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Getting More People To Share your Social Media Posts

I want to take a few moments to discuss getting more people to share your social media posts. Recently I began using a new social network, TSU – the social network ‘that pays’ you and I for what we’ve been doing for free, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social networks. You and I are sharing content daily, in the form of pictures, videos, links to articles we liked online – thoughts and ideas – and all of our Willful Participation creates Billions of Dollars for Social Networking Sites.

Business people have gravitated to these platforms – and in the past 3-4 years we have witnessed people building entire organizations through Social Media – most are achieving this from building a very Large audience. Popular people on social media websites have influence, just like in real life. This is why growing your audience through social media is one of the most important things anyone in business should be doing.

Getting more people to share your social media posts is one of the quickest ways to grow your audience. When our content is shared on social media – we are exposed to more and more people; many will become fans, followers, or friends. They will contribute to sharing our content and will help us generate more fans, followers and friends.

However, while this is the idea – not all business people experience this. While putting together some thoughts On TSU – for the new community there, I decided to dig up some ‘back up’ information to go with what I wanted to share with them, and now you – reading this now. Back in 2010 we released a free training called Social Networking For Money – since joining the new TSU community, it’s never been more relevant than it is now.

As I mentioned earlier, TSU pays us for what we’ve been doing ‘for free’ on other social networks. However the people who make the most money on TSU, are the people who understand ‘good networking’ – which is a fundamental skill and is not something that happens by accident. Good networking is a result of purposely seeking to build new relationships with other people. It involves taking a genuine interest in other people.

But even that is just the beginning – having a ton of good relationships, does not mean that people will share your social media posts! However, if you watched our Training before, or watch our NEW training which is related to TSU; but … works for 100% of social networks out in the socialverse – then you would know that what you share on social media matters!

shit content will always be shit content

Is your Content good or not?

Lots of people are very dishonest when it comes to this question.  Content is King on the internet. It has always been that way and it will continue to be the #1 rule for the foreseeable future. If you want people to share your social media posts then, your posts need to be worth sharing. If no one is sharing your posts – that ‘could’ be the case!

However, there are other variables you’ll want to check first.

Starting with your Audience – How big is it?

Facebook lets you have up to 5,000 friends; TSU also let’s you have up to 5,000 friends – if you have less than 2,000 friends on one or both platforms; Your audience is limited. let’s say you had 5,000 friends on BOTH platforms; your audience is now at 10,000 – so whatever you share is SEEN by a much larger audience than before. You cannot be upset at your shares, when you are only SEEN by a limited audience. The bigger your audience .. the more ‘opportunity’ for other people to share your social media posts.

Build Your Audience Increase Views and Shares

Next, let’s discuss those relationships – How good are they?

Really good relationships take time to develop. You cannot be in a hurry with these – and you often have to spend a fair amount of time Giving – and not Getting anything in Return. I meet people all the time who are afraid to be givers – because they have had bad experiences in the past. I am not here to discount those experiences – not all people who Receive are grateful – and few return those favors; BUT …. it’s those few that you’re looking for. You see, you have to have the right perspective about these things…

When you’re a “Good Networker” – these perspectives come naturally to you. You’re already focused on what you can do for others; You’re not worried about what comes back to you – because it always comes. That’s just how it works – it is the rule; the universal law! What you and I do to and for others; they tend to do to and for us…. OR more accurately; What we do for others; “IT” is done for us; Not always by the person we did it For 😉 – and again, that is the whole point!

How often has someone… a stranger perhaps, offered you something – and you turned it down? Did you not realize it was your Return for what you Gave to Others??

Do you see where I’m getting at?

If you will Share Other people’s posts; other people, eventually, will share yours. Especially if you have good stuff. It’s natural – it is the law. The more you are sharing other people’s stuff, the more you are building relationships and expanding your audience; the better Your content is; the more people will share your social media posts

Below – the new TSU Social Networking For Money Video I alluded to above – a few more comments below.!

TSU For Money – Free Training from TopnetworkersGroup

Here’s some ‘back up’ – an article from Oracle; which also talks about the need for your content to be good; along with a few other factors that you will benefit from knowing!


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Also enjoy this awesome Infographic on When/Where to Share Your Social Media Posts (click to see full view!)

Share Your Social Media Posts When and Where

Content is King

Use what we’ve shared here, to help you with ‘attracting people’ into wanting to share your social media posts on all of the various popular networks. Check out an update on The social network we mentioned in this article; Written on December 18th, 2015. After using TSU for an entire year, these are my thoughts!

TSU Social Network Review

Do People At The Top Make All The Money in MLM?

TopNetworkersGroup Presents a powerful video that is Addressing The Myth: Do People At The Top Make All The Money in MLM? Watch the entire video now!

Network Marketing is the best business model there is. It’s the most fairest business model there is. Because every single person who joins has the opportunity to make the kind of money they truly deserve. If you do a lot you make a lot. If you do very little you make very little as well. That is why so many people are attracted to this way of making money. This is also why so many people struggle.

We live in a society that works against all ideas of freedom or individuality. If you want to be wealthy but, are surrounded by people who are living paycheck to paycheck… most of them will fight you all the way. They will discourage you and doubt you. They will speak against your dreams, and root for you to fail. This is a tough situation that so many people find themselves in, and if you are in this kind of environment and discover network marketing, be prepared for negative responses!

One of the most comment responses you will get from haters is that only the people at the top make all the money in MLM. They will also accuse you of trying to get rich off of them! They will make things up like, ‘only fools join MLM companies’ when the truth is, only a fool would turn it down. Especially today, in what is most likely going to be looked back on, in history as the Golden Age of Network Marketing. There are a plethora of opportunities that would make anyone who took it seriously enough – a substantial amount of money.

However that is the catch right there – they have to take it serious enough. Right now is a wonderful time to work in this industry ‘if’ you know what you are doing. Through our MLM Training System, the One MLM System to Rule them All – you will learn what works and what does not work in the network marketing industry today. Including how to explain to other people, that we all have the Same Opportunity. If does not matter who got in ‘first’ – and the video above explains why that is the case.

Trainings like this and more are found INSIDE 1mlmsystem.com – while you are learning how to explain MLM to others, you can simply REFER them to the same place where YOU are learning – and earn income at the same time. This is fundamentally how network marketing is supposed to work. You’re not supposed to come into the game, knowing all the rules; But you are supposed to have a simple way to make money, while you learn the rules of the game. So any quality company will make sure you have a simple system that you can share with others; that will inform and train them on how to play this game.

MLM is a lucrative game, when it’s played the right way. Through TopnetworkersGroup we are grooming the next wave of leadership, that will show others how to approach our industry the right way. Understanding how to dispel myths about our industry is what our Leaders are expected to know how to do. We encourage new people to use and utilize our Team Leaders and above, for 3way calls – so that they can Help their people understand what our industry is really about.

We are in a wonderful time where there are several ways to make money – the transfer of wealth is truly upon us.

We want to help you – and others, get into the proper position to benefit from all that is in store! You are invited to join our movement today – and begin the process of discovering if you have what it takes, to be one of our Leaders. If not, we will look forward to finding those who are ready to lead the way – ready to lead the Financial Revolution – ready to make our world a better place; and restore the balance that we’ve lost over the past few decades.

As we prepare to pave the way for a new future, where abundance is experienced by more of us; than what we see in our world today. Because that is what MLM is really about; it’s not about the people at the top making all the money – It’s about you and I making money together; with several others; while becoming better people along the way. Where we All have the same opportunity – and we will be compensated based on what we put in.

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