About a month ago I cut a video for all of you about ICoinPro, and so the developments since are not surprising to me. I love MLM but often the people in the industry are literally ruining the industry. ICoinPro is the latest example of an MLM that really should not be garnering support from the Reps in the industry.

However, right now most MLM reps are desperate for money and lack any real business knowledge.

Because unfortunately, most MLM business people are lazy. They do not read books or educate themselves about business. So they would naturally think an ‘educational MLM’ about cryptocurreny is a good idea. Truth is, the $50/mo you’d be spending on an education SHOULD have been INVESTED into the market!!!!!

You wanna learn about this game? GET IN and start playing the game; talk to others playing the game …. you don’t need to “Pay for courses” … that’s bull!

MLM'ers are Ruining it again; IcoinPro remarks

Avoid IcoinPro – and instead Get Started for FREE at CoinBase.com

Through Coinbase you can start buying bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. These are 3 very excitnging Cryptocurrencies that you do want to get a piece of.   I first began investing in Bitcoin in January of 2017. I only put a little bit on Bitoin, and in a few weeks my investment began to grow. Bitcoin had just hit $1,000 then, and fell to $800. I bought during the dip, and made profits almost right away. Then I noticed Ethereum at only $10, and bought several of those. To my delight, since January the Gains in Ethereum have been nothing short of wonderful.  Now, I’m diversifying several profits into more ‘alternative coins’ known as Alt coins….

My portfolio is growing, and yours can too – Just get started! Don’t Pay for an ‘educational course’ that is truly designed to help SOME people make money.

Here is my original review of ICoinPro (and why you should put this money into the market) —

The ‘audio’ is a little low so turn that up. Also, I didn’t shave or cut my hair — but that is a HUGE problem with MLM — too many of you are trying to JUDGE the next man or woman on their outward appearances. It shows a lack of growth within the men and women who ‘represent’ MLM.   This is why so many of you keep getting scammed, because you’re looking at the Outside. Take note to what I shared in this review of IcoinPro.

“Your job in MLM is not to follow everyone else around. Your job is to lead and be a leader. TO be a leader means you don’t always follow the crowd” – Al King, CEO & Founder TopNetworkersGroup

If you’ll invest $40 per month into BitCoin for the next 12 months, you would have put $480 into the market. I promise you, by the end of 12 months you’ll have MORE than $480 in your ‘cryptocurrency portfolio’. Because that is what we’ve seen. There will be days, weeks, and possibly ‘months’ like the one we just experienced, where prices DIP. However, the prices continue to go up.

IF you want to learn more about bitcoin, read …. use google … but don’t pay money to ‘learn’ from people in MLM who barely know anything about any of this themselves.

Also, here are a few channels on YouTube where experts are giving out quality advice all the time.

Starting with Kenn Bosak – who keeps it pretty damn real if you ask me.  Unlike “MLM” there are no motives here when someone talks about crypto.   Here’s Kenn talking about ‘the RETURN of Bitcoin’ — exciting times.

If you’re reading this right now, you’ve gotten this information FOR FREE ….

If you want to make money in this space, feel free to also check out Steemit.com – and see what TopNetworkersGroup is already churning out on their network – there are also a ton of people on this social network who know what’s going on.    You’ll also want to read up on, another social network called OnG.Social – which could be the Next Facebook (or the Next TSU?)

But, don’t fool yourself by following these non-business men and women in the MLM Space who are telling you to pay for IcoinPro. No offense to the people who created that company but, the distributors continue not to live up to ‘their end’ of the deal. As representatives we have to be better. We’re a long way away right now.