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I found an awesome page today about Networking.


I wanted to point out a few definitions given on this page; I highly recommend however you read it for yourself : The article is referencing “Your Job Search” – but really the information can be applied to Your Search for Opportunities – as well.

This would include; your Search for new customers – and so important, your search for qualified, hungry business partners who will take Your business seriously.

Let’s look at the Meaning of the word “networking”

What is Networking?

Networking is the art of building alliances. It’s not contacting everyone you know when you are looking for a new job and asking if they know of any job openings. Networking starts long before a job search, and you probably don’t even realize you are doing it.

Kelly Pate of the Denver Post wrote in her article, Everyday People Key in Job Networking (March 30, 2003), that “Friends, friends of friends, a barber, a neighbor and former co-workers are often the best resources for job seekers, especially in a market with far more people out of work than job openings, job placement experts say.

Networking @ ItsAllofIt :: Seekingahomebusiness.com

When you think of the Network Marketing industry – it’s two words; Networking and Marketing; that’s all we do; it’s the reason, that this is the #1 industry in the world when it comes to earning money. The trouble most people have is they do not take the time to Learn how to do it effectively.

Naturally, I only share “top secrets” like How to get Customers, and How to Recruit an organization to the people that Join my businesses; I take pride in training people HOW to do things – I know the methods work and when Others learn how to use them, together we multiply our income.

You are probably networking all the time :: the old cliche is that it’s not WHAT we know but WHO we know that makes all the difference in the outcome of our lives. So, Who do you know? Who are you getting to know? Who are you spending your time around? One of the beautiful things about Network Marketing is the people. You will meet some fantastic people to know; you will hear about things by knowing these people, that you would not have heard of otherwise.

Just being Involved in the industry is a tremendous benefit to any individual seeking to better their lives; there is a wealth of education and there are people from all walks of life, working and building businesses, In the network marketing industry.

So, if you are in My company or any company, it is So important, that you Show Up to all the Events; Hang out with the People who are moving in a direction that YOU want to go in. Just by doing that, you will increase your odds of meeting people, who like you, want to improve their lives as well.

Who are you networking with? and what are you Networking about?

This is what separates the people who earn income in our industry from everyone else; All of us are Networking all the time – but are we taking the time to Market?

Listen, no one wants to be a sales person; I teach people HOW to get customers without being that annoying salesperson – however, the people who fail to earn money are the ones who don’t take the advice – and in fact ARE the annoying salesperson 🙂

The “Marketing” aspect of what we do – is an artform; You’ll need to learn it and learn it well.

It will set your business on fire; as you’ll have a Handful of Customers; and THEN you will find yourself more able to Teach OTHERS how to get a handful of customers too. When that happens, THEY Will be able to Teach people how to get Customers; and so on, and so on – meanwhile YOU and the Incomes of Your Business Partners will grow, grow, and eventually, begin to explode.

Sounds Too Simple right? Well it IS that simple.

The obstacles of life will get in your way; You will face negative reactions; not everyone you talk to will be supportive; and YOU will bring your own personal baggage to the table; attitudes and perspectives that may not be healthy for you; can hinder your ability to Throw out what you Think you know; and Learn the concepts Taught by Leaders within Any Good network marketing company.I teach people I work with “HOW to Phrase things they say” – so that people will have an Interest in looking at what they are selling.

I encourage you to read this article, because he does a great job of explaining what Networking Is; the larger your NETWORK – the better you are at it, the better you will be at knowing What to Market to Whom, and WHEN To market it to them vs. When Not to.

One more quote and then I’ll wrap this up!

What Networking Isn’t
(… from
rileyguide.com )

Networking isn’t a process of making cold-calls to people you don’t know. It’s talking to people you do know or asking them to introduce you to others.

Networking does not have to be a carefully-choreographed process of meeting and greeting people. It’s much better done on a more informal basis, but remember that networking is always a two-way street. It must benefit both persons to be most effective, so as you ask your network for help when you need be prepared to return the favor when asked.

The key there is that It must Benefit BOTH parties.

This is a fatal flaw of understanding Many Networkers have – they are only thinking of themselves. Think of others and much more will be accomplished – and it will last much longer.

Multiple Streams of Income ….

Many years ago I read a wonderful book, called “Multiple Streams of Income” by Robert G. Allen.

A wonderful book full of solid ideas about creating lifetime income – from multiple sources. Most people I know have one source of income – God forbid something should happen to them, and they have no back up source of income.

Sadly, this happens to people all the time.  It’s been said, that most people are only $500 away from living on the street. Isn’t that amazing?

In the wealthiest country our planet has ever known, most of it’s people are just $500 away – from being absolutely broke. When I drive past homeless people on the street, because of this fact, I cannot help but say to myself in thankful prayer, “but for the Grace of God … there go I.”

The concepts presented in this book are worth noting here – Over the course of 10 years a person should seek to set up 10 Streams of Income; Spending 1 year setting up and solidifying each.

From reading this blog, you know I am involved in the Network Marketing Industry – that’s what led me to read the book – a Major emphasis in our industry is on Personal Growth and Development; Especially in the area of financial literacy – so that when You are making the kind of money you got into network marketing to make you will know how to KEEP it.

Many options are presented in this book – from Real Estate, Stock Market Investing, starting your own business, becoming an Infoprenuer – and even Network Marketing is mentioned in this book as a viable way to create a Stream of Income.

You can purchase this book here, for as little as $12 and some change.

It’s a quality source of information that can boost your ideas about making money in Todays uncertain economy.

He even wrote a 2nd book, called “Multiple Streams of Internet Income” — which of course covers the various ways of making money online!

You will find many examples in this blog – the key to keep in mind is that this is Additional income – this is not get rich quick income although it can happen for those that go to work.

Most of us have become conditioned – we are creatures of habbit – we have a routine when we come home from work; we relax, we may cook for our family, and relax some more – play a video game, listen to music, or watch tv.

Most of us do not come home from our day job, and start work on our part time job.

That’s exactly what we SHOULD Do however, if we want to be financially secure.   See, if you could generate an additional $500/mo for your household, on top of what you are doing now – you will help your family avoid what has happened to so many others.

We’d call them unfortunate perhaps – but today, let us realize that We Make our own Fortunes – or decide not to.

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