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DSDomination Makes History by Terminating UOP Leaders

Whoa! Did Last week really just happen?

YES, yes it did.

How many times do I need to say this before the Industry hears me?

Any business can go ….. oh my bad; DSDomination is not going out of business;

However for UOP leaders; they are no longer receiving affiliate commissions after being terminated from the company.

Hitesh sent out an email explaining that this is the first time in history they’ve ever terminated anyone; he went into detail on why Terminating UOP Leaders wasn’t something that came out of the blue; but was the result of several months of investigation.

I’m going to share this letter because, as always in business, there are so many lessons.

We need to make sure that WE are learning these lessons –

The Biggest lesson you are going to learn from reading this, is that anyone who’s approaching MLM the way that UOP approached mlm; is setting themselves up to be done the same way. I do not know if the claims made by Hitesh are true. What I do know is far too many leaders in mlm are Misleading people with outdated advice.  Because …. Any Business Can Terminate Any Distributor for any reason.

This is why we’ve stressed the importance of putting Team over Company.

After spending years talking AGAINST my philosophy; UOP leaders had the nerve to use my tagline on their conference call, which gave ‘their side’ – To hear it, and read my thougthts on the call; Check out my GDI Blog – UOP Leaders Terminated from DSD


Now for the letter from Hitesh, (the Terminator) part of the DSD Leadership Team

(the email starts out with Updates on OptionsDominations – we decided to withhold that information for those of you who are not Members of DSD – please get started WITH our One MLM System; you’ll find DSD inside)
–Now for another type of a record–For the first time DSD’s history, we terminated an affiliate. As you know from our history we are EXTREMELY hesitant to ever terminate anyone. In this particular
case, we spent nearly 6 months gathering data and making sure this individual, was indeed doing all the activities we received complaints about.Other than multiple complaints of misleading use of DSD/OD materials
against him, we received tens of verifiable complaints of cross-recruiting
and ‘hijacking’ other user’s downlines. 
We specifically brought up some of these points with him in discussion, in 
response to which he simply left the Skype discussion with the claim that
he will continue to do and say whatever he wants.We as a company, and as individuals, have always encouraged FREEDOM for our
members. We are not restrictive by any means towards our affiliates. However,
in this case the unethical behaviour by this affiliate significantly harmed other
affiliates and our customers by selling a number of unapproved, bad products
while using DSD and OD in the marketing.

Further, numerous complaints were received of him taking other DSD members’
training and content and simply selling it as his own. 

Finally, countless proven cases of cross recruiting, and hijacking downlines of 
other affiliates without their knowledge or consent. 

Now, after termination, this individual plans on taking the same ‘hijacked’
teams and is tempting them all to join another ‘MLM’. You know, the same MLMs
that him, and possibly you Al, had failed in before coming to product-centric
company like DSD or OD. The same type of companies where he himself struggled
for years before actually making it big with DSD (as it turns out, from the 
efforts of others).

We are all about Freedom. But Freedom cannot exist without Justice. 

And here’s some justice: Every count of unsolicited contact (spam) that you receive,
please let us know in the help desk. That is illegal, a nd an affront to our users. 
Our legal team will be following up on this and the full force of US CAN-SPAM law
will be brought against any such attempts. 

We could spend more time laying out multiple other issues, but I think it’s FAR
better to focus on the exact effect this has had on the company:

====The Results====

So what was the effect of terminating this individual from the company? Other 
companies suffer when they terminate a major affiliate. In case of DSD, the general
response from the entire user base and other affiliates has been a collective 
sigh of relief. 

In fact, DSD posted higher growth in the past month as we distanced ourselves from
this affiliate, than in the 6 months prior! And that’s NOT counting Options Domination
that represents a nearly 80% growth in its own right! 

So in case you were wondering why we took the action that we did, here’s why. We will
NEVER hesitate to protect our users against unscrupulous profiteers who see our
user base as someone to exploit for a quick buck.

Gonna be honest – I was Not Expecting that.

If the accusations being made by Hitesh are true, than anyone following these UOP leaders (into TotalLifeChanges) should do so with Caution! This is not the first time this leader was terminated from an MLM Company. This is also not the first time that he’s been accused of stealing leads.

I worked with a guy like that.

To this day he denies stealing people from me – but that is exactly what he did.

Coincidentally after I quit working with that guy; he and this now former UOP leader also worked together; and I just have to say that this is a real shame. This does not have to happen but it does, and will continue, over and over, until YOU folks in MLM Listen.

You can no longer approach MLM with outdated ideas like, “Putting all your Eggs in One MLM Basket” — or as we call it; Going Full retard. Never Go Full Retard.

Yet this is the advice these UOP leaders gave; WHILE dipping into things on the side. Essentially the problem here is, they are giving one set of rules to the people; while following a different set of rules for themselves.

This is not okay.

I am in agreement with Hitesh in this email on Terminating UOP leaders – how can you tell people to focus on One opportunity and Don’t look at anything else for months; and then the moment you are terminated – ask those people to look at something else?

All of the people following UOP into TotalLifeChanges are doing it for the wrong reasons. Now they are right back in the boat they spoke against for several months. Many do not realize it, but they are losing Credibility.

Many people in MLM lost credibility with me a long time ago.

With the things happening So far to kick off 2015; The Closure of WakeUpNow – and now what’s happening inside of DSDomination; it just goes to show again, that we have been right all along. We have been telling leaders to set their selves up better – to protect themselves against what CAN and DOES happen.

But the problem is – EGO – they feel that since they didn’t start TNG; they cannot work with TNG; they want all the credit. They want all the glory. They want all the praise – and the sad part is; Black Leaders in MLM have this problem worse than anyone else. Rather than work together, several black leaders are preferring to follow white business owners; and look for white business partners.

If we lived in a society that didn’t have a history of racism; if we lived in a nation that actually addressed the racial problems still lingering – then this would be a great move.

We do not live in that kind of society.

We live in a society that has always casted blacks aside. While I am not against business partnership with non-black people; after 15 years of reaching out to non-blacks for partnership – only to be turned down; in favor of someone who looked more like them; I realize that if WE do not work together; NO ONE will work with us.

I’ve talked on my social media pages about my relationship with the two leaders who were terminated. Both talked down to me at different points in time. Both seemed to value what whites had to say; over a fellow black business man in their same field. Both are now ‘moving on’ to a new company; and are facing a real battle – as several of their DSD team members are saying “I Didn’t get terminated; I’m not leaving DSD” –

Meanwhile some of the things Hitesh has said – may cause real damage to this man’s paycheck; That to me, is the real sad part. You spend your time and energy building something; only for it to be taken away in an instant. That has to suck.

BUT there are so many lessons here …

First, All of you should be approaching MLM the way WE are telling you to approach it. Set your financial foundation up first. We give you several FREE Programs that generate income; and ask you go to out and find 5 Customers; who we hope will Upgrade to Team Members by jumping into our $10 Level.

The Free Level and $10 Levels give you two things – Financial stability; And they allow you to ensure that your entire network is earning money; and that you are all Connected. Above all we stress the importance of Loyalty to Team over Company. We never tell you to focus on A company; One company is one stream of income and that is unstable.

What we are talking about and have been talking about is an approach that gives US power; so that when WE go into a company; they won’t dare terminate us – because they know upfront they will lose the ENTIRE Team if they do.

However, we have no plans of going into any company and operating without Morals.

We are absolutely AGAINST crossline recruiting; We think that’s weak.  Learn how to sponsor and build your own team.  If you don’t know how to do it, then stop trying to teach the class. When we tell people to Respect the Network; we mean it. You must respect the ‘relationships’ that were in place before you. You must recognize that you do not have a Downline, without a Frontline.

All of these things and more – are what we TEACH inside our One MLM system. These are the moral compass of TopNetworkersGroup. Because you MUST operate with ethics in this game. You must have principles – things you will NOT do to succeed.

Those who lack those principles, I see this kinda thing happen to them time and time again. Whether it’s Terminating UOP Leaders or companies going out of business – we need to be more intelligent in how we approach MLM. Especially those of us who are black business owners in this industry.

More on black business people working Together through TNG’s The Black Folder

Open Letter To: Black Home Business Owners

The following post was too ‘personal’ for Facebook (where it started) and yet, was too important to limit to my private facebook wall. I decided to make this an Open Letter to the Black Home Business Owners of the world – I’ll let you read it – and I have a few more things to say below.

So, I was just told that when members of DSD unlock higher levels of training, one of the programs recommended is Ebates.

Milton Mouzon referred this program to me when we were putting together the One MLM System (in 2012) – it’s been in there since Day One.

I cannot help but find it … interesting, that when We recommended this program to our team – most of them looked at it ‘funny’ …. they rolled their eyes and acted as if the program wasn’t really ‘valuable’ ….

But, now that Roger says it’s a program people should Really consider using; Folks are treating it like it’s Gospel.

…. It’s things like that, that make you really sit back and wonder about how, cultural perceptions influence business decisions that business people make.  Truth is, most business people (those of you who just got into home business after being an EMPLOYEE for decades of your life) are actually NOT making decisions like Business People.

Business Decisions are not the same as “emotional Decisions” —-

Emotional Decisions are very much colored by the ignorant perceptions our Society lumps on us as we are born into it … the game was already in motion before we got on; and already people are telling us who we should like, who we should and should not trust; who we should follow.

I find it interesting that when people of a certain ‘hue’ talk about an idea it gets funny looks; but when a lighter ‘more accepted hue’ says word for word the same thing; it’s gospel – it’s the way.

What really gets me here …. is Black People are the ones doing this nonsense more than anyone I’ve seen; Treating their fellow man as if he is not on the same level, with that Other man.

Like I said; I can understand it when others do it; it’s society; the world still has a long way to go to rid itself of the ugly and ignorant spirit that took the world over several centuries ago; an ugly spirit that has lingered; and yet — I SEE how my own people, absolutely participate in our own Demise; through daily decisions not to Trust and/or Respect One another.

It’s pretty sad.

When I talk about bringing MLM together; making sure we’re all making money; using affordable programs to help people make money so they can get into Higher investment (higher return) opps; Folks act like it’s the most confusing shit in the world; Then a white man comes out with a ‘power lead system’ that is Saying the SAME Thing I just got done saying; and It’s VIRAL….

.. and every brotha and sista under the sun is coming to me with it …

We put Amazon in the System in 2012, and nobody wanted to take the time to learn about how to use Amazon; But “Roger” comes out with DSD … and now everyone is a Amazon Expert; buying books on Amazon; Researching and Studying that ass off….

It’s pretty interesting.

If (when) confronted all will deny.

Yet … it absolutely seems to be the case.

As I said, I understand when others do it – but it’s tough when it comes from your own people.

On the heels of the events of Trayvon Martin’s injustice, and having knowledge of several cases where injustice continues to arrive in the lives of members in the black community, I started “the Black Folder” – This is a folder in the 1mlmsystem that is entirely dedicated to those who are interested in coming together and creating a real financial revolution within the black community. This is a very tough mission to do. This is a mission that has been stopped time, and time again.

It’s the mission for which many say, Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated – Hear Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. discuss The Poor People’s Campaign – Much of what he says is still true to this day. This economic condition black people find themselves in is a real Emergency. The fire in the lives of black men and women has continued to burn. Thousands of black lives have been cut short, burned beyond recognition, and forgotten due to the heat of the blaze. As these fires continue to rage, the clear lack of economic power – is the very water needed to put the fire out.

And yet, Dr. Claud Anderson discusses the very misconception that we, as a community have, about what and where our financial power is. It is not in being a consumer. As a consumer, what we are really doing is making others wealthy, instead of our selves.

The saddest reality I’ve come to accept – is that black men and women are doing the same thing, in the home business industry today.

We are refusing to work with, follow, listen to or show loyalty to our fellow black men and women in business – for fear of not being accepted by non-blacks. The same forces that drive us apart in our society are doing it to us within business as well. Black men and women are divided; battling over who’s company (which we do not own) is better. We are discarding the advice of seasoned black business people, to follow the non-blacks around; who are often saying the same things as those seasoned black leaders.

It’s a very sad, and tough position we find ourselves in – as we all want the same things; but seem to be blind to the obviousness of how to Obtain it.

I remain hopeful, but am ever more realistic – that the imprint of society has so much influence over people that the Mission of the Black Folder – is a long, long ways off from being reached.

That is ok though.

It is, what it is – and it’s … Interesting, like so many things in life are – Coming together is the answer for black people in the network marketing industry. Yet, many will wait for a white person to do what we’ve been doing; and sadly many of those other systems will not be thought out for the benefit of black people; but for those who can ‘afford’ to improve their lives; or those who will miss a car payment, for hope.

The psychological murder of black people is a reality – as Dr. King discusses in the message that many will not take the time to hear. That’s just how bad it is.

Not to be the bearer of bad news – but I am here to be honest, and real.

Those blacks who’ve made it to the top of a company in the MLM industry are much like a Lebron James – controlled by corporate interests. Not wanting to go back to a life without money, they find themselves stuck – and because they do not really Trust their own people to create wealth amongst one another; they remain silent – they remain where they are; Under control – and content about it.

Their eyes have been gouged out – they cannot see that MLM is a model for Freedom; it’s a business model that frees us from corporate control. However, when our MLM ‘network’ is tied to a corporate company; that company controls the entire network; Free, but not free.

Then there is our concept; Our vision – our idea shared with the world first in 2010 – refined by our One MLM System in 2012 – YOU and I must be loyal to one another; and as we build a network based on that loyalty; we create REAL control; and real financial freedom, for ourselves.

But … I guess I need to find a white person to share that Vision – for you to hear it clearly.


*Update – Check out Nolan Richardson in his Hall of Fame Speech talking about Teamwork, and how it absolutely makes the Dream Possible. Without a team, none of us will ever get to our goals. The better the team, the better able we are to reach our dream!