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I Want Spillover …

Spillover is a ‘term’ that is related to Forced Matrix Compensation plans. If you are involved with the Network Marketing industry, you need to make it your business to know as much about our industry as you can.

If the term Spillover is new to you, then I will do my best to explain it now.

There are all sorts of Compensation Plans. Most can be defined as Unilevel, Binary, or Forced Matrix.  Spillover generally applies to Binary and Forced Matrix Compensation Plans.

With a “bi”nary you’re only given 2 spots, on your frontline (first level) – so if you’re a master recruiter, and you can sponsor 10 people into something your self… 2 of those 10 will be on your first level, the other 8 will “spillover” and “spill under” your frontline 2. If those 2 people sponsor 10 each, those 10 will most likely spillover, and spill under the people You helped put Under them.

It’s very simple actually.

In a “Forced Matrix” – the compensation is usually defined; Some limit your front level to 3 spots, some to 5; Then there is a Limit on Depth, which nearly all compensation plans have. In a 3×8 matrix, or a 5×15 matrix, once again the person who can put in 10, will create spillover for the people working with them.

This is what makes these types of compensation plans very attractive, especially to struggling marketers in our industry.

Most people struggle because they are inconsistent, or use ineffective methods to build. Most would cut their learning curve in half, by watching videos by Expert recruiters, and then, simply Doing what those Experts suggest, rather than doing what most struggling networkers do, and that’s attempt to re-invent the wheel.

The Wheel has already been Invented!

So let’s talk pros and cons – because all business, all compensation plans, all industries, have pros and cons. Nothing is perfect in an imperfect society, full of imperfect human beings – so this is the most glaring ‘con’ involved with Forced Matrixes.

They attract people looking for Spillover, who hope to get a position, sit there, do nothing, pay their money, and then EARN from the efforts of those above them.  Could happen – sometimes it does. But, to sustain the growth, at some point, even That person NEEDS to help out, and sponsor people – and GIVE to others, what has been GIVEN To them.

The Top Networkers Group has one focus : To Create Professional network marketers, because professionals make professional money. So let’s talk about how you, as a Professional, should approach any opportunity where you could get Spillover …

Create Your Own Spillover.

I wish I could take credit for that one, but, I got this idea from ThatFreeThing – this is one of the newer companies hat has a forced matrix, and you can get some good spillover, due to all the buzz and momentum. But do you want to pay $25 to enroll, and $10/mo after that, just to wait on people to fall under you? Or, wouldn’t it make More sense to learn HOW to find others to join with you? Of course it would. That’s a no brainer. So what generally STOPS people from referring others effectively? There is really SO much here. There is the Fear of Rejection, as well as the Fear of Success. These are real, psychological issues that people deal with, when they join the world of selling, sales, network marketing, marketing, advertising, etc…. there is a real fear of being not only rejected on the business, but being outcast from their ‘network of friends’ – de-valued by them, or even made fun of by those people. Often, people regard the Opinions of others, whom they should not; They buy the opinions of people who’s lifestyles are not what they want for themselves.

When you buy someone’s Opinion – you buy their lifestyle.

Then there is fear of success, a whole other monster – where people are actually afraid of what might happen, if they got to Live their Dreams. Many people are indeed, afraid of their own greatness. Many people are afraid of becoming who they’ve always viewed themselves as, because they associate problems, challenges, and other obstacles with becoming the very BEST they could be. So these are two very REAL Factors that people deal with. This is why we HIGHLY Recommend using Personal Growth and Development Products. Books, Tapes, and Videos, to help change the thoughts in your mind. This is a stumbling block for all struggling marketers; they simply are not working hard enough on themselves. Work harder on yourself, than you work on your business, and your business will take care of itself. You may even want to Review our Personal Development Program, which will Pay you to become better, and plug into our Trainings that will also challenge how you think today, so that you can THINK AND GROW RICH in your life, and especially in your business.

So, back to Spillover.

If you will do more than just WAIT for spillover, something very SPECIAL can and will happen for you and the people you are working with.  If your Sponsor is working to bring others on, and You are too, together BOTH of you will CREATE spillover for YOUR downlines.

Then, if you can find 2-3 people in your downlines, who will work with YOU and your Upline, to bring in people, to do what works, to use effective, time tested & proven methods to recruit others into an opportunity … you will create even MORE Spillover for your ENTIRE team.

So the real truth about Spillover is this. It’s good to have, but you cannot rely on it alone, to make decent income; Instead, it should be used as an added bonus, to help GROW a solid income, along with others, who are willing to do the same.

Here are a few more Companies I recommend, all with Forced Matrix Compensation Plans, where YOU could indeed get Spillover just from working with me, and my Top Networkers.



Skinny Body Care

Snack Healthy



BUT – to really make money with any of these, PLUG into the trainings I hold for my teams – so you can learn METHODS that work – to Create SPILLOVER for your self!

SWOM Gold Members: Withdraw you Balance!

I’ve been one of the foremost promoters of SWOM since I joined in the middle of June 2010 – One of the reasons that I joined Swom, is because I am pretty good at ‘spotting trends’ and this one is a NEW trend that’s not going anywhere.

Swom was not the first ‘social network that pays you to be a social networker’ – but it’s concept was new, and fresh; relatively speaking. In the beginning, it was very exciting, as you could actually earn money FOR socially networking with others on the site.

Their compensation plan however, Changes.

Anyone who understands business, or networking, realizes how important the compensation plan is. If you’re not able to make money in a company, it is not a good business decision to remain there. IF you are operating ‘in the red’ – your business is about to go OUT of business.

That is what was happening to many people at SWOM; I didn’t realize it, until it happened to me, but SWOM is going around deactivating members of the site, even GOLD members of the site, for questioning the changes the site has made. Seems the people running SWOM think they are the Gestapo.

So if you are a Gold Member with SWOM, it’s IMPORTANT that you protect yourself, and Withdraw your Earnings NOW. Do not leave the balance on the books, because when Swom terminates you, they KEEP YOUR MONEY!

It happened to me …

As a Gold Member of SWOM, I thought the $25 per month I was paying allowed me to have input in how the site was going; I thought the 35 personal Referrals I brought to the site, many of whom were Gold for a time, allowed me to have input – but when My Input suggested that perhaps SWOM was heading in the wrong direction, I was terminated Immediately.

There was No warning Letter. No administrator reached out to discuss anything with me. I was not asked by the people running the site to do anything differently – which is what SHOULD happen, and always happens with successfully run companies… and especially, websites.

Think about Facebook for a moment …

When Facebook ‘thinks’ you are adding too many friends at once, or thinks you ‘might’ be a bot; they send a warning message. They tell you that if you continue doing something, that they feel is not ‘good for the community’ that you will be removed. Then, AFTER they send that warning, if a person continues, the company has protected itself, by having sent the Warning first. No dissatisfied user can claim, that they were not warned.

I received NO Warnings

Had I known there could Potentially be a threat of me being terminated, simply for discussing how the Changes in the Compensation Plan might affect those of that were not only on the site to network, but – let’s be honest – to Make Money.

YES, the real value is in the networking, the people you can meet, the fact that many of the members of that community are ‘business minded individuals’ – looking for solid investments, more stable opportunities — BUT, there are Millions of people just like that, on Facebook.

The ongoing objection, especially now, when it comes to Social Networks that Pay you to Network is this “Why pay money for something I can get for free?”

The answer to this Objection, MUST be “Because you can Make MONEY to do, what you are already doing for FREE” – or else, it will not attract people to what you’re asking them to be apart of.

For presenting this, I was attacked by people who’ve fallen in love with the company… and that is understandable.

When we look at the network marketing industry, 97% of people in this industry are NOT Making money. Many of these people remain with Bad companies, that are too challenging for them to make money in; but they’ve fallen in love with the company – or do not want to admit to others, that they picked a company, that isn’t as good as they thought it was when they first signed up; SO instead of making money, they LOSE Money, by remaining with a ship, that is sinking.

Many stick with these companies, until those companies go OUT of business; only to find themselves, in love with a company, that was not in Love with them.

Because of ongoing scenarios like this, our industry gets a bad reputation. That is one of the reasons I and Other serious networkers are coming together under the Moniker of “The Top Networkers Group” – we want to help create more Professional Networkers, who approach business, LIKE it’s a business – not like it’s a Hobby.

That pretty much is what SWOM has become.

It went from a great way to earn money; to a place where people are just ‘hanging out’ – and that does not work, for Serious, Professional Marketers, who get into this, to Make Money.

This is why I am urging ALL members of SWOM To withdraw your money, before SWOM terminates you for doing something ‘they do not like’ – without warning – and Keeps all of your Hard earned Money … and yes, it’s hard earned.

Let’s talk about how the comp plan changed, in just the few short months I was part of their Company.

Let’s discuss the original compensation plan.

Points = Money. You get a Point for things like, adding friends, interacting with the friends you add, joining groups, and encouraging free members, also known as blue members, to upgrade to Gold – of course only Gold members earn money for their Points, and the value of those points, Vary.

This was always iffy, but it worked for a while – they reward you additional, community chest points, for the participation – the more you participate, the more likely you’ll win “CC’s” – and again, for a time, this was good.

The issue, is that the Value of the Points continued to go down from month to month. People were earning less money, for the same effort; working harder the next month, to earn even Less than the month before. This made it difficult to KEEP Gold members Gold.

While attrition is normal for all companies, your Reputation takes a hit, when you are referring people to a company that continues to pay out LESS and Less each month, to the people who helped build it.

At some point, People are going to speak out, and that is what I did.

Now, when they made the decision to Terminate my account, I politely asked them to send me the Balance of my Earned Income.

They did not.

They will not respond to my requests.

If it happened to me, It will happen to you too. So, to be safe, Withdraw your Earnings – If you want to be Gold, I advise paying them $25 each month – what MOST Gold members on SWOM are doing is, living off of ‘earnings’ – They earned money when people they referred, upgraded to Gold; They earn money when those Gold members Stay Gold.

If you’re Earning money, Swom can take your $25 from the balance; So if you earn $100 in a month, you could go 4 months, without paying ‘out of your pocket’ – but again – the RISK – is that you’ll be Terminated, and NEVER see your Money.

Yes, I am indeed bothered that I was terminated, without warning, and did not receive my money that I earned. In all jobs, all companies, when people are terminated, let go, or fired, they are Paid for the work they did.

When companies like this, are not operating out of a code of ethics, Members of our industry NEED to be notified; We as leaders, have a responsibility to protect our industry, and each other – and we do not need companies like SWOM, giving ‘what we do’ a bad name.

What really, I feel, caused SWOM to act to prompt in removing me I was promoting another social network that pays; That network, CrazyGood. They have a much more ‘traditional compensation plan’ that is simple, the earnings do not vary, and you know what you are making for your efforts.

My guess is, SWOM is on the verge of going Out of business, and felt threatened. That being said, they should have paid me my money. I’d still promote Crazygood, over joining SWOM, but I’d do so, without feeling that SWOM is possibly scamming people, promising to pay them money, when ‘really’ what they are doing is, looking for ‘reasons’ NOT to.

So, Don’t let this happen to you. If you are a Gold Member, Withdraw your Money to AlertPay asap; so that you do not LOSE it – withdraw it EVERY month, to make sure you are able to hold onto it.

If you decide, that you’re really not making money with SWOM, that it’s too difficult to earn a profit from month to month – do not give up on the ‘idea’ – just realize you are operating in the wrong ‘company’ – and need to find one that does, what they say they will do.

This is the Social Network that I see taking the net by storm, ‘eventually’ – right now this concept is still a Baby; it’s very EARLY to get involved. People will not be leaving Facebook, or Myspace anytime soon. And I don’t think people should. Sadly, there will always be people who continue to make others Wealthy, and pass up on the opportunity to make Themselves wealthy as well – but there will also, always be people who will NOT pass up that opportunity. Crazygood is a $10/mo investment – how fast can you find 10 friends, with $10 = how fast you can Eliminate YOUR monthly payment. Help those 10 do the same, and you’re earning $100 Per month, every single month. They help their 10 do the same, and you are earning $1,100 Per Month … You can watch the video below, to see just how Crazy this compensation gets.


To add up how much money YOU could potentially make, visit http://topnetworkersgroup.com/cg/earnings.php?dreamteam2010

This Just In: Major Announcement from Escape International

Oh the Excitement continues to build with Escape International. I have been excited about this company since I first joined them in June of Last year…. the first company that I latched onto after returning to Network Marketing in March of 2009.

For those who know my story, I started out in this industry in 1999, with a $500 opportunity, ACN. Great company, awesome training, everything I know about growing a business came from the years I spent with ACN. It was just way too hard to make money. I felt I did not know the right people.

So I left, to ‘create a new network’ via web design – for small companies; I figured this would allow me to get my name out there with Business owners, for whom $500 to start a business would be cheap; I used my skills that I learned in ACN to find customers for my websites; to drive traffic to my websites – and all was well.

But I missed the ‘leverage’ that network marketing offers and began wondering what i could do, with my new found skillset of web design – and just like that I got a phonecall from Robert Brown :: asking me if i was Open to coming back to Network Marketing.

The company he had, was another $500 opportunity in the Health and Wellness industry – and the compensation for it was amazing; Way more than what ACN was paying; and since I had been away, this looked like an attractive deal.

However once again the ghosts of old resurfaced; people loved the concept, loved the product, loved the idea – but could not find $500 to get started. It was this reality, that drove some of my business partners, like Brandon Ivey, whom I had worked with in ACN for years, and Melvin Bradley, our upline with the new $500 Opportunity, to look into and find Escape International.

When they Presented this company to me, it was based on their free, online shopping mall, Aisle19. It didn’t really impress me at first glance.

<h3I signed up because it was free.

It wasn’t until Brandon put me on the phone with Melvin Bradley, and he shared more about Escape International, the company that owned Aisle19; he explained that they offer everything other companies offer; without paying $500 to join.

I was then excited – because I understood right away what this meant. It means, anyone in ACN could use a company like this to share with prospects who Liked the idea of making money with the network marketing structure – but didn’t want to risk $500 to do it. They could build a business with Escape, and when those partners were earning enough money, they could later join ACN.

I then realized this would work, for ANY company out there; and that perhaps instead of joining Those other companies, people could find a home with Escape.

Some things were missing; like training videos to explain the compensation plan; which took me about 2 weeks to figure out; But, when I did, I realized it is the most lucrative compensation plan in our industry.

Some companies beat Escape out with upfront bonus money; but in the end, when the dust settles, when we are talking about your Residual Check, No Company can compete – and I mean that — unlike a lot of marketers who tell you their company is the BEST EVER, marketers who have had Tunnel Vision and never even looked at another companies compensation plan … I look at everything.

I was trained in the Byron Nelson school of networking, and so I say these things not to impress you or anyone reading this; just to impress upon you that I have been trained by the very best this industry has ever seen: and my goal, was in line with Melvin Bradley’s goal, to create an economic explosion throughout the industry; to create millionaires; to duplicate greatness — and so I linked up with is vision of CEO’s Unlimited, and began pushing forward with Escape.

We did pretty well; the first few months in my partner Brandon Ivey and his team brought in over 1,000 distributors in just 3 months; My team built to just over 400 distributors within that 3 month span.

Lots of people passed on the opportunity – because it was FREE to join – yet, we were showing people how to generate serious income in our opportunity, simply by Using the Products we sell. Then, during the past few months, we have begun teaching people how to get CUSTOMERS for our products, either by asking for their help – Or simply giving the products to them to Try.

Today, I’m even more excited – as MORE great news has been unleashed from Troy Dooley, who doesn’t sugar coat anything, is skeptical of everything, and rarely endorses any network marketing company.

See for your self why TODAY is the day to get positioned with Escape international >>>


SOON the details of this will emerge, but you do not want to wait; Get positioned to earn income with this opportunity right away by visiting any of the links in this article.

OR go to http://seekingahomebusiness.com/19 <<< to get more information on our company, and to work with the BEST team in our company — the team that is laser focused on helping people get OFF their jobs, and into their Dreams – CEO’s Unlimited will teach you how to be the CEO of your company within a company, OR give you everything that you need, if you are already a leader in our industry, to RUN with this opportunity and create major lasting success for you and your team.