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Aaachoo Leaderboard: CEO’s Unlimited

Glad to be representing CEO’s Unlimited on the Leaderboard with Aaachoo; so far I’ve made it to the top performers for the month of August, it’s still early And the overall leaderboard, currently at #66.

This could change by the time I press the ‘publish’ button in my blog here – this company is MOVING and exploding SO fast.

What I want to do, is Thank the leaders who joined with me and send some business their way!

Some of my team members have “team extreme” on their names, others have “ceo’s unlimited” – which ever you want to put on your name is fine with me; However if you are interested in WORKING with me on this effort – Every Sunday from 10:00pm EST to 12:00 a.m. – I will host an Overview, Q&A, and training – via the internet — using both a webinar, and a live streaming chat room with Video and Audio, to help all of you get your questions answered, and teach you what I am doing to explode in THIS business – and many others.

My Main company, TBA2 will be discussed, as well as 2 “tools” I am using to promote all that I’m into. Social Network Training, and more.

You can SUBSCRIBE to my Training list whether you are on my team or NOT – and plug in @ aaachooceos@listwire.com

I’m working to get this Weekly Information posted HERE on my blog; Check back as I do plan to have it up later tonight.

Need Home Business Ideas?

That’s where I was, in 1999 – looking for a way to Start a business from home; We had a general idea, wanting to help people with various financial services – and while searching for a way to FUND this idea, I backed into network marketing.

The most common way that MOST people start, in the home business industry – as Robert Kiyosaki points out in this video below… network marketing companies provide a New person who’s Never owned a business with training, to educate and teach them, generally in a hands on environment, HOW to run a business; this is So Vital, as most people who go directly into starting a business from home, Fail – and they fail miserably!

Check out what Robert Kiyosaki has to say about starting a business from Home!


What I also discovered shortly after joining a company is this : The people you will meet are most likely going to become Future Business partners of yours in various businesses; because you’re all like minded individuals who may have different personal goals, but Similar Financial goals – You’ll be working with people to achieve your goals and if you network effectively, within your NEW home business company, you will meet people that you’ll be able to work with effectively; getting results – that help you both get where you want to go!

Sign up for my FREE Course on Network Marketing today @

This course will educate you about this industry, and you will also get additional insight into how you can take the ideas presented to you by this industry, and go on to someday have success with a business of your very own!

This Just In: Major Announcement from Escape International

Oh the Excitement continues to build with Escape International. I have been excited about this company since I first joined them in June of Last year…. the first company that I latched onto after returning to Network Marketing in March of 2009.

For those who know my story, I started out in this industry in 1999, with a $500 opportunity, ACN. Great company, awesome training, everything I know about growing a business came from the years I spent with ACN. It was just way too hard to make money. I felt I did not know the right people.

So I left, to ‘create a new network’ via web design – for small companies; I figured this would allow me to get my name out there with Business owners, for whom $500 to start a business would be cheap; I used my skills that I learned in ACN to find customers for my websites; to drive traffic to my websites – and all was well.

But I missed the ‘leverage’ that network marketing offers and began wondering what i could do, with my new found skillset of web design – and just like that I got a phonecall from Robert Brown :: asking me if i was Open to coming back to Network Marketing.

The company he had, was another $500 opportunity in the Health and Wellness industry – and the compensation for it was amazing; Way more than what ACN was paying; and since I had been away, this looked like an attractive deal.

However once again the ghosts of old resurfaced; people loved the concept, loved the product, loved the idea – but could not find $500 to get started. It was this reality, that drove some of my business partners, like Brandon Ivey, whom I had worked with in ACN for years, and Melvin Bradley, our upline with the new $500 Opportunity, to look into and find Escape International.

When they Presented this company to me, it was based on their free, online shopping mall, Aisle19. It didn’t really impress me at first glance.

<h3I signed up because it was free.

It wasn’t until Brandon put me on the phone with Melvin Bradley, and he shared more about Escape International, the company that owned Aisle19; he explained that they offer everything other companies offer; without paying $500 to join.

I was then excited – because I understood right away what this meant. It means, anyone in ACN could use a company like this to share with prospects who Liked the idea of making money with the network marketing structure – but didn’t want to risk $500 to do it. They could build a business with Escape, and when those partners were earning enough money, they could later join ACN.

I then realized this would work, for ANY company out there; and that perhaps instead of joining Those other companies, people could find a home with Escape.

Some things were missing; like training videos to explain the compensation plan; which took me about 2 weeks to figure out; But, when I did, I realized it is the most lucrative compensation plan in our industry.

Some companies beat Escape out with upfront bonus money; but in the end, when the dust settles, when we are talking about your Residual Check, No Company can compete – and I mean that — unlike a lot of marketers who tell you their company is the BEST EVER, marketers who have had Tunnel Vision and never even looked at another companies compensation plan … I look at everything.

I was trained in the Byron Nelson school of networking, and so I say these things not to impress you or anyone reading this; just to impress upon you that I have been trained by the very best this industry has ever seen: and my goal, was in line with Melvin Bradley’s goal, to create an economic explosion throughout the industry; to create millionaires; to duplicate greatness — and so I linked up with is vision of CEO’s Unlimited, and began pushing forward with Escape.

We did pretty well; the first few months in my partner Brandon Ivey and his team brought in over 1,000 distributors in just 3 months; My team built to just over 400 distributors within that 3 month span.

Lots of people passed on the opportunity – because it was FREE to join – yet, we were showing people how to generate serious income in our opportunity, simply by Using the Products we sell. Then, during the past few months, we have begun teaching people how to get CUSTOMERS for our products, either by asking for their help – Or simply giving the products to them to Try.

Today, I’m even more excited – as MORE great news has been unleashed from Troy Dooley, who doesn’t sugar coat anything, is skeptical of everything, and rarely endorses any network marketing company.

See for your self why TODAY is the day to get positioned with Escape international >>>


SOON the details of this will emerge, but you do not want to wait; Get positioned to earn income with this opportunity right away by visiting any of the links in this article.

OR go to http://seekingahomebusiness.com/19 <<< to get more information on our company, and to work with the BEST team in our company — the team that is laser focused on helping people get OFF their jobs, and into their Dreams – CEO’s Unlimited will teach you how to be the CEO of your company within a company, OR give you everything that you need, if you are already a leader in our industry, to RUN with this opportunity and create major lasting success for you and your team.

Why Zradical?

I just wanted to put something together, as I have many people I talk to that are interested in Trying this Product.  I want to talk about my Personal Experience With using it first.  People that know me, who have not seen me in a while have told me that I look like I’ve lost weight. I inherited pretty bad sinus’ so around THIS Time of year, my eyes are usually full of ‘strings’, my nose usually runs every morning and throughout the day, I go through boxes of kleenex  at a time — but since Zradical contains Fucoidan, My Immune system has been very strong. My Allergies, not so bad anymore. And, best of all, it Tastes pretty Good!

That’s important in this day and age, where many companies are offering beverages with Anti-Oxidants, we offer a Unique product with a different ingredient, and tremendous health benefits.

Many people who’ve used this product Report experiencing similar results; Weight Loss due to properly functioning body cells, and an improved Immune system, where others around them get sick, and they remain in good health, during flu season, or in my case allergy season; Zradical has been a worthy investment in my health. Some research even suggests that Fucoidan (the main ingredient in Zradical) is able to cure cancer.

It’s a 32 oz. bottle, and I drink 2 oz.’s per day. I have noticed, from drinking it over a period of 6 months now, that when I don’t do it consistently My body seems to slide back a bit; Overall I have been consistent. Missing probably 10-15 days, in the past 6 months, where for some reason or another, I forgot to drink my 2 oz.’s – How much is Your Health Worth?

For those of us looking to enjoy the benefits of our Labor, being in good health helps; I recommend learning more about the Fucoidan ingredient found in this product.  In a few moments I’m going to Link you to a page where you can watch a Video all about this product; and place your Order through this same site.  BUT, as with anything you plan to put into your body, you should do additional research before making your purchase. Unless you of course, Know me well enough to already know, that I would not recommend it OR be using it, if I had not researched it first myself.

There are 2 Ways to Order this product :

If you decide to Register yourself as an IBO : you do not have to participate in the business; Just be sure to let the person know, who referred you to this link, that You are only interested in Being a Customer; you may cancel at anytime :: but I Do recommend using this product for At Least 90 days to experience result.

Thanks for reading this, I hope it’s been informative.  Please leave Any questions or comments here.

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