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TNG Presents Business Training on Being Coachable

Business Training on Being Coachable by TopNetworkersGroup ©

This may come as a shock but most people who join the network marketing industry are not coachable. They want people to help them with their MLM businesses but often resist the help when it comes. In fact, what most people mean by ‘help’ – is they want it done for them. Most people want to push a button and have success!

OR they want to buy their way into success; they don’t understand the differences between the “Investor Quadrant” and the “Business Quadrant” … nor do they get the “Self Employed Quadrant” – because they’re searching for the EASY Button; and refuse to simply READ the Instructions, on how it’s done …  they won’t study the field they’re in; and so reading books like The Cashflow Quadrant and Rich Dad, Poor Dad are viewed as ‘the slow lane’ – and ‘takes too much time’ – and fore their lack of knowledge – they perish in our industry, time, and time again.

Do you know what it means to allow someone to HELP YOU?

Being Coachable means letting (allowing) someone HELP you do things the right way – TopnetworkersGroup

The keyword there is “allow” – You have to give another person the permission to HELP YOU – and you do need an Understanding of what that Means.

Help is not ‘doing it for you’ ….

Help is showing YOU how to do it the right way.

If you are not getting the results you want in your network marketing business it is always because you are NOT doing something the right way. More than likely, you are not doing a lot of things, the right way. YOU need Help!

You need someone who will come in and point out what is “the wrong way” – And tell you the “right way” – so that you can start doing the Right things that get Results…. this would seem to be common sense, BUT — People tend to Resist Help.

Many people, due to Ego, do not allow Mentors to Mentor – or Coaches to Coach.

They want to take the credit for the success they have; and so any input from anyone else would mean that they’d have to ‘share the spotlight’ with someone else; and give Credit to someone else, for teaching them HOW to become successful.

This is very hard for a BIG EGO to do.

The Ego will not allow them to share the credit; and so THEY MUST figure out HOW to do it; on their own… since no one else will …. help them.

Again – that word ‘allow’ – and that misunderstanding of the word help; it leads to the downfall of so many.

Successful people are always giving credit to someone else.. the unsuccessful fail to learn this lesson, perhaps due to not paying attention when successful people talk. Most of them always name of others that inspired them, helped them, or paved a way for them to do what they’ve done.

No man is an island, none of us will ever succeed ‘alone’ – and that is what makes network marketing The Perfect business; when 3-5 people come together amazing things happen from there.

However, often it’s difficult to get 2 people to work ‘together’ in network marketing – because so few people understand what it means to be coachable.

In our business training through TopNetworkersGroup we STRESS the importance of a GOOD business partnership; which is all about understanding and following the principles of good TEAMWORK – which means, One Leader, and One Follower.

These Two work “Together” and produce amazing results….but don’t get the terms wrong here; There is nothing wrong with being in a Follower ‘role’ – all good leaders, are good followers first… and in a Good partnership, there is One leader, and One follower; they work Together, and produce results!

Now … as a follower, you don’t wanna follow someone who isn’t going to WORK.

Meanwhile, as Leaders, if the people ‘following’ you, are not really following .. not doing any WORK – neither of you are going to make money.

If you are following a leader who puts in work, gets results, but is looking to “HELP” Others – you are in a great position “To Learn” – that means you should be working On Yourself; Working on your approach; Working on Letting them HELP you – Allowing them to Correct what you are doing and saying Wrong – and WORK TOGETHER to create results from doing and saying the Right Things, to the Right People.

In fact… that is The WORK – it’s the WORK on ourselves; it’s the WORK To educate ourselves better and further on our industry; it’s the work to IMPROVE ourselves personally; to challenge our thinking to be positive in a world that is full of so much negative; The WORK is the stuff most people just don’t wanna do ….

This is why so few Succeed; because so few are willing to do THE WORK;

Now … I’ve met some pretty smart mouth people in my time in business; all of whom never made much money at all; and are either OUT of network marketing today – or dabbling in other opportunities, still … without much success.

Many of these smart mouth people like to Teach the teacher…

So, I’d tell them how important it is to be reading books; and I’d recommend a few —- then they’d tell me which books I should pick up as well.

Like it’s an “Equal Sharing” kind of thing … where I’m going to benefit SOO MUCH from having them as a business partner; and they can really shun off my suggestions on what books to read; because they already read books; and in fact… I should check out a few of the books THEY Have read, before I dare tell them what books to go out and digest….

Of course, they don’t always say it this way — but it is very close to how many of them feel; because the majority of people who JOIN Network Marketing companies were bad employees – they did not like being told what to do on their jobs; and usually had or have a hard time keeping a job; due to their poor attitudes about letting someone else Tell them what to do….

They turn to mlm, and the chance to ‘be their own boss’ and suddenly they have an ‘upline’ or a ‘sponsor’ that wants to give them some suggestions….

Having the wrong mentality makes it difficult to ever learn the right things – and this explains the high rate of failure – and perhaps even why many of the people who will read this blog, have failed in this kind of business.  Including the ‘good employees’, who turn to MLM also for the chance to ‘be their own boss’ ; and oftentimes because they too are sick of being told what to do — it’s understandable coming from the “Job world” – but in network marketing doing what we’re told, is beneficial.

In a business partnership, doing what our partner asks us to do makes that business relationship run smoothly; and positively; and that’s the kind of partnerships that turn out to be fruitful; It may not be easy to submit your ideas to the garbage can for a few months, and take on ideas of another person – but if you do; you’ll get where you want to go much faster – in all honesty, perhaps it has not been obvious to you but – by resisting to do the things you’re told to do; you’re resisting your opportunity to live the dream lifestyle you “say” you want to live.

The Opportunities to Get there, are everywhere – and so is the Help.

Get HELP from TopNetworkersGroup – Join our Team Now – Be willing to be coached and the sky’s the limit for you – Dream BIG; and get ready to manifest what you desire –

Dream Big

Other related posts from TopNetworkersGroup :: Read these articles to learn HOW To turn it all around; and start Being Coachable – allowing others to HELP you, to correct you in the areas where you NEED The correction; as this will do wonders for your business and ultimately; for YOUR LIFE! — Humble yourself, respect the network at all times by being coachable – SO That one day (hopefully soon) You can Coach Others, and they will also respect you. The Follower, will become the Leader – and will Show many The way …

5 Reasons People Quit Network Marketing

Today I’d like to talk about the 5 reasons People Quit Network Marketing.

I got involved in Network Marketing in 1998, and after 3 months my sponsor and best friend in high school, quit. I hung in there for the next 5 years. My sponsor actually was able to talk the President of the company into letting him have another chance, after a 2 year break, because he had 2 strong legs that were growing.

In network marketing, we usually refer to an organization as a ‘leg’ – in our beautiful industry where you and I can build our organization, within the larger organization – and truthfully this word has a lot of weight. It’s a word that several network marketers overlook, and under-appreciate.

Organization deals with ORDER – being ORGANIZED – and that brings me to the 5 Reasons people Quit Network Marketing.

Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win

Reason People Quit Network Marketing #1 – They were never all the way in.

Most people quit network marketing because they never really joined in the first place.  (Allow me to explain).

Signing up for a company is something that anyone can do. However, to actually JOIN Network Marketing a person needs to immerse themselves into our industry.  Most will stick their toe in, and try it out. They are destined to fail from the beginning. The ones that immerse themselves find an entire world to explore, and become excited about what they are aligned with; they see the bigger picture of it all; while those who are ‘trying it out’ – only see it as a job….. literally.

They won’t ever learn the difference between a job and a business … literally – because they’re not all the way in. They’re only kinda committed, and have you ever heard of only kinda committed before? You’ll hear it plenty in network marketing. People like to Dip their toe in the water rather than dive all the way in! This sets them up to fail out the gate.

Reason People Quit Network Marketing #2 – They’re Not Getting Results.

Naturally because people are not all the way in, they fail to get results. When people fail to get results, they give up on Network Marketing completely OR try out a different company, thinking the grass will be greener on the other side; again they ‘try it out’ – thinking they already know everything; they Skip the trainings, and use their Own approach; and when that does not work, they blame that company, their products, the services – they blame their sponsor, uplines, and the founders – they blame everyone but themselves.

When NOT getting results, a network marketer ‘should’ ask the questions….

“What am I doing wrong? What am I saying wrong? How can I do this Better?”

MOST never ask this question; and that brings me to…

Reason People Quit Network Marketing #3: EGO

Pawn With Ego

Confidence is great to have – but Arrogance is a curse. I’ve defined arrogance as confidence in ignorance. NOT knowing, but being CONFIDENT about what you do NOT know; and acting as if it’s Right; even when it’s NOT. When your Confidence is rooted in Education … that is real power. When you know, that you know – because you really know … nothing can stop that machine from getting to its destination.

EGO = edging God out.

There are so many ‘religious’ people that join network marketing, and it’s funny how so many of them lack real Faith – several will see a presentation and think, “well I need to pray about that” – a great mentor of mine used to tell people like this “YOU should’ve prayed before you got here!” – if you’re a person of faith, and you believe in a Creator that is looking out for you, why would you doubt the people that have been placed in your path, to help you?  People do it all the time, and the answer is, EGO.

They don’t really believe in a creator; OR that the creator would HELP them; instead they think it’s all about themselves; and that they’ll figure it out because of how great they are (Legends in their own minds) – Eventually, this EGO says – this company isn’t what you need, you’re better than this – and those people quit. (leave your Ego at the door)

Although, sometimes EGO can make a person stay with a company or program for far too long, in spite of them not making any money at it.

It’s very possible for a person to do everything right in network marketing and still Not make money; Usually it has to do with the other 2 reasons people quit network marketing. Other times people with Ego feel they don’ thave to work ‘as hard’ to make money. They expect everyone they know to join and are embarrassed when this isn’t the reality. They come in unwilling to be coached or taught anything because they assume they already know.

Don’t let your Ego get in the way.

Reason People Quit Network Marketing #4 – The opportunity Cost Too Much Money

This is a double sided argument – Top earners in companies that cost $500 to join; will often say that people who claim their opportunity costs too much money – are looking at COST rather than VALUE.  Meanwhile, I feel that a person who overlooks a company that costs Nothing to join and $10/mo to operate – is often making the mistake of misunderstanding the Cost/Value ratio.

In other words, they are confused.

In both the $500 business, and the $10/mo business – the COST is not $500, or $10/mo – NOR is that the Value of either business. The real COST is the time a person must put in, to reading books, watching videos, and listening to audios that will train their mind for the mission they’ve signed up for. Most people never pay this Cost; because they never get ‘all the way in’ – but those who DO get all the way in, pay this COST and learn the big picture.

Meanwhile, the Value often cannot even be measured.

The Value of joining, going all the way in, and succeeding in network marketing is worth every single penny, every single hour – and so much more. Then knowing that you’ve created time freedom and financial freedom through HELPING OTHERS do the same – make the value of network marketing so much Bigger than anything we’ve ever seen in our society; where most of the people get wealthy by Taking wealth from others.

When a network marketer really understands the VALUE of success; and what the COST is that must be paid for it; they won’t allow other people to overlook the business they are sharing; because they realize just how much Value it has; regardless of the ‘price’ to get started.  They understand, that we’re part of a larger fight to fix the problems of our world; through Economics. When a network marketer realizes that this is an Educational Industry, focused on helping people become better in all areas of their lives… it becomes difficult to walk away from that.

This, brings me to the final reason for why people quit network marketing….

Reason People Quit Network Marketing #5 – The Wrong Mentality

Because people don’t go ‘all in’ – they don’t get results – because their EGO is too big, they don’t seek help or advice – and because they confuse COST with VALUE – they really do not understand what they have their hands on; or how to share it with others. This can all be summed up with, the Wrong Mentality.  They were never truly seeking what network marketing offers, and that is an equal playing field where several people can create a freedom based lifestyle.

Some people would much rather take money from others; than make money WITH others.

These people have the wrong mentality for network marketing. However, some have managed to become successful – taking advantage of people who have too much EGO, and not enough Education; making sure to be there to offer an opportunity, and a talking point that may be empty – but is ‘organized’ enough to draw them in.

You see, organization is really the key to success in network marketing. Another word you can use to understand organization, is duplication.  When you join a network marketing company you should seek to learn the rules of that opportunity; learn the system of the team you’re part of. Fit in, don’t try to stand out. We live in a society that preaches individualism; but that is a problem in network marketing; while we do not ask that people become robots; we do ask that people do things a certain way IF they want results.

Be willing to do those things – eventually, after you’re getting results, and growing an organization; you’ll figure out where your ‘individual gifts’ will fit in to the whole. You’ll start to see where you can benefit the Overall Organization – while building YOUR organization with in it. But this ‘picture’ is only going to become clear AFTER you do things the right way; AFTER you leave your EGO at the door; Not ‘before’ but AFTER you go all the way in and learn the bigger picture; AFTER you get results from having the RIGHT mentality…

Vince Lombardi once said, Winners never quit and quitters never win. When you have a winning mentality, nothing is going to stand in your way. You’ll change and adjust if you have to. When you have a winning mentality you’ll set your Ego aside if it’s standing in your way. You’ll read books, watch videos, take training calls, and do whatever it takes to win, if you have a Winning mentality. If you do not, you’ll never win and you’ll simply give up. That’s what losers do, they quit. Today, if you’re in network marketing you Must ask yourself what kind of network marketer you are.

TopNetworkersGroup launched the 1mlmsystem to HELP people in network marketing become professionals. As a professional, you will not only make professional money, but will be a major player in the mission to make our world better; One person at a time.  Check out more Network Marketing Related articles here on Our Blog “It’s All of It by TNG”


Get OUT of Your OWN Way – The Ego and The Door

Let’s discuss the Ego, and the Door, and why it’s important to Get out of your own way when it comes to business….. Especially, when it comes to business.

You’ve heard the saying before, “Leave your Ego At the Door” – right?

OF course you have.

It’s a term that is used in just about all professions. The first time I heard it was in Network Marketing. I will never forget it because for me, it was so profound. I had never heard it before, at any time in my life.

But it made so much Sense.

Dora Chambers, RVP (regional vice president) with the first network marketing company I got into – she had already been massively successful. 2 people in the company that were in the Top 10, and top 20 respectively, were in her Downline.

So naturally, she had my respect – I wanted that lifestyle that came with having 2 RVP’s (or more) in my Downline.  So when she shared this bit of knowledge with me I never forgot it.

GET Out of Your Own Way.

When people join a network marketing company, she said … they bring their EGO with them. Then she said, EGO stands for Edging God Out. Now, regardless of what your spiritual beliefs are, I am sorry but I’m yet to see a top income earner in a MLM Company that does not have some sort of Faith. Most of the successful people interviewed by Napolean Hill for his best seller, “Think and Grow Rich” points this out too – Most top achievers are people of Faith.

So, if you are a person of faith – why do you bring your EGO into business?

Why do you insist on having things YOUR way?

Why is it that you are so UNWILLING to do things, the way THE Company you have joined says, things need to be done?

Why don’t you Trust that they’ve already tried most of the things you are going to try; they’ve found out those things do not work; and they’ve found the things that DO WORK; which they’re now teaching to you.

BUT your EGO is so big, that you decide YOU have a better way ….


IF that’s you, YOU really need to GET out of your OWN Way;

MOST people stand in the way of their own success; because of EGO. Dora Chambers taught us then, that when it comes to network marketing – If you want to be successful, you Must Leave Your Ego At The Door.

Again, EGO means, Edging God Out – Not allowing God to work through other people; not allowing other people to tell you what to do, what to say, or how to say it – as if God does not know what He (or She) is doing…. as if YOU know more than God.

I’ll tell you this, some people do NOT believe this; But God really did send me into Network Marketing; It was a late night evening, I was outside, having a bad time in life; lost and did not know where I was going; I looked to the sky, and prayed for God to send me an “opportunity” – later that week a good friend from high school invited me, to a meeting.

To me, that’s how God works.

We pray, and then God works through other people to answer those prayers.

But the problem MOST of us have, is our EGO.

I want to share a FEW videos about why YOU need to Leave Your Ego at the Door;

This one is about fitness and weight lifting; See, EGO gets you INJURED! Same thing happens in business – don’t get HURT because your EGO is in the way.

Ego Gets Your Injured

This one shows how EGO can cause you to FAIL in Business.

People do this in MLM All the time; they come from ONE mlm company; and assume the NEXT one is exactly the same; They do not come in willing to learn; or seeking to get informed; they come in with an attitude, and an EGO; they shoot themselves in the foot; Want even more evidence? Another video – Same Topic (YOUR EGO is a problem, GET out of your own way!)

I like this one mostly because while it’s talking about RUnning, it’s also talking about how you and I have to allow things in our lives to help MOVE us to where we say we want to go.

See if we Really had Faith, we would not see Obstacles.

We would only see Stepping Stones.

get out of your own way


If you really had Faith, you’d TRUST that the people telling you what to do in your network marketing company, really do have YOUR success in mind; not just their own. The only person who really has a Financial Incentive To tell you the TRUTH is your Sponsor and Upline. People these days are listening to everyone BUT their sponsor and upline.

Even Albert Einstein said it. You wanna argue with one of the most intelligent people to ever live?

Go for it.

I won’t argue with people that are that smart. The more Ego you have, the less Knowledge you actually have. The LESS Ego you have, the more Knowledge you’ll gain. It’s true – when I set my EGO aside, I began to see Results in my business. Results = Checks.

If you don’t get CHECKS in your business; CHECK YOUR EGO (at the door), FIND a good Coach and/or Mentor – and Get Out of YOUR Own way!


Read More Business Training Articles from TopNetworkersGroup – On How Your Ego Hurts you, and does not Help you in business, and other related topics – that require you leaving your Ego at the door to reach the kind of results you want, in business. Get out of your own way. Let others teach you a few things. You’ll be surprised with how much this helps you achieve your goals!


Business Training : How Your Ego Blocks Your Success

EGO is the first obstacle in the road to success. Most people bring a huge one into a MLM company or opportunity. They bring the successes of their past, or success they had in a different company To the new one; and expect a red carpet welcome, with rose petals to walk on. I’m sure they want the Paparazzi there too but, hey they’ll understand if you don’t have that set up right away.

These people never make money in Network Marketing (MLM) – they have no real business training.

They have never learned the importance of teamwork.


They do not understand network marketing because if they did, they would already know that only their Sponsor has a financial incentive in helping them make money.

Most struggling networkers, never grasp this simple concept.

Today I had an encounter with one who joined my levelonenetwork about 35 days ago. She was not able to sponsor anyone and 15 days later, joined a coffee opportunity; then of course – tried to pitch me on signing up for it. I got a firsthand look at her horrible approach to sponsoring people.

After 15 more days of trying to pitch me the new coffee deal; She tells me she has a LevelOne Sign up coming in; finally – Then … 10 days later; she tells me she Did Not Know The Cost was Monthly and that she could not afford it; because she Just Joined, another Opportunity; that’s $100 per month; And another business that’s $50/mo.

This is what all of these struggling networkers are doing.

If You are doing this; You MUST Stop today.

Business Training For Network Marketers

Here’s the VIDEO

Yes it’s long but I think it’s some what entertaining; and chock full of real training to help you understand the HUGE mistakes several networkers are making; not only with their sponsors; but in their approach to dealing with prospects as well.

MORE information related to the Video you’ve just watched ::

Two articles with links to more information on Crazygood; The program mentioned that one of the other Comment Makers in this video was in; and Failed to make money with.

That’s what folks do.

We teach Multiple Streams of Income through our One MLM System

And finally More on the Online Marketing Courses taught through LevelOneNetwork – Do NOT sign up for this if you’re not interested in the Education you will receive.

Online Marketing Courses – Levelonenetwork Is No Empowernetwork

and more on LevelOneNetworks SEO Scope, which is worth paying for itself, just to use as a measure to ensure that your Keyword Density (which has a huge impact on rankings) is just right, for what search engines want from us, as bloggers.

This is HUGE for those of you who do take the time to look into all that’s been shared. I know that without business training it’s near impossible to be successful in any kind of business. The thing I’ve always loved about MLM is it’s real training for any business; it’s all about relationships; knowing the right people and caring about others; So that they’ll actually care about you.

This is a basic principle that if MORE People in MLM understood; They would see immediate results and improvements in their business. Thanks for taking the time to read this and look into the related information; I know this business training will benefit you – here’s to your success!

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