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Leadership Ranks Announced for TopNetworkersGroup

The Secret is Out.

You can now become a Regional Vice President, or even a Senior Vice President with TopNetworkersGroup.  We’ve created two higher positions as well for the ones that really want to be part of our Movement – who believe in what we believe.

We believe that the 5th Wave of Network Marketing is HERE – and that means the MLM industry has now become accepted by Most Businesses as the perfect model to move products to consumers. This means that more and more MLM companies are being started and more and more “networks” are being pulled apart.

It’s Human Nature to want to be first – Emotional decisions get the best of us all. Most of us make them in just about all areas of our lives. However, in my first MLM Company, I was taught that Customers make emotional decisions.

I Sold telecommunications and electricity services – things most people were already paying for. If I could show people a way to save money on these services, I’d ask them to do ME a Huge Favor, and give my services a Try. This works to this day – with just about everything else I do.

The key is not to sell those customers on the facts. So what if my services were cheaper – the selling point was that they would be doing me a Huge Favor – if they valued me or my relationship to them, then asking them to get their services through me is not that big of a deal. Relationships would end when people made it about the facts, and took it ‘too personal’ when potential customers would say no.

Sure we’d use the language, and lean on the relationship — but it’s a bluff; Like playing Poker. We’re playing on the ’emotions’ … rather than trying to convince them on facts.

Why? —- If you get a customer on facts; you lose them on facts too.

If you knew the Facts about YOUR MLM Company – You’d start to see things our way.

I Thank the perspective provided by Experience.

I had a sponsor that quit on me. I had Uplines that didn’t believe in me and gave no support. I’ve had business partners who stole people out of my downline, and I’ve even had companies go Out of Business on me.

I’ve had several bad experiences in MLM – and I’ve used them all to create a guideline and a roadmap for others to follow; to organize a team that approaches MLM “the right way” – a team that will GROW and LAST for decades to come; and will withstand the winds of change that are ever present – especially within MLM.

You see, when you build your mlm organization around ‘a company’ – what happens when people in your downline see a new company?

The mentality of networkers must change – and that’s our goal with members of our team; to Change their mentality first. We must think more about who we are in business with, than what company we are in. Does your upline understand the importance of doing 3 ways? Do they understand Edification?  Do they Understand how to Give Presentations? Do they Place importance on Training? Are They Concerned with Your Personal Growth and Development? Are they growing themselves?

These are VERY important questions to ask – and yet in spite of having a Team approach, the VISION of TNG was not nearly as clear as it needed to be. How can we know that we’re working with someone who’s TRULY the best – really knows their stuff – Can actually help Lead and Grow a team?

How can we know we’re working with others that will help us make money in several places – not just one.How can we grow a team, and keep that team Together?

We feel that the introduction of our leadership ranks, now gives us the ability to know these things. You can now become a Regional Vice President, with topNetworkersgroup.

Based on our Calculations, an RVP will sit on top of an Organization of approximately 20,000 Team Members – which will include a minimum of 3 Regional Directors, 9 Managing Directors, 27 Executive Directors, and 81 Team Directors – You will have an actual Organization filled with Leaders – and producers who are all thinking like we think.

One correction to the video above. The “Team Member” rank is not an actual “leadership rank” – We now have 2 starting positions with TNG – The first is a Customer; and the second is Team Member.  As a “team member” we’ll officially consider you as part of our team. Otherwise, you’re simply a customer, with the option of officially joining us at any time.

In December 2012, we launched the 1mlmsystem – which allows you to JOIN TNG, and start working with us; getting our training, working with our group, making money in several affiliate programs and mlm companies – Together – Review the Chart – of our NEW leadership ranks.

Approach MLM “The Right Way” – Al King, the Larry Brown of MLM


Both 1mlmsystem URL’s Now Working

Recently updated our Home Page for 1mlmsystem.com – our One MLM System to Rule them all, presented to you by TopNetworkersGroup. The new url that members of our team can now use to promote our system, and invite others to “work with the group” – is much shorter than the original affiliate url.

It’s gone from http://1mlmsystem.com/?tngusername=topnetworkeral (for example)

… To a much shorter http://1mlmsystem.com/?id=topnetworkeral

The shorter and ‘cleaner’ url presented a minor challenge for those of us who’ve already been doing some serious Marketing; and have placed links in certain places on the web, where we cannot even remember how to go back and change them, or edit them; and so to make sure the OLD URL will still work, some special ‘coding’ had to be done by your CEO and Founder of TNG; Co-founder of the 1mlmsystem.

Our system is our Sure Fire approach to creating what Truly Matters in Network Marketing – A Network. You and I can start building our organization today, for FREE – it does not cost money to build a network; it takes commitment; to each other – not to a company. Committing to a company is nothing less than short-sighted – it’s truly lacking Vision, both of where the industry has been, what it’s gone through – and where the industry is heading.

OH …. but you don’t place Value on FREE?

… smh at the blind, following the blind.


This 1mlmsystem we’ve put together, is the TRUTH … and that’s all we’ll give you.

you see…

The things that REALLY matter in network marketing have nothing to do with Solo Ads, Facebook Marketing, learning how to use Twitter or instagram – None of that really or truly matters. Having a capture page, a website, a paypal – or not .. has nothing to do with making money In Network marketing; NOR does it matter what company you promote; how much it costs to join – whether or not you have to be on Autoship – or how much that is; none of that has anything to do with Making money.

None of that is where the ‘real value’ is – it’s Free for you and I to decide that we want to work together and build a structure that can withstand TIME – just like the great pyramids of Egypt which are still standing today after many thousands of years.

JUST like those Corporations which rule our daily lives … and in some cases supply us with a place to earn a ‘living’ while a few of us work part time in addition to having a J.O.B. to create a life. Those few of us in the network marketing industry realize, that being on the BOTTOM of the Corporate Pyramid is a situation where we’ll most likely never rise to the top. But in network marketing – WE are the CEO of our pyramid.realpyramid

Yea … We embrace the MLM Industry here.

I had someone tell me that the WORD mlm in the url of our site scares people away, because some people do not like MLM; the problem with people who are afraid to use the term MLM is, they are scaring people away – the word doesn’t scare anyone away who isn’t supposed to be working IN This industry.

The Concept of MLM Makes sense; it is a business model as we’ve explained in our FREE MLM Training Video on this same topic – MLM Companies vs. Affiliate Programs – It’s important to note that the ‘concept’ of building an MLM ‘distribution network’ that will be able to promote Multiple products and/or services is an OLD idea, that several companies have pushed for decades now.

So it’s nothing “new” really, for us to talk about having multiple streams of income, in the 1mlmsystem – It seemed to be the most sensible way to grow a team, that makes money in several places, without being ‘all over the place’ – and something that still fits with Old School Fundamentals; It’s not a ‘new’ idea…

When I first joined MLM In 1998, my telecommunications company was ‘also’ selling gas and electricity – in SOME states, but not all. They’d tell us all the time, “Build your network now in the areas where we do not offer Power, so that when we DO get to those states, you’ll already have a network of Thousands who can turn on Customers overnight!”

It’s called, Preparation.

MOST OF YOU are just not Prepared…

That’s why we put our MLM System together, the one mlm system to rule them All!

Get signed up for the 1mlmsystem today; work with the group – check out the new presentation, and see what we’ve added to our 1mlmsystem to make it even better than it already was. See you inside, thank you for stopping by!

TopNetworkersGroup WakeUpNow Journey Begins

As of today, August 1st – I’m excited to welcome WakeUpNow into my business portfolio. (So much has changed since this post originally went up; WakeupNow is no longer in business)

This is a fantastic opportunity to offer to those of you willing to invest at least $100 per month into yourself. Running a business always includes overhead. Finding a business that you can run for JUST $100 per month used to be unheard of just 5-6 years ago.

Today there are a few that I know of. But very few pay as much money as this one does, while offering the amount of real value that’s offered – as does WakeupNow.

The Way To Make Money Without Thousands Of People

Check out Our Review – TopNetworkersGroup Presents WakeUpNow

This is the highest paying affiliate program in the entire industry today. Allow me to break down the Compensation Plan for you in simple terms.

Sponsor (sign up) 3 people, and you hit Director 3, the first rank with WakeupNow. All D3’s earn a $100/mo bonus – and your business is free.

Next, help those 3 people hit Director 3; and you achieve the second rank with WakeupNow, Founder 3. All F3’s earn a $600/mo bonus – meaning, you’ll be avoiding bankruptcy and collecting an extra $500 per month (after all your business expenses….)

It just gets Better from there.

I Wanted A High Paying Affiliate Program

Why do I call WakeUpNow an Affiliate Program? Well that’s what it is. Keep in mind that we are Experts when it comes to the entire MLM industry. We’ve already broken down the biggest differences between MLM companies and Affiliate programs.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an Affiliate program; most of them don’t pay out nearly as much as WakeUpNow – and that’s one of several reasons that has made it attractive to several people in the MLM industry; To put it simple – the products they offer can be sold separately, enabling you and I to ‘get customers….’

We can also ‘get customer getters’ – which is the basic MLM Company idea; that when we focus on Customer Acquisition, rather than Affiliate acquisition – we lean towards MLM Company; BUT – the simple fact is that WakeUpNow is just ‘affiliated’ with these other companies; and so that leans them back towards Affiliate Program.

So actually, it’s a Hybrid — and a few months ago it was decided that all Hybrids, are affiliates. That’s the best way to keep it simple. Either it’s an MLM company; or it’s not.

And that’s ok. We’ve backed several affiliate programs as solid ways to build a network – that you can make money with In network marketing.

Now, we’re backing the highest paying affiliate program In the industry today.

Put yourself in a position to create real wealth; Wake up Now with WakeUpNow!

Watch MLM Companies vs. Affiliate Programs – brought to you by 1mlmsystem

This is the highest paying affiliate program that we are endorsing – for now. Remember to USE our 1mlmsystem to create the cash flow you need, if you do not already have it – make business decisions; not emotional decisions – Thank you for stopping by!

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Now that we’ve begun this journey to help more people get Leverage, and real Residual income in their lives; Even more has happened. Our team is growing and you can be part of what we are doing.  We’re literally going to teach anyone in our team the way to make money with the wakeupnow opportunity – this is your chance; this is your TIME!

*WakeUpNow just got even better – adding the New Energy Drink Line, and so much more – Read about it all here :: Awaken To An Even Better One