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The Call: Cedric Harris Explains Leaving Visalus

Here it is … the Sudden and Unexpected Call, where Cedric Harris explains his reasons for Leaving Visalus.

I started the recording about 8 minutes late; much of what he said in the first 8 minutes was not the Meat of the call; but mostly apologizing that people had to hear the announcement on YouTube – and a few other things – He does mention knowing that Others Might be recording the call, because Cedric Harris Leaving Visalus is real big news.

So he was careful not to badmouth anyone over at Visalus.

His leaving does spark a heated debate in the industry concerning “leaders” who join companies, tell everyone it’s the greatest company on earth for several months, and then …. decide to Leave.

Often these leaders leave several people behind, and a commenter shared their feelings about that, when I first broke the news here – Big MLM News Cedric Harris Leaves Visalus

You can watch the original video there as well. But, here is the much anticipated call that I promised I would release – however this call WILL Expire eventually – so be sure to listen to it while you can. I do not know if it’s available anywhere else.


Compelling stuff really … when you listen to it I’d love to hear your feedback.

I also want to take a moment to recommend a few articles that will help those of you who are seeking to earn real residual income from home – this is a volatile industry; and following ‘leaders’ around is not the way to make money long term.

You and I must make business decisions for ourselves. We must seek out people doing what it is that we want to do; and then find out what they did to get it; and finally, we must be willing to DO those things our selves. Other people cannot do it for us.

Our Team, TopNetworkersGroup has introduced a System designed to help us work together with several people in our industry, make money in several places, but most importantly, exposes people to the Real Education They need to Succeed in Business.

Our system teaches people the importance of Learning What to do; and HOW to do it.

Don’t sponsor shop. It does not matter who your sponsor is. Joining someone because you saw a video of them on Youtube, and you think they’re going to help you Make Money by holding your hand. They are human beings, just like you – Their only job is to plug you into the information; You have to be willing to then Digest that information for your self.

This is why TNG endorses several programs that we feel will Fully Educate a business person with a real desire to achieve.

But we also feel that you need the stability, of having multiple streams of income, from multiple affiliate programs and mlm companies; From the sounds of it, Cedric Harris could not do that with Visalus. Several of us have heard the rumors of top leaders getting terminated for participating in a Blogging Opportunity; which seemingly does not conflict with selling shakes; but instead, could HELP boost the sale of their weight loss program.

Too many of these companies want to treat us like Employees. So it’s up to US to be professionals and take our Careers into our own hands; by placing an importance on Self Education in all areas of Business Development – GROW your SELF and your POCKETS will FOLLOW!

Related Articles and Recommended Reading.

For your Business Education

Thank you for visiting and listening to “the Call” – while we know you mostly are interested in hearing for yourself, from the horses mouth on Why Cedric Harris has Left Visalus, we hope to also have shed some insight on why Leaders Leave in the First place.

They leave, because they Have the SKILLS to build a Network – if you can BUILD it; YOU can build it anywhere. That’s what all of us must commit to learning; HOW to build it. That way our incomes will not be dependent on HOPE … or on HYPE.

Did you Hear it – Cedric Harris is Leaving Visalus

Today, Cedric Harris made a big announcement. If you look up the term Cedric Harris Leaves Visalus, you’re going to find out it’s not the first time he’s left a company. However what’s intriguing about today’s announcement is the day it’s made on.

Today is April 1st, or April Fools Day.

Several people are unsure if this news is true; Especially because of the Day it’s being announced on. However when you watch Cedric Harris speak about leaving, and mention the fact that this is NOT an April Fools Joke, it does make one wonder how true it is.

Watch the Video here : Cedric Harris Leaves Visalus

I’m well aware of the “culture” at Vi that he also talks about in this video; which terminates all distributors who are caught marketing anything other than Visalus.

This begs the question of whether or not we are Truly FREE and Independent when we sign up with a company; or if we’re actually just Employees with fancy Titles.

As Cedric Harris Leaves Visalus, he does so in a classy way – without bashing or badmouthing the company; simply suggesting he’s interested in being true to himself.

This is something that more people need to investigate as well when joining an MLM Company. Did you join because yous aw other people making money, or did something inside feel just right – do you really have a love and a passion for that MLM company; or is it JUST a vehicle to make money with?

I’ve got some experience in this industry and can say from first hand perspective that when people join me in MLM, but do not TIE making MONEY into their ‘other reasons’ for being in an MLM, making money is just not strong enough.

To really be successful selling a Weight Loss Product like Visalus you have to LOVE weight loss; and truly believe in the company – but at the PRICE they are asking, in a run down economy that is well reported on the news, perhaps these companies are asking TOO much by limiting their distributors’ income.

It seems to me that’s the biggest reason for Cedric’s decision.

It’s about time a well respected MLM Industry leader came out and said something too.

Especially with so much talk going on lately about “Shiny Object Syndrome” – and whether “Multiple Streams of Income” is what we, as networkers, should be after. Several ‘leaders’ with titles are basically attacking many of us who’ve chosen our freedom of choice – over their commands to give them all of our undivided attention, and money.

In a few moments, Cedric Harris will hold a LIVE call, and we’ll find out if the rumors are true.

Or, if this is just one big JOKE!

– See more here – Cedric Harris Leaves Visalus – Not A Joke