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Participation Trophy Mentality In MLM Is Not Good

How Participation Trophy Mentality Has Stalled Topnteworkersgroup and MLM: When i started up TNG in 2010, it was mostly all ‘concept’ – I knew what I wanted to do, but had to work through how to do it; along the way, things came together and the 1 mlm system was born; Some people didn’t like the name….

It had MLM in it – and it’s unfortunate that the industry has such a bad reputation; but that’s precisely why I put MLM in the name; b/c I’ve always envisioned TNG as a team that does MLM “the right way” – however, I just have not attracted ‘the right people” into the fold…. Yet.

So with total honesty, most of 2017 has been a MLM Break for me; I’m still ‘in’ companies I was in before; TNG is still sailing the seas; The 1 MLM System is still operational; just needs a few tweaks, and a few more of the right people to board the ship.

The challenge though, is I live in the Participation Trophy Generation; so everyone assumes everyone is equally the same – and that makes things difficult in business.  The ‘leaders’ I set things up with, wanted to be leaders too. They didn’t want to follow me, they wanted to Co-lead.  All that does, is confuse people, which Austin Rivers recently talked about. You know we cover the correlation of Sports and Business here. Austin Rivers, currently the starting point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers spoke about his former Teammate Chris Paul and current teammate Blake Griffin’s relationship. He said that no one ‘really knew who the leader was’.  This led to dysfunction on a team that was supposed to do, much better than they did.

Austin Rivers on Leaders

This mindset infects the team, and those who ‘could have’ been integral parts of the network you’re seeking to grow.

People come to you for help; but due to this Participation Trophy Mindset people have; eventually THEY feel they’re just as much an expert as You are – and ignore all the help you provide; only to say you did not help them — rather than admit they didn’t accept the help — same way people are no longer able to accept that their Performance wasn’t good enough for 1st place – but now they get to ‘decide’ that it was, even if it wasn’t.

That’s the world I’m in. I’m thankful that I heard about bitcoin …. who knows where I’d be right now if I was fully depending on MLM.

I love the business model, but the people in the industry – are plagued with society’s lack of evolved ideas; People bring their Employee mindset to the Group; their Individualistic mentality to the Group; and never adopt ‘Group mentality” — they’re literally useless…… and so as 1,000 more MLM’s sprang up this year; they’re all simply recycling the same people over and over; and it’s a shame none of them seem to see what’s happening.

Now Everyone thinks they can do what I did; and make their own teams; build their own sites; teach things the way they wanna teach it; b/c they don’t ‘know’ I’m teaching Old School stuff that’s been around for 40+ years :: they think I made it all up on my own; b/c … participation trophy mindsets are lazy.

They Assume first place, won first place, because of any reason other than first place worked harder than second place did. I can show people the door; but they gotta walk through it…. I can give people that Red Pill; but they gotta accept truth, and not wish they had taken the Blue one after a visit to the Desert of the real; after they come to grips with the reality that their reality isn’t reality.

I’ve had several people come to me, who Used to work with TNG – or more accurately; who Signed up for programs TNG promoted – and they say to me “Al, I just can’t get people to follow me….”

They never wanna hear the reason why; The reason is, in MLM what YOU do duplicates.

following to be a Leader

You can’t get people to follow you – because you don’t follow ….

There were books you were told to read; that you did not read. There were videos you were told to watch; that you chose not to watch; You decided you heard it all, knew it all, and that you didn’t need to hear anymore – and That Duplicates …..

When YOU talk to people about a program; they don’t look – they don’t listen – they assume – because that’s how you are. They won’t watch videos, b/c You won’t watch videos either; They won’t follow your lead; because You Aren’t Following Your own Sponsor. Your Sponsor hosts a Webinar, you find a reason to miss it; Then wonder why people you Invite to Webinars, find reasons to miss those too – people do what you DO not what you say.

Sometimes, people still won’t do what you do, even when you’re doing it.  Yet, you’ll never get anyone to do anything you’re not already doing.  I shouldn’t even have to cover this, but the participation trophy mentality, makes people expect success in MLM regardless.  People really think, all they have to do is sign up, and ‘get’ others to sign up.

MLM’ers with this participation trophy mindset hop from one company to the next because they think it’s the company.  They think it’s their sponsor’s fault, or the founders of the company.  These people come to believe if they sell a different product more people will buy from ‘them’.  They never change who THEY are though.

The participation trophy mentality, stops a person from working on themselves.

A person who thinks they deserve a trophy, even when they lose will never understand.  Coffee is for Closers only.

Participation Trophy Mentality in MLM is Not Good

Don’t Impulsively Sign Up With Me (Sponsoring In Network Marketing)

Sponsoring in Network Marketing is an art form, a skill set that often goes under appreciated.  it’s like being a great basketball player, where ‘fans’ simply assume your talents were with you at birth. They say, look at how tall you are, how big your hands are, and oh wow – those muscles! You have to have been born with all of your talents, coordination, and ability to hit a jumpshot.  I suppose it’s somewhat natural, since I get this with blogging, with web design, or even making flyers. People do this in the network marketing space as well.  They see people excelling and figure there is no way they could too.

sponsoring in network marketing is a mental thing

When it comes to sponsoring in network marketing, people often look at those who’ve been really good at it and think it must come natural.

There is no way I could ever do that, or be as great at it as that guy.  That top earning woman speaks so well, she uses so many great words, and really knows how to pull people in. I’ll never be able to sponsor people like they do!

This negative self talk absolutely damages your chances of success. No way will you ever find yourself sponsoring in network marketing like top earners do, with that inner dialogue going on.  Not only does that have to change, but so do your ideas about thinking that WHO your sponsor is, matters.  It doesn’t matter at all, and you’ll only come to find that out later.

If you’re just starting out, or if you’ve been struggling you may not fully understand this. Your sponsor does not matter.  Signing up with a top earner, does not mean you are going to become a top earner too. They may not teach you everything they know, or may have cut corners. Most often, top earners tend to be great at signing up people who are greater at sponsoring than they are!

Did you catch that?

They’re not always ‘the best’ at it, but they know how to attract ‘the best’.  People have different skill sets and that is why Teamwork is so crucial in network marketing. This is not an individual sport, here, success happens in groups. Oftentimes the success of the group, or lack of it, will impact your individual sponsoring production. To put it more simply, if you’re working with a team that is producing results, you can attain similar or better results, just because you are part of that team. The more involved you are with that team, the more likely you’ll benefit from the overall team success.

Sponsoring in Network Marketing is ‘actually’ a teamwork thing ….

Please Review the network marketing training we Provided, which includes Videos on “The Importance of Trust” and “3Ways”

Out the gate I Let you know that ‘if you cannot sponsor people it’s because people don’t trust you. No Trust = No sales.”  As an individual you can ‘only have so much trust’ with others. But when you are part of a ‘partnership’, your ability to build trust with others goes up!  Especially when you dive deeper and use the ‘skills’ we teach within the network marketing industry.  That skill is Edification, a Tool that will Transform your Results in MLM – Edification will help you build ‘trust’, so that you can begin excelling at sponsoring in network marketing.

You actually have to get good at saying GOOD things about other people, and allowing those people to say Good things about you. This ‘good press’ is how a lot of Top earners end up with random people signing up with them. I know because people do this with me. However that’s a huge mistake!  Don’t ‘impulse sign up’ with me, or anyone you don’t really know in network marketing.  Always go back to the person that referred you, because it helps ‘maintain trust’ and respect in the network.  It’s also how we all make money in this space.  When you or I violate that ‘trust’,  we endanger the future of our organizations.

When a Team respects the Network, and shows respect for the Business Partnerships already in place, in the long term, that leads to a team that is even more productive! We can all win together, and together we can all achieve more (Than we could as individuals) – Join our Team via the One MLM System today! (if a team member sent you here, ask for their link to sign up!) Thanks!!


Why People Say No To Network Marketing

I don’t want to beat around the bush. I’m going to tell you Why people say no to network marketing. Are you ready …. ? The answer is … Conditioning.   It’s that simple, and that is why you are never going to get ‘through’ to some people.  In network marketing, if you are in a company with professional training, you will be taught to Sort. Too many people in network marketing however, are not in good MLM Companies, and do not work with well trained teams.  So unfortunately they are being taught to ‘sell’… which does not work, with the MLM business model.

That’s where people start talking about being scammed by network marketing.  They’re ‘sold a dream’ instead of reality, and ‘sold’ into buying tools to build a house of cards.  It’s because someone, decided to sell rather than sort.  When you are sorting, you are going into the ‘process of recruiting’ without getting emotional over who says yes, or no.  You’ll find people who are ‘looking for’ what you are offering to them.  You aren’t in the convincing business, and aren’t getting your feelings hurt by rejection.  This is a mental level that people have to work to reach.  It does not come natural to most people. (See our 1mlmsystem Training Information now)

Especially for anyone who’s like me, and has competitive fire burning inside.  When someone says no, or makes ‘fun’ of your income opportunity the instinct is to ‘win’ that encounter.  You won’t ‘overcome’ conditioning…

why people say no to network marketing

That too, is why people say No to Network Marketing. The people who are making fun of your opportunity are ‘also’ trying to win that encounter. Instead of recruiting, you’ve gotten yourself into a contest. Unfortunately because of the conditioning I mentioned earlier, nothing you ‘say’ is going to ‘win’ them over.  Let me give you an even more insightful understanding of what I mean by conditioning.

I’ll summarize this : The other day I shared a ‘well known example’ on my facebook…. which I put in quotes in case it isn’t well known, to you.

4 monkeys in a cage:a Ladder with a Banana at the Top;

Every time the Monkeys climb the ladder they get a Tremendous SHOCK!

After all 4 have been SHOCKED several times, they learn to stop climbing the ladder.

1 monkey is replaced with a New monkey who’s never been shocked; but when ever he attempts to climb the ladder the other 3 stop him!

Eventually that monkey stops trying, and another monkey is replaced – once again the New monkey attempts to climb, and all 3 monkeys (even the one who’s never been SHOCKED) stop him until, the new monkey no longer tries to climb.

After a while, all 4 monkeys have been replaced.

None of them attempting to climb the ladder.

None of them know why.

related: The Parable of the Symphony

As it turns out there were five monkeys, but you’ll get the drift.

This is why people say No to network marketing. They’ve been conditioned to look for a job, and not to own the job. SO many people throughout our society have been trained to associate ‘pain’ with recruiting. Even the idea of being rejected, is something people have ‘learned’ to identify as a bad experience. Truth is, rejection is a great experience.  It helps you identify who you can make money with, and who is just a distraction.

When people say No to your network marketing opportunity, let them go.

Your ‘job’ is to sort for the people who want what you have. In order to find those people, you don’t have time for contests.  When people have been conditioned to say no to strangers, they’ll say no to a business opportunity as well. It does not matter how great the opportunity ‘sounds’ to you. To them, the banana looks a lot different, and it’s just not worth it.  They’ve been conditioned to avoid the pain.  Work With TopNetworkersGroup – Get started by Joining our Email List and signing up for our Team building “System” – the One MLM System to Rule Them All. 

What Forming Voltron Has To Do With Network Marketing

Once again, I am about to share some information that will be copied by all of network marketing. Truth is I’ve shared this information before on Forming Voltron – about the importance of working together as a team. Not too long ago I put together a video, and even wrote about forming voltron briefly on Steemit.com. We are at a crucial time in network marketing where people are perhaps more than ever before turned off by the idea of having to recruit people to make money.

This core misunderstanding comes from greedy leaders who think they can be Voltron all by themselves.

The problem is (as usual with these kinds of things) that isn’t how it works. Voltron is made up of several people not just one. While it is the most powerful ‘machine’ in the universe (according to the storyline) it requires ‘Pilots’. When the 1mlmsystem was put together, there was a part of our Programs Page (sales Letter) that spoke directly to this idea. This concept is very much a part of TopNetworkersGroup.

I’ll admit, it may sound a bit ‘silly’ to an adult to use a Cartoon to get a message like this across. There are really few examples that are better than this.

What does Forming Voltron have to do with Network Marketing, other than everything?

The most successful network marketing companies I’ve ever seen, have 4-5 people working together at the very top.  Everything flows from their union. Whenever I see a company flounder it is usually due to discord at the top.  Recently wrote about the David Wood Meltdown, and so much of Empire Network’s story Involves the founders not seeing eye to eye. More than likely they could not decide which one would be ‘the head’. That’s usually the challenge that Voltron faces even in the Cartoon.

Currently there is a  Voltron remake running over on Netflix and I just started to watch it from season 1. This was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, but it resonates even more now when I’m talking about network marketing in this 5th Wave. With literally 1,000’s of mlm companies that you can join, why would you join any of them? Why would you stick to Only one or, Only join companies someone else is in…. when you can, be independent and do as you please?

You don’t work for anyone, you are your own boss … right?

my own boss mentality vs team voltron mentality

Being a network marketer is about being part of a team; not being your ‘own boss’ but working WITH other bosses towards a common goal

Well, what are you the Boss of, if you have No organization?  What are you the boss of if there is no sales team, no ‘multiple levels of marketers’ below you?  How are you a boss, if you’ve got 20 customers instead of 20,000 that you’re getting paid on every single month??

You’re in network marketing, but network marketing isn’t in you. If it was, you’d understand that this isn’t that kinda business. You’re a boss, but you’re not a boss ‘by yourself’. You’re in a ‘boss partnership’ with other bosses. The only way all of you bosses are going to get anything done, is if you ‘organize’ and decide on a structure where, some of you will play a Lesser Role; for the greater good of the whole.

That’s, forming voltron.  Yea you probably could pilot the Black Lion but ‘right now’, we need you to pilot the Blue one. In fact, what you may come to find out is you ‘thought’ you were ready for the black lion but, the blue lion is giving you fits; In network marketing you need to learn how to pilot all of the lions, before you can ever ‘truly’ pilot the black one – the Head.

Just don’t make the mistake of lessening the importance of each role. Voltron, ain’t voltron without the arms and legs.

So if you’re considering partnership with TopNetworkersGroup what role are you wiling to play?  Are you coming to the team to tell us what programs should be in our system?  That is what so many people do and have done, since we rolled our system out in 2012. The same people who make this ‘about the programs’ are gone as soon as that program they liked goes out of business.  If our partnership is contingent on programs, we do not have a partnership.  That isn’t voltron.

The reason most people aren’t making money in MLM is they’re not looking to Form Voltron. Look at your ‘team’ right now, or the team you belong to and ‘how’ you go about playing your role on it. Do you show up for the meetings, and are you on time, enthusiastic and ready to grow?  Are you writing blogs, and edifying your team Leaders, your team system, your team Training?  Most of you aren’t, if you’ll be honest about it. Perhaps you’ve joined a team where most of those ‘roles’ appear to be filled already.

Which begs to question are you helping to ensure other members on that team are Following the example that’s been set? Or are you joining in the pity parties with Negative Nancy and the failure of losers I pointed out in the Cyber Bullies on Twitter ‘drama’?

So often, your success comes down to what YOU are doing to HELP or harm the ‘team’; the ‘unit’ …..  The Voltron.

If you’re not looking to help BUILD the organization; and be ‘part’ of the organization as it moves against the challenges it faces – then this team and this ‘group’ just is not for you. Otherwise, get started here by signing up for the email list – start responding to the emails that come your way.

More on ‘teamwork’ in MLM from TopNetworkersGroup.com:

Branding Yourself Backfired In MLM/Network Marketing

Spend a few moments with me, so that you can come to understand why Branding yourself backfired in MLM and Network Marketing. I’ll get right to it because MLM’ers are very impatient.  We’re going to talk about 3 basic reasons, for why Branding yourself Backfired in MLM. The first reason is that its’ a “New Strategy”.  I’ll explain more about why each of these reasons have harmed network marketers more than helped them in a moment.  The other two reasons are that branding yourself is ‘based in Ego’, which never works in MLM. Lastly, ‘branding yourself’ is a pure Misunderstanding of the ancient MLM teaching “Act As If.”

Let’s go from the last one and work our way around as we discuss why Branding yourself backfired in MLM and Network marketing.

Some of you might read this and say to yourself, what do you mean ‘backfired’ …  network marketers are still doing this. But haven’t you noticed it isn’t working?

Chances are high that you haven’t, if you happen to think Branding yourself is a good idea. Network Marketing is a different animal from other forms of ‘marketing’.  This strategy is great when you own the product that you’re selling. Most of you in MLM do not own anything. You’re a distributor, and a representative of a ‘company’. Sadly, there are so-called leaders in many companies that have actually taught you that branding yourself is a good idea.

You saw the house, the cars, the pool behind them in their videos and figured they knew what they were talking about.

branding yourself poolside

That’s really too bad.  You got conned by a con artist that understands how to use conversation and props to move their audience into action.  Unfortunately some of them aren’t really doing this on purpose, because they also learned it from someone else. Over the last 5 years, it’s starting to become apparent that this tactic is backfiring. Several TOP income earners in MLM 3 years ago, are no where to be found today. It’ snot because they’re on an Island counting up their riches.

They’ve quit the industry entirely because they really don’t know how to make money in it.

Branding Yourself Backfired because it’s a Misunderstanding of “Act As If” –

Act as If is an ancient lesson in the world of sales, business and marketing. Most of you come to MLM From the employee world.  So as people start introducing concepts like these it’s easy to become overwhelmed.  Acting like you own the company does not mean you go and pose on a Luxury Jet.  When is the last time you saw Bill Gates getting off his personal Jet?  No, instead what we see is Bil Gates acting like a business owner when he’s on camera.

That means when you are using your social media, you want to ‘act like a business owner’.  This can be difficult, if you’re not doing business owner related things.  None of that includes misrepresenting yourself or your income.   You can ‘act’ like a Millionaire without actually showing off millions of dollars.  You can buy a suit that ‘looks’ more expensive than it is, or simply keep yourself sharp intellectually by reading books, and gathering information others aren’t.  You have to ‘shed the world of the employee’, which has a negative mindset towards work, and self improvement.

Millionaires think differently from the rest of society, and that is a mentality you’ll need to adopt.  You may have to ‘fake it till you make it’, which means yea, fake the attitude. But don’t flat out lie about how much you’re making.  Even when you start making money keep in mind that others have to do ‘what works’.

What works in MLM is teamwork.  Being an individual never works in MLM.

So when you have a person who’s interested in the business venture, you actually DO need business partners to help close that sale.  It paints the picture of teamwork to that prospect and lets them know they are joining a team. The more people who have that mindset in your organization, the more successful the organization (and all members in it) will be.

This is why network marketers must remove their ego.  Success in MLM is never about you, but your team. It’s always your business partnerships that make or break your income in this field.  How teams work together and stick together sends a message to others.  This is where ‘branding yourself’ is undoing the cohesion that teams need to succeed.  The Ego keeps network marketers from reaching their financial goals through MLM.  That’s one of the biggest reasons that Branding yourself backfired for so many.

They should have been branding their Team, the Industry, or this business model of network marketing.

Instead, many attacked the model and even it’s old effective methods.   They’ve told people “You don’t need to attend weekly meetings or get on conference calls and webinars.  You don’t need to edify your uplines, or do 3-way calls.  You don’t need to read books, or learn from mentors…. You just need to start branding yourself, writing blogs and making videos. All you gotta do is sit in front of a pool, or a greenscreen and pretend you’re on an island.  Show people cash stacks that you just pulled out of the ATM, or make videos like you just made a fat withdrawal. Focus on branding yourself, by telling everyone how great you are and how they can be just like you by signing up for your system….”

And this is what people have been peddling for the last 5 years in Network Marketing.  It’s killing the industry.


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