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Recruiting For MLM Notes For Networkers

From my notes, I want to talk to you about recruiting for mlm companies. It does not matter what mlm company you are in, all of us do the exact same thing. so it would help you tremendously in your career to make sure that you have a great understanding of how recruiting for mlm companies goes.

Recruiting For MLM The Right way

I was taught early on that there is no right or wrong way to do this. In fact, there’s just effective or ineffective.  The vast majority of networkers in this industry, frankly, are using ineffective methods while recruiting for MLM. The reason is because most never enroll themselves in Real Network Marketing Training. There is a lot of stuff out there that looks like network marketing training but it isn’t. Lots of systems out there are teaching Internet Marketing which, is literally an entirely different animal from network marketing.

recruiting for mlm is a different animal from internet marketing

In fact, while we are discussing recruiting for MLM it won’t hurt to point out a major difference between Internet Marketing and Network Marketing – it’s obvious and in our faces yet, how often do we miss stuff that is obvious And in our faces?

Network Marketing is about marketing to your (our) networks. So, networks matter. Our relationships with the people we know, matters.  Network Marketing is The Relationship Business. That’s not changing anytime soon. Where as Internet Marketing is about marking, To the Internet. Trust me I know that seems over simplified but that is exactly the challenge.  You have to learn to keep things simple. With internet marketing, your relationship with others does not matter. It’s also a much tougher sell – because usually, Strangers do not buy from Strangers.

This is why big companies run Commercial ads; in order to build a ‘trust-relationship’ with a random consumer …. and sadly, too many people recruiting for MLM have been duped into believing this method will work, for them.

Sorry to be the bearer of REALITY – Recruiting for MLM companies is a skillset. You must take the time to learn it. I’ll give you a few tips now, from my notes.

I’ll be honest.

I think these notes were for a training but, I am not sure if I ever put that training together. However I’m cleaning up and  have loose papers laying around, with gold nuggets for anyone who wants to get better at recruiting for MLM; because that is where it starts. YOU have to WANT to get better. No one can do that for you.

Recruiting is a conversation.  It’s about knowing what to say, and when to say it.

Some people in network marketing today, are just not ‘ready’ to have that conversation, while some THINK they are ready.

There are far too many Misconceptions about what we do. Too many networkers think we have to talk people into joining MLM. We think the product or service matters. (It does, but it really does not.) We even have people who think the compensation plan matters. In truth, none of these things matter – when it comes to recruiting for MLM.

Most people Suck at recruiting, because they don’t understand recruiting.

They don’t really understand Odds.  They don’t know how to have the conversations. Not understanding how to have this conversation, with not understanding the numbers – adds up to sucking every single time.

When we talk about the Odds; you may have heard this before – it’s a Numbers Game. If you talk to 10 people about your business, 1 person should join your business. When this happens, we say you have a 10:1 closing ratio. If you want to recruit 5 people for your MLM you’ll know you need to talk to at least 50 people.  Far too many people in MLM are not even thinking about any of this right now.  After a handful of people turn them down, they’re ready to quit.  They do not understand the odds – they don’t get the numbers!

How your Conversation Improves your Closing Ratio

The conversation, determines what your closing ratio will be. That conversation, also depends on just how good your relationship is, with the person you’re having this conversation with! So, what we say, while recruiting for mlm, Matters. When we say it, matters. WHO We say it to, matters. These factors, ‘internet marketing gurus’ do not teach you. Most of you are entirely unprepared for this. You are going into your day to day, unprepared to win. You see, the better your conversation is, with people who know, like, and trust you, the higher your closing ratio will be.  If your ratio is 10:0 – you really suck at this. The good news is you Can get better!

Some networkers are so good at this that their closing ratio is 10:3 – or 30%; Some people are good enough to have a 40-50% closing ratio – but I’ve never met anyone who’s ratio is 100%!  If you meet anyone claiming to have a ratio as high as 60-70% …. they’re lying!

Misconceptions weaken your conversation. If you do not understand what I just shared, chances are your closing ratio is pretty low. Chances are high, that you’re not talking to nearly enough people, nor are you saying the right things to them. I mean… nor are you using ‘effective methods’ to move people into your mlm business. You are never going to move everyone. That never happens. You’re not even going to move MOST – unless you are truly exceptional!

The only way to Improve your conversation – is through Education and Training – also, this has to be an Ongoing part of your career. Ongoing growth improves your conversation, and makes you better at recruiting for MLM. Once you learn these skills here, you can translate them to other areas of your life. You’ll even find these skill sets will serve you greatly, should you go into business for your self!

Listwire Updates :: Build your Lists

I’ve been using Listwire.com – the FREE Autoresponder, and am still pretty much impressed with this tool; I recommend it.

Let me however, share a few things with you.

WHEN people subscribe to your list, Listwire will share other ‘lists’ with them. This of course means that when others, using Listwire get subscribers, YOUR ‘ad’ can be shown, and you may get additional sign ups from being part of what they’ve put together.

In other words, listwire will help get You more leads for your list; but also, other members using Listwire will have a crack at your leads; if they choose to sign up for additional lists..

So I hope your marketing is superior – lots of competition out there!

Also Note: any links you include in your follow up emails, will have a ‘small advertisement bar’ linked up below the page;

I recommend signing up, using it – and seeing what this FREE tool will do for your business; as all Follow Up marketing techniques are highly recommended by industry Guru’s.

Building a LIST is the key to success in business.

Your list is the Foundation of your business plan; You need to have people that you can approach as either a customer or a business partner. It’s not JUST a list of names either :: it is important that you ‘build a relationship’ With your list. You do that, through contact and conversation.

SWOM Update ::  There are lots of places to ‘find people’ that you can add to your “list” — SWOM is one of the new, excitig and emerging website to do just that..

Pay day is coming on June 10th; I’m very close to breaking even and will put some time into meeting my point goal total this weekend — excited about the Twitter feature however; You’ll notice our Twitter feed to the right of the page :: It’s now linked Directly to my SWOM posts; So I can now build my Twitter, just by using SWOM – which will automatically post to … Twitter.

Technology has become so amazing; Use it to your advantage!