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Facebook Timeline Training: Religion and Politics

First a little ‘pre-amble’ before I get into Whether or not it’s ok to post Religion and Politics on your Facebook Timeline, for those of us using facebook for business.

I haven’t posted here on the “It’s all of it blog” in a few weeks – but since the last time I was here quite a bit has been happening. Especially in response to a video I made – along with the follow up video, concerning the Kannaway “opportunity”.  I decided to take an upfront stance because of all the people I saw lose money on scams like Zeek Rewards, and the latest scam, Rippln.

However, due to the nature of their marketing and the sheer number of people who’ve been fooled into thinking they are making a good decision, by others who know they are simply fooling others – there are a lot of ’emotional people’ who are really giving me a tongue lashing – which to me has been quite comical and entertaining, as I’ve been tending to several other projects which have kept me from ‘blogging’ – the nutshell …

People are so poorly trained nowadays it’s a real shame.

People are falling for anything – including false teachings on what people should and should not post on their facebook timeline. Starting with Religion and Politics. There are tons of social media guru’s out there – especially on Youtube. Many of them are quick to tell poeple how to use their social media outlets; and who am I kidding, I’m one of them too.

Hell, I even have an entire 20 minute Training called “Social Networking For Money” – which has helped lots of people use their social media ‘more effectively’ for business. Still, several of the people who I’ve personally sponsored have listened to what Other Guru’s say – and decided those guru’s know more than Me.

SO they follow the opinions of other guru’s, when it comes to what they’ll share – and this reminds me of a young woman I sat down with close to 3 years ago now. She was somewhat new to the industry, and struggling. I could tell she was looking for someone to follow. She is no longer in the industry today, which should tell you where this story is going.

We met and had coffee, and she talked about some GURU she was listening to, who said we should never talk about sports, religion and politics on our facebook timelines. She gave a good reason too – these issues are too controversial.

Sadly, I could tell from the look in her eyes that she really and truly believed this Guru; and she was waiting for me to CRUSH The guy and tell her she needed to STOP Listening to that BAD and horrible advice IMMEDIATELY!

But, I didn’t wanna crush her mentor.

Instead, I hoped she would recognize and realize on her own, that she needed to be FOLLOWING me and my advice, not some guru she met at a seminar and took a selfie with; We need mentors who can be ‘there’ for us; and I mean I was right down the road. Perhaps she saw my car at the time, and decided I wasn’t ultra rich – so there’s no way I could know what I’m talking about right??

This is the thing – If I was born into a wealthy family and already had some decent money laying around; I could make videos and ‘pretend’ like the money came from my Home business. Only problem is, the money didn’t come from my home business. So the advice I”m giving out, isn’t always really what works; but I know I can sell the information, YOU will buy it from me – because you see me in an Expensive Car.

SO back to the young woman; she’s no longer in the industry. She didn’t last long really – she was simply following and listening to, the wrong people.

Ladies and gents, stop listening to the wrong people – stop listening to people based ‘solely’ on what they have; and always, always do your OWN due diligence – read, and discover the information for yourself. IF those guru’s have read books you have not read; go read those books yourself. Go study your profession from the ones who’ve taught it for as long as it’s been around. Seek out the #1 money earners in companies; who are ‘documented’ and proven to have Large organizations – Listen to what they say.

NO one builds a Large Organization in Network Marketing by accident.

So back to Religion and Politics – should you post them on your facebook timeline?

If you’re using Facebook for Business, here’s something to keep in mind – which too many people forget. Your facebook profile, is your personal space to talk about what you feel like talking about. That is very important to remember – The Name of The game is Relating.

Your Facebook timeline, is not the business meeting – it’s not the webinar – it’s not the national convention – it’s not a PBR; your timeline, is your timeline.

Religion and Politics don’t really have a place in the Meeting, the Webinar, the Convention, or the PBR – by the time a person gets here, the focus is almost always entirely on the business. But ever since I joined this industry, there has always been a conversation about a Creator – a force that guides it all; and helps make all things possible; especially for those of us who believe. Faith is a very important factor in this industry – without faith, and without understanding the concept of faith – many of the success concepts will escape you. So Religion, whether we all agree on the name of the creator or not, is Omnipresent in this industry.

You’re not going to escape it; Top money earners will SHOUT thank you LORD (or Allah, or Buddah) WHEN They get their moment to talk about their success story; because the vast majority of successful people, are faith-oriented in some way, shape or form –

When we talk about Politics – those of us who are actually IN this industry should realize one thing. The political arena is a game; and we are the contestants; These decisions they are making in small rooms are impacting all of our lives – and it’s less important which party is the majority – because just about all of them are playing for the same team.

It’s really THEM against US – and it’s our job as network marketers to make that message clear to the world of enslaved, employee mindset men and women who liter our society.

They’ve been turned into pollutants, instead of into the powerful human beings they were born to be; they’ve been literally mentally enslaved – just like in the movie, “the Matrix” – You and I need to help people escape; give them the opportunity – at least.

(Watch the Free Your Mind Presentation from TNG ‘based on the Matrix Trilogy)

Religion and Politics absolutely have a place on your timeline – because you are relating to others; you’re growing and building relationships with others; and often we connect with people who think ‘like’ we do.  A person’s political views absolutely do say a lot about them. It can reveal their personality type, and really let you know who ‘fits’ with what your mission.  If there is a community you’re seeking to help, then you’ll want to partner with people who also care, about that community. Otherwise, there will be a constant tug of war, because you do not have the same shared views.

If a person chooses to share their views, others will choose to partner up; or even avoid partnership altogether (based on those views) – and ultimately that’s perfectly alright. This is how people can find ‘the right people’ to be in business partnership with. It’s a ‘sorting process’, where you often will discard several people until you find the ones you’ve been seeking!

A person who has faith, cannot effectively work with another person who has no faith. (Listen to Mr. Byron Nelson talk about The Relating Conversation)

A person who wants to make money to GIVE back to the community; cannot really work effectively with someone who just wants to make as much money as they CAN; so they can keep it all to themselves; and spend it on whatever they see fit. Those are two opposing views that will ultimately drive those people apart.

and so if you’re using Social Media for business, and you’re doing it ‘the right way’ – you WANT to discuss religion and politics – especially “IF” it’s of interest to you.

If it’s not something you’re interested in, versed in, or knowledgeable about – DO NOT talk about it on your timeline; The number of subjects you can discuss on your timeline are endless; it’s up to YOU to be creative enough, and willing to talk about – what you see fit.

This is important – Talk about sports; you’ll connect and relate to other sports fans. Talk about entertainment; Someone else who likes what you like will reach out to you. Talk about youtube, twitter, pinterest; talk about food; talk about places; talk about what YOU wanna talk about; and then …. look around Facebook to see who else is talking about what YOU are interested in; and chime in; talk about ‘that topic’ – eventually … you will build relationships with people who relate to you.

THEN Together, you can discuss business.

Going into business with people who THINK like you think; is always going to be more profitable for both of you; than going into business with someone who doesn’t.

Thanks for Reading; HOPE this helps you build a prosperous business with facebook.

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(at the time this training article was written, WakeUpnow was still in business, but the leaders refused to incorporate TNG philosophies and were unable to withstand what happened, when funds from WakeUpNow were mismanaged. The entire team fell apart. Click the image to read what happened to WakeUpNow)


2017 Update – November 6th; a lot has happened since I penned this training article on Religion & Politics, and how it relates to Using your Facebook Timeline.  A lot is an understatement really, as ‘politics’ truly took an ugly and nasty turn on Social Media in the last 3 years.  It became so ugly, so divisive that many people began Unfriending people over politics.  In fact, the ‘politics’ seemed to be more than just politics as usual… Something much more familiar was in the air.  After 8 years of having a Black President, it was clearer than ever, that Racist whites in our nation wanted to go ‘back’.

For me, that was like vindication.

I’ve covered topics like Racism in Business for years now; willing to go it alone, and forsake business relationships with others in the network marketing industry who shy away from controversy. Some people would rather make money than make a difference, and that’s ok.  TopnetworkersGroup.com has always been on ‘mission’ to make things better, especially Network Marketing. We can only do that, by calling OUR team members to be ‘better people’.

Simply put, Racist people have no place in our network, because our “mission” isn’t just about going through the numbers.  We actually do seek to train and develop people, into better network marketers, because that will translate into a better network marketing industry.  We can’t do that, working with people who are operating out of ‘old’ outdated, corporate American based ideas.  There is more, but in case you found this ‘old’ training article – you can keep up to date with us below:


Ripping Into the RippLn Scam

A lot of people in my industry are afraid to go all the way there and I’ll explain why.

Scams like RippLn are not good to have in the network marketing industry. People already have a negative view of our industry, so no one wants to point out the scams – no one wants to make people feel even more uneasy about joining this industry. The problem with this kind of thinking is that it’s rooted in F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real) – the truth is, as business professionals We should be experts in spotting and identifying scams.

We can Learn from Scams, and there are several lessons that you need to learn From the Rippln Scam – First of all; RE-Read some of the things I wrote about RippLN early on –

Think about just how many people would’ve avoided this scam, had only they heeded my advice! I told you this “might” be a bait and switch; Just how many of you have gotten strange spammy emails from random people “if” you actually did sign the NDA for this when it launched? I tried to warn people but – several proceeded because of all the big ‘names’ promoting them.

One of those big names – Troy Dooley.

I do not know Troy personally, but in the past he has promoted businesses that were directly competing with businesses I was (or am) involved with. Because there are so many people that are under his influence, many decided NOT to go with a proven app-model mlm business like ILA – which is STILL paying it’s members on time each month since rolling out on time, as promised – in favor of RippLn.

What bothers me most about Troy Dooley is – there is no public apology for misleading others. What bothers me more about the people following him and allowing him to influence their decisions is, most of them don’t seem to realize that the guy is wrong about businesses ,more often than he is right.

So why do you listen to him?

Is it the bald head and his … cultural background?

You see, I’ve always been unafraid to address things that others are too afraid to address; I’ve never been a fan of political correctness and am often bothered by the presence of ‘society’ infringing on Network Marketing; Our industry is not supposed to be about modeling society; but instead – setting the example For society.

Imagine if our society believed deeply in Ongoing personal growth and development? Imagine if we didn’t stake our intelligence on a GPA – or pretend that having a degree from a college makes us ‘better’ than those without one – especially in THIS day and age. What kind of Society would we live in, if we were All lifelong students who used the internet to learn, to research, to grow – rather than to entertain ourselves with silly and mindless games.

Real Leaders promote ILA – Fake Leaders Promote RippLn

There are thousands of videos on YouTube that will help put more money in our pockets; Those videos ‘might’ get 5,000 to 10,000 views. But a video of cats playing with yarn, dogs smelling their ass, ghetto fights, … movie trailers or twerking videos – will get Millions of views. So dragging the nonsensical ideas of society into Network Marketing is the first mistake that I see too many Networkers making.

Disliking others, Judging others, because of their culture background; or even due to mistakes they’ve made in the past – are all the things Society does to hold each other down; and keep the 1% in power; Network Marketing is about giving a person a new chance at life; an opportunity to turn things around in it. Regardless of their race, their past, their background – and their experience.

Social Media, and especially YouTube allows people to “Act as If” – and yet when people speaking loudly are wrong, we have an obligation to search for the truth; find those who actually do have the answers, and follow those individuals. We have a duty to make sure the ‘information’ that we spread IN our industry, about our industry – is accurate.

So, if you’ve been Doubting TopnetworkersGroup – but following ‘experts’ who are often wrong, it’s time for YOU to do your part, in cleaning up our industry.

It’s time for you and I to stop joining every “NEW” opportunity that comes our way – Just because a company is ‘old’ does not mean that you cannot make money with it. In fact, if you had any kind of business education, you’d understand that a company that has been paying it’s members, is more likely to pay you – than a company that’s never paid anyone before.  Joining Pre-launches is not for everyone – and when a company like Rippln comes along, there are plenty of lessons to be learned.

The first lesson – How to spot Hype.

When a company is making too many promises that they have not delivered on – It’s RED FLAG time – be very cautious as you proceed – Look for the company that has ‘delivered’ instead of the one that’s talking about what they want to do. That’s known as … HYPE.

Make Money With Apps That Are Proven: Rippln Red Flags

Below is a copy of the OFFICIAL announcement sent out to the field from Rippln HQ.

You’ll see, just as plain as day, that you’re being lied to and treated like a bafoon. You’re being strung along, and told that ‘it’s coming, be patient, and oh, we’ve been stuck in a lawsuit for the past 6 months and couldn’t say anything till now…. but no worries, we’re still going to launch!!’

As I say that, beware of the NEW hype machines on the horizon of MLM – such as the Kannaway movement.

– Ladies and Gents, I’m from California; Finding experts on hemp and cannabis is not hard to do. I spoke with someone who works in a Dispensary and asked about CBD’s – He told me they’re great for anyone who is in a LOT of pain; such as Cancer Patients – otherwise, it’s not worth marketing because the vast majority of people using Hemp related products (for medicinal purposes) need and prefer the benefits of THC combined with CBD – as it’s mixture is the real medicinal agent that helps people with an assortment of issues that lead them to using this kind of product.

And yet .. a bunch of Uninformed marketers, who’ve done no research at all, and are blindly following others around (because of who knows what reason, usually the appearance of success, or more usually, the cultural background of the leader) – and again, many are more than likely GIVING Their information to a “lead machine” that will turn around and SELL your info; You won’t make money; but they’ll make money from you.

Read the Exclusive Email Update from RippLn – keep Doubting if you wish.

otherwise, Smarten up; and pay attention when TopnetworkersGroup tells you the truth!

Hello Ripplrs.Here at HQ, we wanted to get all of the Players & Fans in the Rippln Community a message on the State of Play within Rippln.

We know there have been quite a few rumors circulating out in the marketplace. First and foremost, these rumors are just that – rumors.

Rippln is still in business.  We continue to pour a lot of investment money into the company, and our employees are still coming to work everyday.  Rippn continues to put a lot of resources into development, support & streamlining this unique business model.  We have NOT shut our doors at all.  This doesn’t mean we haven’t had challenges & set backs, it means that we keep moving forward in the pursuit of growing, learnging & evolving a business model that has never been seen and something that has never been done before.

So you might ask…why no communication??

Over the last 6 months, we have been in a lawsuit with Ripple Labs, as many of you know.  The lawsuit was for a trademark and the use of the name Rippln & Ripple.

We have been in Stealth Mode since December when papers were served and the process of working with Ripple Labs to settle this began.  Our attorneys advised us to limit all communication until we could settle the suit with Ripple Labs, Inc. We have finally come to an agreement with Ripple Labs and will be updating the Rippln Community with the details in the upcoming weeks.

The Vision & Mission of Rippln has  always been to do what hasn’t been done.  We made a definitive statement in the marketplace as we grew a community around the world that created a movement based on showing the Ripple Effect that one person could create by simply sharing an idea, a concept, an App.  This Vision & Mission is still alive.  Rippln is currently streamlining the business model to create a more simple, efficient and  powerful way to execute the original Vision.

Here is the current State of Play:

Rippln is currently working on a Re-Branding Strategy.  We have been in many  discussions over the last 4 months with potential investors, partners and companies that wanted to acquire Rippln for what we have developed. Through this business  development phase of the company, we have made a decision that we are going in a direction of a Re-Branding strategy & Business model revision.  This will be in alignment with what created the 1 million-person community in the first 100 days. We will be updating all 1.5 million Players & Fans in the next several weeks on the forward direction for the Vision & Mission that we all got behind so passionately.

Rippln stopped charging credit cards a month ago, so all Rippln Players status will currently show as Fan status. This status will remain until we make an exciting announcement & at that time, all Players’ statuses will be reinstated.

There will be some powerful releases over the next 60 days with the Communication App.  So stay tuned to upcoming announcements and further communication.

Thank you again for all your support & vision.

As a company, we know that we have been through some tough times over the last year.

We honor those who Keep Moving Forward.

Remember: The greater the struggle the greater the Victory!

What a load of crap right? Listen folks, RippLn is a Knock-off opportunity that will never be anything more than it has been; an Information harvesting machine that benefits its owners only. It’s more likely the truth is, someone with big money sued them for misrepresentation.  most likely THEY will be ‘bought out’ by someone in the next 6 to 12 months … The ‘story’ is not done with Rippln, although they clearly are done.

Truth is, they were done before they started…. and We told you so.

The FIRST company to combine Network marketing with an App – Inspired Living Application (ila) – watch the Compensation Plan – get signed up at the $9.95 slot today

** Update (March 16, 2014) — Is Kannaway Really The Best Way To Sell Hemp?

Also Check out the Video of me “doing My Research (on CBD)” – Please do yours!!

**** Update (October 2016) —

While we here at TNG are no longer promoting Ilivingapp – (ILA) – it is STILL in business; meanwhile, RippLn turned out to be the scam we said it was. Now we’re warning people about United Games and specifically about not having a back up plan in place. Build your network, and keep your network together using our One MLM System (to rule them all)

TNG App Industry Update – Ila, RippLn and J3MobileApps.com

TopNetworkersGroup has been keeping an eye on the emerging ‘app industry’ and the income opportunities that are taking advantage – offering a way for people to make money in this field.

I watched a video from Tim Sales called “Brilliant Compensation” early in my MLM years where he and Dr. Charles King spoke about trends and timing. You and I always want to have our eye on the ball, so to speak – he used the famous Ball moving through a garden hose example to explain the importance of staying ‘ahead’ of the ball to take full advantage of the ‘trend’ – suggesting that it’s better to be in front, than behind.

So if you’re like the many millions of people who are getting smart devices, downloading apps from the itunes and google play store – you’re witnessing a ball moving through a hose. Do you think the app industry will get bigger, or smaller in the next 5 years?

I say, Bigger – and most people who Start MLM companies are educated enough about business to create a compensation plan around an Industry that’s growing; rather than reducing in size.

So it’s not wonder that companies in the MLM Industry are doing exactly that.

For me, it started with Inspired Living App.

Then a ‘pretender’ came out known as Level9 – now I’ll be honest, I have not looked into that one in several months now; I also have heard literally no one promoting it either in several months. Most likely because, it was a pretender – and still is.

This is why Experience in business matters. I’m forever grateful for my 5 years in ACN, because Greg Provenzano and his fellow co-founders are perhaps the best examples of leadership in the MLM industry today. So when We are evaluating companies here at TopNetworkersGroup – we are paying attention to the Founders.

I have NO idea who’s behind Level 9 – But I know what I’ve seen from John Marr – CEO and Founder of iLA – I’ve seen a founder who does what he says he’s going to do.

This is Stark Contrast to another app that took the industry by storm a few months ago; RippLn – BIG names endorsed it from day one; and several of them have quieted down as so far, it’s been 100% hype and no app.

This is the problem with people who follow crowds rather than leaders.

Big Names are not Leaders they are just Big Names; Leaders are the ones who make decisions based on what’s really best for other people; In truth, RippLn looks great and perhaps many of those Big Names thought it WOULD help others; but the way it has gone so far is a strong indicator of its future.

If you Really want to Make Money With apps, go with what is Proven already.

ILA was one of the first companies to present this idea; the others have been “RUSHING” to compete; and are putting out inferior products; because in truth, it was not their “Vision” to create an app; they saw someone else doing it and decided they wanted to do it too.

This is a microcosm of what is wrong with our MLM Industry right now.

A new MLM springs up, taking advantage of an industry NO other mlm thought of; and 30 days later there are 40 companies in that industry. This dilutes the Network; IT takes those whoa re interested in using an MLM Model to create financial stability and spreads them out into several companies.

All because people have no real Business Training and are not making Business Decisions, where we look at the math; and not the hype. I will admit that when iLA first came out a lot of hype was involved; because no one had seen anything yet; no one had been paid yet; however – They’ve delivered the app; they’ve given us our Pay – and while people are still ‘waiting’ over at RippLn, they could be making money right now.

That being said – all of this is about how to make money with apps that are offered through affiliate companies; While conducting thorough research I was introduced to another company – that’s also making its mark within the App Market; That company is J3MobileApps.

So here’s the quick break down – Several small business owners would love to grow their bottom line – and would use an app to do it; but they need someone to Design their app – customize it; and help them grow their business with that app; that Their customers and Potential customers can use;  iLA cannot help you help those business owners; Nor will RippLn – that’s where j3Mobileapps comes in.

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