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TNG Tackles Coffee MLM Companies

I wanted to tackle Coffee MLM Companies for a moment.


*This Blog Post has been Updated as of 1/31/2016 – The Coffee MLM Companies hinted to and discussed below – are either in business OR out of business at this time! When I wrote this, I was part of a movement that fizzled out. There has already been much written about the closing down of WakeUpNow – which for a time, threw it’s hat into the discussion of making money, selling coffee, through MLM. There are many reasons for why this company did Not stay afloat – including outright theft by it’s owner and CEO. Many would also argue, that not enough of the distributors in Wakeupnow, truly understood how to go about recruiting for mlm. Several factors go into the success Or failure of all MLM companies.  The information shared in OUR blog, is here to help you navigate through the MLM wilderness.


Please bare with me as I need to set this up properly.

I read a book called Wave 4 that told me one day everything would be moved through the MLM business model some day. Even Coffee. It was no surprise to me to see coffee mlm companies when I returned to the industry in 2009.

It makes sense too – for all the reasons we’re familiar with, when it comes to the Coffee Industry. The MLM business model is so flexible that anything can be sold through it; if you have a product or service but do not have an idea of how to generate sales – using an MLM business model may be a good decision for you.

The Coffee industry is HUGE but not everyone can compete with the Starbucks and McDonald’s of the world (That’s right, McDonalds is the #1 Seller of Coffee in the World) – a lot can be learned from the lessons of Franchises though. Having a franchise located in several places gives a company like the two we mentioned, more opportunities to sell … coffee.

This is why MLM is the perfect model and why There are so many Coffee MLM Companies – business owners know this is a hot product, that lots of people love to buy; and know that MLM is the most cost effective way to distribute it.

The only thing is, with soooo many Coffee MLM Companies, hardly anyone is making any real money WITH the extremely lucrative coffee industry.  That’s where we come in …


Let me see if I can repeat some of that for you – The POINT is if you build a network you can sell anything, even Coffee.  Members of the MLM Industry need to stop fighting over who has the better brand of Coffee.

Wait a minute …. doesn’t WakeUpNow Sell coffee too?

YES – but you won’t see Professionals from TopNetworkersGroup acting like there is no other coffee in the market that other people would like. WE understand Consumers …

We are Professionals …

See, most of you are not professionals and don’t realize that your Coffee Customers will make an “emotional decision” while purchasing coffee, every single time. They will NOT make a logical one.

So trying to appeal to people’s logic while selling coffee is why YOU and so many others are NOT making money with your Coffee MLM Companies; most of you have NO IDEA how to sell coffee; because you’re not grasping (or not being taught) the basic Fundamentals of the MLM Industry.

Here is that Lesson …. “If you Build it, They Will come” –

What will come?



(Seemore Green in NYC with Cash IZ King showing off the NEW WakeUpNow all natural Energy drink – Awaken)

*update 1/31/16 – these two are still selling this product, through a different mlm company – proving that while any business can go out of business; what truly matters in the end, is the loyalty that business people show towards one another. While these two continue to make money together, ‘silly rabbits’ who jump around from company to company, program to program, team to team, … never truly learn how important loyalty is.

Are you Closing Your Leads?

I’m thankful that ACN was my ‘first MLM company” – I learned this lesson then. We sold long distance and local long distance; along with internet service and in ‘some market’ electricity and gas. I happened to live in a deregulated area, which had electricity. I was also Online early, recruiting people over the internet way back in 1999. I would meet people in areas that did not have electricity or gas yet, and they’d turn down ACN, telling me to notify them when it got to their market.

This was always the WRONG decision to make; I’d learn it later from attending trainings – that the time to build is NOW; not Later. If a product or service is ‘coming’ to your market you do not want to wait till it arrives to begin building a network to sell it.

Once you’ve built your network – now you and your network can sell ANYTHING through it. Literally; Even products and/or services that have not been Invented yet!

You see, WakeUpNow is selling Energy Drinks too – They’re providing several products and services under ONE roof (one WakeupNow Hub lol) – and that’s what we’re doing through TopNetworkersGroup with our ONE MLM SYSTEM – providing several ways for US to make money, while focusing on what truly matters most; BUILDING our network.

Keep that in mind, if you’re part of a Coffee MLM or looking for a good one to join; out of Several Coffee MLM Companies available today. The bottom line will always be, who’s in business with you; and who are you working with in business.

Read more from TopNetworkersGroup about doing this ‘the right way’ –

Kobe and The Role Players

Since Kobe Bryant has returned to the floor for the Los Angeles Lakers, there is more and more talk about him, and how he is affecting the young Role Players who’ve been holding down the fort in his absence. Of course, Kobe went down due to injury, Tearing his achilles, and is finally back – though it’s much sooner than most expected to see him.

We’ve been talking about Role Players here on our Blog – and how it relates to Business, as well as Sports. We’ve even talked about how Star players are simply, playing a role. The Role Kobe has played for the Los Angeles Lakers has led to several NBA Championships and, a Hall of Fame Career.

So naturally when he returned, the ‘roles’ of the Young Role players would be reduced. Naturally … and yet there is talk that some of them are mad, upset, and frustrated with having to adjust. Sadly, this happens all too often in sports and business.

This happens often in the entertainment industry as well. Sometimes in groups or bands, one of the members seems to have a bigger draw with the fans than the rest. The lesser popular members get jealous, and don’t want to give the same effort and Zeal they initially gave, when no one knew who they were.

Suddenly everyone wants to cash in on fame and go their own way in hopes of getting more attention – and more spotlight; whether or not they even Deserve it. SO often, you see careers fall entirely apart when this happens; I can name so many R&B Singers who decided to ‘leave the group’ – AND  are now absolutely NO WHERE to be found in the Music Industry; You can too…

A great lesson for the rest of us, on why we need to leave the ego at the door, when it comes to any kind of team or group related activity. Also, in just about all team/group related activities, such as the entertainment industry, and especially sports and business – YOU will have star players, and role players – and yet, everyone’s role is important.

It’s important for someone to shine ‘in the background’ – and out of the spotlight.

That role is a necessary role to win a championship; a grammy; or a RANK in a business opportunity; achieving a Rank is a HUGE Deal; It often can mean going from 2 figures (or barely any figures) – to 3 figures per month in residual income; It might even mean going from 3 figures to 4 figures, as you and Several others on your Team rise up in Income as well; See No “ONE” person hits a rank in a business alone; They do it, as a team.

The one person ranked at the top May be a Star Player; but the ROLE Players matter; and eventually if the role players continue to embrace their role; they become star players; In a previous post, I talked about Pippen ‘and’ Jordan; Kobe ‘and’ Shaq.

Several people say that Shaq’s dominance gave Kobe the room and the space on the floor he needed, to develop into the player that he has become. He always embraced his ‘role’ as a shooting guard; but worked to be as efficient and as fundamental as possible; to make himself the BEST shooting guard he could be.

Many would say that Jordan’s tenacity helped Pippen unleash his own defensive intensity; which made them two of the toughest guards to go up against that the NBA has ever seen. Star players often create other Star Players.

But you gotta play your ROLE first; You gotta give it your All; you’ve gotta become the BEST at playing the role you’ve been assigned to play – and nothing is stopping those young role players from continuing to play the way they were playing; Nothing at all, other than ego; if anyone isn’t able to continue to give the same effort they gave before, just because they’re playing a little less, or shooting the ball a little less – well that’s a player with too much Ego, that isn’t beneficial to ‘the team’.

I hope you see how this relates to what we do in the MLM Industry – as a team, we must work together; and strive to thrive in our roles; whatever roles they may be. Sometimes you and I will be the  star player on a team; Other times, we may be the role player; We must embrace that role  and do our best; because WHEN The TEAM Wins; we ALL WIN because we ARE the TEAM.

Coffee here I Come! TNG Selling Coffee

… So before I begin this message, entitled “Coffee here I Come! TNG Selling Coffee” … I want to let you know about something I’m working on. A collection of ‘rants’ from my facebook page, where I’ve been letting fellow networkers know how I See this world we all work, and sometimes play in too.

You’re going to love it – and you’re gonna love The vehicles used to share THIS powerful collection that you’re about to have your hands on, very soon…. With that being said, here’s a recent rant from ‘moments ago’ – about Selling Coffee……..

I’ve kicked around this idea of selling Coffee for some time now right… Here’s how it really began.


A dude came to me about a year ago with that fast talking salesman liar stuff that, sadly, some in my profession choose to use for .. temporary Quick money fixes; Never really did ‘business’ with dude before; but he says to me, Al, I got a spot for you in OrganoGold – get in Now and I’m putting all these APPS in after you.


So……. I’m like Ok………. (But I’m no Fool) — Dude wanted me in at the $500 package and I’m like “dude, my plates full – i’ll grab a spot see if What you are saying, is actually what you are gonna do” ……. without actually Telling Dude that was my plan; B/c sometimes when you Don’t really Know folk, you gotta ‘find out’ who they are.


Thankfully for me (many business lessons along the way) I grabbed the $50 spot; and waited to see what dude was gonna do next – No folk came in; all these apps he had … waiting to put them in …. nope, No dice.

Lucky for me, I’m no fool.


Dude came talking silly to me about how I needed to start selling the Coffee now and getting Orders on the front end, you know …. talking to me as if I don’ tknow HE needed “volume’


See, this kinda thing happens in MLM – because people are people no matter where people are; No matter what kinda job you have, we all know those people who THINK everybody else is stupid.


: ::: but lucky for me, I’m no fool – at least not today; had enough foolish moments to teach me along the way ::: gotta learn to be thankful for the Falls, because you truly appreciate the Rise, so much more…. but back to Selling Coffee.


Naturally, you know where that one headed; Dude Lied – I lost respect if I had any – and Had to let him know To stop talking to me like I just came on Last week — after a few months dude left the company and went some where else, left that one and landed in another — and today, dude is in one of the same companies I’m in right now.


Meanwhile a whole LOT of Coffee Companies have hit the scene…….


Javita, Sozo, VidaCup, Synergy, ………….. and so many more that i can’t remember them all;  It’s as if all these coffee companies aren’t realizing that by competing against each other ….. they’re even less of a threat to the “marketshare” that a Mcdonalds or Starbucks is getting.

After I signed up for LeveloneNetwork, and started THINKING about it; why not sign up as an Affiliate for Starbucks, Foldgers, Maxwell House, brands people already BUY; and sell those ….. seems like that makes the most sense to me.


:::: Right on the threshhold of my decision to ‘maybe’ add a coffee company into the mixture :::: WakeUpNow adds Coffee.

I guess That’s what most people would call …. A sign.

Knowing You’re In The Right Place, at the Right time – Priceless.


http://topnetworkersgroup.com/600 ::: inbox me for the details on the Coffee 😉 ::: in case you’re still asleep; and have not heard.  Oh … and it’s not like I can’t still go forward with my Other Plan too.


Coffee … here I come!

… and then again, Coffee ended up coming To me.

WakeUpNow is Selling Coffee, Energy Drinks, and Getting Better all the time …

Ok ………… forgive me if this comes off as bias, but …

Seriously, there are some things happening within WakeUpNow that the MLM Industry is about to bear witness to in a major way. You have the opportunity to be part of that change, or to sit on the sidelines and watch as it happens.

How do you want people to tell YOUR STORY … when we all look back on 2014 … when BIG things happened…  what will others say about you? Will they say you took advantage of opportunity or that you sat back, and let it pass you by…

– I’m working with the “Closed on Mondays” team – please take a moment to “listen” to what these guys are saying in this video; don’t judge the appearance or their age; Listen to what’ being said — I first ran into Eric Turner aka Seemore Green through Facebook, and loved his approach to marketing. We’ve been chatting on and off ever since, looking for a way to work together – and about a 6 months ago, he approached me with WakeUpNow.

The timing was not right for me then, but in August I made the decision to come on board – TIMING could not have been better. What are YOU Going to do now?


How To Earn An Extra $600 Per Month Without Thousands of People

For me, the BIG announcement of adding Coffee to the mix of what WakeUpNow has to offer simply shows the ongoing improvement of WakeUpNow – and that’s the kind of company I like to be a part of.

Selling Coffee has become popular in our industry. But unfortunately the majority of these Coffee MLM’s are overpriced to join, the coffee is too high and hard to sell. Plus, the MLM companies aren’t paying out any Real money – which for many people – was the initial Draw to join wakeUpNow…

The reality is, they’re making it easier and easier to Make money with WakeUpNow.

Selling Coffee is just one of several additions; including, Energy Drinks, and an Improved Hub :: which will also allow us, to share deals on social media websites and earn money when people purchase what we’re promoting; Without having to join WakeUpNow – They’ve just made it so much better; and indicates what is to come….

Updates FROM The WakeUpNow Conference held in September, 2013 (In Provo Utah)


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