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The Big Vision 4th Quarter Is Now (1mlmsystem)

In this update I share more than perhaps I have ever shared before. This update lays out the big vision of the One Team To Show them the Right Way to Do this – the TopNetworkersGroup. Keep reading, the Big Vision video is below!

The 1mlmsystem is the system – The Team is TopNetworkersGroup.

A lot has been happening ever since I originally had the big vision to create a 5th wave Network Marketing Organization. The path of discovery has been an awesome ride. I am more excited than ever today. Step by step everything has unfolded the way it is supposed to unfold. Success is a Journey not a Destination.

This was the theme to the original video that started it all On the Homepage for TopNeworkersGroup.com – which soon will be replaced by a NEWER video; that brings everyone up to speed on where we are today; while painting an even clear picture of where we are GOING!

The new video will pull from the nuggets in the newest Update Video – which may also make its way to a few landing pages to make sure everyone is up to speed. We are a movement and we will change this industry. Most people in MLM are broke right now. That’s not a situation that will attract the masses into our way of doing business. The business model itself – when applied to just one company, is flawed in this current ‘age’.

I’ve talked about it so many times before, how so many Network Marketers are Uneducated on the industry they are in. How can you be in MLM and not know wha the 5th wave is? The answer is found in who your teachers are. If you’ve been taught by people who know nothing about the 5th wave – because they never read the Wave 3 and Wave 4 books by Richard Alan Poe; then how can you really call yourself educated? How can you view yourself as Well Trained?

Unless you’re going to Lie to yourself – the truth is the truth.

Take nothing away from the person you learned this game from; not all masters are at the same level. The level we are at, is the Top; and we’re inviting others to come up to our level. We move as a unit – and as a team; because the team means more than the company or program ever will. The strength is in the unity.

There is also strength in humility. This latest update video addresses Leaders with large teams who are unable to keep their teams in tact;  Leaders who are muzzled by the company they are in; not allowed to openly talk positively about multiple streams of income. They failed to build a 5th wave Organization and so now that they are at the top; they have found a new glass ceiling.

More and more, MLM begins to resemble the Corporate World; The World based on the Plantation; an Ugly world – an evil World; and the fact remains that Evil Prospers because the Good Do Nothing; Well … not on My watch.

TopNetworkersGroup is here to save the day – Laying it all out like never before.

Our one MLM system, helps us fulfill the mission and the big vision of TopNetworkersGroup –

This video just went BIG too; laying out all the stuff you didn’t think was coming to our system but kinda hoped would. YES you’ll be able to add your own programs soon; but there are some limitations on what you can add and WHEN You can add it. Yes, we’ve replaced Crazygood with GDI – same compensation plan, but might even be a better FIT for what we’re seeking to do. Like they always say, when One door closes, another door opens – with much better stuff behind it!

YES we are selling T-Shirts; Support the movement and reserve one today; stay tuned as this addition to our FREE level is going to provide a real way for our business partners to truly learn how to brand themselves! We want people making MONEY On our Free Level; Month to month we make steps toward making this goal; more of a reality.

YES even more awesome stuff is coming to our FREE level; and YES a BOOKSTORE is coming so we can easily recommend WHAT BOOKS we all need to have in our library!



Pick up the Wave 3 and Wave 4 Books by Richard Poe Today:

Everything we do in our system; Everything we do on our team – we do it By the Book!

Pick up Multiple Streams of Income: How to Generate a Lifetime of Unlimited Wealth! by Robert G. Allen

People who’ve read these books, immediately latch onto the 1mlmsystem; others will take time. They still have the dangerous mentality of placing ‘company’ over team; Of placing ‘individual’ and ‘self’ — over the ‘community’ … the truth is, we are linked together.

As you improve yourself, you improve your community. As your community Improves, your area of the world improves – and from there you have the opportunity to truly change the world. We live in a world full of hurt and devastation. We can bring solutions to every corner of the world with our model of doing business. This model recycles dollars, and spreads not only the Opportunity to do better; but the Education to raise the odds of betterment. MLM must be saved from the clutches of evil; from greed – we must get back to our foundation; of providing a better way for the common man to earn his money.

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 Quick Update – (as of 3/7/15 – rounding out the 1st Quarter of 2015) – the BOOKSTORE we promised you went live about a month ago. At this present moment only the essential and foundational books are in the store; more books will be added later. We are looking for a few people who will read the current books, so that we can move to the next phase of our movement.

Multiple Streams of Income ….

Many years ago I read a wonderful book, called “Multiple Streams of Income” by Robert G. Allen.

A wonderful book full of solid ideas about creating lifetime income – from multiple sources. Most people I know have one source of income – God forbid something should happen to them, and they have no back up source of income.

Sadly, this happens to people all the time.  It’s been said, that most people are only $500 away from living on the street. Isn’t that amazing?

In the wealthiest country our planet has ever known, most of it’s people are just $500 away – from being absolutely broke. When I drive past homeless people on the street, because of this fact, I cannot help but say to myself in thankful prayer, “but for the Grace of God … there go I.”

The concepts presented in this book are worth noting here – Over the course of 10 years a person should seek to set up 10 Streams of Income; Spending 1 year setting up and solidifying each.

From reading this blog, you know I am involved in the Network Marketing Industry – that’s what led me to read the book – a Major emphasis in our industry is on Personal Growth and Development; Especially in the area of financial literacy – so that when You are making the kind of money you got into network marketing to make you will know how to KEEP it.

Many options are presented in this book – from Real Estate, Stock Market Investing, starting your own business, becoming an Infoprenuer – and even Network Marketing is mentioned in this book as a viable way to create a Stream of Income.

You can purchase this book here, for as little as $12 and some change.

It’s a quality source of information that can boost your ideas about making money in Todays uncertain economy.

He even wrote a 2nd book, called “Multiple Streams of Internet Income” — which of course covers the various ways of making money online!

You will find many examples in this blog – the key to keep in mind is that this is Additional income – this is not get rich quick income although it can happen for those that go to work.

Most of us have become conditioned – we are creatures of habbit – we have a routine when we come home from work; we relax, we may cook for our family, and relax some more – play a video game, listen to music, or watch tv.

Most of us do not come home from our day job, and start work on our part time job.

That’s exactly what we SHOULD Do however, if we want to be financially secure.   See, if you could generate an additional $500/mo for your household, on top of what you are doing now – you will help your family avoid what has happened to so many others.

We’d call them unfortunate perhaps – but today, let us realize that We Make our own Fortunes – or decide not to.