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I recently made a Business Move.

I recently made a Business Move.

I am not talking about this one on Facebook “yet” — because I want to continue to talk to my current FB “list” about the opportunities I have been talking to them about.

However, I made a business move.

SkinnyBodyCare is actually not going well.

This is NOT being talked about. It would appear it’s going well because there are still a handful of people seeing results; however – many people do not realize just how difficult it is to build. The primary issue has always been the $65/mo —

This is not a lot of money but, if you are not Making Money; THIS is a lot of money.

IF a person is going to pay $65/mo for a product, THEY better be using it; and frankly most people in SBC are NOT using the product; most are on autoship and are out seeking to sign others up on autoship; again this becomes a huge issue.

This does work in many “health and wellness” companies though – because most people are joining to pay for products they were going to pay for anyway, to get a result that their product gets ‘for them’ — and IF They are also looking for customers, most of them who are successful – are using their Personal Story to get those customers.

The same ‘could’ be said for members of SBC who are having success.

That the ones having success ARE the ones losing weight, from using the product…. and using their personal story to sponsor other people.

However if losing weight is the goal, most people will be more interested in a more Affordable weight loss product.

This is what makes SBC so difficult to build – These are not excuses – These are realities that several people face – because frankly, it’s Too much money for people who do not have a real genuine interest in losing weight.

There are other, more affordable options; and when it comes to a Consumer – Consumers always look for the more affordable option.

Over the Past Year with SBC, I have watched my Residual Income check Drop, month by month, as more and more people quit, gave up, and moved on.

While attrition is part of our industry – people leaving is not the real problem; the problem is no NEW people are joining.

So all the Logical Factors pointed to making a move.

I’ve had my eye on a company for a few months now; as I’ve been really wanting to get BACK Involved with Health and Wellness; but I know that MOST of them are SO expensive; MOST health and wellness companies, will run you between $70-$200 Per MONTH — and that really cuts a LOT of potential people OUT of that business model.

THIS one was different.

Very soon you’ll see the ‘marketing engines’ turn on for this one and Members of my team will be the first ones to benefit; however Those members will need to have Desire, Vision, and Hunger.

THIS IS the Health and Wellness opportunity I have aligned myself with and I am inviting a handful of others to join me.

I only have 4 SLOTS open for this one; if you’d like to work together

Take Action – GET signed up – and then Email me to let me know you’re inside.

Why Zradical?

I just wanted to put something together, as I have many people I talk to that are interested in Trying this Product.  I want to talk about my Personal Experience With using it first.  People that know me, who have not seen me in a while have told me that I look like I’ve lost weight. I inherited pretty bad sinus’ so around THIS Time of year, my eyes are usually full of ‘strings’, my nose usually runs every morning and throughout the day, I go through boxes of kleenex  at a time — but since Zradical contains Fucoidan, My Immune system has been very strong. My Allergies, not so bad anymore. And, best of all, it Tastes pretty Good!

That’s important in this day and age, where many companies are offering beverages with Anti-Oxidants, we offer a Unique product with a different ingredient, and tremendous health benefits.

Many people who’ve used this product Report experiencing similar results; Weight Loss due to properly functioning body cells, and an improved Immune system, where others around them get sick, and they remain in good health, during flu season, or in my case allergy season; Zradical has been a worthy investment in my health. Some research even suggests that Fucoidan (the main ingredient in Zradical) is able to cure cancer.

It’s a 32 oz. bottle, and I drink 2 oz.’s per day. I have noticed, from drinking it over a period of 6 months now, that when I don’t do it consistently My body seems to slide back a bit; Overall I have been consistent. Missing probably 10-15 days, in the past 6 months, where for some reason or another, I forgot to drink my 2 oz.’s – How much is Your Health Worth?

For those of us looking to enjoy the benefits of our Labor, being in good health helps; I recommend learning more about the Fucoidan ingredient found in this product.  In a few moments I’m going to Link you to a page where you can watch a Video all about this product; and place your Order through this same site.  BUT, as with anything you plan to put into your body, you should do additional research before making your purchase. Unless you of course, Know me well enough to already know, that I would not recommend it OR be using it, if I had not researched it first myself.

There are 2 Ways to Order this product :

If you decide to Register yourself as an IBO : you do not have to participate in the business; Just be sure to let the person know, who referred you to this link, that You are only interested in Being a Customer; you may cancel at anytime :: but I Do recommend using this product for At Least 90 days to experience result.

Thanks for reading this, I hope it’s been informative.  Please leave Any questions or comments here.