marketing companies in our industry today. .. As far as HOW to TRAIN and TEACH this business.

There is however, One Fatal flaw – ACN’s compensation plan just may be the worst in our industry ‘today’ – So this video, strips away all the hype, and gets right down to the MONEY.


I will soon be shooting an Updated VERSION of this video, which will be slightly shorter; FOR Now, I felt it was important to get this information out there – if you are currently WITH ACN, do not leave the company. Instead, look at this as a serious option to HELP enhance what you are doing with ACN.

To review the TBA Opportunity, watch the video below – and then decide WHICH program you want to use, to start earning money NOW, with people that you can bring into ACN later. Do not allow the $499 Challenge to stop you from earning money in ACN.


To get started with TBA CO Click Here.To get started with the 5% Club Click Here.

The New TBA Presentation

See it now – the new 15 minute TBA Inc. Presentation, brought to you by the Top Networkers Group.


New website goes with ::: http://topnetworkersgroup.com/5percent :::

If you have Questions about this opportunity, be sure to leave a comment below. Avoid using your email address, (as you do not want to be spammed) in the body of your message. Get your questions answered; I am the one ‘presenting’ in the video you are watching and will show you how to use The Website linked up above, to Market THIS Opportunity, absolutely Free. Thanks for coming, Most of you got here because you were Looking for the NEW TBA Presentation, which you’ve just stumbled across – OR perhaps someone Shared it with you in passing; If you KNow this person, get back with them and see how YOU can get involved, and start earning money in this SIMPLE business, that offers, quite frankly, one of the most lucrative compensation plans you will ever come across, In our industry today…. And they’ve been around for over 13 years. Thanks for reading, and for watching – Leave your Comments below – OR visit the website to See More, and Get Started Working with ME and My Team.

We have to Win as a Team

Sports and Business have so many parallels as, is illustrated by many quotes in an article written up about Game 4 of the NBA Finals, between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers.

It’s a storied rivalry that drives the players in it to Perform – there is Pressure in both cities to WIN it all, especially against the other city’s team. Lakers Vs. Celtics = NBA :: this is what it’s all about really – as these two teams have the most Championships, and the most Appearances in the Finals – meanwhile, the Celtics have a 9-2 Record all time against the Lakers … which in a way, almost makes it a pretty One Sided Rivalry – adding even More Pressure to the Situation.

One of the star players for the Lakers, Lamar Odom, has created a reputation – over time – from habits formed that he’s now very use to; of Not stepping up when really, Really needed. As this article discusses, he’d rather Defer to other’s on the team, than Be All he’s capable of Being.

It’s one of the most frustrating things about Lamar : who is talented enough to basically BE Lebron James – yet…. he’s just Lamar Odom.

In Business, so many Talented people on a Team don’t step up and be MORE of what they could be, because … there are other talented people on the team too, and they’d rather just allow them to do all of the work, all the heavy lifting.

What makes Great companies great, is when they have the rare fortune of assembling a group of Talented people who All strive to be the VERY BEST They can be, in all situations, as often as they can :: When you get a ‘culture’ of people who Push and Strive for it – who Make things happen – who never give up — people who possess the spirit of Winners.

This is what many Laker fans of come to LOVE about Kobe Bryant; Clearly talented and yet, continues to push harder – to be even better – never satisfied – always improving; This motivates so many others with less talent to work Harder, and the results are, they contribute to the Winning their Teams do – in spite of not being, Kobe Bryant — one of the recent names that come to mind a fine example of this – Derrick Fisher : Who already had work ethic which got him drafted; but who’s commitment to continue striving towards excellent has put him in a position to knock down BIG – timely shots for the Lakers, helping in a big way in at least 4 Championships to this day.

“This is Lamar Odom in full. The personality that happily allows him to defer to others and at times makes him the ultimate third or fourth option is the same one that prevents him from assuming the pressure of stepping into an expanded set of responsibilities.

He’s always had the talent to be one of the elite players in the game. He just never had the desire to take the job.” – Dan Wetzel

I recently was shown an AWESOME video on Teamwork that illustrates all of the qualities that need to be in place for a Team to be successful :: If you admire the Airforce, and the men and women who Serve our Country, you will greatly Enjoy this Video.

It takes All of it.

Not Some of it….

Which is what many people Do in Business. I know first hand – I work with them all the time; and ya know, at some point I was like that as well :: we all are generally when we are NEW to this – and we don’t want to Step up and DO presentations for people. I didn’t have that problem though; I was willing to Present; Willing to Train ::: but I wasn’t always willing to go out and DO!

That’s big right?

If you want to make leader money, you gotta do more than teach it; you gotta do more than talk it – You’ve got to Walk it.

Lamar has Talent? Yea right … Show us.

That’s what the Laker fan has to say …….. That’s what your neighbor has to say when you share your Business :: and they don’t believe YOU will make any money in it; Why? They know you ………..

They know you quit everything you’ve ever started.

They know you’ve Never read a book about making MONEY in your life; and you don’t know if those ‘people’ with CEO’s Unlimited know what they are talking about … or Not.

And You’re not coming to Training, you’re not “practicing” – Or you show up but rarely take notes; don’t really pay attention, learn, or Change anything about your approach :: and you’re still saying WAY too much to people who now judge YOU instead of your OPPORTUNITY.

You’ve got to be Part of the Team.

In Business, in Network Marketing, you do not Represent You.

You Represent your Team….

You represent your Company – So you gotta do it Right; you gotta do it the way the Team has decided it needs to be Done; it’s not your Show – your time to be an Individual; Talent always rises to the Top.

You’ve got Talent? Yea right …. Show us.

Be ALL that you can be, while being PART of the Team – It’s not one or the other; It’s ALL of it :: it’s BOTH up to Lamar to Put it on his Shoulders, AND Up to the Team to put it on theirs too.

EVERYBODY has to do ALL of IT!

If you are to Win in Sports… Just like if you are to Win in Business – YOU need to WIN – as a TEAM.

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