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MLM Industry Statement from TopnetworkersGroup.com

I’m a veteran of the MLM industry. Joined in 99′ and my ‘first tour’ went into 2004; after 5 years with my first company i decided to start my Own business, building websites; using most of what I learned in my first company I was able to acquire customers and build a few solid streams of income. Then in 2009, I got a phone call from my old ‘upline’ and got the ‘bug’ to get back in the game; It’s crazy how much Changed in a few years. During my MLM hiatus (2004-2009) I began studying Internet Marketing; learning from cats like Stephen Pierce and Matt Bacak; I was using landing pages, and auto responders – and thought ‘man this would work so well with mlm’ —- A guy named Mike Dillard did what I was “thinking” about doing…. he merged the two and created an entire industry …. of idiots.

Today, most people in the MLM Industry are relying entirely on technology;

the MLM Industry has too many Robots and not enough Professional People
No human touch; the business model was never intended to function that way. That’s why the Positive press that was starting to emerge on MLM has gone entirely away; Everyone hates it now. … again …

I feel that’s because most people’s introduction to “Mike Dillard’s version of mlm” lacks the Fundamentals to understand he combined TWO Separate Business Models into One; and while people are learning a lot of great internet marketing concepts; They’re learning NOTHING about network marketing; to the detriment of the entire industry.

Attrition rates are higher than ever before. People are making even less money; The throne is open …. the right team of well trained individuals will take over this industry and help it rise to the position it should be at in our society; we actually ‘should’ want to empower one another, instead of corporations – but ‘getting there’ requires an industry of ‘representatives’ who fully understand what they are doing.

The longest distance between any two points, is a short cut; and right now MLM is filled with short cut mentality; I’m currently on the look for 3-5 Leaders who want to run with me; but as usual, not all who apply are qualified;

In 2010, I realized the industry had changed; I realized we were entering the 5th Wave, just as #RichardPoe predicted; I started getting ready. In 2012 me and a business partner launched the 1 mlm system  – but we were not on the same page; The page I was on, and still am on, is “Team over Company” — my partner however, decided to Focus on a Company; that went out of business – which was the entire point of NOT focusing on a company;

When Two “leaders” of a team are not on the same page; the rest of the Team won’t be either.

So I cannot have ‘founders’ that wanna do their own thing if our mission is to be successful. No more “Broke Man Plan” types who come into my system to “steal” my ideas and ‘try’ to use them for self. No more “Prosperous Rhinoceros”  types who wanna ‘try’ to use concepts I teach, to write BOOKS to sell ,that misquote me – No “Retired MLM Vets” who Call Me up to pitch me on My 1mlmsystem, as if HE came up with the very idea I Just shared with him. (all True Stories; Names changed to cut down on Drama)

Way too much nonsense out here; but it’s all good; Those folks helped me learn that ‘some things’ need to be protected until a proper leadership team is assembled. This new video goes into why the MLM industry needs what we have to offer. That will only be possible, when we have identified the right people to build with. The Rich Man’s Plan will help us find those individuals. Are you one of the people We need?

The “Live Office” is back; new and improved; to help me with sorting people properly to ensure I’m building ‘with the right people’ – This message is going out to the official list in a few minutes; going up on TNGforever ::: the right 3-5 people are in store for are life changing journey; and we will bless the lives of all who align themselves with us ….. Here’s to the future!

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Al King, CEO & Founder

Edifying Is The MLM Secret You Missed

Edifying is the MLM Secret you missed while listening to all that training.  This is the glue that brings a team, a network together.  It’s the key to building a business in a industry filled to the brim with competition.   How do ‘you’ stand out in a industry that has almost no barrier for entry.  It’s ‘almost’ entirely unregulated, and all time, discussions arise within the industry on how best to self regulate each other. This can lead to infighting that the outside world see’s, and looks the opposite of the MLM Secret I mentioned at the start.

Edifying, the secret tool in your toolbox that is often underused.

If it’s being used at all….

Edifying The MLM Secret You Need

A few times where I’ve spoke directly to the topic of Edifying can be found here….

One of the quicket sways to tell the difference between a professional and an amateur in network marketing, is through Edifying. Ask them to explain the chart and see if they can do it. Look at their attitude toward the topic, is it excitement or disdain?  Sadly sometimes we get confused by people who earn money in network marketing. We can think they are professionals, based on their position on the leadership board. You’re watching the wrong statistic though.   The real stat is, how many of their Leaders are ‘also’ on that board?  Are they working together to lift even more leaders onto that board or bragging about their greatness?

Leaders who embrace Edifying, are the Professionals we need.

You’re not a Fortune 500 company, so Edifying is your best friend.  When used properly you’ll be able to build large networks rather quickly.   Everytime I meet network marketers who are struggling, edifying is NOT a priority or a part of their plan. If you want to build a team that will earn real ongoing income for you and with you, Edifying is your ticket!

The few reasons I’ve heard for not Edifying others are amateur level.  People say that they don’t want anyone to use this as a ‘crutch’ for why they’re not succeeding.  The reality is, not edifying is a big reason most of you are not succeeding. it’s not a crutch, but an understanding of how people work.

You ‘might’ have a trust relationship with the people you introduce to a business. The problem is, people don’t respect you ‘like you think’ they do.  Edifying is the process of building respect for another person, so that person (an expert in your MLM, or on your Team) can build up Respect ‘for you’.  Do you see why you’re struggling yet? No one respects you.

Ego, unfortunately, has people assuming that others respect them.  The disappointment of learning the truth, is what runs folks away from network marketing. They’ll make excuses like “I just don’t like selling” or, “I don’t wanna have to get people in….”   When in reality, if you’re using Edifying as a tool to build your business, you’ll never have to sell anything.  You won’t be getting anyone into anything, but instead creating an environment where they feel honored to be part of what you’re doing.

People Join People Not Companies, (Including your MLM)

I was talking with a business partner on Facebook and could not believe what happened next. We were discussing an ancient principle in MLM :: “People join People not Companies” – this is something that all professionals know to be true.

I decided to do a quick search to see who actually said it first; I’m actually interested in MLM History; I don’t mind doing research on the industry that has done so much for my life. While looking for it, I was surprised to see NO obvious results; telling me who I and other professionals have borrowed this phrase from.

So, I decided to put something togehter to talk about this Principle and explain WHY it’s so important to YOUR success in Network Marketing (or MLM) – if you join a company, make sure you also INVEST yourself into that companies Culture as well.

You must be fully emersed; you must be PART of the TEAM – the GROUP – because People is a ‘plural phrase’ that refers to more than one Person. So in other words, who you work with matters just as much as making sure you work With others, while building your MLM organization. Stop worrying about what company you’re in. That’s not what people are looking at anyways.

People join people, not companies – It’s in several of the MLM Training videos for 1mlmsystem; as we have been stressing loyalty to team, over company – primarily because it works. When people see a commitment to other people; they wanna be involved in that too. Most people cannot find that kind of environment anywhere else in society; so it’s up to members of a TEAM within an MLM organization to create that environment.

When people do – People join people, Not companies. When you find MLM Companies that are doing very well, you will find companies with People who get it. When people get it, they can grow it; because they GET that people join people – it doesn’t matter what the company is; no one joins an MLM company to sell a product; Even if they’re saying that is why. Somewhere in their core being, is a feeling of desire to belong – to be part of whatever group of people they have been invited to join.

people join people not companies - relationships matter in MLM

This is why when YOU try to recruit someone on your own, your Results are not AS GOOD as when you use a 3rd party expert; to edify you, do a 3way for you – NOR are your results as effective as bringing a prospect to a live meeting with 100 or 1,000 people – the more people the better; the more likely your prospect will want to belong.

Because it’s true – People join people not companies; this is the same reason people do NOT join your company; they do not like the people.

When people want to belong, they’ll duplicate – they’ll do the same things everyone else is doing; because they want to be accepted by the group.  They want others to speak well of them in this group of people they decided to partner up with. Because they are now doing the right things, they will get results they’re after – and this is why your success is hugely dependaent on your ability, and willingness to fully commit to and join ‘the group’ –

Sometimes people fail when they join the group, but don’t care too much about being accepted or approved; some people have HUGE EOG’s which get in the way of their  success.This causes a person to ‘do their own thing’ – and now it becomes evident to all of their prospects that this person is NOT part of ‘the group’ — So they might join the same company being promoted by this ‘individual’ when they meet someone who’s working with ‘the team’ – oftentimes people are confused by this.

But, this ancient rule explains why – People join people, not companies – most people are not even listening to a word you or I say to them; they’re simply looking at who else you’re working with – or not working with. Understanding this SIMPLE principle will take you to he very top; in every MLM Company you join. Especially if you’re working with OUR group, the TopnetworkerskGroup – using our One MLM System to Rule Them All – sign up now

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Dr. Michio Kaku On Future Technology  Just as Technology is changing every aspect of our society, MLM Continues to change as well; our One MLM System takes it into account and prepares YOU for what is coming!

** Update June, 8 2016 –

So much Has indeed changed since I first wrote this in 2013 – including ‘where’ I’m linking out to that video On the future of tech. Even that has changed in the past 3 years. There are NEW platforms in the social media space that were not around 3 years ago. Change is such a constant. Yet, some things will never change. People join people not companies – that rule still applies to this very day. The reason that people join people not companies is simple. When a person meets someone else they compare themselves to that person.  People follow people – that’s how this world has always been. Regardless of what technology comes out, people generally use it the way, others use it.  People usually do what Others are doing; it’s “The Strangest Secret”, that Earl Nightengale spoke about so many years ago. While it’s true, that change is constant – some things will not change.

When people join people not companies, you want to position yourself and the people you work with As the people to join.  This is why personal growth and development matters. If the people you want to partner up with, are not joining you – it is a sign that you’ve got to grow! Keep growing!