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Business Training – Adding A Company vs. Company Hopping

Business Training on Adding a Company vs Company Hopping.

Back in August 2012, the pre-launch began for the one MLM system to rule them all. In the business training you’re about to read, a very important secret is going to be shared, perhaps for the first time ever in a public forum. People have already ‘attempted’ to copy so much but are unable – because they were not given the same vision, or the same mission. The goal of helping people earn professional money is not an easy or simple goal to reach; but it’s a goal that is Possible to reach; if only the people will learn …. how it’s done.

Really, the more business training you yourself get (or have gotten) the more evident it will become, that regardless of what Business it is; the principles and the rules are the same. It’s just like something Robert Kiyosaki shares in the video that, for the past 5 years has been the “Welcome Message” for SeekingaHomeBuisness.com – where he not only endorses the network marketing industry but, suggests that it’s the best place to receive business training. He talks about our mindsets and how most of us require a ‘shift’ from one version of thinking and perceiving the world around us …. to a Version of thinking that is more “condusive to earning money”, as Mr. Kiyosaki puts it.

Ok, so here is that super important ‘secret’ that has most likely never been shared in public before. Then I’ll tell you why it’s important …  There is a difference between adding a company, and company hopping.

stop hopping around and settle down  - 1mlmsystem.com -


This will be simple to explain. Company hopping is when you ‘hop’ from one company to another. One week you’re in a company promoting travel…. 3 weeks later you’re in another company promoting nutrition. A month later you’re jumping on a pre-launch. The next month you’ve found “a home” with a company selling water. Then a month after that no one hears from you and you disappear completely for another month; only to reappear … selling coffee. This is company hopping, and it makes you look like a complete fool.

There is a difference when it comes to ‘adding a company’. This follows the information we give to All members of TopNetworkersGroup – through Robert G. Allen’s Multiple Streams of Income. Our entire roadmap to success, our money making philosophies are based on this approach. It’s rooted in the awareness that we are now in the 5th Wave of Network Marketing. We are prepared … but are you?

If you’re company hopping you are not prepared. You’re not even aware of how bad it makes you look with your list – or how it makes you appear to not know what You are doing as a business man or woman. Then, there’s adding companies, which is entirely different. You start out promoting travel … because you actually and truly love it. You travel all the time. It would make sense for you.

However, if you’re broke, and never go anywhere, it’s not ‘believable’ for you to Love Travel all of a sudden and promote a Travel based opp, to a list of people who are/were just like you before you joined that travel company… non-travelers.

If you’re already someone who goes on trips often, it makes sense to promote a travel based opportunity (see WakeUpNow – the Highest Paying Affiliate Program In our Port **Update ** Due to the Closing Down of WakeUpNow we are No Longer Affiliated with this company; Any Business Can Go Out of Business. This is why We ask you to focus on the Team; not the company. However for this example we’ll continue to use ‘travel’ in general.)

Using the ‘right methods’ to approach people you are traveling with; you’ll easily find enough people to start growing some income. But then you decide you want to start actually using Internet Marketing techniques – like lead capture pages, and landing pages, and you realize the value of having a company like Stiforp under your belt; which provides you with these tools – in case any of your current partners also want to use these tools too. Now, together you can use these tools; to earn money; and learn how to unleash the true power of the web.

You’re not going to stop growing your travel business; you’re going to start using the tools from the second opp; to grow a list of targeted leads. You and your partners can now use the tools to continually grow your Lists, and your Network. With your tools business; you’re now able to make money with people who are not interested in, promoting travel.

Let’s say they’re selling coffee… or More interested in Selling Coffee than Travel.

That’s awesome; You don’t have to ask them to stop selling coffee, to make money with you in the travel business; if you can Both focus on making money together while learning how to Find the ‘market’ you are targeting; and get them to Opt In; so that you can start following up and building that quality relationship. They can sell coffee to their leads; You can keep selling travel to yours; but together – you have a Tool Business that provides you with a medium. This bridges that gap, that all of us face as network marketers today, in an industry that frankly, is overcrowded with way too many companies.

Our concept builds on this basic fundamental. If you’re going to make money in more than one place you have to have a method to your madness. You cannot join ‘any’ company; you have to join the ‘right fit’ for you. What I like personally about wakeUpNow (mentioned earlier) is that they offer a very diverse product line; and so you’re not limited to marketing travel, ‘if’ that’s not who you are already. You can actually find a product (or a few) that you, and people you associate with, would Actually be drawn to.

But, this is also what I like in most of the companies that have been Chosen for our System. There’s no need to “quit one” to market the other; when they mix and blend together so well. Let’s say for example you decide you position yourself to make money with MCA (also part of our system) – Now you have automobile coverage with MCA; and your partner that sells Coffee, but signed up to use the “tools” (from Stiforp); they can easily afford to invest $40 one time … and $20/mo after that, ‘if’ they’re already earning money from the Coffee and Tools.

That’s the part I sorta left out – but go into ‘detail’ on inside the Training Section of the One MLM System – “how” to actually go about adding a company. You see, while we have chosen programs For the System; We at no time will tell you you need to quit what you’re already doing. If you want to be part of our Group; You can be part of our Group; You just need to decide that you’re with us; and that you’re going to embrace what we’re teaching.

TopNetworkersGroup - Work With The Group

TNG is put together by someone with over 15 years of experience, who’s made money in the industry, and has been mentored and taught by the very best minds in MLM; of Course it’s All-inclusive  … naturally there is a way for you to continue to work with that MLM company you’re excited about; But … ‘add’ our system and the companies within our system, into your life. You will find, often times, that people may say no to one MLM company; but will say yes to something else.

If you’re focused on ‘a company’ …. You’re going to lose people, over ‘a company’ – That’s where the MLM industry is today. More than ever, you as a network marketer need to focus more on who you are working with; and less on what ‘company’ you’re in.

You can be with the right person in the wrong company and still make money. But if you’re working with the wrong person; if you do not have a real mentor and a real coach to point out what you’re doing wrong. If you’re not willing to Be taught how to do things ‘the right way’ – you will never have the success you dream of; regardless of the company.

When we work with people who’ve been there, and done that; they can point out the dips in the road. That’s what TopNetworkersGroup will be for you. That’s what we give to you; A real Roadmap for Success. Welcome to the Journey! Get Started with us Today.

Get the proper Business Training to Succeed in the Home Based Business Industry

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Learn more about how programs are selected for our system in this Update ( Official Announcement: Daily Fantasy Sports has been Added to the 1mlmsystem ) – Our system allows us to Add a Company; and keep our Team together – our structure in place. There is nothing else that matters more than this!

The Frustration Fighter with Bishop TD Jakes

So … right after I got done expressing myself in my Open Letter to Black Home Business Owners, I come across “The Fight with Frustration” From Bishop T.D. Jakes.

It was, literally right on time…..

So here we have it – the real frustration fighter – prayer. Speaking to ‘the rock’ – Going inside and simply, letting it work itself out. Really? I can absolutely see how this would relieve the stress that is easy to arise; due to how frustration works; because … of the Investment, that Bishop Jakes speaks on on the first part, of the message. … about Speaking to the Rock; while Feeding the People.

The Frustration fighter, is to VENT it to Jesus; not to the person we are upset with.

Simply, to “go to the Rock” …. here’s Part 2, which really brings it home.

(quick note, some of this WAS in part 1; hey it’s how they cut these videos right? Taped live from TV to you via YouTube – Listen)

Regardless of what your spiritual beliefs are you have to admit the ‘timing’ is incredible. Right as I finish sharing my frustration with my own people – and our inability to work together, using a model that would create real freedom financially for all involved – I see this. A sermon on … patience. A message about dealing with ignorant people, who murmur and doubt, and question.

Funny right?

See, I’m not here to ‘push’ my ideas on you but I will comment on the remarkable timing of this message; Quick Screen shot evidence too …

quick FB-proof

This blog is set up to post on my wall when I publish new content; So you see the Open Letter to Black Home Business owners there (2 hours) – and you see, almost immediately (as I just said) – I shared a link from TD Jakes; which was right there on my Timeline.

“When you are frustrated with people you love, the conflict is overwhelming” – Bishop T.D. Jakes

Please listen to that Video above to UNDERSTAND The context of that quote – as he speaks loudly about how people Don’t know anything about Leadership; the Reality is, God will use anyone – ANYONE – Even someone you may not ‘think’ would be called to lead; and because the people have such a hard time recognizing who’s ‘called to lead’ … they murmur …

“Long as the manna was falling He was cool – When people get frustrated with the leader, they murmur against him. ”

Interesting too how this message seems to …. Speak to why even “I” had to express myself; because, “Frustration Has to Express itself” —– I love how in this sermon he talks about how God commands Moses to speak to the rock; but instead – with Frustration; speaks to the people.

See …

Gotta love the Message. I love how just as I get done expressing my frustration, to the people, about the people, about my own people – a Timely message floats my way;

Shout out to Robert Fraser too – Up and coming Leader in the MLM Industry; Check out his channel on YouTube Here.

Back to this message though from Bishop Jakes…  about he real frustration fighter, clearly this message was For me; and as Bishop explains … “I had a right to be frustrated, I have invested in it ….. If the Stock market crashes and You have no investment, Do you care? No you do not – but when you INVEST you now have Expectation…. and when people do not Deliver on what you expect; Frustration is natural”

… Perhaps, I should’ve spoke to the Rock 🙂

Perhaps some of you, reading this now, perhaps you relate to another spiritual energy – some other supernatural force; a creator – a master teacher – whomever you believe in; even if it’s just the ‘law of attraction’ that you feel is real – Look at it, in action …

Perhaps if you too are frustrated – Perhaps this message is for you too! Perhaps that’s what ‘drew’ you to it ….  Perhaps like those who practice yoga, or those who meditate, have had it right all along – the answer is to go to that ‘still quiet place’ – To go “inside” – to get silent and just ‘allow’ things to work themselves out –

Listen to a strong message from Mr. Robert Fraser as he speaks about that in this video –

Click here to register for the One MLM System to rule them all with Rob Fraser – follow this leader to the ‘promised land’ –

Sometimes we Absolutely do need to just “let go and Let God” —- Or simply LET things happen on their own; ignore the ‘situations’ (which may include People!!) that frustrate us. Perhaps if we simply, UNPLUG and go drink a ‘spoofy drink on the beach‘ – Things will unfold, while we’re on that break.

Then go back at it … As Mr. Fraser says – I remembered watching this video (and commenting on it) a month or so ago; and funny how it just came back to me; funny how it fits in – But, that is usually how it works.

If you’re FIGHTING with Frustration; My hope is that these messages – fit together right on time, for you – wherever you are – whenever you read this. Together, let’s speak to the rock; (instead of the people), even though we have the right to be frustrated due to all the time, love, money, and care we have invested … – unplug and let these situations work themselves out; knowing they will – because, they already have.

We are simply working to arrive at that moment.

Here’s to the Journey ….

To Success!